Mar 31

Rough Lesson for the Little Tease

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Crissy trembled. Her hot little 18 year old body was physically hot, flushed with excitement. She had enjoyed pushing the buttons of her friend’s father, a good man and a dedicated husband. It excited her how he had been helpless to resist her temptations. She understood men very well and knew how to tap into a man’s deepest, hidden, carnal lusts. His secret desires. The ones that made his cock harder than he’d ever felt before. It was a game she had played in the past.

She knew that many men fantasized about their teenage daughters. Crissy’s friend, Lisa, was a very pretty girl with a terrific body. All the boys at school drooled over her…. and Crissy guessed that her father also had desires for her that he kept hidden. Tonight, Crissy was making a forbidden fantasy come to life. Tonight, Crissy was Lisa… his little girl behaving badly… a slut just asking to get fucked….

And it was very clear that he had given up all resistance. His thick cock was banging urgently into her wet pussy from behind. It was making her body respond on its own. Her nipples swelled out, hard and sensitive. She wanted to pinch them, and that would probably have been enough to send her over the top. At the same time, she could also feel her clit swell, and she wished that she could reach between her legs and stroke herself to orgasm. She was ready to explode and even the lightest brush of her fingers would have been enough to set her off like a firecracker.

The problem was that she was that she couldn’t do any of those things. She wanted to, but couldn’t… not with her arms crossed behind her back… firmly bound… tied up helplessly…

Without even thinking, she spread her legs a little wider, arched her back a little more, exposed her pussy for him to use as he desired. She invited this man to have his way completely, to drive his rock hard cock as deep inside her as he wanted. She could tell from the tempo and urgency of the pounding he was giving her that he couldn’t last much longer… and neither could she.

Crissy was blessed to inherit a body much like her mom’s – tits that were oversized for her small frame, a narrow waist, an ass that could make a man cry, and beautifully curved legs. Her blonde hair she kept long, sometimes putting it into ponytails but other times letting the soft curls flow over her shoulders and around her pretty face. Her eyes were blue and her lips naturally a little puffy. It had taken her a little while before she realized how men would take one look at those lips and get hard just thinking about how good they would feel wrapped around their rock hard cock.

As she began to understand how men reacted to her, it became somewhat of a game for her. Not with boys her own age…. they were far too immature for her. The games she liked to play were with older men, especially the fathers of her girlfriends. Whenever possible, she liked to play the tease for them.

She, as a rule, always wore clothes that showed off her body. This made it easier to bend over “accidentally”, giving whoever was looking a nice long look at her from behind. Or she would stretch her arms up above her head to “reach for something”, knowing that it made her tits stand out a little more and letting them get a nice view.

Sleep-overs were especially fun. Crissy’s idea of pajamas was a tight tank top or cutoff t-shirt and a pair of lace boyshort panties. If at all possible, she would find a way to really give “the man of the house” something to see before they went to bed. She liked to lay face down on the floor to watch TV right in front of her friend’s dad, while she bent her legs up behind her and spread them open just a little. She would even wiggle herself around very slightly or lift her hips off the ground sticking her round ass into the air, hoping that he was watching and thinking about how good it would feel to have his cock planted up her tight little pussy. It excited her to imagine that later he would be giving it to his wife while thinking of her….

The fantasies ran through her mind as she went to bed each night. In her imagination, the men who had not very successfully tried to hide the effect that she had on them, now had free reign to make her do the things they wanted her to do. Her fingers would be jammed deep in her wet pussy as she imagined being fucked up against a wall, forced to her knees to suck a hard cock, or – the most powerful fantasy of all for her – tied up and used at will.

When her friend, Lisa, told her that she and her mom were going to go visit a college on the other side of the state for the weekend, Crissy’s mind quickly began thinking of Lisa’s dad. His name was Sam, but Crissy would never think to call him that. He was Mr. Benson, or sometimes she even called him Daddy – only when no one else was around… and only because it was one more way to tease him. He was one of the more handsome and well built of her friends’ dads. He also had always been one of the least successful at hiding the bursa escort arousal he felt around Crissy, although he had always tried as hard as he could and always acted completely appropriately. Because he was a good looking man, Crissy had tried especially hard to get his attention. Now she made plans to get ALL of his attention.

She waited until after 7:00 the night that Lisa left. It was Friday and she knew that Lisa’s dad would be home by then. She went to the door, almost trembling with excitement at the idea of what lay ahead. She had worn a sexy little strapless tube dress that showed off her tits very nicely and reached less than halfway down her thighs. It was only an appetizer, though… she knew that she wouldn’t be wearing it for long. Another outfit was waiting for her….

When he came to answer the door, she saw the look of confusion and surprise on his face. She saw his eyes wander down over her, then she almost laughed as he tried to act like he wasn’t checking her out. In a semi-hoarse voice, he invited her in. “Lisa went to check out a college,” he said to her then coughed to steady his voice. “She’s gone all weekend.”

Crissy replied, “I know. She told me. We were supposed to go to a party together. She said I could borrow an outfit of hers. I was going to dress up as her, and she was going to be me. We were going to have a little fun seeing how much we could confuse people.”

“Really?” he said, with a little more interest than he should have. Once again his eyes slid down for a moment to the nice cleavage showing over the top of her dress. “You were going to be Lisa?”

Crissy stepped in the door, stopping right in front of him. She seductively put a finger on his chest for a moment. “After I get dressed,” Crissy said in an innocent little girl’s voice, “even you’ll think I’m Lisa!”

At that point, he stood there looking like he didn’t know what to do next. She started to walk away, towards the stairs. She walked up slowly, and she could feel his eyes locked onto the bottom of her dress…. probably wondering if he would be able to see up it as she went up. She looked back at him when she was near the top and smiled. “I’m going to go get dressed for the party now…. Is that OK…. Daddy….?”

He looked a little embarrassed, like he had just been caught doing something wrong. His voice was a little dry and hoarse as he said to her, “Uhhh. Sure! I’ll be in the kitchen.” He turned slowly and walked around the corner, taking one last glance back at her as he did.

In Lisa’s room, Crissy first took off her dress, bra, and panties but left on her high heels. She looked around, then couldn’t resist touching her pussy. In a moment she was wet and she lay back naked on the bed, spreading her leg wide. Crissy slid a finger inside herself, then another. With her other hand, she pulled at her tits until her nipples stood out hard. After a few minutes, she felt that she was about to come. She pushed her hips off the bed digging her spiked heels in to lift herself, spreading her pussy wider to fully expose her clit. She could feel the beginnings of an orgasm start to flow across her like electricity. She stopped… just in time, but it left her body flushed with excitement and in need of release. But for now, it was time to get dressed.

She quickly found the outfit she was looking for. A very short schoolgirl plaid skirt and a skin-tight, low cut tank top were in a dresser drawer. As she laid the clothes on the bed and looked them over for a moment, she remembered Lisa telling her what happened when she had worn that same outfit to a party. Her father hadn’t seen her when she left, but when she got home he was waiting up for her and was very angry when he saw what she was wearing.

Lisa had told Crissy how they argued for a while. Her father thought that the skirt was far too short, the top far too revealing, and that it was practically inviting boys to have sex with her. She tried to stand her ground, wanting to dress as she wished. At one point, he even said that she looked like a slut. Lisa had told Crissy, getting a little embarrassed as she did, that eventually he got so mad that he put her over his knee and spanked her. She hadn’t been spanked in many years and it had surprised her a lot.

Crissy had taken all this in, acting surprised and laughing along with her friend. But later, whenever she remembered that story her pussy would start getting wet. She would imagine herself bent over Lisa’s father’s lap, but in her imagination the punishment didn’t stop at a spanking….

Crissy shook herself from the memory that even now was making her pussy start to drip. First she put on the tight fitting white tank top which had pretty yellow ribbons dangling from the sleeves. Crissy’s tits were larger than her friend’s and the top was being stretched to the limit to contain them. Without her bra, her nipples were conspicuous as they stood urgently out. The low cut top barely covered the dark area around them bursa escort bayan and it looked like her tits were ready to start spilling out over the top.

Next she slid on the short little schoolgirl skirt. It only barely covered her ass and she wore no panties beneath it. She went to the mirror and turned around to see how it fit. She leaned forward the smallest amount, and could see that her bare pussy quickly became fully visible. She smiled… it was just right.

There were a few last touches. She found a pair of Lisa’s earrings, the big hoops that she wore the most, and put them on. They dangled sexily from her ears. Then she got out some very red lipstick. She placed it on the dresser. The last thing was ribbons for her hair. Her friend, Lisa, liked to wear her hair in ribbons and she had lots of them in a dresser drawer. Crissy found two bright yellow ones and used them to tie her hair into two ponytails. As she looked at the ribbons in the drawer, she had another idea. She took out one more, a bright red one, and placed it next to the lipstick on the dresser. She looked at herself one more time. She knew she looked hot. She hoped that she looked irresistible. After she was satisfied that she looked just right, she went to the door.

Walking back over to the top of the stairs, she called down. “Mr. Benson…. I mean… Daddy…? Can you help me with something?” She walked back to Lisa’s room and stood in front of the dresser mirror. She took the lipstick from the dresser, and, as she heard him coming up the stairs, she leaned forward and started putting a thick coat on her lips. As she leaned close to the mirror so that she could see better, she could feel the cool air on her bare, shaved pussy. She knew that her skirt had ridden up to expose at least most of her ass to his view and probably her pussy as well.

As Lisa’s dad entered the room, it was obvious the effect she had on him. She watched him in the mirror. He stopped abruptly then his eyes actually went wide for a moment in surprise. He swallowed hard. “That’s not what I was expecting to see you in,” he finally answered, quite honestly.

Remembering the story her friend Lisa had told her, Crissy guessed what he meant. She slowly put on the lipstick, a little thicker than usual, making sure to push it all around her lips seductively. She wanted to give him a chance to have a good long look at her. She pouted and looked at herself in the mirror. “Perfect!” she thought to herself. Her lips were very full and glistened as if they were already very wet. She glanced back at him again and she saw his eyes locked onto her pussy, then watched as they slowly moved all the way up her body until making it to her own eyes.

She could see him start to get embarrassed as if he’d been caught, but before he could do anything she stood up straight and took the ribbon off the dresser. Still without turning around and just looking back at him in the mirror, she put her arms behind her back and held the ribbon between them. “I was hoping that you could tie my ribbon, Daddy,” she said to him. He didn’t move at first, so she slowly began winding each end around her wrists, effectively tying her arms together behind her. “I can’t get it tied all the way,” she went on. “Can you tie it up tight so that it won’t get loose?”

She could see that he wanted her. His eyes roamed all over her body, but still he didn’t move. She knew he was probably not sure whether he should act on the feelings that coursed inside him. He needed just a little more encouragement. “Oh! I forgot! This is that outfit that got me into so much trouble with you,” she said innocently as if she had just remembered.

She leaned forward again, even further this time and placed her lips on the mirror. She knew for sure that now her pussy was fully exposed to his view. She put a kiss on the mirror, marked in her lipstick. She didn’t straighten up from this position. “Why did you get so mad? Oh yeah, I remember… because you thought I looked like… what did you call me? A slutt? Wasn’t that it?” she said softly and slowly. “Isn’t that why you gave me that …. spanking.” She drew out the last word tantalizingly.

Crissy arched her back a little bit which, in combination with those high heels that had her ass already jutting up high in the air, made her pussy thrust out even more suggestively towards him. “And now look at me Daddy,” she said suggestively, her voice lowering to a whisper. “Tonight I really look like a slut, don’t I? Your little slut… Do you think I’m going to need to be punished even harder tonight?”

Lisa’s dad took in all of this without moving… except for his cock that grew harder and harder in his pants. His eyes eagerly looked all over her body. He remembered that day when it was Lisa who was wearing this outfit…. their argument where he blurted out that she looked like a slut… how he had put her over his lap and spanked her… even lifting her skirt so that his hand could reach her escort bursa bare skin. Afterwards, he was a little ashamed of himself that his cock had stiffened as he spanked her and watched her squirm around on his lap…. that he had stolen a nice long look at her pussy that had been barely covered by her tiny panties… and that he had fucked his wife really good and hard that night as he thought of his daughter….

Now, here in Lisa’s room, was Crissy looking very much like his daughter. Crissy was dressed the part of the naughty schoolgirl with her 4″ high spiked heels, tiny skirt, tight top, and her hair in two ponytails. He took a long look at her sexy legs. They had such a nice shape, all the way up to her thighs, which were nice and trim, and left a gap at the very top. It looked as if that gap was there specifically to give a man’s hard cock access to that tight, smooth, clean-shaven pussy. His mind was filled with thoughts of ramming his cock into her.

Then his eyes settled on the bright red ribbon that she had used to loosely tie her wrists together behind her back. It would be so easy to tie those hands tight… to make her helpless… to be able to use her however he wanted… to punish her….

Crissy stayed in that vulnerable position and closed her eyes, waiting to see what he would do next. In a moment, she heard him start to move and in the next moment she felt him behind her. Her hands were at just the right level to grab his cock through his pants. She could feel that he was already hard.

Lisa’s dad slid his hands around her and under her tits. He pulled her back against himself firmly, then began squeezing her firm tits. It didn’t take long before he had pulled down the low cut top so that her tits hung freely over the top, the elastic making them stick out suspended in the air. Her nipples, already hard, got even harder as he squeezed and pinched them. The rough treatment that he was giving her only turned Crissy on all the more.

After a couple of minutes of that, he pushed her forward over the dresser, away from him a little bit. He took the ribbon from around her wrists, crossed her arms behind her back, then tied them firmly together. The bright red ribbon along with the yellow ones in her hair made her look like a present all wrapped up for him.

As he tied her, Crissy pretended to try to get free, struggling a bit and pulling at the bonds. “Daddy, what are you doing? Please, Daddy, let me go. I’ll change my clothes. I’ll behave.” As she pretended to struggle, she realized that he had bound her quite tightly and that she was now completely helpless. It made her both nervous and excited… and she wondered what he would do next…

He pulled her back against him, once again squeezing her tits in his hands. He looked at her in the mirror as he did, pushing her tits out so that he could see them clearly. Crissy also looked, turned on at seeing herself in this helpless and vulnerable position with Lisa’s dad behind her. He then leaned forward, putting his mouth next to her ear, and whispered to her. “Look at yourself…. that’s why I called you a slut. You look like one, don’t you. Is that any way for my daughter to dress?”

Crissy moaned, both from the jolt she felt as he once again pinched her nipples as well as from his words. “Maybe you don’t understand what it means to tease men the way you do…,” he went on, “… but I’m going to teach you tonight…” With that, he slid a hand down to her smooth belly. She layed her head back against his shoulder, enjoying his soft caresses and starting to relax… then was jolted when he slapped upwards across one of her tits.

It surprised her. She had imagined a spanking, but not on her tits! She jumped and let out a little cry of pain. He did it again, then a third time. The harsh stimulation made her nipples stand out harder than ever. He pinched them both and Crissy let out a little cry. “Daddy! It hurts! Please, I’ll be good. I promise! Let me show you!”

As she squirmed herself around, getting very aroused by the pressure being put onto her sensitive nipples, Crissy could feel her pussy start to drip with wetness. She also could feel the rock hard cock pressing up against her ass. She squirmed herself against it, wanting him to fuck her. She needed it bad. She moved her ass in little circles, rubbing against him as if she had no shame at all.

“What do you think you’re doing, young lady?” he suddenly demanded of her in a stern voice. He released his grip on her nipples then pushed her over the dresser. He pulled her little skirt up to expose her ass then a moment later a hard spank landed on her bare skin. “That’s the kind of behavior that gets you into trouble.” Another spank, then another, then several more followed….

Crissy didn’t try to escape. To the contrary, she spread her legs wider as he slapped her tight little ass and turned her hips just a little to stick it out further for him. The spanking was just as exciting as she had imagined. She had her face right in front of the mirror and could no longer see him. All she could see was her own face and her tits hanging out of her top. She looked at herself and thought how she looked so sexy… so trashy… so dirty…

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