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Sally’s new conquest VI

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Sally’s new conquest VII know it has been a wile, but Paul and me tapered off on the swing scene. I still enjoy a little strange from time to time as does Paul. Generally I enjoy the cougar activity at the local Junior College. Paul has a couple of friends and a few couples who enjoy three ways. Generally we have learned where the best clubs are and we usually find a couple or two to have a full swap with maybe once a month. Paul still spends some on escorts, which is how I started my slut life, but after another promotion, he seldom travels. Paul and me still have sex a couple of times a week, and I usually manage to get some young strange maybe once a week.Fridays are usually our play day. This Friday Paul called me at lunch to tell me he was visiting Elaine, ( a friend for the last few years) and promised to tell me all the details Saturday morning. I generally am never surprised that I get to go cruising for some young stuff.I phoned the k**s who are now out of the house and at school or in the military to touch base with them and the moment I finish the last phone call, I begin my hunt. I have a nice soaking tub bath about 8:00, shave every thing and start with my hair and makeup. It is much easier to get my war paint on nude, I don’t have to worry about getting makeup on my clothes. I dress up in a nice dark dress, with a good lacy bra, stockings, my favorite fuck me pumps and no panties. I don’t try to look younger than I am, I find that young men are not hard to get hard and into bed. Seduction is not difficult for a woman, at least it has never been for me. About 9:00 I leave the house and travel to a motel close to campus. I get a single, drop off my go bag and generally get to a local student watering hole by 9:30. I have learned to arrive early enough so I can find my next conquest before a majority of the guys get plastered. I select a table with my back to the wall so I can examine the candidates. I am not looking for the best looking, or the most active, I am looking for the quite subdued young man who is likely setting alone. I wait a few minutes to see if my target is with someone visiting the ladies room. If so I make my move.I walk up slowly to his table and ask if I can sit down.He looks surprised, maybe a little embarrassed, “Sure” as he looked over my entire body. “I like the music here, it is worth the cover at least. Who is on to night?” I inquired as I sit as close as possible to him. As usual the music was loud enough my closeness was required to have a conversation” “Some locals playing a classic rock set with a folk rock set later. One of the musicians is my room mate who scored me a pass on the cover”. He said, and he didn’t know that he was already going to fuck me within the next hour. So far I knew he was available, horny and broke. My favorite target. I ask him his name and introduced myself, then I suggested that he dance with me, The first set was almost over and when the second set started with a lot less volume and less tempo. Something that allowed some body contact. “I’m not that good a dancer, but I’ll try for you”. He said meekly As I led him out on the dance floor and started a slow dance, I told him not to worry I could adjust.Within a few minutes I had him close enough to press his hard dick against his body with my leg and his thigh was in the space between my legs. His hand drifted down my back till he cupped my left ass cheek. Not a grope, just a lite touch. In response I pushed my tits to his chest, the hook was set and I pull away and lead him back to our table. I order a couple of shots, doubles and as soon as the glasses hit the table I reel in my catch. I lean in close and say “I don’t want to be alone tonight, Do you want to come with me back to my room?” Not waiting for a response, I kiss him, not a hard tong battle, but not a motherly kiss ether. Then I stand, I note he is on his feet in an instant, Take his hand and lead him to my car. On the ride over I learn he is 19, a sophomore and that he had never done anything like this. His name is Shawn, and from what I could tell from my leg’s reconnaissance of his dick, he had a honest seven inches and reasonably thick. When we get to the room I give him a few bucks and tell him to go buy some cokes. While he is out, I open my go bag.My go bag has every thing I need for the evening. A bottle of rum, lube and a football jersey. Some other items but those are the essentials. I strip off everything and don the jersey. Within a couple of minutes he returns with a soft knock. I open the door and see the surprise in his eyes.He steps in, I lock and bolt the door. “Your beautiful” he says in a tight voice“Thank you’ I say as we unload bahis şirketleri his burden of cokes and open my arms and draw him close to kiss him. His hands wonder over my back till they get to the bottom seam of my jersey and he quickly knows that other than the jersey I am nude as he fondled my butt. I spin him around and push him on the bed, “Stay still” and I begin to undress him.Shoes and socks first, then his shirt, tea shirt, pants, underwear, all within a couple of minutes, I interrupt my striping him with a nice kiss wile I am on top of him after each item is removed. A little hint, never fuck on a hotel comforter, they only get changed about once a week, the sheets every day. I know every porn in existence says that now I need to suck his cock, but this isn’t a porn. I have already had plenty of foreplay dancing and I am open and ready, he is hard enough to cut diamonds. I move over him and mount him. As I ease him inside me I watch his face, an expression of surprise and pleasure. As I adjust to him, I make some small circles to ensure my natural lube is spread over him and my lips. I lean over him close and start a nice kissing session, I pull off my jersey before I start to rock and I know that this k** doesn’t have much experience and will not last long before he erupts inside me. I was correct, I feel him cum in about 5 minutes. I love the feeling of that warm spunk spreading deep in my cunt. Round one. I dismount and say, “that’s nice, we need to do that again in a bit”. I dismount, stand and ask if he wants a drink.Not surprising, he recovered from his afterglow of his too resent orgasm he ask “Do you want me to leave now?” Smiling, I replied, “Not till you get me off, and I’m sure if we wait a few minutes you can do just that”. He laughed and started to heap complements on me about how cool and sexy I was but I really wasn’t interested. Seriously he was just my dick for the night and I doubt I would remember his name next month. Sitting on the bed with a pair of heavily loaded rum and cokes, I waited for the requisite time to pass till I could continue my fuck. I drained off the last of my drink and sit the glass on the in table. He drained his on cue and faced me as he returned to his seat on the bed.He ventured a timid kiss, and I was far from patient, Upon contact with his lips I put my hand behind his head and pulled his face close, tongue fucking his mouth. It wasn’t a lovers kiss, it was a nympho kiss or a hungry slut kiss. I wanted him, at the moment. With my free hand I felt for his cock, finding it rapidly becoming fully erect. Judging him hard enough to make penetration, I broke contact and reached for my favorite lube out of my go-bag. (hint, I tried most of the lubes out there and the best I have found is just coconut oil). I coated his shaft with the lube making his dick an applicator. The lube was just to ease the path past my cunt lips. His load from his previous ejaculation would be the internal lube, which is the very best lube in the universe in my humble opinion.I center my self on the bed, put a pillow under my ass and lay back, knees up and legs spayed outward. The only thing I didn’t do was put a welcome mat out.I wasn’t disappointed, within five seconds I felt him entering me. Slowly at first, but finding me quite open and my ankles now locked around the small of his back, he started his thrusts in earnest. This is the “me” moment I have been waiting for the last few hours. A good sized dick, a young stud willing to ride me for a good wile and a nice warm feeling from a building orgasm and about three ounces of rum. I glance at the alarm clock and note the time. I figure his dumb ass didn’t know how to pace himself to service me well, but sense I had already removed the excess cum from him I figured he would last at least 15 minutes. I was overly optimistic, I felt his warm goo enter me in eleven minutes flat. Not to be deterred from my objective, as he withdrew and lay on his back I immediately started a soft blow job before he could loose his hard. Soft enough that he didn’t pull away wile I sucked on his hyper sensitive cock, but hard enough to keep him erect. In a few moments I started sucking and hand jobbing him with more vigor, knowing now I could mount him and count on a good long ride. Oh, I will state a state of bliss is easier when you are in complete control. After about 10 minutes of rocking, pumping and grinding, my hips started to get sensitive, maybe a little painful,(don’t laugh, I am on the high side of 45). I decided to give the the boy attached to the dick I was enjoying some direction so that I could continue the play session. Plus I wanted to get a tighter bahis firmaları hold on his cock so that I could get better friction on my G spot. I told him to stand as I dismounted, then with my feet on the floor I bent over the bed with my knees together. “Get at it Shawn” and he complied in a heartbeat. As he pumped himself in and out of my snatch, the added sensation started to work on my senses. As my intensity grew I started meeting his thrusts with my own. OK, at this time, I am going to dispel a myth. WOMEN DO NOT EJACULATE . What squirting is, if real, is sometime we lose control of our bladder for a second or two during an intense orgasm. In the real world, the first thing a woman wants to do after sex is to pee.I love to be where I have been trying to get most of the day. I started to build a serious organism as I waited for the k** to bust his best and likely his last nut of the night. I could not wait as the rush of a good solid orgasm quaked through my body. My knees buckled and as I dropped he slid out of me. Standing, looking a little concerned, with 7 ½ inches of erect cock staring me in the faceAfter I caught my breath, I got a swig of rum from the in table then mounting the bed on my knees with my pleasure plaice facing him I said, “Finish me Shawn” .As he climbed up on the bed I put my knees together and dropped my face to the bed requiring him to go for what I call “the monkey”. Honestly at that moment I didn’t want his weight on my hips. Pain is distracting.But he seemed to catch on pretty quick, and within a few seconds we were hooked up and I was working on my big one.The short break after my last O seemed to have refreshed his endurance and stamina. I do like a good money fuck, especially from a stranger. It is delightfully naughty.I felt him get into that 4/4 rhythm I have learned means a load building in his balls, then the ridges of the head of his cock expand and this time I could feel his head rubbing against my cervix meaning I was at the threshold as I tightened myself on him. I felt him thrust forward and stick in me as deep as he could as I felt the warmth of his cum enter my deepest reach. I had one of those orgasms that get mistaken for an epileptic seizure. He collapsed on his back oblivious to anything. As I stirred from my afterglow, I needed to pee. I picked up my go bag and headed to the toilette. Girls, one nice thing to have for your little adventures is a syringe that mounts to a faucet. I good douche after having sex with a stranger is prudent. After cleaning up, I went back into the room and the k**, who was younger than any of my c***dren was still asleep. I taped him on his foot and he awoke. “Damn, I going to be late, I supposed to give my room mate a ride back to the dorms”. My aggressive side reared it’s head, why not go for a twofer? I glanced at the clock, 11:40, the beer bars around the colleges closed at midnight. “Let’s go get him, get dressed.” For me that consisted of dropping the dress I was wearing early over my body and slipping on my shoes. The k** was a little slower. But we were moving in the car within two minutes. I ask”Which of the band is your room mate?”The k** looking a little worried about missing his appointment, “He plays base”.I could recall the basic image of the band earlier, Dark long hair, powerful, almost satyr looking, full beard and about six foot.“You can keep your mouth closed when we get there can’t you?” “Sure, this hole thing has blown my mind” He was a least honest. “Good, don’t cock block me when we get there. I intend to fuck your roomy.The k** stared at me in disbelief for a moment, the blurted out a weak “K”.As we approached the parking lot I saw the k** out front with his case. “What’s your friend’s name?”“Kevin” Shawn was on auto pilot. He was passed being relevant, I had already drained his balls, and I felt that I could do another play session. I might be a little sore in the morning, but I could use some more dick right now. I pulled up to the k**, “Hi Kevin, as I opened the window, I hear you need a ride”. “Yea, my idiot room mate has kept me waiting 20 minutes.” Under the security light he couldn’t see any thing in the car beyond me. I turned to Shawn and said, “We had a good time, now leave, maybe I’ll see you later”. Obediently the k** got out of the car. As Shawn left, I beckoned Kevin over to my window. “Sorry me and Shawn got hung up and lost track of time” I knew I reeked of sex, but I didn’t care if it was obvious. “ why not come and have a drink with me to make up for you having to wait. Drop your case in the back seat and come with me”. I don’t know if it was intentional but the word ‘come” had emphasis.Quick as kaçak bahis siteleri a jack rabbit the base player dumped his case and was setting in Shawn’s vacated seat. As we pulled away I glanced at poor Shawn staring at us depart.Kevin was not nearly so innocent as his roomy. “So we are going to party?”“Yep” I replied and we didn’t say another word.I wanted this to be phenomenal, and I remember two tabs of “X” I scored almost a year ago, hidden in the top pocket of my go bag. I wondered if it was still good.“Kevin, do you want to get high ?” “Hell yes”, I got a couple of joints, You? “A little “X” and some rum, will that do the trick for you?”“Damn, I would think so.” When we got into the room I got air clad as soon as I heard the bolt snap shut. Shaw was pealing off his cloths as fast as physics would allow. And when we were clean of any clothing he grabbed me in a bear hug. He had a warm firm body. His dick was not shabby at all, about a nice thick six inches. Size really never impressed me much, some of my best fucks have been with smaller penises. “Let’s get high first “.As I reached for my bag and fished for the cigarette cellophane I stashed last fall. I pulled out mine he opened his cigarette case and pilled out the thinnest joint I have ever seen. We entered the John and he lit up as I poured a couple of drinks in those hotel glasses and handed him the tab. It immediately went into his mouth chased down with the entire 6 ounce drink I poured. “I played three sets tonight, I could use a shower “. “Go for it, clean is sexy” I replied. Already nude he climbed into the tub and pulled the shower door closed. The water came on and above the sound of the spray I heard him say, “Why not work on that joint on the back of the shiter?” Sounded like a good ideal, but I will confess I have maybe smoked pot a dozen times in my life. I enjoyed it, but it was mild. About the time Kevin finished with the water and got out, I had had about four solid hits burning about half the dinky little joint. Then the buzz hit me. I meekly passed it to Kevin and went back into the room, laying in the middle of the bed, relaxed and anticipating the rush of ruff sex and the heightened sensitivity of the X.Kevin came in after finishing his J and started to caress me on the bed, I countered “Let’s wait for this shit hits us good before we start”. Kevin was amenable to the suggestion and lay next to me. The silence started to get annoying so I popped on the TV with the remote and put it on a music channel. I will be brutally honest, the appeal of this young man was not his personality, he was available and I wanted him to service me, that was the entirety of this relationship. In the back of my brain and slowly through my body I felt the warm rush of the d**g take effect, my pussy started getting wet and my lips begin to swell, I looked over at Kevin and his cock was already fully erect. “Kevin are you ready?’ “Born ready” he replied. I was very high and a little drunk, but I mounted him in a speed that would make a hooker proud. I pulled my still dry lips out of the way as I lowered my self onto him. When he bottomed out I gave him a slow grind to soak his cock and get my labia lubed up. Then I leaned over him until he was barely within me and without instructions he started to bounce into me as I suspended myself over him. That was where my memory gets cloudy. I know we got in the room at 12:05 and we arose at about six, but the orgasmic rush was like a pillow of pleasure. We fucked, sucked and ate each other with gusto. Uninhibited, raw and a little crazy, if it felt good we did it. We paused only to pee and to hydrate. I saw the clock say 4:30 by the time fatigue overtook us. I remember he came hard right before then, and as I rose to pee I felt his spunk run down my leg. I entered the shower and washed off the reminders of a night well spent. I made my confession, I am a slut, because I love sex. I was completely satiated and I figured I would need to get home in a couple of hours before hubby got in from his date. I got Kevin up and staying true to his nature he was silent until we got to his dorms. As he left he handed me a business card, with his group’s phone number. “That’s my cell, call me if you want”. With that he retrieved his instrument and left.When I got home I climbed the stairs to my room and as I opened the door I could see Paul vigorously fucking Elaine and from her moaning I knew she and he were close to completing their tryst. Paul always likes morning sex. As Paul erupted inside her I heard her gasp as she raked his back with her nails and raised her ass to pull him deep. A moment later Paul rolled off and by this time I had already dropped my dress and approached Elaine. ““Good morning Elaine” Looking up from the bed she stated “It sure is”.“I was interested in some breakfast, maybe a fresh cream pie” Elaine just smiled dropped her head and opened her legs wide

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