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Roommates, Chapter Three, “Two Men In Her Bed”

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Roommates Doug and Emily were in bed together in her loft apartment. It was a rare night together. They had sex about once a week, and it was usually quick and almost violent.Doug liked to take her suddenly, unexpectedly, in the hot tub, in the kitchen, once on the front steps of their townhouse late at night. It was all over in a couple of minutes. She enjoyed it — but she also missed the slow, casual, loving, chat-between-trysts that she had enjoyed with Jason before he reunited with his girlfriend. I like to be fucked, she told herself, but I also want to be loved. Doug was a bit deficient at loving — but very good at fucking.Jason was good at loving but hopelessly in love with Rachel, his flighty girlfriend, and dedicated to proving his single-minded devotion to her. Emily had not been in love with Jason. She liked him, but he was dependent and vulnerable, required too much of her time and more sex than she wished to give. If I could find a compromise between Doug and Jason, my love life would be perfect, she thought. Except that I’m just a fuck buddy for both of them. Should I be disturbed that at twenty-nine years old, I don’t have a real romantic partner?So, she had looked forward to a whole night together with Doug as his girlfriend was visiting her parents upstate. After Doug’s usual quick emission in her, they settled down to a long evening of companionship in bed and the intimacy that Emily missed in their relationship.She was sitting on top of Doug, looking at his feet, rocking gently backwards and forwards, enjoying the feel of his penis inside her, his hands on her hips, her breasts bouncing up and down gently. It was the kind of bahis şirketleri sex she most enjoyed: casual, unhurried, and punctuated with humorous and romantic chat. She was working her way toward a climax when she heard Jason on the stairs leading to her loft.”Emily, are you up there?””Doug and I are here!” Emily shouted, warning him that she was not alone.”I need to talk to you. I really need to talk to you.”Emily sighed. What to do? During her pause of indecision, the profile of Jason appeared in the low light at the top of the stairs. In alarm, she grabbed for a sheet to cover herself and Doug.”Jesus, Jason! We’re fucking!” Doug said from beneath her.Jason ignored him and walked to the futon and sat down, facing away from their co-joined bodies. “Rachel just told me she’s having sex with another man. We promised to be faithful to each other when we got back together. I don’t know what to do.” He was crying.”Oh, God, your girlfriend, again!” said Doug,”Shh,” Emily hushed Doug, swatting at him with a hand. It had been a month since Jason had broken off his sexual relationship with Emily to resume his romance with Rachel. Emily pushed an uncharitable thought of “good riddance” out of her mind, eased herself off Doug, and sat on her knees behind Jason, still holding the sheet to her breasts and touching his shoulder with her hand.”Jason,” she said, “I don’t know what we can do.”Jason seemed to realize for the first time that he had interrupted them in the middle of coitus. “I’m sorry, Emily,” he moaned, “I didn’t notice. I’m sorry, Doug.”Doug snorted in disgust. “Maybe we could talk about this tomorrow morning.”Emily put a hand over his mouth. bahis firmaları “Be quiet, Doug. Jason needs sympathy.””I’m sorry, Jason,” Doug said grudgingly. “What can we do for you?””I don’t want to be alone,” Jason said. “You two are my best friends and Emily, I love you. But I’m sorry to interrupt. I’ll leave.” He started to rise to his feet.Emily turned around and looked at Doug, still lying on his back, naked. He shrugged.Emily pulled Jason back down to the futon. ‘It’s okay, Jason. Stay awhile and we’ll talk and try to make you feel better.” She hugged Jason from behind, her breasts pressed against his back.Jason lay down with them and the three of them stretched out side by side, Doug and Emily naked under a sheet, Jason fully clothed. Emily cuddled Jason in her arms.”Have you forgotten about me?” Doug asked, his hands beneath the sheet running up and down Emily’s naked back and buttocks. “We were in the middle of something, if you recall.””I’m sorry,” said Jason, choked with tears. “I didn’t mean to intrude. I just need company. I am such a loser!””Oh, no, Jason, you are a kind and gentle person — and it was my privilege to be your lover.”Doug whispered in Emily’s ear, “Can we just continue? Jason can stay if he wants to. My throbbing member doesn’t care.” He spooned around Emily’s backside and she felt his hardened penis between her legs.”Can we make love again?” asked Jason. “For forever this time. I’m not going to pledge fidelity to my girlfriend when she returns. If she returns.” His voice broke. “But it’s not fair to you and Doug that I’m here tonight. Go ahead. Don’t mind me. I don’t want to be alone.””Jason has spoken,” said kaçak bahis siteleri Doug. “Let’s get back to it!””I’m not sure I can. I’ve never done sex with three people in the bed.””I have. Try. Now.” Doug pulled her away from Jason and embraced her.Emily’s interest was piqued. “Really?” she said to Doug. “You’ve been in bed with two men? Or women?””Women. Yes.”She giggled, “A threesome?””Yes. Do you want to hear about it?””Oh, yes, I do. But first…” She thought about her situation, naked in a bed between two men, one naked, his hand on her hip, the other with tears running down his cheeks. She mentally shrugged and turned her head to speak to Jason. “Doug and I are going to finish and then we’ll get back to your problems. Is that okay?””Don’t mind me.””How about taking that reverse cowgirl position again? I was liking that,” Doug said.Emily sat up, pulling the sheet up with her, then thought, Oh, shit, Jason and I have fucked fifty times. He knows what I look like — and it’s almost dark. She dropped the sheet, sat on Doug and maneuvered her body to capture his penis in her vagina. She gasped. She put her hands on Doug’s ankles and began to stroke up and down the length of him — and glanced at Jason. He was watching her. She had a moment of gratification. Jason, this is what you’ve been missing — while you’ve been chasing that flighty bitch you love, she thought. I’m going to fuck Doug real good.She continued thinking while caressing Doug’s large penis in the folds of her vagina. I want to keep on fucking Doug. And do it more often. And with more romance. Jason? He’ll be there for me unless or until his girlfriend comes back. Thus worked the mind of the rational and logical physicist, impaled on the stiff penis of a man whom she loved while another man she almost loved was lying by her side — and, she noticed, looking attentively at her as her breasts and hips bounced.

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