Mar 31

Ryan Family Ch. 02

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Please note that the chat transcript below has been “translated” into plain English so u dnt go nutz tryng 2 rd it

CHAT BEGINS: JUNE 12 22:05:49

PRKYGRL: Hey, you’re here.

MARKIII: Yeah, I just got home. My mom was just saying this afternoon how happy she was that you and I got to be friends last week in Florida.

PRKYGRL: If only she knew how good friends we were.

MARKIII: You mean she wouldn’t be happy to know you sucked my cock by the hotel pool?

PRKYGRL: Or that you licked my clit until I thought I’d scream and wake up the whole hotel? How did you know how to do that so well?

MARKIII: I don’t know, just inspired by your flashing me all night.

PRKYGRL: Okay, how hot are you right now?

MARKIII: I’m ready for bed wearing nothing but boxer shorts, and I have that photo you sent me on the screen next to the chat window. I’m already hard. You?

PRKYGRL: T-shirt and panties, and I’m already touching myself. Hey, I have a surprise for you. I got my videochat software installed today. Turn yours on.

MARKIII: Hey, there you are!

PRKYGRL: You can close up that photo now. You can look at the real thing.

MARKIII: But… In the photo, you’re topless!

PRKYGRL: Okay, how’s this?

MARKIII: Thanks. Much better.

PRKYGRL: Stand up and let me see how much you like it.

PRKYGRL: Nice cock. Am I a bad girl if a cock sticking out of a pair of boxer shorts makes me hot?

MARKIII: My kind of bad girl!

PRKYGRL: You’re an entirely different person than you were a few weeks ago, aren’t you?

PRKYGRL: I wish I could have that cock in my pussy right now.

PRKYGRL: I don’t just mean that in a cybersex way, I mean for real.

PRKYGRL: bursa escort You’d have fucked me last week if I’d let you.

MARKIII: Of course!

PRKYGRL: And stupid me, I’d promised to give it to Rick.

MARKIII: You didn’t know.

PRKYGRL: I’m gone for one week, and the bastard takes up with Halley.

MARKIII: I’m sorry.

PRKYGRL: I’m just sorry I didn’t know sooner. I wanted to fuck you so badly, Mark.

PRKYGRL: How do you like being able to watch me rub my nipples on videochat?

MARKIII: Awesome.

PRKYGRL: So tell me… Where do you think we could have fucked last week? When we sucked each other by the pool that first night, I can’t believe we got away with that without being seen.

MARKIII: I don’t think we were really thinking at the time. That was some hot bathing suit you were wearing.

PRKYGRL: I had to throw it out, you know.

MARKIII: Oh no. why?

PRKYGRL: Somebody came all over the top of it, remember? Or at least came so much in my mouth that it dripped down all over me. It would have been bad enough if my Mom knew I’d brought that bikini in the first place. Can you imagine if she’d found it in my suitcase all covered in semen?

PRKYGRL: I can see you smiling, you know.

MARKIII: Can you see what else I’m doing?

PRKYGRL: No, but from the way I see your left arm moving, I’m guessing there might be another mess soon. Promise me you’ll stand up before it happens so I can watch.

MARKIII: Keep playing with those nipples and it may not take too long.

PRKYGRL: Is it okay if I leave my nipples alone for a while? I need one hand for typing and I have some other plans for the other hand.

PRKYGRL: So bursa escort bayan tell me, where do you think we COULD have fucked?

MARKIII: If we did it late enough at night, how about in the pool? We could start by kissing, and I’d hold you really close so our bodies would be grinding into one another, and once we’re really hot, you’d push down my trunks just enough so you could grab my cock, and I’d untie your bottoms. As long as we left your bikini top on, even if somebody were walking past the courtyard, they wouldn’t be able to tell what we were doing. It wouldn’t be hard for me to lift you up in the water and hold you while I slid my cock into your pussy.

PRKYGRL: Hopefully I’d have been as wet as I am right now.

PRKYGRL: Would you be terribly shocked if I took off my panties right now?

MARKIII: No, but I’d be very disappointed if you didn’t stand up and let me watch you do it.

MARKIII: Oh God, my cock wants that so much.

PRKYGRL: If I’d brought a tennis outfit, we could have gone to the courts. But I’d have left my panties behind so after the game I’d lean over the net and you could lift my skirt and fuck me from behind.

MARKIII: So hot, but so impractical.

PRKYGRL: Yeah, but fantasies don’t have to make sense. Just because I’ll probably never get fucked on a tennis court doesn’t mean I can’t think about it.

PRKYGRL: In fact, I’m thinking about it right now. It’s a warm day, and we’re both sweaty from the game. You’ve hardly been able to concentrate because you can tell I have no panties and my shirt is soaked and you can see my hard nipples poking through. I can see your cock is straining against your shorts. Stand up and let me see how hard it really is.

PRKYGRL: escort bursa Oh yeah, that’s nice. My left hand is exactly where you think it is, by the way. Doing exactly what you think it’s doing.

PRKYGRL: I’d ask you to come over to my side of the court to see how sweaty my chest is, and you’d brush your hands against my nipples. And then I’d tell you I need to be fucked NOW, and I’d lean over and you’d grab my side and slide your cock HARD into my hot, wet pussy. I’d say “Mark, nobody’s ever fucked me before, I need you to make me scream. And you’d keep fucking me harder.

PRKYGRL: Are you stroking your cock for me?


PRKYGRL: My clit is so sensitive, I feel as if I’m going to explode. I’d tell you to come in my pussy, to fill up my pussy with your come, I need your cock so bad.

PRKYGRL: I’m going to come

MARKIII: Me too!

PRKYGRL: Let me see.

PRKYGRL: Oh, wow.


PRKYGRL: That was … wow. I think in just a few days, we raised cybersex to an art form.

PRKYGRL That was awesome watching you come like that.

MARKIII: Unfortunately, all over my desk.


MARKIII: A little on my keyboard, but I should be able to get it clean.

PRKYGRL: That semen of yours really does get around, doesn’t it?

MARKIII: There’s only one place I want it to be right now, and unfortunately that’s 500 miles away.

PRKYGRL: I know, Mark. I want to find a way as much as you do.

PRKYGRL: I love you, Mark. Is it okay to say that?

MARKIII: I love you too.

PRKYGRL: Hey, listen, it’s almost midnight. We should probably think about calling it a night.

MARKIII: And I guess I should start cleaning up before I leave some hard-to-explain stains.

PRKYGRL: Tomorrow night?

MARKIII: You bet.

PRKYGRL: Goodnight, Mark.

MARKIII: Goodnight, Carol.

CHAT ENDS: JUNE 12 23:55:20

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