May 23

Running into Her…

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Running into her… (EDITED)

Another pub, another gig but the applause after my final set was the same. Singing in Tight, where it all started a few years ago was always a different feel. As I got down the stage, every other person complimented me — “Thank’s”, “Loved it”, “Too good”. And in that crowd, I saw a face, I saw her — the girl I loved — after 4 years of last talking to her, almost 6 years after last seeing her in person.

Like every other guy’s first love, mine too was a stereotypical story — friends, falling in one-sided love, emotional attachment, fuck ups, and then eventually growing two worlds apart. But it was something else with her while we were on good terms. Now it was a vacuum of sorts. Not fully though.

The tiny place that Tight was, I did not realize how or when did we end up within talking distance of each other. She was with her husband and a group of perhaps 15-20 people. The husband, who was her boyfriend at one point (whom I hated to the core) formally complimented me for the gig. But I was brain-frozen seeing her and I warded him off with a “Thanks”. Obviously, he knew about me since before and luckily he got busy with his other friends letting me catch up with her.

She looked just the same. Slim and fit as she always was. A hot body (which she always wanted) I wouldn’t want to get my hands off. She was wearing an LBD which showed off her perfectly shaped body, her curves and her toned legs in full glory. It also gave away a hint of cleavage. But along with that I couldn’t get my eyes off her face. Her eyes speaking to me, that she was so happy to see me — a relief of sorts. I would always get smitten by her eyes — wanting to hold her face in my hands and kiss her all over it.

But sticking to the reality, I restricted myself to some small talks and soon slipped away to another table for a few rounds of beer — and who knows what else I would require to normalize myself from this sudden blast from the past. As I had my fourth beer, the tipsiness crept in. I could figure her group was scattered by now and she — for some reason — wasn’t with her husband.

Spotting me hovering my eyes around, she joined me on the high table with her drink. She too was a bit tipsy but was in a decent state to talk. We started talking a bit more about each other — how had life been over these years, how had we caught up with things, etc. But the awkwardness was pretty clear — and why wouldn’t it be. Four years of burning bridges without peaceful goodbyes, words left unspoken, and bursa escort emotions left unexpressed; it had to be let out.

“So…you’ve not been serious with anyone all this while?” she asked.

“Nope. Had a few flings, but nothing serious as such.”, as I sipped my beer.

“Why not?”

“Dunno…maybe they weren’t you.”


“You won’t understand” as I took another sip.

Perhaps it was the urge seeing me or the alcohol doing its trick, she asked me suddenly, “Why can’t we be friends again? It was so nice…” A question I did not answer all these years.

“Cause with you it was everything or nothing — no in between! And there’s a lot more to it. Friends were never going to be enough for me.” I blurted out after all these years.

“Wish things were different between us….” And she trailed off looking away from me to the other side. I could sense her FOMO for all the time lost with each other – something which even I felt. I reached out to hold her hand. She withdrew it the moment I touched her and placed it not too far on the table. I went for it again, this time holding it firmly with our fingers intertwined. I could sense a window maybe, to express what I felt all these years for her, stored at the back of my mind, for some day when I would meet her again.

“If things were different, I would’ve held your face in my hands and kissed you like there’s no tomorrow…” I said slowly as I moved closer to her. She turned her head towards me with her eyes looking right into mine. I pulled her closer with the other hand and kissed her lips gently.

We pulled apart within seconds. “Don’t….we shouldn’t…” she muttered. But her eyes were still staring at my lips. I knew she didn’t mean it. I kissed her again.

The gentle kiss gradually turned into a vigorous snog as our lips alternated in sync with each other. I left her hand and put it around her pulling her closer. I almost stood up as I moved my hand massaging her thigh — which her LBD had considerably revealed.

We pulled apart after a couple of minutes. Still no sign of her husband thankfully. But we were lost in our own world and we knew what we wanted, what we needed — us, with nothing else around. I held her hand and with a gentle nod indicated “let’s get out of here”. She agreed and we were out of the pub. The pub was in a mall and it was well past the shutting hours. Finding a safe spot was not difficult.

We headed to the top-most level on the fire exit stairs. Fortunately, it wasn’t dirty, the mall being a newly opened one. bursa escort bayan The moment we found the place to be deserted, we hugged each other tightly and picked up from where we left. Our lips alternating, our tongues tasting each other’s, her hands around my head ruffling through my hair, my right hand in her hair and my left hand on her ass — which I had considerably revealed by pulling up her LBD.

I pushed her against the wall and went for her neck. By then she too had pulled out my T-shirt. She moaned a bit every now and then as I moved by hand towards her breasts. I unzipped her dress to reveal her armpits. She let out a gentle moan as I ate her armpits and pressed her breast gently through what was left of her dress. With her dress slid up to her waist, I slid down her panty to eat her down under. It was a clean shaven pussy — which I wanted to eat since god knows when. I started kissing her inner thighs one at a time, nibbling on them — her hands holding my hair firmly as she tried her best to stand while I went down on her.

I massaged them as I made my way up to her clit. Gently kissing it, I thought I heard her say “Go for it!” but who cares, I wasn’t going to stop. And I started licking her clit — kissing and nibbling now and then. She was panting and struggling to stand on the uneven steps. She put her left leg over my shoulder. Head buried in her pussy, right hand round her thigh, I reached out to her breasts with my left hand. Kneading them through her half open dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra which made me want to tear her dress and remove it completely.

As I licked her clit further, I inserted my finger in her pussy. Within moments, she came with a loud moan accompanied with her wet pussy all over my face, smelling fresh off her, and her hands tightly gripping my hair. I got up. She wiped my face and kissed me passionately. Simultaneously, I removed her dress once and for all and she unbuttoned my pants and pulled it down with my underwear with my already erect rod being fully free now. Her eyes gave away how badly she wanted it.

Two hot naked bodies — in a remote corner of a public place, passionately expressing their carnal sides — we prepared for round two. I lifted her as we kissed and pushed her against the wall. My wet cock and her pussy were well feeling each other in spite of not yet entering her.

I put her on a hedge as the kissing intensified. We pulled apart as I proceeded to spread her legs. Holding her legs I played with her by rubbing my cock around her pussy. It drove her crazy escort bursa and “Get it in already!” is all I could hear. But I made her wait. I went down on her, kissing her pussy again. Then making my way up to her belly and her under-boobs I kissed, licked and nibbled up to her cleavage. Burying myself into it, I played with her perfectly shaped, tight breasts with erect nipples — bit them, licked them, kissed them. It only made her moan more intensely with her biting gently into my ear to not go too loud.

As I ate into her left nipple, I pinched her right one and vice versa. Alternating between her breasts while she was lost in the ecstasy — I pulled her closer and slowly inserted my dick in her wet vagina. She drew closer herself too, making the most of my tool. As I started stroking her, she reciprocated in sync with me. Her legs wrapped around my waist and her nails buried in my back, I could sense the excitement she was experiencing.

She bit into my earlobe to control her moaning, and kissed my neck while I tried hard to last longer than usual for a hot pussy and a hot body as hers. Maybe the emotions too played a part in making the sex as hot as it got. Two people having burnt bridges without a proper closure but finding peace with each other in the moment. Nothing else mattered.

We came together with our body fluids everywhere. I had emptied myself inside her and she had been to the moon and back. Still naked, tipsy, sweaty, we hugged each other passionately and shared a long passionate kiss — skin to skin. Looking into each other’s eyes, she said “I liked it a lot.” with teary eyes and a glow on her face that I used to notice every time she said that. I kissed her again for some time. “I don’t want this to end.” I told her. “We must go.” she said in her usual quiet, ambiguous tone.

It was a dream we lived by stealing moments from the world. We got dressed again. Her phone and wallet were back in the pub. We got back thinking how would we enter the pub, what if her husband had gone all out searching for her, what if he saw us together, what would he ask seeing her sweaty and maybe with some love bites on her body? Questions were many. But we went back nevertheless.

With one last, watchful kiss, I let her go in the pub first and I followed after some time. As I went inside, I saw a completely different picture altogether! She was standing staring at her husband who was making out with some other girl! And she was neither surprised nor angry nor disappointed. Maybe their house was broken I realized, which is why seeing me made her happy and perhaps tonight was the final nail in their coffin. I did not know what, how, when would happen next between her and me, but in that moment, I slyly smiled to myself — “Good riddance, asshole!”

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