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SARAH GETS A GIRLFRIENDMy wife Sarah and I had seemed to get more risqué with our sex life as we moved into our early 50’s. Sarah had hit the menopause a couple of years earlier and had put on a little weight, although on a plus note her magnificent breasts had swollen from a 38C to a 38D, but standing at 5 feet 8 inches and having a broad swimmers body she carried it well and with her long legs, blonde hair and dazzling smile she still looked terrific.Sarah is rather a chatty girl, often interpreted as being flirtatious, and has no trouble attracting many male, and for that matter female, admirers but not until a couple of years ago did we allow anyone else into our sex life. However once we stepped off the edge we had gotten deeper and deeper into fulfilling our fantasies.On several occasions, mostly on holiday, we had both enjoyed the pleasure of some very well hung and much younger guys as well as the occasional female which, although she had enjoyed,she had always played down and didn’t for one minute entertain the notion she was bisexual.That however all changed when during one holiday in Mexico we ran into two girls, Nina and May. May was a stunning, blonde athletic lesbian who over the space of a few days not only got Sarah to fully accept her bisexuality but also the realisation of the fact she liked giving as well as receiving strap on dildo play. On our return from holiday Sarah had purchased a large strap on dildo but hadn’t yet had the opportunity to use it on anyone other than pleasuring herself with it on the odd occasion. However it was clear she desired much more girly play than she had experienced thus far in out adventures.Sarah had come home one Saturday morning having been to her golf club Christmas bash the evening before, which was held at a local golfing hotel, rather excited but also a little coy. She enquired a couple of times if I was in a good mood as she wanted to discuss something with me which I may be a little unhappy about. So we sat down and I told her whatever it was we should just get it out of the way. She commented on the fact that when we agreed to involve others in our sexual adventures we had set a few ground rules which included not involving anyone we knew and never bringing anyone home. Then went on to tell me she had basically broken one of our rules and had ended up having sex with June, the Captain of the ladies golf team at her club. She hadn’t planned it but events went that way and it had just felt right at the time. I was a little taken aback, and to be honest relieved she hadn’t told me she had leapt into bed with a couple of guys who we knew. I was also quite excited at hearing about it so I told her it was OK, after all a lot of water had passed under the bridge since we set out our rules so we probably should revisit them. I told her I was surprised as I would never have had June down as ever doing that kind of thing and encouraged her to tell me all the details.I had met June a couple of times but didn’t know her very well as I was a member of a different club to Sarah. She was a very attractive blonde, going a halkalı escort little grey and stood about 5 ft 3 with a nice trim figure. She had retired a couple of years earlier at 55 and focussed a lot on playing golf. She had been Captain of the ladies team for a couple of years and was considered a little uptight and rather prim and proper regarding club rules.Sarah explained to me that to keep down the cost of the Christmas bash it had been arranged for them to have twin rooms and Sarah had, in a lot of people’s eyes, drawn the short straw and was rooming with June. Sarah told me that during the round of golf they had played before the Christmas party June had again asked her about being vice captain and Sarah had jokingly told her that if she got her drunk that night she may be able to talk her into it. The meal had gone well and everyone had a good time. June had told Sarah she was calling it a night but had a bottle of wine in the room should she fancy a nightcap and another chat about the vice captaincy. They got back to the room and got into robes, June opened the wine and Sarah piled the pillows off her bed on top of June’s pillows and they reclined side by side to drink and chat about the pro’s of being vice captain and June’s ideas for improving the team and club. Sarah had agreed to take it on and June had thanked her and told Sarah they would make a great team telling her that she really admired her. As she was thanking her June had inadvertently placed a hand on Sarah’s thigh, which was bare, due to her robe slipping off it as she lay down. Sarah had looked down at June’s hand and June had suddenly apologised saying she hadn’t meant she admired her physically and pulled her hand away. Sarah had taken hold of her hand and placed it back on her thigh and said “are you saying you don’t admire my legs?” before letting out a little giggle.June had looked at her quite nervously and told her that she did think Sarah had great legs and that she enjoyed playing with her as she liked the way she looked in her golfing clothing. Sarah had asked her to elaborate and she had said she liked the way her shorts or skirt showed off her long smooth legs and the way her top showed off her large breasts, often wishing she had breasts that nice herself.Sarah took her hand off June’s but June didn’t remove her hand from her leg, just left it nestled on there. Sarah felt a little tingle in her pussy and looked into June’s eyes. She took hold of her wine glass and placed them both on the bedside table then leant across, stoked the side of her face and kissed her softly on the lips. June didn’t resist and when Sarah finished the kiss they looked at each other and June told her she had never had sex with a woman before. Sarah asked her if she wanted to and June gently bit the corner of her lip and nodded. Sarah got up off the bed and took hold of June’s hands’ pulling her towards her so she climbed off the bed. As they stood face to face Sarah untied June’s robe letting it fall open, exposing her milky white olgun escort breasts which were smaller than her own, probably a B cup, but nice and round with little pink nipples. She undid her own robe and slipped it off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor. June stared wide eyed at Sarah’s D cup breasts as Sarah put her hand on the shoulders of her shorter playmate and slipped her robe from them.June’s gaze hadn’t left Sarah’s breasts and Sarah took hold of June’s hands and placed them against her breasts. She stepped forward and kissed June, caressing her neck and shoulders, she felt her own nipples harden against June’s palms. Sarah guided June back onto the bed on her back then straddled her with her knees either side of June’s hips.Sarah lay forward so her breasts pressed against June’s breasts as they kissed, she felt June’s soft hands caressing her back and shoulders as she began to relax and get over her initial shyness. June placed a hand on the back of Sarah’s head, pulled her harder onto her mouth and pushed her tongue into Sarah’s mouth.For several minutes the kissed and caressed each other, Sarah could feel both their hearts beating, getting quicker as their levels of arousal rose. Sarah sat up and began to grind her pelvis into June’s pubic mound whilst her hands squeezed June’s firm breasts, thumbing her nipples which were now totally erect. In turn June raised her hands and pressed them against Sarah’s breasts, commenting on how much larger and nicer they were than her own. June told Sarah she had only ever had fleeting glimpses of other women’s breasts before, now she was holding some it was nicer than she ever thought it would be. She cupped each one in her hands and squeezed her nipples. Sarah felt a tingle in her pussy and her juice begin to flow as her nipples hardened between June’s fingers. Sarah shuffled backwards, spreading June’s legs and laying with her legs between them and lowered her head to June’s breasts. She flicked each nipple in turn before sucking on them, gently at first. June sighed with bliss and them moaned as Sarah sucked on her nipples harder. She began licking and gently biting June’s body, working her way down to June’s pubic mound, using her legs to spread June’s legs as she made her way.Sarah hovered her face over June’s pussy and and as she gently spread her lips with her fingers she could see and smell her moist arousal seeping from the entrance to her vagina. She ran her tongue along the length of June’s pussy lips from bottom to top. June groaned then gasped with a little body spasm as Sarah’s tongue touched her clitoris.Sarah began to flick June’s clitoris, firmly and quickly with her tongue and June began to rock her pelvis. Looking up along the length of June’s body she could June had cupped her own breasts, squeezing them as they rose and fell with her breathing which was becoming deeper and more rapid. “Oh my god, thats wonderful” June moaned with a sigh.Sarah lifted her mouth away from June’s şişli escort pussy and inserted 2 fingers into Junes soft, warm, wet love hole. June groaned as she plunged them in as far as they would go, June lifted her hips slightly to deepen the insertion, then began to rock herself with increasing speed as Sarah rubbed the inside of her pussy wall, feeling June’s juices squelching and running through her fingers and onto her palm. June gripped each nipple between a finger and thumb and began to squeeze them as she rocked. Sarah could see June’s face was starting to redden and as she felt June’s pussy begin to contract and tighten around her fingers she lowered her head and clamped her mouth over June’s clitoris, sucking on it and flicking the swollen love bud with her tongue. June’s gasping and rocking became more rapid. Sarah stopped her internal rubbing of June’s pussy and hooked a finger pressing it hard against June’s pleasure point causing her to suck the air in loudly. Her pelvis tilted up slightly and froze as Sarah sucked her clitoris hard. June let out half a dozen suppressed whimpers before her body started to tremble and she shrieked, throwing her head and arms backwards onto the bed, gripping the sheets tightly as her orgasm thundered through her. Her pelvis bucked pushing Sarah’s face away from her clitoris and as Sarah pulled her fingers from June’s pulsating vagina a huge, warm jet of love juice hit her in the face shortly followed by 2 or 3 smaller ones as June spasmed her way through her orgasm.Sarah buried her head in June’s pulsating vagina and lapped at the remainder of juice flowing from within and June began to relax as her orgasm ebbed away. Having had her fill she kept some of the sweet nectar in her mouth and worked her way back up to June’s head before kissing her and letting June feel and taste her own juice flowing into her mouth.They lay there for a couple of minutes. June gently sighing as her breathing and heartbeat returned to normal. June’s sticky orgasm juice now spread all over both their breasts. Sarah got up off the bed and looked down, the bedsheets were soaked. She took June’s hand and helped her off the bed. June was quiet, almost bashful, she looked at the results of her orgasm. She told Sarah she had never gushed in such a way ever in her life.Sarah asked June to follow her to the bathroom where they showered together whilst still enjoying the feel of each others bodies under the flow of warm soapy water. They relaxed and finished the wine laying together on Sarah’s bed occasionally looking across at the damp dishevelled state they had left June’s bed in and giggling.June asked Sarah if things were good between them and Sarah gave her a reassuring kiss before saying they best get some rest. Sarah lay on her back and June curled into her laying on her side. She whispered into Sarah’s ear. “I love your body. I want us to be lovers” before she nestled her head on Sarah’s breast and slid a hand across Sarah’s tummy letting it settle on her pubic mound.“I wont object to that request” said Sarah before slipping off to sleep. Needless to say I told her I had no problem with what had happened as long as she was comfortable with the situation. She mentioned that both her and June had been very comfortable with it when they woke early this morning when June had discovered she liked to lick pussy as well as have hers licked. “Oh god, tell me more?” I said.Sarah smiled, walked towards the stairs and said “ I will, but in the bedroom” ……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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