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Sara , Darren’s First Meeting

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It was a warm summer day. The sky was clear and the wind was blowing just enough to keep things cooled down. She rode with the windows down on her Explorer to smell the pine as she drove through the mountain roads. She drove slowly to enjoy the majesty of the world around her.

She had looked forward to this weekend for a long time for this was someone that she had admired from afar. When they first met she knew there was something very special about him. The tricky part though was the fact that they had never met face to face before. They had met on the computer and exchanged pictures. Darren had called her and she had called him and they knew that they shared something special. Even if they did not find the love they thought they could share Darren and Sara both knew they would always be friends.

Sara suddenly picked up her speed. The anticipation of seeing him, touching him, experiencing him was her driving force. She knew she was getting close the road was just as he had described it. The Country Store was on the corner with the wooden rockers and nothing but pick-ups parked in front. Sara turned down the dirt road and her heart raced, her fingers were clenched tight around the steering wheel. She saw the cabin and she stopped. What was she doing? This was a man she had never met before but she felt as if she knew him. She took her foot off the brake and knew that she would never experience a moment like this again. She pulled up in front of the cabin, stopped and without hesitation turned off the key, took off her seatbelt, opened the door and stepped out of the explorer. She opened the back seat door and grabbed her overnight bag. It had all she needed and then some. She closed the door and immediately heard the voice she had listened to on the phone so many times before.

“Sara, Sara my love, I have awaited your arrival.” He steps off the wooden deck and heads to her.

She stopped in her tracks and just listened to him for a moment. Turning to face him she replies, “Darren! I never thought this day would come. I am so glad to be here.”

They fall into each other’s arms the passion they feel is natural and encompassing. Darren’s arms are strong and seem to totally absorb Sara. He stands taller than Sara and looks deep into her. He is lost as he gazes deep in her eyes. He feels her fingernails slowly scratching up and down his back through the flannel shirt he wears. The passion takes over and Darren leans into Sara and slowly places his lips tenderly against hers. Sara feels devoured by passion as their kiss lingers.

Darren steps back and looks at Sara again. The sun shimmering off her auburn hair and sillouhetting her 5’5″ frame. He reaches and takes her hand. He is intrigued at how small her hands are compared to his and how her head just reaches his shoulder. They walk slowly up the steps of the cabin her one step ahead of him. She stops on the top step and turns to face him. She stands as tall as he does now. She leans down her tongue brushes softly across his lips. He closes his eyes and a tender sigh escapes his lips and they continue towards the door never speaking a word.

The door closes behind them and Sara drops her bag to the floor. Darren leads her to a door on the other side of the room. He turns the handle and pushes the door open to expose a beautifully rustic room with a large bed in the center of the room, bear skin rugs on the floor and a fire place in the corner that has a wonderful flower arrangement in it for the summer. The windows are open and the breeze cools the room nicely. Sara notices another door across the room. She looks at Darren who tells her it is the bathroom and there is a wonderful Jacuzzi tub for two in there.

She turns to bahis siteleri Darren and wraps her arms around his waist and lays her head on his chest. His arms reach around her and pull her close. Sara turns her head and leans it back slowly her tongue just outside her lips Darren feels the warmth of her breath suddenly against his neck the pressure of her tongue on his adams apple. Her hands cupped on his shoulders as she pulls up on her tiptoes to reach him. Her lips close and kiss his neck softly. Sara feels him trembling against her touch. Her hands pull at the bottom of his flannel shirt untucking it from his pants. She feels his excitement building as her hands touch his bare back, her fingernails scratching lightly down his skin. Sara pushes the shirt up to his arms and reaches to pull it off of him completely. Darren leans to meet her advances and his shirt slides off and floats to the floor.

Darren reaches and puts his hands at her waist, takes her blouse and begins to run his warm strong hands under it. He finds the hooks of her bra and before she even is aware of it he has undone her bra and lightly scratches her back where her bra has been all day. Sara moans loudly exclaiming, “Oh god I’m in love!” They both smile together. Darren pulls Sara shirt over her head and drops it to the floor. He is impressed with her beauty as he pulls her bra straps off her shoulders and releases her milky white breast.

Sara takes Darren by the hand and leads him to the edge of the bed where he sits on the edge of the bed and takes Sara’s breast in his hands and begins to kiss them slowly all around the curve of the breast and down under it. Moving all around but avoiding the nipple as he sees them harden with excitement. He pushes his mouth between her breast and sucks her breastbone; she kisses the top of his head running her hands through his wavy brunette hair. She cups her hands on his chin and raises his face to where she can see him.

She feels his hands on her buttocks as he pulls her close to him. Sara kisses Darren on the forehead, down his nose and finally places her lips against his. Her lips part slightly and she moves her tongue across his lips and begins to penetrate them. His mouth is warm and sweet as she meets his tongue the excitement is overwhelming and she melts down on top of him. Her knees pressed against the edge of the bed as he holds her up. He moves his mouth down to her throat and kisses her so lightly it almost tickles.

Sara pushes away from Darren and shakes her head a bit to regain her composure. She feels his hands on her jeans. Darren undoes the button and then the zipper and begins to push her jeans over her hips and down to the floor. Sara steps out of them and pushes them aside. Darren is pleased to see that Sara wears her natural hair color. She drops to her knees and sees his hardness pushing against his jeans and begins to nibble. Her hands reach for the button slowly she pulls it open and reaches for the pull-tab on the zipper and unzips his pants being sure to press against him as she pulls.

Darren runs his hand through Sara’s hair. It is soft and shiny and he loves the way it feels against his hands and stomach. Sara pulls on the waist of his jeans and he raises his hips off the bed and she pulls them down his hips and over his butt and down to his ankles where he pushes them off and kicks them across the room. Sara lets her shoulder length hair brush across him. His cock twitches as her hair spills over it and he feels the warmth of her breath against his hair around his cock. Sara places her lips over her teeth and takes the hair in his groin between her lips and pulls gently and then releases it. She does this on both sides of his cock and begins to canlı bahis nibble and suck all around the groin area of his cock but never touches it. She pushes his legs apart and begins to lick across his balls slowly and firmly pressing them with her tongue. Sara nibbles the skin with her teeth and begins to suck one of Darren’s balls into her mouth slowly. She closes her lips around his ball and slowly moves her tongue all around the edge of him feeling every inch of it with her tongue. Sara takes her fingers and presses the other ball close to her mouth and sucks it into her mouth. Being ever so gentle Sara slowly closes her mouth around the two balls there. She loves the feeling of a man in her mouth, something so fragile and stimulating in her total control. She carefully releases them and blows on them. The air across the wetness from her mouth cools Darren’s balls and Sara watches as they contract in front of her. She leans and bites Darren right where his leg and groin join.

Darren lays back on the bed, his back arches and he moans deep. His excitement is building inside of him and he can barely stand it. Sara senses this and begins to kiss him between his balls nibbling the vein that runs between his balls and all the way up to the base of his head. She presses into that vein and runs her tongue firm completely up to the base of his head. She loves the point where his cock jumps with excitement and she can suck him into her mouth without her hands ever touching him. She encircles his head with her mouth. Her lips closing tight around him just below the head, her tongue dancing circles around the smooth skin of his hard cock head and slowly parting his slit and playing there for a second.

Sara suddenly raises her body slightly, changes the angel of her mouth and thrust her mouth tightly down on Darren’s throbbing cock feeling the head hit the back of her throat. Then she pushes a bit more and takes his head into her throat and swallows squeezing his head with her throat muscles. She backs off just a bit and closes her teeth around his hard shaft. She feels Darren’s hands in her hair pressing against her as she takes him inside of her. With her teeth closed tight around him she begins to move her head back and forth and slowly walk her teeth up his cock and slide them over the head of his cock. Darren gasps at the feeling of her teeth running across him. His hands hold her head and he pauses for just a moment and looks deep into her eyes.

Sara moves her head back towards Darren but he stops her. He holds her face and continues to look at her his blue eyes melt into her green ones and for a moment time stands still. He leans towards her and kisses her forehead. Her skin is soft against his lips and he can’t help but run his tongue down her nose before he kisses the tip of her nose softly. The passion overtakes them and they kiss deeply. Their lips pressed against one another and their tongue entwined together. Darren sucks Sara’s tongue firmly into his mouth and nibbles it.

Their lips locked together he stands and Sara stands with him. He gently lays her down on the bed and lays on top of her. Their mouths release reluctantly and Darren begins to kiss down Sara’s throat. His lips are soft and warm against her milky white skin and she moans with excitement. He leaves her neck and begins to run his tongue across her hardening nipples, first one and then the other. He licks them and then blows air across them and she feels the coolness and feels her nipples harden more and then his warm tongue against them drives her out of her mind.

Darren moves his body to where he is laying between Sara’s legs and he places his hard, warm cock against her clit and leaves it still against her. The feeling güvenilir bahis is so exciting to her that she almost cum’s.

Darren whispers, “No baby not yet. Hold on and we will cum together. When the time is right.”

Sara takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. The sensation has passed and Darren continues to lick and suck Sara’s nipples and breast. He kiss down her stomach watching it as it rises and falls with excitement. His eyes look up to hers and he begins to nibble the flesh of her stomach all around until he reaches the hairline of her crotch. He can smell her sweetness and he feels the warmth of her against his chest. He runs his hands down the outside of her legs and back up the inside to her inner thighs and then back to the bend of her knees. He raises her knees from the bed spreading her legs wide. He sees the moisture glisten in her hair.

He takes his tongue and slowly licks across her lips the hair tickling him. His fingers slowly part her pussy lips pulling them open exposing her hard clit to him. Ever so slowly he places his warm tongue firm against her clit and licks long and steady across it. Sara’s hands run through Darren’s wavy hair trying to pull him closer to her.

Darren repositions his hands and holds her lips apart with one and Sara feels his other slowly pet her. Three fingers moving down her clit and over her opening and down to her butt. She feels him slide one finger inside her hot warm pussy as he closes his mouth over her clit sucking it softly into him. He sucks gently on her rolling his tongue over her hard clit as he slowly slides a second finger into her and begins to slide his fingers in and out and in and out of her. Her juices start flowing and she can barely hold back.

“Darren, come to me love. I can hold back no longer. I need to have you inside of me.” Sara pulled at Darren’s head but he didn’t budge. He continued feeling her with his tongue and mouth. Exploring her depths with her fingers. She could stand it no more, as his fingers moved faster inside her she began to cum. Her back arched and he could feel her pussy clamping down on his hand as she shuddered with orgasm. His mouth worked furiously to capture all of the juice she released to him and when her body had slowed he moved carefully over her and kissed her.

He reached for her legs and raised himself to his knees taking her by the ankles he places the head of his cock against her opening and thrust hard and deep inside of her. She was warm and inviting and it was all he could do to not explode immediately. He moved slowly at first sliding his hardness in and out of her wetness. He would take his cock out and rub it gently over her clit.

Sara could feel the excitement build inside of her again as Darren drove his cock faster and deeper inside of her. Stopping from time to time and rubbing his head across her clit. They knew they were close to experiencing a total orgasm together. Sara’s hips begin to meet Darren’s thrust as their orgasm built deep inside of them. It was time and they both knew it. Sara back arched as Darren buried his cock deep inside of her and released all of his excitement for her. He shuddered as he felt her juices flow down his cock and balls. They were complete for the moment. Joined one to the other.

Darren removed himself from Sara and took her by the hand. He led her to the door to the bathroom. He opened the door and the tub was full of warm bubbly water and beside the tub sat a bottle of champagne. She sat on the edge of the tub and slide down into the warm water. He slide in behind her. Sara realized that the tub faced the western sky and the sky burned pink, blue and red as the sun was melting into the horizon.

Sara leaned against Darren and knew that she had found love for that moment in time and that no matter what she would never forget this day.


Written 2/22/99 by Gayla Parker aka Rowdy Lady, Rubie Gee

© Copyright 1999

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