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Subject: Running With The Big Dogs 35 All the usual disclaimers apply. Please support Nifty. Donate before you masturbate Please send constructive comments to hoo. Thanks, guys ! Running With The Big Dogs 35 We were so tired we slept until noon. Then it was showers, a delicious brunch with mimosas, and putting our B.O.C. temporary tattoos on each other. All the guys pitched in to help Buck, Joey and Jade clean up the barn. Sarge and Colonel had to get back to base but everyone else helped. The hydraulic pierced dildo mechanical fuck machine did not get much use last night and Ted, Mikey and Joe Boxer asked to keep it set up for use by them later. Several other guys raised their hands. And I raised my hand too ! Some guys took off on three wheelers and some on dirt bikes to cruise the trails and woods of this huge ranch. The rest of us rested and played video games. Those mimosa things Luis and Enrique keep making for us with fresh squeezed OJ and champagne, are really good and are making me tipsy and frisky. Damn. Our lazy afternoon was followed by a light dinner of chicken tortilla soup, then quick showers and a run to the barn. Every guy just wore their jockstraps and tennis shoes. The ranchers all wore old white jocks and their cowboy boots. Ted and Eric, his bro, wore tighty whiteys and I saw that son, Jordan and his dads, Michael and Christian were wearing Andrew Christian boxer briefs that accentuated their meaty packages. Our hosts turned on the lanterns and fired up the gas heaters to take the chill off in the barn. A bunch of guys were trying to figure out who would go first and the order of bottoms and who would run the fuck machine through it’s multiple speeds. While that was happening, I stood istanbul travesti with my dad and Coach talking to our three sexy rancher hosts. We were telling them how impressed we are with the ranch and all they did to make this a fan fucking tastic experience ! Buck and Joey and their son, Jade told us they love to host and hope next time we bring a whole bus of horny Big Dogs and their horny dads who are DTS and DTF ! Buck and Coach hugged and kissed and agreed this all started when Buck was a Big Brother advisor to Kevin Walker’s frat. They fucked around, stayed friends and stayed in touch. That’s how they got invited to the orgy at Fathers And Sons Together. Buck whispered in my ear he wanted Mikey to get machine fucked last and he would run the controls. Sounds good. Mikey will love it ! Smooth farm hand, Ted was on the machine and big dicked Adam and Ted’s younger bro, Eric was feeding him cock. Kolby was running the controls. Buck told us we should save our loads for the big finale and he would talk us through it at the end. The dildo with the Prince Albert metal ring piercing was fucking the proud Cherokee’s meaty and well lubed up ass at a steady pace until Kolby increased the speed. Louder moans from Ted. Next up was big Adam then studly, Joe Boxer who took his Bro Camo and young Kipper in his mouth. So so hot. Blond cutie, Dayton took mechanical cock like a champ while Ky and I fed him our hard and drippy dicks. Next up was swim stud, Jordan who seemed super stoked to get fucked as he sucked two daddy dicks while swim stud, Kolby ran from slow to medium to fast. Then Jordan ran the the fuck machine on both his hot, bearded dads. Family bonding. And I ran the machine on Coach as his three kadıköy travesti fit sons, kipper and Ky and Kolby fed him their dicks. And I ran the machine on 13 year old, Camo while his sexy bro, Joe face fucked him. I also manned the controls to fuck hot brown boy, Eric as his big bro Ted fed him bro cock. Eric Had been craving pierced cock banging his spot since the three ranchers fucked his tight teen ass yesterday. This young, fit Indian looked so so hot and sexy as he moaned and took mechanical cock. He and Jade were now my favorites. But Dayton and Joe Boxer were up there too. And I can’t forget Jordan ! Now I took my turn as Ky ran the fuck machine and my dad mark, fed me dad dick. So fuckin’ good. I shivered every time the metal on the tip of the dildo banged my prostate. Oh yes ! I gave the same favors to my dad who sucked all the sweet, slippery fluid off my rock hard cock. Coach worked up to top speed and gave his friend, Mark a hard ride ! He loved it ! After our youngest guy, 12 year old Kipper screamed in pleasure from being fucked at top speed and taking dad dick and two bro cocks, it was time for the hot finale ! I got Mikey Dicks on the machine and Buck took the controls. At slow and medium speed, every guy dick slapped and fed wet cocks into this stud’s handsome face and thirsty mouth. Buck turned off machine and pulled the pierced dildo out of Mikey’s hot hole. Buck instructed that all of us should stroke and then stick our cocks in Mike’s hole and shoot our loads. And that’s what we did. One after the other. Big creamy load after big creamy load blast into Mikey’s hot gymnast / runner ass. Fuck yeah ! After the last cum deposit by Adam’s 10 inch beast, Buck reinserted the bakırköy travesti pierced tip dildo and went quickly from slow to medium as all the hot, sexed up and naked guys gathered around Mikey’s prone body splayed out on the machine. Buck moved to fast and then took the safety off and switched the hydraulic Fuck Machine into overdrive ! Mikey was buzzing and squealing with pleasure. The rubber cock was a blur as the rapid motion turned the cum loads into a white frothy foam. Something between cum flavored Cotton candy and sperm flavored butter. Then Buck pulled out the dildo and announced “Men, now I want each of you hot studs to join me and Joey and Jade to felch your awesome cumloads out of Mikey’s hot hole And feed him first and then feed each other. Brotherhood of Cum. Cum Buddies For Life ! We chanted in unison, “Brotherhood of Cum ! “Cum Buddies for Life !” Oh my god. It. Was so cool and sexy and hot and horny. Eating the ass foam and dribbling it down into Mikey’s open and eager mouth and then snowballing and cum kissing my dad and brothers and teamates and friends and new guys. Dad used big words like debauched and depraved and somebody named Caligula. I just know Mikey fuckin’ loved it and I fuckin’ loved it and all the hot guys got off on it, big time. In addition to getting our dads to get prince Alberts, we need to convince them to buy a fuck machine.!! I just had an idea. The ranchers told me they run and jog and their metal parts cause no problems. I think when coach Walker gets pierced and showers with the cross country team, I bet there will be a lot of interest in his metal ring and how it feels and if Coach’s sex partners like it. Good advertising and a great conversation starter ! Could lead to some hot times at the naked team parties ! Those ranchers are the fuckin’ best. Thanks, Buck, Joey and my favorite, Jade ! We will be back snd we wanna see you hot guys in Buxton, Indiana ! Please send constructive comments to hoo. Thanks, guys !

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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