Mar 31

Rudra and Riya Ch. 06

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Rudra stuffed pillows underneath me and fucked me earnestly while mother stood feeding our twins in the other room.

“I want quadruplets this time Riya.” He commanded in a sex ridden voice.

“Fuck me harder Rudra and I will.” I answered in an equally licentious voice.

We collapsed in each other’s arms and lay there before descending from our heaven.

“Rudra isn’t there a way we can ascertain that I conceive quadruplets this time. I want a belly full of your babies. I don’t want a single inch of my womb empty. I want our babies fighting over space inside me,” I said lustfully.

“Stop it, Riya. Stop talking like that or I swear I’ll shove a tonne of my babies into your womb myself. God knows how much I want to feel my babies move inside you. Don’t make this more frustrating than it already is for me honey.” He ended on a groan.

“I better get ready for work,” I said regretfully. Today was my first day back at work and I was already late.

He grunted not too happy with my joining the university. But he relented knowing all too well that it was more important now that I join before getting pregnant.

“Leave the door open,” He said sighing heavily on having to let me go too soon.

“Okay.” I kissed his cheek before hopping off the bed. I took out fresh lingerie from my drawer, bunched up my long hair into a bun, donned my shower cap and took a towel before jumping into the steaming hot shower.

I stood under the hot stream of water letting it massage my body rigorously. A finger travelled between my legs and began to clean my folds. I blew a kiss in Rudra’s direction on catching him watch me with lurid interest. I arched my back seductively shoving my breasts forwards, sucking my tummy in, then pulled my breasts up in my palms. I pinched my nipples a few times just the way Rudra liked and saw his hand travel to his crotch. I grinned. It had been ages since we had fucked in our most favorite place. Soon, I promised myself. A few more healing days before Rudra got back to his stud self. Then we would be sharing our morning shower once more. Just the thought made me hot.

I kissed my babies goodbye, kissed their father promising him an early return for the evening fuck. His needs were more important to me than anything else. I was just about to leave when ma called out from her room.

“Wait I need to go to the market, I need a few things.”

“Okay,” I answered wonderingly. “How will you return?”

“I’ll get a taxi.” She answered absently.

“Are you alright?” I asked tentatively.

Yes, is all the answer I got. We travelled in silence until I dropped her at the complex.

“Hurry home ma, he might need something.” I beseeched worriedly.

She nodded before disappearing into the mall.

I was surprised to receive a warm welcome from all my staff members. It honestly made me feel special. I usually always keep to myself and I didn’t know I was anyone important to anyone at work. But it felt good to be missed. I chatted a while filling a few colleagues in on details from my visit to Switzerland. It even felt better to be taking classes and talking to students after ages. But by afternoon I had begun to miss him so much that my lungs refused to pull in air on their own. They acted so stubbornly that I had to use an inhaler.

“Hello.” My voice trembled when he answered the phone. My insides melted on hearing his voice.

“Hi, love. Are you alright?” He asked in a sleep induced voice.

“Yes, how are you feeling now?” I asked breathlessly again.

“I’m fine baby. Is anything the matter?” He asked with concern.

“No, I’m fine. I was missing you.”

“Riya are you having trouble breathing?” He asked slowly.

“Yes, a little, I just missed you. I’ll be okay in a bit.” My voice trembled.

“I’m coming to pick you. Stay there,” he said urgently with growing concern.

“No, you are not,” I ordered. “You are doing no such thing. I’ll be fine in a bit.”

“But you seem to be having trouble breathing. What if it goes worse?”

“It will not. If it does I’ll ask someone here to take me to the hospital. But you are not coming here. You need rest Rudra. How are the babies doing?” I asked changing the subject at once.

“They’re okay.”

“Okay, good. Did you take your meds on time?”

“Yes, stop worrying and take care of yourself, okay. We’re all fine.”

“Yes, I will. Don’t worry.”

It was already five by the time I got home. It was an hour past my usual time and Rudra had called a million times before he heard me in the house.

I saw him in the living room and smiled.

“How’s my baby doing?” I asked my heart filling with warmth.

“How are you? Are you alright? Why are you late?” He asked anxiously.

“Oh boy! A welcome volley of questions.” I joked.

“Riya.” He said in a way that sent jitters up my spine.

“There was a meeting and then I had to take the long route because of an accident. The police had diverted all the traffic.”

“I’ve been worried sick Riya.” He spoke vexedly.

“I know honey. I tried to answer your call but there bursa escort was no signal.” I spread my hands. I flung my purse and papers on the side table and collapsed into his arms. “I’m so tired.”

Just a touch and all his anger evaporated. His hold tightened around me. “I missed you.” He murmured softly into my ear after a while.

I placed a wet kiss on the artery pulsating on his neck.

“Where’s ma? What time did she return?” I enquired remembering mother’s trip.

“She came back within an hour. She’s upstairs with the babies.”

“Okay.” I rested for a bit in his arms.

“How was your day?” He asked in a whisper placing a kiss on my head. “You feel better?”

I nodded against his chest too tired to speak.


I nodded again.

“This time when you get pregnant, I’m not letting you work. And I’m telling you now so there’s no confusion later.”

I acceded, I felt too tired to show reluctance.

Besides I thought if I actually ended up with multiple babies, there was no way I could work past the third month.

“How are you feeling today?” I asked snuggling deeper into his embrace getting a lung full of his male scent.

“Now that I have you in my arms, as good as new,” he chuckled under his breath.

I found myself falling prey to his infectious laugh.

“What did you do during the day?”

“Nothing much I bathed the babies, fed them and ended up sleeping with them. I don’t know how you manage to handle both of them. It’s exhausting work.” He feigned a swoon.

I chuckled again. “I don’t tackle them together. I tackle them one at a time.”

“Hmmm. And how long will you need to tackle all six of them?”

“Not six, seven.”

“Really! We having five?” He asked incredulously.

“You forgot my very first baby…He requires the most attention.”

“Who? We’ve already had him?”

“Yes,You!” I sniggered.

“Really!” He laughed huskily. “So I’m a baby now.”

“Hmm, who was the first one to suckle on my breasts?”

“Oh! I stand corrected mother!”

I laughed fruitily. I loved it when he was boyish. I guess men were always boys at heart. I kissed him on his Adam’s apple then travelled to his chin where my wandering lips found his. We kissed passionately letting the physical contact rejuvenate our senses.

“I better go change and start with the dinner, if we want to make headway with the pregnancy.” Our expectant eyes met. His shone back the excitement I felt. Another long kiss then I reluctantly crawled out of his warm embrace to change and start the dinner.

Upstairs I found mother playing with the twins and in months I found myself walking unto her and hugging her like I used to when things were simpler.

She froze for a second then began to relax again.

He pushed a hand into her pocket and took out a bottle. “This is for you.”

I took the bottle from her hand eyeing its contents. “What is this?” I enquired wonderingly.

“Just have two drops in the morning and two in the evening every day.”

I nodded. “But what for ma?”

“So you can conceive quadruplets.”

My cheeks reddened in embarrassment. I stared at my feet. She had heard us.

It was probably hormones.

I nodded, too ashamed to talk anymore. My heart beat erratically and to my utter dismay I felt a stirring in my loins. Did it mean she would like to see me full of babies too?

“Do you like watching us?” It was out before I could censor it.

She did not reply. Just walked out of the nursery. I could have bitten my tongue.

That night I took two drops of the liquid before getting into bed with Rudra.

“What was that?” He enquired worriedly.

“This is so I can bare quadruplets for you my love.” I rose lusty eyes to his.

“Hmmm.” His mood changed at once. “And where did you get it, might I ask?”

“Ma got it for us,” I smiled, then bit into my lip, hiding my face in the crook of his neck and shoulder.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s not let mother’s efforts go to waste.” He whispered, nibbling on my ear, forcing me to moan.

I took his fingers and led them into my molten hot hole. Our eyes met and I gave him a shy smile. I had started to tremble. It had been a while since we had worked on conceiving and it made me anxious.

“Shhhh, calm down darling. We do want to make babies, don’t we?” He asked assuringly.

“Yes,” I whispered back.

“We’ve done this before, haven’t we?”


“You do want this, don’t you Riya?” His gaze made my body quiver and quake.

“I want to see you with our babies Riya.” His voice was calm, not laced with lust or high. He was talking from his heart. “I want us to have more babies. Do you?”

I nodded resting my head against his chest, my lungs drawing painful pulls of breath. “Take me,” my voice shook with desire.

He grabbed hold of my head, pulled my chin up, then he was kissing me. My bones began to melt until I was lying beneath him. My womb fluttered with the acceptance of my own desire to conceive. His hips gyrated and his cock drilled deeper bursa escort bayan inside me, hard and pulsating. My pussy throbbed luxuriously. Pulsating impulses travelled from my sex to every pore of my body. My toes curled when I felt the first wave of my orgasm, then ripple after ripple of it left me convulsing and heaving in its wake. A while later Rudra came inside me jerking and twitching like a whale anchored to a harpoon and I felt my second orgasm.

We lay motionless in each others embrace, two bodies and one soul, until the middle of the night.

I stirred awake to find him watching me as I slept. I closed my eyes again smiling in my sleep. “What are you doing?” I croaked.

“Counting.” He answered.

My brows furrowed momentarily and I smiled, “Counting what?”

“Counting the days until I will see you pregnant.”

“Soon, I promise. Would you like us to try again?” I asked pulling closer to him.

I think you need your sleep. You got tired at work.

“No, I want you.” I beseeched through closed eyes, then fumbled for his drawstrings. I pulled his cock out and began to slowly stroke it. Up and down I moved it until he hardened in my palm.

I mounted him, slowly lowering myself onto his hard cock. I pushed harder, to stuff him right up my cunt, until I was full, then I slowly began to ride him. My eyes fluttered open as my pussy began to stir and I picked up the tempo. I pressed my palms on his muscular chest leveraging myself to fuck him harder. I heard him exhale and I almost came. Nothing arouses me more than to give him pleasure. He began to breathe hoarsely.

“Riyaaa,” He said gruffly, his hands coming to squeeze my breasts hard. “You’re going to end up killing me one of these days. Oh baby! You’re so sexy.” He exulted between orgasms.

I collapsed over him completely exhausted from my endeavors and my orgasm. I felt his hand slide between my legs and made me jerk when he inserted a cold contraption inside my cunt. I remembered my trusted vaginal plug and fond memories from my first pregnancy drifted to my befuddled brain. Then he was holding me against his chest for a good night’s sleep.

A month had come and gone and our mother was growing restless.

“Why aren’t you pregnant yet?” She enquired incriminatingly.

I lowered my gaze. This was her regular question each week when I took a pregnancy test and it always turned out negative.

I pulled my head down in shame. I didn’t know what the matter was. I hoped it had nothing to do with my fall during my mis-carriage.

“Stop it mother.” Rudra came to my rescue. “You already have two grandchildren. Be thankful for them. You’re pressurizing her and burdening her isn’t being helpful, if you must know.”

“Yes, I have grandchildren, but I would’ve had more if you had married like two sane people. You would have had yours and she hers and I would at least have four. Now I want at least two more. I don’t care what you do to have them.”

“Stop harassing her mother,” Rudra snapped and mother left begrudgingly.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I eat on time and sleep on time. I avoid exhausting myself or tiring myself. We have sex regularly. I don’t know what else to do, ” I rose anguished eyes to him.

“You’ll get pregnant. I promise. Don’t let mother bother you. Alright Riya?” He looked at me sympathetically. Then we were both heading to the car to go to work.

Another week and no sign of a pregnancy and ma blew her top off. Rudra wasn’t home and she forced me to take a test.

“You are going to stay home this week, the both of you and get pregnant. I’m going to the farm and when I get back you better have some good news for me. Do you hear me. I accepted you, only in return for this. You hear me?” she raved, half mad with anger.

I nodded too scared of her to look up. That evening she left for the farm with Rudra and even took the twins with her against our wishes. I had only recently started weaning off my twins and I wondered how they would survive without me for a whole week. The more pertinent question was how would I live without them. I hadn’t been separated from them for even a day and a week seemed like an entire lifetime. But I knew no one could argue with mother when she got a bee in her bonnet.

With a heavy heart I bid adieu to my babies and almost died a thousand deaths parting from them.

I had cried myself to sleep by the time Rudra returned late that night. The empty house reminded me only of them and I ended up crying the whole night through.

“I’m sorry baby, I couldn’t do anything. But if you miss them so much I promise I’ll take you to the farm tomorrow. Alright my darling? Now look up. Wipe those tears and look at me. Look at me honey,” he pleaded.

I looked up still hiccuping on sobs. “I want to go tomorrow. I can’t live without them.” I began to wail again. And so it went that the very next morning I packed a small bag and we were both heading to our farm.

The family manse was built by our great grand father and the land had been in our family for generations. I had spent the best part escort bursa of my childhood on this farm. So the sight of the house evoked nostalgia, but close on its heels this time I also felt trepidation. My mother did not want us here. But she should have known better than to bring my babies here.

One step out of the car and I could hear Yukti crying and my feet took me to her. I dragged open the big oak door, ran through the long corridor and found my mother in the kitchen trying to feed Vansh while Yukti cried her lungs out.

I broke down hugging Yukti against my breasts. I fell to my knees sobbing against my baby. Then I made a grab for Vansh with the other arm and only then when I had both my babies close to my heart did my sobs cease.

Rudra pulled me up taking Vansh from my arms. He held me against him for support. I looked at mother with all the loathing that I felt for her since yesterday.

“How could you do this to me? What kind of a mother are you?” I cried, my voice cracking.

“The kind who thought you could conceive if you did not have to worry about them in addition,” she said and I felt ashamed at once of my outburst.

Yukti started to cry again so I carried her to the nearby settee and began to feed her. She suckled like she had been starving for ages. My lips dropped again and my chin trembled. I’d forgiven my mother a lot, but try as I might, I couldn’t bring myself to forgive her for this. A deep rage stirred inside me and I tried hard to bring it to a simmer, but it kept coming back to a boil. Only my daughters contented sighs settled my disturbed state of mind. I wondered how much Vansh had been hungry, I knew he always liked to suckle before sleeping no matter what he’d eaten.

I looked at mother and my blood began to boil again.

“You think I did this just to spite you so you could look at me like that?” she asked accusingly. “You think I’d make them suffer so I could get back at you, isn’t it?”

I did not have to answer that. My expression was self explanatory.

“Riya.” Rudra whispered over my head and gently touched my hair. “Calm down, please,” he pleaded. My gaze drifted to him and I saw the request in his eyes. He was a pacifier. A check dam. A referee caught between the two of us.

“Don’t ever do this again or I’ll forget you are my mother.” I said with the icy certainty I felt. I saw mother nod. I wasn’t expecting it, so I was surprised to a newer level of calm.

“I…I’m sorry,” she stuttered. I thought I could take care of them on my own. I do at home, when you’re at work. But I forgot they would miss their mother. I’ll get your rooms ready for you,”she said and left.

I looked at Rudra. “Yes, go.” I nodded my consent so he could now go after mother and pacify ma. I laid Yukti on her back next to myself on the settee and took Vansh from his father.

“Ma-ma,” Vansh spoke and my heart stopped. My ears prickled and gooseflesh prickled my arms as I looked up at Rudra. We were both stunned. A sudden rush of joy and then we were both laughing.

Mother came out on the landing and peeped down at us from the attic. Rudra looked up first.

“He called me mama.” I giggled like a drunkard high on alcohol forgetting in an instant how mad I was at mother.

“Awww my darling, say that again will you?” My heart exploded with the love I felt for him. “Vansh, say ma-ma”

And to my utter dismay he mouthed the word again. It was a good thing I was sitting.

I hugged him hard swaying him in my arms. “Is my baby hungry?” I cooed. That was the only befitting way of rewarding him. I bared my other breast and pulled him to my nipple and he began to suckle hungrily.

Rudra hugged us both. He placed a kiss on my head then he climbed to steps at a time to help mother.

After the children had been put to bed, Rudra and I decided to take a walk around the farm walking down memory lane. I still remembered the grape wine. How as a young girl I liked hiding beneath it and watch the pearly green bunches of grapes hanging from it. I now understood the pearly sheen came from baby snails having crawled all over them. I laughed now at the memory.

“What?” Rudra asked smiling down at me. His eyes glowing.

I laughed again. Not in my wildest of dreams had I expected today to turn out like this.

I related my experience with the pearly sheen to him.

“I hope you didn’t taste them?” He laughed and I screwed up my nose in fake petulance.

“Once I remember I was asked to look for you and I looked all over but couldn’t find you anywhere If I’d only known to look for you under the grape wine I’d have been able to save myself from mother’s wroth as losing you.”

I looked up at him and saw him giving me a knowing glance. I knew what he was trying to tell me. I knew mother loved me even if she did not show it often enough. Besides I hadn’t given her much to be proud of me either. I looked down in shame.

“My poor baby got a scolding because of me,” my eyes reflected the love and lust I felt for him. I stood on toes to place a wet kiss on his lips, then I was dragging him beneath the grape wine. I pulled his t-shirt over his head, unbuckled his pants. He gasped when I pulled his cock out of his boxers and pushed him into my wetness. My lungs fought to breathe. I hadn’t wanted him so much in my entire life as I did right now.

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