May 09

Scene from a Back Seat

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Allan simply could not believe his luck.

In the past, chasing women had been, frankly, a hard grind. Oh, he had successfully wooed and bedded a respectable number of these delicious creatures, but it had always seemed to him that women were encased in a shield of sexual reluctance , and that the purpose of all romance was to overcome this aversion. Rare and precious was the woman who simply enjoyed sex, and wanted it as badly as he did.

Yet it seemed he had discovered such a one. Marie had readily agreed to his offer of dinner and dancing, and the hair on the back of Allan’s neck had prickled with anticipation from the moment he picked her up. She had answered the door quickly, pausing so he could observe her, from her long, blonde, slightly curled hair, down via her barely-constrained cleavage and short wrap-around skirt, to the sheer black stockings and knee length boots. The outfit practically screamed “Come fuck me.”

Was she planning on living up to the outfit’s promise, or just teasing? Only one way to find out. During dinner he had done his best to be interesting; witty; and slightly bad. She seemed to be responding – was she leaning slightly forward on purpose, showing off that remarkable cleavage? Was she licking her lips like that to tease? Did her foot touch his on purpose? He watched her fingers slowly, idly stroking the stem of her wine glass, his dick stirring as if he could feel those fingers working him.

All in all, she had driven him half crazy with lust by the end of dinner, without doing anything overtly sexual. He took her hand outside the restaurant to lead her to his car, and she linked her arm with his and squeezed tightly against him as they walked through the car park. Safely inside the car, he began prattling nervously about the club they were headed towards, when she pendik escort lay a hand gently on his thigh and whispered in his ear.

“Want to skip the dancing and go straight to the main event?”

A thrill of adrenaline passed through him. Had he heard right? Mouth dry, he swallowed and nodded. “Shall we go back to my place?”

She grinned in response – a quick, impish grin. “No, I feel like being a teenager again, and you’ve got this nice big car. Let’s go park it someplace. Do you know anywhere good?”

His mind whirred, but he remembered a place in the hills outside town. Atop one his was a communications station, with a cellphone tower in a little clearing. There was even a view. It would do. He started the car and made his way out of town. No sooner had he pulled out of the car park than he felt Marie’s long fingernails tracing their way from this thigh, ever closer to the hardening lump in his pants. She didn’t quite touch his cock, but fuck she came close, stopping all of a sudden and changing direction, her hand creeping to his waitline and slowly pulling his shirt from his pants.

Once she had pulled out enough of his shirt, her fignernails continued their journey upwards, inside his shirt, half-tickling his chest, tracing across his stomach, pulling out more and more of his shirt. Occasionally her hand would descend again, ever so close to his cock, before stopping. Finally, as he turned onto the access road up the hills, he could not help a soft moan of excitement and frustration. It brought a low, throaty chuckle from Marie. “Wait, lover. He’ll come out and play soon enough.”

Finally, finally! Allan pulled into the clearing atop the hill. There were no other cars there, but he pulled up in a secluded part of the clearing anyway, far enough from the road to give them warning if anyone escort pendik joined them. Turning off the ignition, he turned to her and moved in to kiss her. She placed a finger on his lips and whispered “back seat.”

He opened the door and moved into the back seat, to see Marie squirming into the back through the gap between the seats. He caught her as she – deliberately? – snagged her foot on the seat belt, and they tumbled together onto the seat. Desperately, his mouth found hers and his tongue gently forced her lips open, tasting her lipstick as she yielded. Her hands were busy now, unbuttoning his shirt, and his hands in turn flew to her blouse to release the fantastic breasts he had been ogling all evening. A moment’s fumbling with the catch on her bra, and then he was kissing his way down her neck towards the swell of her breasts.

Now it was his turn to tease, and his tongue gently traced the curve of her breasts, his nose diving into her cleavage, his breath crinkling the flesh of her areolae, but his tongue never quite touching her nipples. Eventually, she decided enough was enough and gently but firmly guided his mouth to her nipple, where he sucked gently at first, then slightly harder. Encouraged by her moans, his sucking became harder still, then positively rough, rolling her nipples in his mouth, adding just a hint of teeth.

Her fingers found their way to his zipper, and at last his cock was released from his pants, springing out fully hard. Her fingers went straight to work and Allan gasped, the sensations from his stiff prick reminding him of the wine glass earlier. She wiped off a droplet of precum and tasted it, smacking her lips loudly. “Lay back on the seat,” she said. “I have got to taste more of this.”

He hurried to comply, and she crawled between his legs, looking up at him with pendik escort bayan a wicked grin, before taking the head – just the head – of his cock into her mouth, her tongue playing across the tip, teasing, driving him wild, until suddenly his dick was encased in the warm wetness of her mouth, and she slowly, carefully worked him up and down, getting him close to cumming, then giving him a break, before winding him up again. Finally, when she judged he’d had enough, she renewed her enthusiasm and, moans reaching a crescendo, his hands gripping her hair as though there was danger of her stopping, he came hard, emptying himself into her mouth, feeling the sensation of her mouth and throat as she worked to swallow his seed, before falling back and watching her as she released him from her mouth and licked him clean.

She kept licking, teasing little flicks of her tongue, refusing to let him become soft, until his moans told her he was ready for more. She crawled up his body, perching herself over his stiff prick, and then with a sigh she sank down upon him. Her pussy was tight and wet, gripping him from tip to stem. She pushed back on his shoulders and pressed her breasts to his face, burying him as her hips began to grind firmly, up and down on him. She began rotating her hips slowly, carefully, using his prick to seek out the most pleasurable spots inside her, using him to scratch exactly the itch she wanted scratched. Eventually, her pace increased, her cute little sighs become squeals, then screams, as her rhythm became ragged and then, with a wail, she came, her hips freezing, holding him inside her, her breath suspended until the peak had run its course, when she collapsed against him, allowing him to drive the fuck, to rotate his hips up against her, gripping her nipple with his mouth, forcing her orgasm to continue, until he joined her on the peak, shouting and shuddering, cumming inside her once more, collapsing together.

Stirring, she bit his earlobe gently, and whispered that he had better get her home before curfew.

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