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Samantha and Hannah – Twins Summer Fun Part 2

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Samantha and Hannah – Twins Summer Fun Part 2Samantha moved down Hannah’s legs, continuing to rub the lotion in to her and then after massaging the last of the oil into Hannah’s feet she lay back on her own lounger, “There, hope you enjoyed that.”“Mmm, yes thanks,” she finally answered.They shared the bottle of wine and relaxed in the sunshine, Hannah relaxed even more, her eyes closed as they chatted about nothing in particular. The warmth of the sun, the wine and Samantha rubbing the lotion into her body made her feel rather sexually excited.The sky darkened a little as some clouds formed, “I hope they soon pass, I’m sure they will,” uttered Samantha more in hope than expectation and Hannah agreed. After another couple of minutes, the sky darkened further and a few spots of rain began to fall.The two girls looked at sarıyer escort one another and prepared to gather all their things up and head indoors when the heavens opened. The two of them grabbed what they could and dashed towards the house. Halfway there Samantha turned back and went back for the half empty bottle of wine.Hannah made it to the house and ran in through the patio doors and turned, waiting for Samantha. She wasn’t far behind and Hannah gazed at her as she ran her bare breasts bouncing with each step, her hair now matted across her face and body. She finally made it to the house and stood panting, her breasts heaved with each breath, her nipples hard.Hannah realized she was staring and looked away and then realized she was also topless. She esenyurt escort looked around for her bikini top but realized it was still outside.“I’ll get us a couple of towels, it’s no use trying to get our tops in this,” and off she went.Hannah stood waiting, the rain dripping of her body. She looked down and realized her own nipples were hard. Hannah didn’t have to wait long before Samantha returned with a couple of bath towels.“Here you go, get yourself dry and warm yourself up, I see you are cold!”Samantha smiled and wrapped her towel around herself and sat down at the kitchen table, “There’s still some more wine left,” she said.Hannah sat opposite Samantha and let her pour her another glass of the refreshing liquid. The alcohol had started to take effect.Samantha smiled, she slowly avrupa yakası escort rose to her feet and took Hannah by the hand and without uttering a word guided her upstairs to there bedroom.Samantha let her towel fall to the floor and then turning to Hannah she pulled hers apart too and let it fall. Then she reached out and slowly undid the ties holding Hannah’s bikini bottoms up and they joined the towel on the floor.Hannah stood there completely naked in front of her twin.Samantha looked Hannah up and down, she was beautiful so sexy. Her long slender legs; her slim waist and flat stomach; her gorgeous breasts with her hard nipples her beautiful face and then she stared longingly at her pussy. Her lips were smooth. As she stared she hooker her fingers into her own bikini bottoms and slipped them down her thighs.Samantha laid Hannah on the bed and climbed on beside her. She lightly brushed Hannah’s damp hair away from her face and gently kissed her.Hannah closed her eyes as their lips met; she expected a passionate kiss and was a little surprised at the briefest of kisses. She opened her eyes and saw that Samantha was just smiling at her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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