Mar 31

Salenna Ch. 02

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Salenna Part 2: She is reunited with her cousin

Roger picked Craig and all his gear up from the airport, he was back from college, on the way home they chatted about how he got on with his grades, about the sports he played and any thing else that he wanted to talk about. They touched on women and he said that he didn’t have any body special at the moment although he had a fling with a couple of girls during the last term. Roger told him that he went to Steve and Trish’s funeral about 2 weeks ago and how sudden it was and that he had Salenna staying with him in the house, Craig commented that she was lucky to have somebody that cared, to look after her.

Craig’s most recent memory of Salenna was a few years ago and that she was a very pretty blonde, carrying a little bit of puppy fat, cheeky as all get out who tormented him all the time because he was big for his age but they got along like brother and sister. Roger mentioned that she had gone into a convent and was training to be a nun, this threw him a bit, but he said “to each his own.”

They were just about home now so Craig spent the next minute or so gathering his possessions, and as they pulled up he vaulted out, ignoring the car door and ran through the front entrance, bumping into Salenna who was coming out to greet them. Craig picked her up and swung her around a couple of times before kissing her on the cheek and saying “Hi Sal how are you? Weird threads you got on, where’s your hat and broom?” It looked like those years that had passed had no effect on their relationship and Salenna beat him on the chest playfully for the last comment.

The small talk was fast and furious with all the catching up to do and because of the warm weather they had all sunk a few cans of beer each. Craig said he was starving, grabbed the phone and rang for chinese, when that arrived it was devoured by all, they relaxed after that and Craig said he was going for a swim. “Are you two coming in? or are you just going to get drunk.”

He came down to the pool in his very brief black racing bathers, you could hardly tell where his skin started or the bathers finished. He stood about 6’3” and at eighteen and a well developed body through all the sport he played he looked like an African prince, he dived in and did a few laps then climbed out and dripping wet, collapsed on the pool lounge. It should be mentioned that Craig was adopted at birth because Pat was infertile and when they saw this little black negro baby in the cot at the hospital the decision was made, and he became part of the family.

“Hey dad move your butt and get in the pool, or do you need your floaties.”

The sound of the click, click of Salenna’s sandals on the pool surround drew attention to her, neither of them was prepared for the sight that appeared. She stood there tall, slim, long legs, narrow waist, so beautiful and her long blonde hair waving in the breeze and her huge, no enormous tits, covered by the smallest blue bikini. She clicked her way over to where Craig was sitting and bent down to give him a kiss.

“You gave me a kiss but I didn’t get a chance to give you one back.” As she bent down her huge tits wobbled and nearly fell out of the small piece of cloth that was trying to restrain them, she gave Craig an open mouthed kiss that lingered just a little longer than he expected. Craig’s cock was now at full attention and it’s head was poking out of the top of his bathers by a couple of inches, just then Salenna slipped over on her high heeled sandals and she flopped her tits into his face. Trying to get her balance she put her hand on his cock. That was enough for Craig, he lost control and came all over his stomach, he dived into the pool to hide his embarrassment and to wash the cum off himself. Salenna was totally unaware that she was the cause of his erection and subsequent ejaculation because she hadn’t physically done anything to him, boy, if there was a medal for innocence she would have a chest full (no pun intended).

You could tell that Craig was still embarrassed because he hopped out of the pool and ran inside

“Just going to get changed,” he yelled back. Roger asked Salenna to sit down and was trying to think of a way to tell her that Craig was not very skilled at sex, that he was like she was about 2 weeks ago, a virgin (if not, then close to it from what he had gathered). While he was thinking of a way around this touchy subject she had his cock out and in her mouth, sucking him off.

“Salenna, are you paying attention to what I have to say?” Roger said. He looked down, her head nodded in the affirmative, and not missing a beat she caught the lot in her mouth as he came.

“Salenna, Craig is very young for his age in sexual matters and also very sensitive when he is touched on his penis so if you are going to play with him be gentle and don’t make fun of his massive cock or he will get upset, just as you did when people made pendik escort fun of your big tits.”

“ Is it really, really big? Uncle Rog, do you think he would mind if I sucked it? Will it be too big to fit in my arse? Oh I can’t wait to see it.” She was prattling on like a small girl about to unwrap a Xmas present.

“Just be patient and gentle and all good things will came to those who wait,” my god he sounded like a 59 year old, not his 39 years. He left her sitting in the sun with her sunglasses on and her bikini top off, playing with her nipples.

The last 30 minutes had Roger stressed out, so he went into the rec room and got himself a beer, switched on the air con and the music and flopped into the sofa. He often came here it was very restful it had a fully stocked bar, a billiard table, a lounge setting, some gym equipment, a king size bed, heaps of cushions, music and at one end a shower and massage table. But what was not noticeable was the 10 hidden cameras stuck behind mirrors, in the ceiling and in light fittings. This room was very helpful sometimes in his line of work, it tended to relax people and if he needed to check whether actors were right for a part. Roger would tell them what the scene required such as fucking or fellitatio etc and leave them to it and watch the tapes later, that way there was no false acting, which can destroy a film, and if some parts were any good they could be incorporated in the editing.

They chatted for a while then all agreed that it had been a big day and they would hit the sack. Salenna got into bed naked as usual and tried to think of a way of getting to see Craig’s supposed big pecker. Roger thought he would check some files again and Craig went to his room got under the sheet and pulled a couple of stick books out that he had under the mattress. Since he had seen Salenna by the pool Craig could think of nothing else but her huge tits that had enveloped his face for an instant, his cock had been semi rigid ever since and now seemed the time to get some relief with the books. Half way through the first book and his cock was ready for some attention so he wrapped his hand around it and started to stroke it.

Knock – knock on the door, and it swung open and in walked Salenna in her dressing gown, she had never been asked to come in when she was younger, she had always just walked in as there wasn’t anything to hide between them. Craig rushed to get the books under the sheet before he said “Sal, not sleep walking are you?” the books were hidden but the sheet covering his groin was sticking up about 8 inches.

“What were you looking at before I came in?” and she playfully grabbed the books from under the sheet, “Hmm, not bad ..not bad, I’ll bet you’d like to do what he’s doing!” as she flipped though the pages and stopped at one where the bloke was chock-a-block up the cunt of a pretty little girl bending over and hanging on to her ankles,

“What else is under the sheet?” she asked. She pulled it back cheekily and there was the cock that she had been so anxious to see, a massive black cock with Craig’s hand around it and more than 5 inches sticking out above that. Salenna gasped, this was nearly twice as big as her dads and uncle Rog’s, both her hands went up to her mouth, Craig grabbed the sheet and pulled it back over himself, it was too late she had seen it and from that moment it was to become her black phallic idol.

Salenna pull the sheet back off his cock and still hypnotized said “Can I kiss it please?” no answer, so she put her right hand around the shaft and put her lips on the head of his cock and gave it a kiss, then she stuck her tongue into his slit and as a parting gesture she ran her tongue around the glans.

It surprised them both, it came like rifle bullets almost tearing the flesh from the back of her throat, shot after shot after shot until it just slowed to a dribble. When the first shot was fired Saleena had the presence of mind to clasp her mouth around his cock so none of the cum would leak out and as she swallowed she savoured the taste. Craig had never cum like this when he pulled himself, the last few spurts must have come from his toes, his body was shaking all over, his brow was sweating and he could feel where his fingernails had dug into the palms of his hands.

“Sorry,……… I’m sorry Sal I couldn’t help it, no woman has ever done that to me before, I didn’t know that it was going to happen.”

“Don’t be silly Craig, your dad comes in my mouth all the time so I wont get pregnant, and I want you to do the same whenever you want to, besides you taste scrumptious.” Be gentle with him uncle Rog said, be patient so Salenna just started playing with the semi limp cock, licking it, rolling it around in the cheeks of her mouth, pumping it with her hand and using her tongue all over the head. It was starting to respond so she stood up and let the gown fall from her shoulders, escort pendik she shook her head so her blonde hair fell down her back and rubbed her cunt which was dripping with excitement.

Salenna pushed Craig back onto the bed and straddled him and tried pushing his cock into her cunt, please go in, please God make it fit, I’m really wet and I need it so badly she muttered under her breath, with them both pushing it finally slipped in. The feeling was one of complete and utter fullness, and as she rode him up and down she felt an orgasm building up, remember what Uncle Rog said, be gentle and patient she said talking to herself, it was getting closer and closer……. fuck what Uncle Rog said, and she let the orgasm take over, she was thrashing about, screaming “fuck me, yes………….faster………..harder, fuck me deeper…………yes, yes, yes I’m coming,” her back arched, she buried her tits in his face and as her cunt contracted it squirted cum all over Craig’s balls, it lasted for an eternity before Craig came and they both clasped each other and then kissed each other to sleep. Craig’s big black cock acted like a pacifier but instead of being in baby Saleena’s mouth it was plugged into her pussy.

The morning dawned and it was the first day of Craig’s holidays, what a start it was, it certainly couldn’t get any better than last night thought Craig, that would be impossible. He woke up with a semi hardon, Salenna had slept with her hand on his cock all night, he got out of bed and stretched then picked Salenna up and carried her downstairs to the smell of bacon and eggs cooking. Both of them were naked but it didn’t concern them and they plunged into the pool to freshen up while the toast was cooking, when they got out they sat down to breakfast and the three of them planned the day ahead. Roger had to catch up on about 2 weeks work at the office so Craig and Salenna said they would laze around the house as it was going to be a hot day.

As Roger was leaving for work he noticed that both Craig and Salenna were in the rec room dancing to some slow music, they were stuck so close together that Salenna’s tits were squashed out on either side of her body, what a contrast, the milky white skin and long blonde hair of Salenna and holding her was Craig’s tall muscular black body with a crew cut. Roger shrugged his shoulders and as he headed off he hit the air con switch for them, also as an after thought he hit the main camera switch.

Salenna could feel Craig’s cock between them, it was huge and throbbing, they were kissing and Craig’s tongue was delving into every cavity of her mouth it was so thick and long she wished it was in her cunt but more important thoughts filled her mind. Salenna moved her mouth down to Craig’s neck still kissing, then on down to his chest and kneeling now, down to his huge cock. She saw the massive veins that feed it and the big head (he was circumcised) with the slit that squirted the most delightful cum ever, without contemplating any further she put it in her mouth and started sucking and running her tongue around the head and had to use both hands to circle his cock and massage it, as she increased the tempo Craig started to moan and it got louder.

“I’m coming……….yes…yes….” Salenna was kneeling in a worshipping position in front of his cock when he came, it was the first since last night and she watched as it erupted. It shot straight up about a foot in the air, great thick ropes of white cum before they splattered on her hair, face and neck before running down to her tits, she used her index finger to scrape it up into her mouth, then swallowed – nectar of the gods.

“Craig, your dad likes to lick my pussy, if you want to, you can as well,” there was a begging look in her eyes, he was truly spent but his head nodded. Salenna took his hand and ran over to the bed, her tits bounced everywhere as she hurried to get onto her back and thrust a pillow under her bum, then she splayed her legs and flexed her knees, she had almost become a veteran at this and knew exactly where that tongue should go for maximum benefit.

Animal instinct took over and Craig’s head was between her legs in an instant, he licked her smooth pussy and stuck his long tongue into her vagina, it was dripping wet and her cunt had a musky odour, that over powered his senses. Craig had never come in a womans mouth, nor fucked a woman before yesterday and this third new experience looked like topping those two.

Salenna’s voice was soothing as she guided him along, “Open my lips up and put your tongue inside……………., lick my clit with long strokes…………….., pinch my nipples with your two free hands……………, move your head from side to side……………, lick the cum out of my cunt………………, lick the skin between my cunt and my ass…………., put your finger into my ass and slowly wriggle it around……………., lick my clit again.” He needed no more instructions, he was like a brash young kid who knew it all, just as well because pendik escort bayan Salenna was now moaning and groaning, her body was tensing up and she was squirting out cum with each cunt contraction, finally a long guttural scream came from her throat.

Craig clambered up to her “Are you okay? Did I hurt you? Salenna…talk to me.” She opened her eyes and kissed him and laughed, “You’re dopey, I just came like you do, I’m okay, you’ll have to get used to it because it’ll be happening a lot.”

They rested for a while, had a swim and a beer then back to fucking again but not as vigorously as before, just slow and steady to conserve energy. Salenna was in heaven laying on her back with two pillows under her, eyes shut, tits swaying back and forth with each stroke and as far as she knew the biggest black cock in the world moving like a piston in and out of her cunt. She could sense when he was coming now and a second or two before she would be on her knees and Craig would poke his cock in her mouth and erupt.

Salenna desperately wanted that huge black cock in her ass but was a little apprehensive and wondered if she should shelve the idea till another day but lust took over and the fear evaporated. “Craig if I roll over will you lick my little brown freckle and stick your tongue in it to make it all wet and slippery?”

Craig did as he was bid and his long slithery tongue went to work, her climax was building “Please put your cock in my ass I want to feel you deep inside me.”

Salenna relaxed and Craig eased in slowly till it was fully buried. My God, thought Salenna if he goes in any further it will come out my mouth, she couldn’t believe that such an awesome weapon would slide in so easily, she wanted to come immediately but willed herself not to come yet. Craig started at a leisurely pace then increased the speed, one hand massaging her breasts and the other fingering her clit, Salenna was holding back and holding back but the more she tried to stop herself coming the more urgent it became and control was useless,

“Come inside me…….hurry, I can’t wait!” The slap of black against white thighs was deafening, her ass clenched and her orgasm came in waves, this pushed Craig over the edge and he came, the semen was restrict by Salenna’s sphincter muscle and when it pushed past that it gushed into her at such power the blood drained from his brain and he nearly blacked out, was this the best one yet, could it get any better?

Craig and Salenna borrowed the BMW and went into town the next day and as they walked hand in hand down the street you could almost feel the envy of the people as they past by, the men thinking-that lucky black bastard with the beautiful big titted blonde, I bet she fucks like a rattlesnake and the young women thinking-I bet I know why that big titted blonde is with that tall, handsome black bloke, it’s because he’s got a massive dick. Little did they know that they were absolutely right on both counts! They talked and laughed and every now and again Salenna would brush her hand across Craig’s cock as if she was scared that it might have gone missing, after some shopping and a few coffees they headed home.

Roger went to the rec room to get a drink, it was pretty quiet without the kids about, so he flicked on the T.V. and changed the channels, nothing. Then he had a thought and rewound the camera tapes and started playing them back, as he watched his erection got bigger, he had watched hardcore tapes before, even watched people having live sex (that was his business) but Salenna and Craig had that something that was intangible. It must have been the youth or the naturally good looks or the innocence, or maybe the contrast of black and white or was it the enthusiasm, whatever it was that had been captured on the tapes needed preserving, they were special.

Roger edited all the ten tapes into one 2 hour long master tape and was satisfied that it was for connoisseurs only, forgetting the tape in the VCR he congratulated himself and had a beer as a just reward.

After dinner the three of them were sitting in the lounge discussing the events of the day when Salenna, sitting with her feet under her and her finger in her mouth as a small child would said “Uncle rog, this is a huge house and I’m turning eighteen next week, could I have my three really good friends from the convent come and visit for a few days?”

Rog thought for a while, what the hell “Okay but a few things will have to change around here, for instance we will all have to start wearing clothes and we can’t just fuck at the drop of a hat.”

She looked at Craig then said “Agreed” gave Rog a quick peck on the cheek again and reached for the phone, it looks like they are coming from the bits of excited conversation that he could understand.

Roger finished his drink and headed up to bed, half way up the stairs he turned and said “Goodnight.” What he had just said must have fallen on deaf ears they were busy fucking again, I shouldn’t have wasted my breath he said as he shook his head. Had he made the right decision he asked himself, but it was too late the three girls were probably on their way.

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