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Rub & Tug – Sissy

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Rub & Tug – SissyA few years ago I was hanging out with a buddy at a bar and the topic of massage parlors that offered happy endings came up. We talked about this for awhile and as the night went on it would be brought up by one of us at one point or another. As drinks stacked up we started to look for one in the local area. After a lot of back and forth we decided to head for one in the local area as neither of us had ever been.Once we arrived it took a little more talking before we decided to head in. They separated us in to two rooms and I was met by a middle aged woman. She left me to strip to where I was “comfortable,” and when she returned she found me in my boxers and laying on the table. She began to work my body, starting at the shoulders and working lower over time. She began to work on my ass and inner thighs before her hand lead astray. She began to play with my balls before instructing bahis firmaları me to turn over. Once I turned over she removed my boxers and began to stroke me. As she was playing with my mediocre cock she also started playing with my balls again. As she massaged them she move her hand lower and lower until her index finger was pointed at my bussy. We made eye contact and I gave her an approving look. She slowly thrust her finger into my hole.As she worked my cock with one hand she worked my hole with the other. As started top open and gave myself to the finger fucking more and more she started to work another finger in. I moaned in appreciation. After a good few minutes of this fucking I looked up at her and asked with a wimpier, “More please.” The expression that crossed her face was a mixture of shock and pure joy. She knew she had me in her grasp and she was going to make sure I regretted kaçak iddaa it. She slammed a third finger in to my bitch hole. She made me feel like a whore with each thrust. After about a minute of this she let go of my cock now knowing I didn’t deserve it.She looked down at my pleading eyes and told me what would happen next. “I am going to stick the next finger in your ass and you will like it. You can end this one of two ways, one, you jerk your cock while I fuck your ass. You do that however and I know you’re my bitch. The second option is to let me do it and we see if you cum or not. You don’t cum after the time is up and we good. You cum, however, and we both know your a fucking faggot. As she began to ram her hand into my it didn’t take long for me to decide what would happen. I was going to be her bitch. She thrusted her hand straight into my bussy as I jerked my self silly. After a minute kaçak bahis or two of this fucking she had me jizz on my face. She laughed as I covered myself in my own seed. She extracted her hand and threw a towel at me. She opened the door for the woman at front desk to see as she said, “Clean yourself up you sissy bitch. I hope your asshole stiffens up.” The woman at the desk laughed hysterically as I stood up, my face dripping with my own cum, and ran to close the door. I shut the door, clean the semen from my eyes, dressed, and went for the door. The woman at the desk continued to point and laugh as I left the building. I walked outside to find my friend. He asked, “How did it go?” I replied that it was fun, but I wasn’t sure I would do it again. He responded by saying, “I couldn’t go through with it. I’ve actually been out here for the last 45 minutes or so.” I had escaped the ridicule of my friend, but not the staff. I may have escaped it, but I made sure to return another four or five times for the same, pathetic treatment. This was the first real time I had been treated as a sissy bitch by another human being.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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