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Saturday Morning Solution

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Saturday Morning SolutionSATURDAY MORNING SOLUTIONThe Keyhole Adventures continue…A couple weeks had passed since Mom and I almost did the deed. It was hard to concentrate on school work wondering if and when we would explore one another next. I thought and thought and realized Mom was thinking she may have “missed out” on some things marrying young at the height of the Great Depression and me coming along after the big war. Dad was also 10 years older than Mom and might have been losing interest in sex and the very same time my interest was at its peak. I had always been curious about mature women and my first nocturnal emission happened while dreaming about a woman that was a composite of Mom and several family acquaintances nearly 5 years ago. Even when masturbating I was thinking of older women, not school girls. I always thought of women not girls.One Friday night in late fall I got home from a football game and found Mom in her usual spot late in the evening in Dad’s big chair reading the paper. Dad always turned in early. Mom beckoned my over for a kiss, something we never did until a couple months ago. She kissed me on the mouth, something new also. She tried to hide what she was really reading under the newspaper, but I saw the spine of a paperback…”that nasty book” my brother had left behind when he moved out…”Lady Chatterley’s Lover.” No wonder Mom was in an exploratory state of mind recently. I had read a few pages myself and that just fueled my curiosities. I thought to myself…we’re on the same page, so to speak. With that I was off to bed and a Saturday morning late sleep.Mom of course was up early doing her Saturday chores and Dad was gone to our other ranch. I was not uncommon for Mom to come in my room on mornings that I was sleeping, putting away laundry, etc. Today was different she came up the side of my bed and stopped. “Good morning sleepyhead,” was her greeting. I opened my eyes to witness her dropping her old chenille bathrobe off her shoulders. My eyes opened wide when I saw her wearing a short nightgown, I didn’t know she had one. This exposed her white, soft long thighs that had captured my imagination and curiosity since c***dhood. I immediately awakened to this opportunity and quickly arose to sit on the edge of my bed. My open hands quickly wrapped themselves around her left leg just above the knee and moved my way up her increasingly soft thigh clear to her widening bursa escort hip. “I think my legs are somewhat unsightly, I guess you see differently,” she said. “Mom, the shape and touch are beautiful, don’t worry about a few spider veins that show you did hard work in the past,” I replied. “I’m glad you find them attractive, explore all you want,” she added. My every adolescent thought and day dream was coming true…I could hardly believe I was touching what I peeked around corners and through a keyhole to catch a glimpse of only few short months previous. She then turned a half-circle and said, “You had better feel this one too, my love.” I tried to experience every square inch of her soft white thigh flesh almost missing her bare breasts floating by me just about eye level…I did finally notice her nipples were turning a reddish pink, an indication she was being aroused just like the long hard one in my briefs. She turned again to face me, my arms around her waist and my hands on her back trying to feel as much of her body as I could. She started kissing me around my ears and then she whispered, “You did such a good job a few weeks ago removing my nylons, would you like to remove my underwear too?” (I never heard her refer to panties) Wow this was moving so quickly my mind couldn’t keep up with my eyes and hands! “Sure, Mom I’ll try,” I said. I inserted two fingers into the elastic waist band as she turned her back toward me and slowly slid her ‘panties’ off those wonderful wide hips and down the equally wonderful thighs. Her bare bottom was magnificent! The gentle curve from her waist to her hips was like the work of Michelangelo , perfect in its symmetry as was the gentle long curve from the small of her back to two great handfuls of flesh right were her back side curve in to met the tops of her legs. Her Scandinavian pale skin was only broken up here and there by faint traces of veins just below her skin, like fine netting preserving this provocative shape. Her panties fell to around her ankles she stepped out of them and leaned over to retrieve them from the floor as she did that a tuft of straw hued pubic hair emerged from between her legs. I couldn’t help but to touch my first sight of that fur!“Find something you like?” she asked. “Oh yes,” I answered. I wanted to see and touch everything in case this was the only time. My hand was shaking as I ran my fingers through this new found treasure bursa escort bayan and as I pressed harder I felt the two ridges of flesh that delineated her vaginal furrow…this made her body shudder with anticipation, “I’ve never been felt like that from behind,” she stated. Our situation must have awakened a long dormant playful side in her. After a couple more playful rubs she stood up straight and slowly turned towards me. This was my first up close view of full frontal nakedness. “Here I am son, I’m no beauty queen,” she said. “Oh, gosh Mom you are beautiful and very sexy, everything I could imagine and more,” I retorted. Her modest breasts right at eye level, sexy wide hips, round motherly belly all awaiting our next move. “Move over so I can lie down next to you,” she ordered. I moved to the left side of my bed and she climbed onto it her face meeting mine for kisses and she remained on her knees. I couldn’t help but run my right hand up the inside of her thighs…I wanted to feel more of her hair! She spread her knees more so I could feel more of her private area. “Let your finger explore me, son,” she offered. “Oh wow! That feels so good…go ahead let your finger go inside me slowly so I’ll get moist down there.” I didn’t know for sure what I was doing, but it sure felt good! “OK, that’s enough,” she said, “let me lie down on my back so you can get on top of me.” My mind was running like the wind trying process what was happening and about to happen. Almost by instinct I positioned myself facing her spread legs. She parted her copious patch of hair and exposed her inner lips and let her fingers part them in turn to expose a glimpse of pink. At that very moment I changed my mind and released from my thoughts any doubts I had about “eating pussy” as my friends referred to. My, it looked inviting, maybe someday, especially those leathery inner lips. “Here’s where I want your swollen muscle,” she ordered. I moved forward straining my neck to see my head disappear into where I had once emerged. I thought to myself, this first time is only going to happen once and I want it burned into my memory! “Just ease it in slowly at first…then you can pump harder,” she told me. I followed her instruction and eased in the length of my penis…”Wow! That feels good,” I exclaimed, and then started to pump making that pleasing sound of groin against groin…slap, slap, slap…. I strained to look down and see our escort bursa two patches of hair intermingle with each stroke. I lowered my body onto her chest with its dancing pink nipples…she whispered, “Welcome home, son.” Her comment made me increase my thrusting also increasing the sensation for both of us…new feelings for me and renewed pleasure for Mom. Her arms let go of her legs and she wrapped them around me tightly with the admonishment, “Don’t ever stop, it feels so good.” I felt it was to end soon as I began to sense my body getting ready for a big release of energy in the form of a massive orgasm impossible to match with masturbation. My body tensed up as never before and then a grand release began to pump ME into HER! “Oh my, I can feel it,” she exclaimed. I kept pumping hoping it wouldn’t end, but finally I was spent. “Let me hold you, son, just enjoy it,” she said as I melted into her arms. Being new at all this, I made the decision to withdraw my softening tool from its warm, pink surroundings and take in what’s next. “Lay beside me now, I like to cuddle now,” she ordered. She faced away from me on her right side and I snuggled up to her back and put my left arm around her, my upper arm on her hip, my forearm on her wonderful rounded tummy and my hand cupping her left breast. That way I could touch the most possible skin at once. Her right hand covered my hand on her breast like I was meant to be there. I think she dozed off then while I thought about what just took place…a long ways from peaking around the door to catch a fleeting glimpse of her legs , the keyhole view, the field…then this so warm and wonderful as well as wrong. But I thought to myself a lot better than losing one’s virginity in the back seat of a car having clumsy sex with a rebellious teen-aged girl with the chance of life altering results…what better teacher than Mom! I also thought of her admitting to be “plain” and had skinny legs…but wow in between was beautiful and curvy…I never realized what she hid under her clothes.I dozed off too in relaxed satisfaction only to be awakened to what sounded like muted sobbing. “What’s wrong,” I asked. “Oh, what have I done to my son?” she voiced, “I feel bad now.” “Mom,” I countered, “It’s what you did FOR me…it was wonderful.” “Oh, I’m so glad to hear that,” she retorted and added, “there was a time a few years ago when you were so set on unfastening my stockings that I thought you might be a bit of a sissy, but I sure don’t think so now.” After a short while of more cuddling she got up to continue her Saturday chores…”You stay in bed for awhile, you need your rest for next Saturday……”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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