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Say My Name

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(author’s note: it has been at least 15 years since the drinking age in the midwest was 19)

My cousin, Joshua Phillip. Aka JP. The golden boy of the family. Everyone thought he was perfect, including me. “Joshua Phillip!” his mom would say when she was really angry with him. I called him “Joshua Phillip” a few times, and I think he liked it.

The first time I really noticed JP, he was 12 and I was 11. The whole family was at Grandma’s house. Dad We were all at Grandma’s to help her pack. She was finally selling her house and had decided to move to the Midwest to be with Dad & Mom. It was always fun visiting Grandma in California and this trip was no different. Running around the big backyard, hollering and fighting, all of us cousins trying to stay out the way, not wanting to help with the packing and cleaning.

It was pretty dark when we all decided to head in. The sun had already gone over the horizon, and the moon had not come up yet. I was quiet going into the house. JP and I had been cutting each other down all afternoon, and he had gotten the best of me. There were 10 cousins in all and we all tried to squeeze onto the twin bed that doubled as a couch in the TV room. Insults were flying, and there was a loud argument about which TV show we would watch. I managed to get into my favorite spot, the far corner of the bed, my back up against the wall. JP shoved his sister out of the way to sit by me, and started poking me in the side.

“Knock it off, JP,” I grumbled. “I’m done playin.”

Poke. “Awww, come on, Annie-girl,” he breathed. “You know ya like it.”

Shove. “I said KNOCK IT OFF,” I threatened.

“Alright,” JP groaned. He leaned in closer and kissed me. “You’re looking good, Annie-girl.”

Even in the darkness, I could feel my face turn 5 shades of red. I mean, he had ~kissed~ me! My glorious, blond, blue-eyed, oh-so-handsome cousin had kissed me.

I continued to think about that kiss. I thought about it on the flight home. (Dad drove the rental truck with all of Grandma’s stuff.) I thought about it the following year when JP and his family had their summer vacation with us. I was still thinking about that kiss when I finally moved to California 8 years later.

Once I found an apartment and had gotten settled, I started calling the family.

“Hey, guess what? Yeah, I finally made it!” I quickly got in touch with everyone, and Uncle Doug, JP’s dad, said we could use his house for a family party.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. You just gotta love California weather. It was sunny and beautiful, just a few clouds, and the temperature was in the mid 80’s.

Uncle Doug’s house was bursting with people. Cousins, aunts and uncles I hadn’t seen in years. It was great to be with family again.

There was a commotion at the front door. “Oh yeah! JP’s home!” his sister shouted. JP was coming home for the weekend, visiting from UC Davis.

He walked into the room, and I felt all the air leave my lungs. I was sure everyone heard me sigh. JP, all tan and blond, bright blue eyes shining, muscles rippling, self-assured and confident, strode across the room and picked me up in a big bear hug, swinging me around and around.

“You’re looking good, Annie-girl,” he breathed into gangbang porno my ear. And he kissed me. This time, I managed not to blush.

“Put me down, you…you….dumbass!” I tried hard to sound mad.

“Annie-girl, you are SO midwestern!” he laughed. “And you STILL can’t come up with a good put-down.”

The party was great. Reminiscing with family, good food, lots of laughs. It was about 1 am when I decided it was time to go home.

“Who wants to come see my new apartment?” I wanted to share my new life with whoever wanted to see it.

“Yeah, I’ll go!” said Lauren.

“Me too,” Micki agreed.

“I guess I’ll tag along, and keep you girls out of trouble,” JP announced.

Lauren and Micki’s parents had something to say about that.

“No, you girls can’t go. We are going home ourselves, and you have to come with us.”

“Awww, Dad, do we HAVE to?” The girls started to pout.

“I can bring them home, Uncle Eric,” I volunteered. “Your house isn’t that far from my apartment.”

“No, but thanks anyway, Annie,” Uncle Eric said. “Maybe some other time.”

“Ok,” I agreed, disappointed.

We all said our goodnites, and I told JP that he didn’t have to tag along now.

“There isn’t going to be anyone getting into trouble, so you don’t need to go,” I said.

“Oh? We’ll see about that,” he smirked.

I heard Aunt Lisa mumble, “That’s why you girls aren’t going,” as she walked out the door. I hugged Uncle Eric, made him promise to bring the girls over, and then gave Uncle Doug a big kiss and thanked him for having the party.

“Well, if you’re ready, let’s go, JP,” I said, and I walked to my car.

We drove to my apartment in absolute quiet. I was too busy concentrating on driving, and JP did not seem to be in the mood to talk anyway.

We pulled into the parking lot. JP was looking around, nodding his head.

“So, it meets your standards?” I asked.

“Lookin’ good, Annie-girl, lookin’ good,” he replied.

By now we had made it up the stairs, and I opened the door to my apartment. “It’s a great place, nice and roomy… they have a gym center down the way over there…” I was rambling, but couldn’t help myself.

JP grinned at me, and walked through the apartment. “Nice place, Annie.” He sat down on the couch. “Whatcha got to drink?” he asked.

“Mountain Dew and Diet Dr. Pepper. Pick one.” He laughed, “What, no beer?”

“Oh, yeah right. It’s not like back home, where I was legal. I have to wait another 2 freakin’ years,” I complained.

“Yeah, you midwesterners have it made, bein able to drink at 19.”

I got him a soda from the refrigerator, and sat down next to him on the couch. He took the can, and when our fingers touched, it was like an electrical bolt shot through me. My eyes grew wide, and I gasped. JP said, “Oh, so you finally felt that? Sure takes you a while. I’ve been feeling that since we were kids.”

My heart was racing and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. He had been feeling that jolt for years? Where the hell had I been? Damn. We sat there, letting the silence build around us. I just looked at him, with his head leaning back on the couch; his eyes barely open, breathing short and shallow.

I czech harem porno leaned forward, and whispered. “Joshua Phillip, what are you thinking?”

He let out a groan, and said quietly, “I love it when you call me by my full name.”

“Joshua Phillip? You like that? Hmmm,” I replied. “Joshua Phillip,” I murmured over and over, leaning in closer, until my face was inches from his. I ran my fingers down the side of his face, and continued to whisper his name. Suddenly, he grabbed me around the waist, and pulled me onto his lap.

“Annie-girl, if you keep that up, I’m going to kiss you. And if I do, I’m not going to stop,” he said, stroking my long reddish-brown hair. He looked into my brown eyes and asked, “Do you want me to?”

I whispered, “Yes, Joshua Phillip, whatever you want.”

Before I knew it, he was kissing me. Long, and deep. My lips slowly parted, and our tongues found each other. Gently probing, touching the inside of his mouth, feeling the bumps and ridges. I let my tongue glide over his teeth, finding his tongue, and teasing it into my mouth. I softly grabbed his tongue with my teeth and gently pulled on it, sucking his tongue farther into my mouth. Stroking the underside of his tongue with mine, I felt and heard him moaning. Breaking the kiss, I sat there and stared at my handsome cousin.

“Oh, Annie-girl…where did you learn to do that?” he groaned.

I giggled. “You’d be surprised what us midwesterners learn in the middle of a long cold winter.”

I could feel him squirming around underneath me. “Tryin’ to get comfy?” I asked. JP laughed, “Sorta. Kiss me again.” It was more of a command than a request, but I wasn’t going to disappoint him. As our kiss became longer, I could feel his cock growing harder. Quickly I moved to straddle his lap, my legs outside of his, my face inches from him. I sat back on my heels, and began to unbutton his shirt. I leaned in close, breathing deeply, committing to memory the wonderful smell he had. Stetson cologne and a light sheen of sweat combined to create the most incredible scent I had ever experienced.

I started to gently kiss all over his throat, pressing my nose lightly into the hollow between his neck and shoulder. I was still unbuttoning his shirt, and my mouth followed the same trail my fingers did. Tiny trails of kisses, stopping at his left nipple, which I took into my mouth and gently sucked. JP groaned and squirmed more on the couch. His hands caressed the back of my head. I kissed my way over to his right nipple and did the same. “Annie-girl,” JP moaned. “You are killin’ me here.”

I raised my head, and grinned. I slid off his lap, down to the floor, and moved his legs apart so I could get between them. Undid the buttons on his jeans, and opened the fly so I could get my hand in there. “Well, there’s something to write home about,” I joked, as I closed my hand around his rock hard cock. “Lift your hips. I wanna get these pants outta the way,” I said. JP obliged, and soon his pants were down around his ankles.

“You have the most incredible cock I have ever seen. It’s almost beautiful,” I said. And it was – 8 inches long, mushroom-shaped head, wonderfully defined. It was at least 3 inches across, and the tip was the czech mega swingers porno most intense shade of purple. “And if you like the way I say your name, you are gonna love this,” I told him.

I leaned forward and kissed the tip of his cock. There was a small amount of pre-cum leaking, and it was very tasty. Salty, with a hint of sweetness. “You’ve been eating honey, haven’t ya…” Gently taking him into my mouth, I licked the underside and felt the long vein running down the length. Following the vein with my lips, I soon found my nose being tickled by his pubic hairs. I started a gentle motion, licking down, sucking back up. JP’s hands were tangled in my long hair, and he was pushing and pulling with my motions. I stopped at the head, and gave it kisses and licks. Then I started saying his name: “Joshua” and my tongue was riding over the top of his cock, the underside of my tongue stroking down his length. “Phillip” and my tongue went underneath his cock, licking down that glorious vein, and giving a little flick to head as I came back up on the last “p” sound. Over and over I performed my little trick, looking up at JP to see how he would react. He was looking down at me, breathing through his mouth, almost panting. Our eyes met, and the look in his eyes made me want to suck him harder. I went down, deep-throating him, taking all of his hard cock, tasting the pre-cum welling out faster. He was moaning, and his hands were pushing the back of my head towards him. Breathing through my nose, I started sucking with the back of my throat, and my tongue danced around his cock. “Oh gawd, Annie-girl, I’m gonna cum,” he groaned.

That was the signal I was waiting for. I slowly brought my head back up his cock, and settled into a good suck near the head. I brought my left hand up, palmed his balls, and put the base of his cock between my first and middle fingers. The rhythm of my sucking matched the gentle squeezing of my fingers on the base of his cock. This in turn made my palm squeeze and release his balls in the same rhythm. JP was rolling his head from side to side, moaning and groaning. His hands were still pressing on the back of my head, and his hips were beginning to thrust upwards. I could feel his cock swelling in my mouth, JP’s legs went rigid, and he thrust himself forward as far as he could. His cock was spurting down my throat, hot shot after hot shot. He came, and came, and came. I tried to swallow it all, but he was cumming hard and fast, and I couldn’t keep up.

“Oh yeah Annie-girl, swallow it all,” he pleaded.

Once I got his spunk under control, I was able to start licking his cock clean. Massaging the last of his cum out with my tongue, I kissed the tip, and sat back on my heels.

Grinning like a fool, JP sat there, exhausted. “Oh wow. That was incredible, Annie-girl.”

“JP, I am almost 20 years old. When are you going to quit calling me ‘Annie-girl’?”

“Never. And you are always going to call me Joshua Phillip.”

JP and I shared a few other weekends, but he soon was caught up in college life, and I had a full-time job. We would see each other at family reunions, but JP soon stopped coming to them.

The last time we saw each other was at his sister’s wedding a few years ago. My husband and children finally got to meet JP, and I got a chance to meet one of his girlfriends.

As we were leaving, he gave me a big hug, and said, “Lookin’ good, Annie-girl.”

“When are you going to settle down, JP, and get married?” I asked.

“When I can find a girl that can say my name right,” he replied.

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