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There was a small bistro in town where he often went for lunch. A pleasant comfortable place to eat and an equally pleasant waitress called Jean, to wait on him there.

He called her Scarlett, on account of her huge mane of flaming red hair. She was married, in her mid thirties and the middle sister of three. Not quite the prettiest sister but a very sexy woman all the same with a knowing wink and a liking to flirt with her male customers.

Over the summer months he became more and more friendly with her and they started exchanging little love notes furtively as she’d lean close rubbing herself on his leg as she took his order. She was a toucher. She couldn’t talk to you without touching you as she spoke. He liked that in a woman, emphasizing her point by a squeeze of the arm as she laughingly made flirtatious conversation.

The notes began to get dirty, and she duly obliged him in replying to his fantasies of fucking her relentlessly with an equal amazing degree of candour and adventurous exploits.

It was when one day he met her by chance in a near by town on her day off that he first learned of her hidden joys.

They sat nervously in the darkest corner of the local hotel lounge and drank coffee and touched each other out of sight under the table.

That wonderful electric feeling as their fingers first entwined and squeeze together. He held an index finger out straight and she dirtily obliged him by sliding her clenched fingers up and down it simulating rubbing a stiff cock.

He wanted her badly and he knew she was in the same frame of mind too, although time was at a premium owing to her children arriving home from school in an hour or so.

They left the town and drove some miles to a lonely spot he knew of old and when parked up took out his cock for her to play with.

She let him slip her panties down and only just in the nick of time as he had not realised just how wet she was.

“A girl could catch her death of cold with panties that wet,” he warned her, bending over to kiss her long and lovingly.

“I like to masturbate,” she told him. That’s really my thing. I can’t get enough of it. I do it every day … and love it!”

“What about fucking?” he asked her.

“Sorry you can’t fuck me!”

“But why ever not?”

“Because I don’t want to. I’ll do anything else, but never fuck you. I don’t want to end up like my younger sister with kids and no husband to look after us.” She paused and then said laughing, “Come here bursa escort and cheer up for heavens sake, I have a mouth, I can still suck you.”

She did just that and he lay back in his car seat and enjoyed her expert tonguing.

Soon he was panting and about to spunk her loving mouth, but

She decided let go and took him in hand and really wanked him with such speed that it quite frightened him.

“Cum for me, let me see it cum.” She begged, holding an open free hand close to the knob of his bursting cock.

He could not have held back if he wanted to, and started to cum and groan loudly as he spurted his seed out with such force it shot in several long twisting snakes of thick white sperm one after the other.

Some splashed into her hand but most missed and went all over his trousers.

“Here let me clean you up,” she said smiling and licking the spunk off her sticky wet hand. He passed her a tissue and she mopped him up while he got his breath back.

“Now it’s my turn.” She told him pulling up her green skirt and showing him fully her flaming red pubes as she opened her legs really wide.

He started to fingered her slowly and then withdrew an amazingly cummy digit.

“Hell, would you just look at that! What thick juice you have Grandma.”

“All the better to cum for you, Red Ridding hood!” she laughed holding his cum covered finger and looking at it carefully. “Sorry, I must be ovulating; I always go really thick at this time of the month. Makes me ever so horny though.”

He now stuck a couple of fingers up her slippery hole and she lifted her bum off the seat to aid his search for her G spot. He found that rough corrugated surface on the front wall of her cunt, a fingers length inside about her clit. There he rubbed it gently and Scarlett went wild.

He had wickedly thought he would maybe bring her off a few times and then when she had been over the top well and truly, she would say ‘Oh yes, fuck me please!’

This woman was however definitely different and she seized his frigging hand and started to fuck it really hard … in fact very hard indeed.

He was so taken back by her speed and force that he could only stare at her in disbelief, as she went like hell for her goal.

She moaned too and shouted dirty things as she started to grip his hand tighter and tighter. She was going over the top and pumped like crazy at that hand of his, wedged firmly up her slobbering sticky cunt.

Now it was a cumming cunt, and bursa escort bayan she shrieked as she came in one tremendous bucking climax, leaving her breathless and whimpering softly.

He had never seen anything quite like it.

“Hells bells … are you okay?” he asked her almost too scared to enquire in case she had had some kind of a fit.

Still panting she let go of his hand and he slipped out his bruised fingers.

“Fine,” she gasped clearing her throat and flicking her long mass of dishevelled hair out of her eyes.

“My God Scarlett, you’d have done me a terrible mischief if I’d had my cock up you, fucking like that! You could have snapped the damned thing off thrashing around like a thing possessed.”

“Sorry but I did say that this is my thing, I just love big orgasms. Did I frighten you?”

“Well no, I loved it actually, simply never seen a girl get so damned sexed up on just a couple of fingers before.”

“You should see what I can do with a bottle.”

“Oh … really?”

“I have this collection of nicely shaped bottles in my bathroom. Every day after work I come home and have an hour before I get the children home from school, so I take a different bottle each day and fuck myself stupid on the bed. My way of coping with life I suppose.”

“Hell’s teeth, I’d love to watch that.”

“Well you might one day, when I feel all safe that no one will catch us.”

A week later just as he had finished his meal in the bistro and was talking naughty things to Scarlett as she cleaned up the empty tables around him, he had an idea.

Only one couple remained but they had paid so they would soon be leaving. Scarlett had told him she was in charge today as the boss had gone away, and Chef had gone out to buy some fresh herbs.

He suddenly got up and told her to meet him in the toilets.

“I can’t, what if someone comes in?”

“If you are quick it won’t matter!”

He walked across the room and down the little passage way that lead to the two toilets, and went into one and waited.

She was almost behind him and whispered that the couple were just going out. They heard the front door close and then she asked what the hell he thought he was going to do?

“Take you panties off for me,” he told her as he slipped his hard cock out of his pants.

She did as he asked and then sat down on the closed toilet seat. He bent forward and fingered her quickly to check if she as wet.

“It’s okay; don’t fret, escort bursa I’m running wild for you!” she laughed.

“Good, then let me watch you play with this.”

He pulled the beer bottle out of his jacket pocket that he had drunk from during his lunch.

Scarlett gasped aloud and told him that he was being extremely dirty, but reluctantly took the bottle from him and opening her legs wide started to insert the neck of the bottle into her cunt. Slowly she worked it up her hole, gasping all the time and telling him he was a complete bastard making her do this, while he happily wanked his cock off in front of her face.

“Good girl, now fuck yourself with it.” He told her when it was all the way in. “Let me see how you love to do it with a bottle.”

She looked up with smouldering eyes at him and started to fuck her cunt.

Slowly at first, moving it from side to side as she pushed and pulled it in and out of her fantastically wet hole. She seemed to be getting it into all the deepest corners of her cunt, so no place was left unfucked by it.

Now she was getting faster and rougher and he saw her eyes almost glaze over she was so absorbed in her bottle fucking.

She moaned loudly and he knew she would be soon cumming for him.

He wanked his cock faster to keep up with her and she nodded to him as she opened her mouth for him to shoot his spunk in it at the right moment.

She was loosing it, going ballistic now as she lifted her bum of the seat and half standing met her bottle as it fucked her cunt with such force.

“Let it go Scarlett, give it to me, cum Sweetie, cum.” He urged her, as his balls tightened up and he felt his spunk starting to rise up his cock, to fly free.

She swore dirtily, and just bucked and bucked on that glass cock rammed up her cunt, letting him shoot his load of hot seed into her gasping open mouth. Some hitting its target, the other missing and running down her cheeks and chin. When it was all over, she collapsed back down onto the toilet seat and sighed.

“Don’t you ever make me do that again she hissed thrusting the extracted hot wet beer bottle into his hand, “I could loose my job if we got caught.”

They cleaned up and he went back to his table and sat down and placed the empty beer bottle on the table top in pride of place. Just then the door opened and a small crowd of people came in and sat down. Scarlett walked in all flushed and came over to him.

“And would Sir like anything else today?”

“I wouldn’t mind another one of these, he nodded at the bottle, “but the question is whether you could manage another one too?”

“You Bastard!” she laughed, pointing towards the door and telling him not to push his luck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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