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Santa Baby

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Santa BabySanta BabyNikkie SilkIt was the last Friday night before Christmas, and the pub was packedwith office workers intent on celebrating the Christmas spirit bygetting as drunk as they could manage. Slade were belting out ‘MerryXmas Everybody’ over the speakers and the whole pub was raucouslyjoining in with the chorus. People were kissing under pieces of plasticmistletoe and more than one office romance would begin, and probablyend, that evening.The group that had grabbed a table to the side of the bar were typicalof the customers in the pub. Working at one of the companies in theneighbouring office block, they were doing what such groups do; tryingto chat up the new girl in accounts, telling dirty stories that were nowbanned in the office, complaining about their boss and grumbling abouttheir salaries. The ringleader was a large man; just the wrong side of30, hair beginning to grey at the temples, carrying a bit more weightthan he should, but with a seemingly inexhaustible fund of jokes. Thetable was rocking with laughter after one of his stories, when heannounced he had to go to the toilet. ‘Just going to take the weight off my mind,’ he yelled, and fought hisway through the crowd to the toilet. By the time he emerged, Chris Reawas singing ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ and he felt a pang as heremembered he wouldn’t be driving home for Christmas this year,following the death of his widowed mother earlier in the year. Hereached the table just as Wham started singing ‘Last Christmas’, and hefelt another small stab of regret as he remembered that last Christmas,he and Adele were still together.‘Time for another one, what’s left in the kitty?’ he asked. He gatheredup the remaining notes and coins from the glass which had held the moneythey had all chipped in, and headed for the bar. Elbowing his way to thefront, he found himself next to a girl who seemed to be having a hardtime getting the barman’s attention. He looked at her from the side andhe thought she looked nice; blonde shoulder length hair, a pretty face,and lovely lips. He said to her, ‘You have to grab their attentionsomehow, they won’t notice you otherwise.’ She turned to him and said, ‘What did you say? The music is so loud.’ Hewas startled by her piercing blue eyes. He bent his head closer to her just as ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’started up. ‘I said, you have to …, never mind, can I buy you a drink?’She shook her head, ‘No, it’s OK, I can get my own, thanks.’He waved at one of the harassed barmen and shouted, ‘Three pints oflager, two Guinness, two bitter, two white wines.’The barman started to pour the beers, and the man turned to the girl,‘I’m in the chair now, what would you like?.’She hesitated and then said, ‘OK, a white wine please, but I’ll give youthe money.’‘Make that three white wines, mate.’ he yelled at the barman, whonodded. He turned back to the girl and grinned, ‘Sorry love, yourmoney’s no good here.’ ‘No, please let me pay.’ she said over Tina Turner growling through‘Merry Christmas Baby.’ ‘What’s your name?’ he asked her.‘Chrissy.’‘Luke,’ he said, ‘Pleased to meet you Chrissy.’The barman had finished the order and found him a tray to carry thedrinks on. He gave her one of the glasses of white wine and said, ‘MerryChristmas, Chrissy.’‘You too, Luke, won’t you let me pay for my drink?’‘Nah, it’s on us, by the way, you’ve got lovely eyes.’She went pink and ducked her head away. Luke smiled to himself andthought, just my luck, somewhere else, some other time, I would haveasked her out. He watched as Chrissy moved away from the bar and he lostsight of her in the crowd. He managed to carry the tray back to thetable without spilling too much, and everybody grabbed their drinks andsang along with the Jackson 5’s ‘Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town.’ Over at the bar a barman rang a bell and yelled, ‘Last orders, if youplease.’Luke looked at his watch and decided it was time to get going. He hadordered a minicab for 11 o’clock and he didn’t want to miss it. Shakinghands with the guys, and kissing the girls’ on the cheek, he said ‘MerryChristmas’ to everyone and pushed through the crowd to the door. He wassurprised to see that snow had started to fall whilst they had been inthe pub. He thought it had been a good idea to book a minicab fortonight, as it would be impossible to find a taxi tonight. He pulled hiscoat tight around him, looked for his cab and spotted it across theroad. He ran over to it and gratefully jumped into the back seat. As the cab began to move away, he spotted a girl trying to hail a taxiand he thought he recognised her. He asked the driver to stop andyelled ‘Chrissy, is that you?’ through the open window, ‘it’s me, Luke,where are you going?’She turned and recognised him, ‘I’m getting a taxi.’‘You’ll be lucky tonight, and at this time and with this snow. Where areyou heading?’She looked around, hoping a taxi would materialise out of the snow. ‘I’m going to Twickenham.’‘Hey, I’m going to Kingston, let me give you a lift, it’s right on theway.’She looked around one more time and the snow was coming down harder.The driver said, ‘I’ve got to go now, I have another fare to pick upsoon.’‘Just give me a minute, will you?’ Luke said. ‘Come on, Chrissy, you’refreezing out there. Let me give you a lift.’She did feel cold, and it was clear the snow was getting much heavier,‘OK, that’s so kind of you. Thank you.’Luke leaned over and opened the other passenger door and Chrissy climbedinside, carrying what looked like a duffle bag with her.She gave the driver her address, and he said to Luke, ‘That will costyou extra.’‘It’s OK, don’t worry, let’s go.’Chrissy turned to Luke and said, ‘Let me give you some money for thecab, please?’‘It’s on expenses tonight, so don’t worry.’‘Thank you. Luke, wasn’t it?’‘Yep, Luke the Duke, that’s me.’He stuck his hand out and Chrissy leaned over to shake it. She thoughthow small and light her hand felt in Luke’s massive paw. She had noticedhow large he was in the pub, but here in the back seat of the cab,wrapped up in his coat, he reminded her of a big brown bear. EltonJohn’s ‘Step Into Christmas’, was playing softly on the radio and withthe snow outside, it did feel like that. She was grateful for the liftas she didn’t know how she would have got home otherwise. The weatherforecast had been completely wrong as usual, claiming that Londonwouldn’t get any snow. ‘So, Chrissy, what were you doing at the pub tonight?’‘Oh, I had arranged to meet a girlfriend there, but she didn’t turn up,something else came up,’ she said. She wasn’t going to tell him thetruth, of course.‘That’s a shame, Chrissy, what do you do?’‘I’m an actress, well, a wannabe actress to be honest. I’m taking actingand dancing classes right now, and go for some auditions, but maybe, oneday, I’ll be a proper actress. I do pub work to pay my way.’ Shethought, well the last bit is sort of true.‘That sounds great. Me, I dance like an ox. Some people say I act likean ox, too.’She laughed, ‘That’s not true.’‘What? That I don’t dance like an ox, or don’t act like one?’She looked at him more closely and she thought he looked pretty good. Hewas a bit older than guys she normally liked and could do with losing afew pounds, but he was a good looker in a slightly crumpled way. She hadalready seen there was no ring in his finger, and he had a slightlylonely air about himself, but she had him pegged as a genuine guy.‘Neither, I would say. I know plenty of big blokes who are light ontheir feet, and I don’t think you look like an ox either.’‘Good answer, Chrissy.’Bing Crosby began to croon ‘White Christmas’ in the background asChrissy spoke, ‘What took you to the pub, Luke?’‘Christmas drinks with the guys from work. We’re in the office blockbehind the pub. We’re a regional office for an indian telecoms company.Pretty boring really.’Chrissy said, ‘Oh, I love India.’ She giggled, ‘Well, I love Bollywood,to be honest. The dancing, the songs, the colours, it’s wonderful.’Luke smiled at the enthusiasm, ‘Have you ever been there? To India. Imean.’‘No, but I would love to, it’s a dream of mine.’‘I’ve been to Delhi, and Mumbai a couple of times with work. It’s sodifferent from here, I like it, I must admit.’Chrissy looked out of the window and recognised they were close to herstreet.‘Here is just fine, driver.’ she said and he began to slow down.‘Chrissy, I know this sounds corny, but can I have you phone number? Imean, we might go for a drink sometime?’Chrissy froze, she didn’t want to brush the guy off, he was nice and hadgiven her the lift home, so she rattled off a number and said, ‘Thanksagain, Luke, for the lift, it was really nice of you.’ On an impulse,she leant across and gave him a kiss on the cheek.‘Bye, Luke,’ she said, pulled her duffel out of the cab and quicklyvanished into the snow and darkness.Luke settled back in the seat and smiled, at least I got her phonenumber. The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl sang ‘Fairytale Of New York’ tohim all the way home.Luke woke late the next morning, but it was Saturday so, who cared? Hehad the predictable hangover and bad stomach, which he self medicatedwith aspirin and a bacon sandwich. He groaned to himself when heremembered he had the rugby club Christmas Gentlemen’s Evening to attendlater on. He knew it would be a heavy session and he wondered if it wasstill worth going. He had played for the club until a couple of seasonsago, when a dislocated shoulder needed surgery and the surgeon convincedhim he should finally give up. That was when he started to put on someweight, and he realised he would have to do something about it soon.He went to watch them a few times, but it was playing, not watching,that interested him. He always bought a ticket for the Christmas event,primarily to keep in touch with people he’d played with. It was always asadly predictable affair; black tie, men only, a three course dinner -probably steak and chips, a couple of blue comedians, strippers and somekind of novelty act. Everyone would get supremely drunk and declare it agreat night. For the first time Luke wondered if he was really up forit. He decided to wait until later to make up his mind.Chrissy woke early; she had a class to bursa escort go in the morning, and alunchtime audition. She would then have time to get ready for the showtonight. she thought back to last night and how nice Luke had been tooffer her the lift. A lot of people wouldn’t have bothered to do that.He was good looking and even if the offer of a drink had been clumsy,she had known far worse approaches. She wondered if she had been rightto give him the number, but it was too late now to undo anything. Shespent a long time to get ready, and, as she headed off, she askedherself if she had the energy to do the class, the audition and then theshow tonight. She decided to make her mind up later on, after theaudition.Luke had written Chrissy’s number down as soon as he got home. He had aknack for remembering numbers so he knew he would keep it in his headfor a while, but didn’t trust his memory to last until the next day. Hethought, should I call her? Is it too pushy to ring straight away? Wouldshe think I was desperate? He picked up and put down the phone severaltimes before he finally decided to call. He heard the dialling tone andthen, ‘The number you have dialled is not recognised…’ He must havemisdialed, he thought. He tried again, and got the same message. He knewhe had remembered the number correctly, and so, when it happened for athird time, he realised she had given him a fake number.His face burned at how stupid he had been. How could he have been sodumb to believe she would have given him her real number. She had playedhim after he had given her the lift, what a cow. In frustration, he toreup the slip of paper with the number on and, he decided to go tonightand get steamed and forget last night’s embarrassment.Chrissy got home from the audition feeling exhausted. It hadn’t gonewell and she had nearly thumped the pig of a casting director when hecalled her too scraggy for the part. She dumped her bag on the sofa andslammed her fist into the arm. Not for the first time she thought sheshould give it all up, go home to Norfolk and give her family thepleasure of saying ‘I told you so.’ She wearily got up, looked at herreflection in the mirror, and said out loud, ‘Fuck you all, I’m notgoing to be beaten.’ She would do the show tonight, because that’s whatyou needed to do in this business when you got knocked down, getstraight back up, so you can get knocked down again.Luke dragged his tux out of the wardrobe. He hadn’t worn it for a fewmonths and it was a little tighter than he remembered. He could stillfit into it though, and damn it if he didn’t still look good in it. Hecalled a cab and then made himself a gin and tonic to while away thetime until the cab arrived. Chrissy did her makeup carefully. It was for the show, so everything wasa bit more dramatic than usual. She sighed as she thought that itwouldn’t really matter because nobody would be looking at her makeupanyway. She dressed in her usual casual clothes, put her show outfit inher duffle and headed out the door to get her cab. Luke arrived at the club just in time to have a beer before the dinnerand immediately bumped into a group of his ex teammates. He decided hewas glad he had come, it was good to catch up and have some beers withthe guys. The dinner was as he had predicted, steak and chips, but itwas served rare, as he liked it, so it wasn’t all bad. The entertainmentstarted with a comedian who Luke had seen once or twice on TV, but thematerial tonight would never have been able to be shown on TV, postwatershed or not. The audience was roaring though, and he finished to astanding ovation. A pair of strippers were next, and it was traditionalfor the youngest first team player there to be part of theentertainment. He wasn’t keen but to back out would have meant a lot ofribbing and worse from the other players. The girls had his clothes offfast and the lad gamely played his part and left the stage with hishands over his groin to loud applause.The MC walked onto the stage and asked for quiet. ‘Please put your handstogether for an amazing act, Miss Santa.’ The sound of Eartha Kittsinging ‘Santa Baby’ came from the speakers and and a girl in a redFather Christmas outfit danced onto the stage. She began to dance andwrithe around an imaginary pole on stage and began to take off the suitbit by bit. So far so ordinary, Luke thought. One of Luke’s oldteammates came up behind him and whispered if he was interested in agame in a couple of weeks time. Luke said, thanks but no thanks, to himand so when he turned back, the girl was down to her scarlet knickersand was facing away from the audience. On the very last beat of SantaBaby she turned round and whipped off her knickers, to reveal a largecock. There was a howl of disbelief and good natured laughter from theaudience as they realised what it was. Luke laughed too, and then as helooked at the girl’s face and saw a pair of piercing blue eyes, herealised, with a jolt that hit him like an electric shock, that it wasChrissy.Chrissy stood there smiling as the laughter and applause washed overher. She was glad it had gone well, as these evenings could go one wayor the other. There had been nights when the crowd had turned ugly whenthey realised what she was. She didn’t like doing these shows, but they,and the drag nights she did in pubs, paid enough for her acting classesand the rent on her small flat. She casually scanned the audience andthen she thought, ‘Shit, that’s Luke from last night. Fuck, it can’tbe.’ But she knew it was, she couldn’t mistake him, it was really Luke,and by the look on his face, he had recognised her too. Her heart rate jumped and she told herself to calm down, so what if hedid recognise her? That was just a coincidence, no harm done, we’llnever meet again, so there’s nothing to worry about. She gathered up hergear and walked off the stage. If the reaction from the crowd was good,she would stay and mingle afterwards to try to get some tips. If itwasn’t good she would shoot off straight away. Tonight, the reaction hadbeen so good she decided to stay. If she met Luke, that would be OK, sheguessed he wouldn’t cause a fuss here. She put her knickers and heelsback on, tucked herself and waited for the acts to finish. When it wasover, the strippers and her would circulate amongst the audience at thebar and often enough, notes would be pushed into the top of theirknickers. The strippers would always get more, but she got a surprisingamount as well on a good night. She knew she would get touched up as well, but again, not as badly asthe strippers. She smiled as she thought her breasts were as good as thestrippers, and in the case of some of the older girls, a good dealbetter. She was doing well tonight, five pound notes and even a twentyfrom some guy who was so drunk, he probably thought it was a fiver. Shewas about to go when she heard from behind her, ‘So we meet again,Chrissy, or is it Miss Santa?She turned slowly, expecting to get some abuse, but she was astounded tosee Luke with a broad smile on his face. She realised how big he waswhen she had to crick her neck to look up at his face. She also thoughtthe tax he was wearing made him look good enough to to eat, and therewas a lot to eat. ‘Er, Hi, Luke, nice to see you.’ she could see a couple of guys lookingcuriously at Luke as he spoke to her. ‘It’s good to see you too, Chrissy, although I didn’t think we wouldmeet again quite so soon.’‘No, me neither.’ she said, nervously.‘Nice trick with the phone number, though, had me fooled.’‘Yeah, well, I’m sorry about that, but you know… there was something youdidn’t know about me and I thought it was for the best.’Luke smiled and Chrissy thought he had a really nice smile. In thebackground, Brenda Lee was ‘Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree.’‘Yes, I for sure didn’t know that you were an exotic actress anddancer.’‘No, that’s not what I mea…’He grinned and she realised he was teasing her.‘Look Luke, if you don’t mind, I would like to get dressed and get on myway, it was nice to see you.’‘The thing is, Chrissy, I would still like to have that drink with yousometime, if that’s possible.’‘What? Are you taking the piss?’ she said angrily.‘No. I’m not joking. Just meet me for a drink. Nothing more, I promise.You choose the place and time.’‘Why?’‘To tell you the truth, I’m not sure myself. I would just like to get toknow you a little.’‘And if I don’t want to?’‘It’s your choice, Chrissy. I would be sad if you didn’t, but it that’swhat you want.’ Luke turned to go. Chrissy grabbed him by the arm, took a deep breathand said, ‘Wait, I didn’t say no. How about one o’clock tomorrow, theAnglers, by Teddington Lock.’‘OK. I know it, one o’clock tomorrow, see you then.’Luke turned and went back to the bar, to be questioned closely by theguys there. Chrissy wondered how he would deal with that. She alsowondered why she had said yes to meeting him. She liked him, that’s forsure and he was very good looking she had decided; but why did he wantto meet her? To get his own back? Maybe he wouldn’t show tomorrow and beat home having a good laugh at her. Maybe that’s what he was telling hismates now, how he was getting his own back on her for the trick she hadplayed on him. Somehow, she didn’t believe it, or want to believe it,perhaps. Somewhere behind her, Elvis was kicking off ’Blue Christmas’.The snow hadn’t cleared by the next morning, and Luke decided to walk tothe pub. He lived on the opposite bank of the river, but he would takethe footbridge across the river to the pub. It was one of those clean,clear, ice blue skies you get in winter sometimes, and it reminded himof Chrissy’s eyes. He arrived at the pub ten minutes before one o’clock,and managed to grab a small table just off the bar as someone left.Kanye West was singing about ‘Christmas in Harlem’ as he bought himselfa beer and sat down to wait. He felt nervous and told himself she wouldprobably not turn up. He had bought a newspaper on the way and hescanned it as he waited. He looked at his watch at ten past one and hethought, she’s not coming, just as he spotted her looking around in thebar. ‘Chrissy,’ he called, ‘over here,’Chrissy heard him call her bursa escort bayan name from across the bar and he was waving anewspaper at her. God, he was big, you couldn’t really miss himanywhere. He looked as if he was going to shake her hand but then pulledout the chair for to sit down. She stood on tiptoe, kissed his cheek andhe looked embarrassed for a second.‘What would like to drink, Chrissy?’She asked for a white wine which he brought back from the bar withanother beer for himself.‘I’m glad you came.’ he said.Chrissy took a sip of her wine and said, ‘Are you? Why? I still don’tunderstand why you wanted to meet me at all, especially after lastnight.’‘Does there have to be a reason? I liked you, and that’s why I asked youout for a drink.’‘Luke, listen, I have had some really bad experiences with men, fordifferent reasons. Some can’t handle what I am, some think they can andthey can’t, and some are just too keen on what I am. Either way itdoesn’t make for such a great relationship. That’s why I ask thequestion.’Luke took a long drink of his beer before speaking. ‘Chrissy, I can understand that, but I can’t prove or disprove myintentions. Why don’t we start again, just two people meeting for adrink? See where that takes us?’Chrissy looked at him and tried to read his face. She thought she wasgood at working out people from their body language, but this time, shesaw nothing. Luke seemed open and nothing about him screamed weirdo, butshe knew that was no guarantee. She decided to give him the benefit ofthe doubt.‘OK, Luke, that sounds good. Now, I am going to buy you a drink thistime. Same again?’Luke nodded and she went to get their drinks. It gave him a chance tothink about what she had said. Why was he doing this? On Friday night heliked her enough to ask her out, but she turned him down. He thought henow understood why, and he didn’t mind that so much. Sure, he had beenstunned to see her last night, but after the initial shock died away, hewas fascinated by her. He didn’t fully understand why, but that’s how itwas.Chrissy returned from the bar and they said, ‘Cheers,’ and clinkedglasses. Frank Sinatra was singing ‘I’ll be Home for Christmas’ and Lukeagain felt a sting as he remembered he wouldn’t be going home this year.‘What will you do for Christmas, Chrissy? God, that’s not too easy tosay after three pints.’She laughed and thought he made her smile easily. He had that hugeframe, yet he was sweet and kind, and sort of gentle too. Nat KingCole’s ‘The Christmas Song’ had started and his voice made her think ofmelting chocolate.‘Yeah, I had a crush on Chrissy Tiegen, the American model, and likedthe name.’‘It’s not your real name, then?’‘Well, I was born Christopher, so, it wasn’t a great stretch to useChrissy as my stage name.’‘Chrissy’s nice, but what will you do for Christmas?’‘Not much, my family are in Norfolk and I’m working Christmas eve, so Iwon’t be going up there. For the best really, they are still not thatkeen on this.’ She gestured down her body, and Luke thought for thefirst time how difficult it must have been for her. ‘How about, you Luke? How will you spend Christmas?’He paused, unsure about how much he wanted to share with her, and thendecided to bare all.‘We used to spend Christmas with my mum, but she died earlier this year.My dad died a long while ago, so I won’t be going there this year.’‘You said, ‘we’, Luke. Are you married?’‘Sorry, slip, of the tongue. Divorced, again, earlier this year. She ranoff with her personal trainer. It’s been a hell of a year, all thingsconsidered.’ he thought that was close enough to the truth for the timebeing. ‘That’s awful, Luke. I’m sorry to hear that.’ Do you have any k**s?’‘No, so that made it easier.’A silence followed between them, each unsure where to go next. Luke asked, ‘Why are you working Christmas Eve?’‘Got to pay the rent and for classes, they don’t come cheap. It’s a dragshow, I do those as well as things like last night. Different crowd,it’s party night at one of the gay clubs in town.’Chrissy began to feel more comfortable with Luke, despite hermisgivings. He listened and didn’t interrupt, was interested in her anddidn’t spend the entire time talking about him. She still couldn’t workhim out, but she felt it was OK so far. ‘Do you have acting work lined up?’ he asked.‘I was up for a part yesterday,’ she said, ‘but the casting director wasa pig, told me I was scraggy.’Luke laughed.‘What’s funny,’ she demanded, her hackles rising.‘I’m sorry, but from what I saw last night, scraggy is the last word Iwould have chosen to describe you. You are gorgeous.’She sat back and wondered what to make of that. Was this where it allwent weird?Seeing the look on her face, Luke said, ‘I’m sorry, maybe I shouldn’thave said that. I apologise if I upset you.’It was her turn to smile, ‘Luke, no girl gets upset if a guy calls hergorgeous, trust me.’They both smiled at each other.‘Have you eaten yet, Chrissy? If you haven’t, we could go getsomething?’She hesitated and then said. ‘No, I haven’t. It would be nice to eatsomething. But do you have the time?’He grinned, ‘Christmas holiday started yesterday, no more work until thenew year.’‘You’re lucky.’They walked past the church and up to the high street. She looked intoone of the shop windows and saw their reflections, him so large and herso small. She thought they looked odd but somehow sweet together. Thesnow had started again and she wished she had worn something warmer. Henoticed and said, ‘You’re shivering, here, take this.’ Shrugging off hiscoat, and, over her protests, he wrapped her inside it. It swamped her,but she felt the warmth from his body and it felt nice to be lookedafter by somebody. They quickly ducked into a restaurant and found a table and Chrissylaughed about wearing his coat. ‘I felt like a baby wrapped up insideit, it was nice of you, thank you.’Luke smiled, it had been a while since he could look after someone likethat, and it made him feel good. They quickly ordered and a silencedescended, but a more comfortable one this time. Dean Martin was singing‘Let It Snow’ as they looked outside, and the snow had started to fallheavily again.Chrissy broke the silence by asking, ‘What took you to the do lastnight? Are you a rugby player?’‘No, I’m not really big enough,’ he said straight faced, and thengrinned. She laughed too, as he went on, ‘Yes, I played at school andthen for the club until my shoulder told me I should quit about a yearago.’She asked where he was from, and he told her about his c***dhood inYorkshire, public school, University, the army and then into business.He told her about meeting Adele, and how they drifted apart and then theshock of her leaving him. He felt alright telling Chrissy this, and herealised how long it had been since he had told anyone about himself insuch a way. Jose Feliciano began to wish everyone ‘Feliz Navidad’ as Luke asked herwhere she came from. Chrissy thought, OK, he asked, why not. She toldhim about Norfolk, her struggle with her identity, the bullying, theabuse, the number of times she was expelled from school. He listenedpatiently, as the food arrived and he ordered a bottle of white wine togo with the food. She suddenly felt she needed to tell him everythingand it all tumbled out in a flurry of words. How acting had given her anescape from it all and how she finally realised that she wanted to be agirl. She paused to sip her wine but really to see how he was reacting to herstory. He didn’t seem to be alarmed by what she was saying, so sheplunged on. She told about the struggles with her family and how shefinally left home and came down to London. The sessions with doctors andcounsellors, the hormones and the boob job she had got done inThailand. The depressions and the suicide of a close TG friend, the bitparts in TV commercials and a walk on part in a soap that kept herinterest in acting alive. The drag shows and hen parties that kept herafloat so she could do her classes and auditions. The abuse and a badbeating she had from a guy who hadn’t realised she was TG. She finishedjust as Sinead O’Connor was singing ‘Silent Night’ and Chrissy felttears pricking her eyes as that ethereal voice seemed to reach insideher.She felt Luke pick up her hand, and she didn’t take it away. His handswamped hers and she liked that feeling as she blinked back the tears.‘I’m sorry, I don’t do this all the time’, she said. ‘It’s alright, I don’t mind,’ he said, and he noticed she let him keephold of her hand. They had finished the food and coffees by this timeand he realised the staff were looking to clear away. Luke took a deep breath and said, ‘Chrissy, look no pressure, but I livejust across the river. We could go back there if you like. If you don’t,I understand.’She looked at him, bit her lip and said, ‘OK.’They walked across the footbridge and along the river bank towardsKingston. He had insisted she wear his coat, and she reluctantlyaccepted as it was snowing hard again. She couldn’t believe he wasn’tfeeling the cold, but it didn’t seem to worry him. He zipped up hisfleece and insisted he was fine. Somewhere he slipped his arm aroundher, and she let him pull her close to him. She looked up at his faceand he was smiling, even as the snow piled up on his head. They came toa row of houses facing the river and he said, ‘We’re here.’ He openedthe door of one of the houses, and she hesitated on the threshold as shedebated whether to cut and run. Instead, she walked in and Luke took thecoat from her and hung it up in the hallway. He showed her into a big living room that had a view out over the river,which you could now barely see through the snow. Luke asked her what shewanted to drink, and said he would have a brandy to help him warm up.She said ‘Yes, I would like one too,’ even though she didn’t normallydrink brandy. There was a fire made up with logs in the fireplace, andhe lit it and the room was soon full of the smell and sounds of thefire. He brought the brandies and came to stand next to her at thewindow as they watched the snow drifting down. It was getting dark andsoon she couldn’t see anything except the snow. Chrissy saw an iPodon a dock and she escort bursa pressed play, and had to laugh as ‘Santa Baby’ boomedout from the speakers.‘Did you set that up, Luke?’ she said, still laughing. ‘I’m not doing arepeat performance,’ she giggled. Luke loved the sound of her giggle and he knew he wanted to hear thattime and time again if he could. He felt that if this was going to goanywhere she would need to know the truth. He touched his glass withhers and took a sip of the brandy, which was smooth to the tongue andthen fired up in his throat and the warmth began to spread throughouthis body. Chrissy took a sip and coughed as it burned her throat.‘Oh my God,’ she gasped as she saw him laughing. She hit him on the arm,‘Don’t laugh at me you monster, I wasn’t expecting that.’Just as John Lennon and Yoko launched into ‘Happy Xmas’ her phone rang.She glanced at it and saw it was her agent. What the hell was shecalling her for on a Sunday? She said that she should really answerthis. Luke turned down the music and tried not to listen as Chrissyanswered the call. He watched her as she listened and a look ofdisbelief on her face was replaced with a broad smile. Luke’s heartleapt as he watched the joy on her face, and he knew he was falling forher.She turned to him, her eyes gleaming and her hand up to her mouth. ‘I told you about the audition yesterday, the one with the pig of acasting director? That was my agent, the director fired the castingdirector and wants me for the part. Rehearsals start the first week ofJanuary.’Luke jumped up and said, ‘That’s brilliant news, well done, Chrissy.’Without thinking about it she grabbed him for a hug, and pulled himclose to her. His arms went round her tentatively at first, and then heheld her tight. She looked up at him and she put her arms around hisneck and pulled him down for a kiss. Luke was surprised as she kissed him and for a moment he hesitated, butthen he started to kiss her back and it went on and on. Their tonguesfought each other and Luke felt her arms tight around his neck. Chrissybroke off and said, ‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.’She sat down on the sofa and Luke sat next to her.‘I’m not sorry,’ he said, ‘I enjoyed it.’ She looked at him, unwilling to believe him. He took her hand and said, ‘There’s something you need to know before wego any further.Her heart sank, ‘What? You’re still married?’‘No, definitely not,’ he said, ‘I’m divorced alright. It’s just that thereason for the divorce isn’t as simple as I told you.’He paused and looked away, ‘I had begun to lose my attraction for Adele,and I wasn’t sure why. I met someone at work, and we both felt somethingfor each other, and well, one thing led to another and one afternoon, Adelecame home unexpectedly, and found us in bed together. There was aterrible scene and she walked out on me. She did run off with hertrainer, but that was later.’Chrissy sat back and said, ‘OK, that’s sad, but it happens all the time,why is that a big deal?’Luke looked away again, ‘Well, it wasn’t a female colleague, it was aman I was in bed with.’Chrissy stared at him, ‘You’re gay?’He went pink and said, ‘Really, I don’t know. I guess I am if I end upin bed with another man.’ Her hand went to her mouth, ‘Oh Luke, you are priceless.’‘What do you mean?’ he was completely confused.‘Do you still fancy women?’‘Sometimes, I guess. I fancied you at the pub, alright.’She grinned, ‘OK let’s leave me out of it for a moment. Are you stillwith this guy?’‘No. He split up with me after Adele found us. I can’t say I blame him.It was all a bit OTT, let’s say.’‘And have you met anyone else?’ ‘I’ve had a couple of brief experiences, but that’s all.’ He wasembarrassed to be teling her all this. ‘And are you still attracted to me?’‘Oh, yes.’ he looked at her now, willing her to believe him. ‘I couldn’tbelieve it when I saw you at the show, I was blown away by you. I wouldhave done anything to meet you again.’Chrissy took his hand and stroked it, ‘Luke, thank you for telling methis, it explains why you still wanted me to meet me today, but apartfrom that it doesn’t make any difference to me.’He looked away again, ‘OK. I’ll call a taxi.’ She grinned and said, ‘Why, where are you going?’ She leant forward andkissed him, ‘I like you, Luke, and I don’t want to go anywhere if youdon’t want me to.’He looked at her as if he couldn’t believe her. ‘Really?’‘Really. Now where were we?’ She kissed him again, and she felt his armsgo around her and let him pull her close. They kissed for what seemed an age and then Chrissy took off her top andguided his hands to her breasts. She felt his huge hands explore themwith a gentleness that was almost magical from such a big man. Shestopped him and slowly unbuttoned his shirt and kissed her way down hischest. She could feel his cock growing through his trousers and sheunzipped him and took it out. It was big, but she thought I can managethat, and took it into her mouth and began to lick and suck.Luke looked down and saw her lips open and then close around his cockand he almost couldn’t believe what was happening to him. Chrissy wasgetting him to the edge and he knew it wouldn’t be long. He put his handdown on her head and said, ‘Wait, let’s go to the bedroom.’He stood up and picked Chrissy up with ease and with her arms around hisneck, he carried her giggling and laughing up to the bedroom. She jumpedout of his arms and stood in front of him, her bare breasts heaving asshe regained her breath. He smiled and dropped to his knees and lookedup at her to see her biting her lip. He slipped his hands down to herankles and slid them slowly up her legs and under her skirt.She felt his hands slip under her skirt and she closed her eyes as shefelt her skirt ride up over her thighs where he paused and bent forwardto kiss the top of her legs. She shivered at the touch of his lips onher skin, and she felt her cock begin to swell as she thought of what wasto come. She put her hands gently on his head as he hooked his thumbsinto the sides of her knickers and slowly pulled them down. He kissedher tummy and then suddenly her cock was free. She looked down again andwatched as he leant forward and kissed the tip and she felt the thrillof that kiss run through her body.Luke could see her cock bulging inside her knickers and then it was freeof the constraint and stood out from her groin. He smiled to himself ashe thought this was what Iwanted since I saw her act last night. Hercock looked as beautiful as it did last night, straight and rigid, andhe ached to take it and taste it inside his mouth. He kissed the tip andfelt Chrissy shiver as his lips touched it. He licked the head a coupleof times and then opened his lips and slid it inside. Above his head heheard her moan, and she gently touched the tip of his head with herhands, encouraging him on. He bathed her cock with his mouth, he was notyet that experienced, but he knew the basics and what he liked forhimself.Chrissy felt his mouth engulf her and she let him lick and tongue hisway up and down her cock. She could feel his lack of confidence but hewas doing a more than adequate job, and she felt her climax beginning tobuild. She was starting to lose it and she wanted him inside her, sheneeded to feel his cock penetrate her and to cum inside her. She pulled out of his mouth and he looked up, afraid that he might havedone something wrong. She pulled him up and said. ‘I want you to fuckme, now. Please Luke, please.’ She pulled her skirt off and threw herknickers somewhere. He was struggling with his trousers and she knockedhis hands out of the way and she undid his belt and pulled them down tohis ankles.He heard her say she wanted him to fuck her and he thought, ‘Oh my God,it’s really going to happen.’‘Have you got any lube?’ she asked her throat thick with desire.‘Oh, yes, hang on,’ he said and she giggled.‘I’m not going anywhere, Luke.’He found the lube and quickly smeared some on his cock and Chrissygrabbed it and did the same for her hole. She picked up a pillow andwith her legs over the edge of the bed she slid it under her bum andpulled her legs up with her arms. Luke looked at her for a moment, said,‘You’re beautiful,’ and positioned himself so that his cock was just ather hole.‘Please, please. do me now.’ she begged him.He moved forwards and his cock tapped at the edge of her hole and hepushed gently at first and then harder and with a rush he was inside andshe moaned loudly as his cock penetrated her. He started to push in andout and lay his hands on the bed next to her so he could bend forwardsand kiss her. He was now shoving his cock in hard and she was movingback to meet his thrusts. In between the kissing she was moaning and shebit his lip at one point and he felt it bleed. He was thrusting as hardas he could and he could feel his climax was close. he picked up thepace even more and his balls were slapping into her as he thrust harderand harder. She was being ridden harder than she could ever remember, and his bigframe covered her as he shoved ever harder inside her. She could feelhis cock sliding in and out and she reached down and grabbed her own and began to stroke it as he pushed into her. She felt him tense and sheknew he was close. She moved her hand faster and faster and she felt herown climax on the edge.With a roar, Luke came inside her and with a moan Chrissy came as well,her cum landing on her breasts as she could feel him pumping his cuminside her. They moved with each other for a few minutes until they wereboth spent and Luke pulled out. She rolled onto the bed and pulled lukedown with her. He brushed away some hair from her face and kissed her,his lips gently sliding over hers. They lay there for a few minutes, just smiling and grinning at eachother.Chrissy raised herself on one elbow, looked down at Luke and said,‘Well, I think I know what we’re both doing for Christmas this year.’She fell on top of him and they kissed, and from somewhere they couldhear Mariah Carey singing ‘All I want For Christmas Is You.’The play that Chrissy had auditioned for was a success and transferredto the West End. She is now ‘considering’ offers as they say in herbusiness, and a Hollywood studio is talking to her as well. We are stilltogether, getting married in the autumn when Chrissy can spare sometime, and the honeymoon will be in oChristmas music isn’t so bad, after allThe End

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