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School is Out, but Learning Continues!

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School is Out, but Learning Continues!

Chapter 1

David Parker had just finished his first year of college and he was looking forward to coming home for the summer break. David was satisfied that his first time away from home had been well spent. College provided him with many opportunities and experiences needed to grow academically. Also, through a group of trusted friends he made at school, he had been introduced and initiated into a realm of extraordinary extracurricular activities that helped him to blossom socially.

David’s parents lived in the Midwest and were ultra-conservative, which significantly contributed to the sheltered life he had in his youth.

Aiden was David’s new college roommate. He was a self-proclaimed “free spirit!” Aiden perceived that David seemed lost in the environment of a big city college campus. Aiden thought that this country boy seemed to be floundering like a minnow swimming in a sea of sharks. Aiden took it upon himself to help David acclimatize to his new surroundings.

As David began his adventure of living away from home, it didn’t take long for him to realize that his social and sexual skills were relatively juvenile and largely unexplored. However, by the end of the school year, with Aiden’s help, all of that had changed. (A story for another time)

David anxiously packed his things into his little compact car. It was nearly six hours of driving to get to his rural hometown. He had plenty to think about while on the road. Especially what to say or not say to his family members. He had acquired some new perspectives as a result of some pretty amazing experiences. Experiences he feared would not be easy to disclose to the uninitiated ears of his younger siblings or to his judgmental parents and the persecutions that would surely come from them. His younger brother and sister might not understand the changes he had gone through this past year.

Alex and Heather were congenital twins and were now in high school. David missed being the older brother figure to them. His new frame of mind gained while in the big city now made him a bit apprehensive about his older brother role. David struggled to come to terms with the nagging question of if it would be untimely at this point to expand his siblings’ awareness of life – life as he knew and had experienced it while away from them. He was unsure of their current maturity level and if it had progressed sufficiently in the past year to grasp what he wanted to share with them.

David knew that he was going to miss the good times with his college friends. Many of these shared extracurricular activities were not typically something that would ever be dreamed of in his little town.

Before leaving to come home, Aiden gave him a contact phone number of a like-minded friend that lived near David’s town. He made a mental note to look into contacting that person. If it was a friend of Aiden’s, then he knew this person was definitely someone that could help relieve boredom. The boredom he was convinced would come now that he was back in the sleepy community he grew up in.

Both of David’s parents worked together as sales professionals for a big farming equipment business. They frequently traveled out of state for shows and other business events. They had told David when he called them last week that they were very much looking forward to his home coming. They informed him that they unfortunately had several business trips for events that were obligatory for them to attend. Altogether, his parents would be away and out of the state, off and on, for nearly half of the time he was planning to be home this summer.

In his studies as well as activities outside of class, David quickly learned there was a whole new world out there. A world where technology exceeded his wildest imaginations. And some of these technologies even allowed his imaginations to become realities. Over time, he became more and more addicted to the pleasures of these new realities. So many thoughts of these experiences buzzed through his head as he traveled the many miles towards home. David knew his life would never be the same. He was nervous and yet excited to share these things with his siblings. But, he was unsure of how he could ever explain everything with words alone. He would just have to figure it all out once he got home.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and it looked like nothing much had changed around the town as he drove through it towards home.

When David pulled into the driveway, a flood of memories engulfed him. It seemed like such a long time ago when his innocence and obliviousness were the hallmark of his life and character here. He wondered if when he greeted his family members that they would be able to see beyond his eyes and into his soul to know he was a totally different person today. For now, he hoped he would be able to mask or disguise these changes. He took a deep breath and then slowly let it out in an effort to relax and calm himself before going into the house.

David opened the front door and shouted out “hey everybody! I’m home!”

His parents were out in the back yard preparing a barbecue feast for his return. Alex and Heather sprung up from the couch in the family room and ran to greet him. Alex gave him a friendly slap on the back and said “Wow! You sure have grown!”

Heather stood back a bit looking up and down her older brother. escort She was impressed with him and how he appeared to be so much more cosmopolitan.

“It’s so nice to have you back home again!” She exclaimed. Upon which she walked up to David and gave him a big hug.

David couldn’t help observing how the twins had also transformed into adolescents, especially Heather. The little bumps that used to be on her chest when he left home were now the size of oranges. And they were definitely being felt by him as she pressed into his bosom with her excited and passionate hug.

David thought that the twins had grown quite a bit and they seemed to be more self-aware than he remembered. Perhaps they were ready to be introduced to his other life

“What have you learned at school?” Heather queried.

“More than I can tell you in the next few minutes!” David replied, and then added “We have all summer to catch up!”

“Oh, okay,” Heather said flatly and somewhat deflated. She was the chatty one of the family and could bend your ear for hours. She sensed a change in David, and suspected it was not all from just college courses.

David’s parents came into the room. His mom gave him a loving and warm greeting with a big hug and kiss on the cheek. Then, his ever stoic dad extended his hand for a solid grip to signal his son’s welcomed return home.

“Dinner is ready!” His mom exclaimed. She was a great cook. And when it came to a barbecue fare, dad was an amazing grill master. David was so looking forward to this special homecoming feast. It was a welcomed change from all those quick noodle cups that sustained him at school.

They all sat around the patio table to enjoy the food and the warm weather. This rural farmland area had rich soil and the local farmers market had an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits all during the growing season.

“So, mom and dad, when is your next company trip?” David asked.

His dad quickly responded “We are headed to Lincoln, Nebraska this Wednesday. Our travel will then take us to Des Moines, Iowa and then finally to Kansas City, Missouri before we return home.”

“Wow! Leaving so soon?” Said David.

“Yep!” Replied Dad. “We will be away for two weeks.”

“Okay, I guess we can get our visiting in when you get back then,” David remarked.

The dinner was amazing and David was pleasantly satiated, but also exhausted from his long drive. David’s parents usually retired early due to their work schedule. So, David and his parents headed off to dreamland.

It was early evening though and the twins were in their typical summer “stay up late” mode.

Alex and Heather were deciding on what to watch after having changed into comfy sleepwear.

Alex liked to lounge around in loose gym shorts and a T-shirt. Heather preferred an oversized night shirt that extended to just above her knees. To be truly comfortable, she always ditched her bra. The nipples on her firm B-cup tits made obvious bumps in the shirt that could easily be seen by her brother. Alex liked that she seemed uninhibited in her nipple revealing sleepwear.

Secretly, Heather felt special if he paid any kind of attention to her at all.

Since their parents we’re very strict about dating, neither of them had much luck in finding dates that would live up to, or rather put up with their parent’s established dating “rules.” So, they took solace and pleasure in being each other’s best friend.

They liked to snuggle on the couch and watch TV after their parents went to bed.

At some point in this nightly ritual, Heather would tell Alex that she was getting kinda tired and wanted to lay down.

Alex was always more than happy to move to accommodate her lying down and taking up most of the couch. He actually was anxious for this position transition.

Heather would stretch out and lay her head in his lap while continuing to watch TV.

Two things were about to happen that would seriously get Alex’s attention.

First, with Heather’s head facing away from him while she watched TV, Alex could stealthily steal glances of the outline of her cute little titties and their amazing perky nipples that were evident through her slinky night shirt.

Second, it wouldn’t be long before his balls would begin to churn and his cock become aroused because she typically laid her head directly on his crotch.

He wasn’t sure if she put her head there as an inadvertent thing, or if it was strategically planned.

Regardless, it was always a fantastic experience for him.

Both of these things would work together to quickly cause his cock to become rock hard.

Heather could feel Alex’s cock begin to swell under her head. She could tell that his member was big, and it didn’t take long for her panties to start to get wet. She had never seen a man’s cock in the flesh. Of course the internet was available on her phone. But those were just pictures and videos.

Heather’s friends often talked about how their boyfriends like their cocks sucked. It was a safe way to have sex without the worry of getting pregnant. Her friends also said their boyfriends would often return the favor by licking their kitty. Most of her friends kept their pussies shaved because they felt like it provided for a more sensual experience for them and their boyfriends.

Heather had viewed plenty of videos on the topic of oral izmit escort bayan sex. From watching them, It seemed to her that men liked oral sex most when the girl gave a slow sensual deep throat performance along with plenty of sexy eye contact. She also noticed that they particularly enjoyed a great blow job if it was topped off by the girl swallowing.

These were things that frequently preoccupied Heather’s thoughts as she hoped to someday learn how to do them, and do them well! She wanted to be desired and loved and knew if she had these skills it would be all the more likely for that to become a reality.

Alex was now so worked up that he couldn’t take the slightest movement of his sister’s head without the risk of blowing in his shorts. He wanted to cum, but not here and not now.

“Sis, I am sorry, but I can’t keep my eyes open any longer.” Alex feigned sleepiness. He needed to make his exit fast! He just couldn’t bear the thought of cumming in his shorts while his sister was still laying on his cock.

“Okay, I’m ready for bed too.” She responded.

Heather’s excitement peaked as she felt her brother’s stiff and unyielding cock pressed against her left ear. She was now ready and anxious to have her private jilling time as well.

When Heather and Alex stayed up together, the ritual was always the same. They would snuggle, and then change position for her to do the head lap dance, and after becoming aroused, part company and head off for their respective bedrooms to then fly solo. In bed,

Heather diddled her clit and occasionally dipped two fingers into her steaming love canal. She agreed with her friends that keeping her pussy bald was ten times more sensitive than when she used to have a bush to tangle with. Being on the girls swim team gave her another reason to keep her pussy well groomed. She also got plenty of experience in holding her breath. She so wanted to scream whenever her climax hit. Her breathing control techniques helped her in subduing that urge.

Heather would tell herself that it was wrong for her to fantasize about her brother’s big stiff cock. She so wanted to see it instead of just feeling it through his shorts. She finally relented and gave in to imagining his love muscle rippling and pulsing in her mouth. She shook all over and stifled a scream as she climaxed while thinking about his cum filling her mouth.

Alex so like his sister’s head attention! He just wished that he could get some real “head!” She was a beautiful girl. He and Heather kept in top form physically. Both excelled in swimming and were the captains of their respective teams.

Alex had mixed feelings about sex. Not that he didn’t think about it a lot. It was the fact that he felt an attraction to the young men on his team when their speedos put their packages on display. It surprised him to realize that he just might be bisexual.

His balls were three shades of blue just thinking about the things he wanted to do and have done to him. He took slow, long and deliberate strokes on his cock. He was right on the edge of cumming. But that was an excitement all in itself to be so close and then to back off. His internet searching helped him to understand that the multiplied enjoyment of this process was called ”edging.”

Alex was amazed when he discovered edging. The first time he tried it he finally allowed himself to cum after at least five close calls, his load was massive and so forceful that the first couple of spurts shot all the way up and onto his face.

Alex had been lying naked on his bed in the darkened bedroom one night after Heather’s head massage got him all worked up. It was so dark that he couldn’t see his cock or the results of his first edging cum blast. It startled him when cum landed on his face and mouth. That’s also when he tasted cum for the first time. It was pleasantly good and aroused him even more. From that time forward Alex always liked to sample his cum after jacking off.

Tonight was no different. Alex edged himself to another rocket launch of his seed and then capped it off by enjoying a tasty snack of his hot liquid.

Chapter 2

David stirred after hearing the garage door open and close. That was the signal his parents had just headed off to work. David laid there thinking about what he would do today. But, since there wasn’t any rush to get up, he decided to indulge himself by watching one of the many custom videos stored on his phone.

This was his go to routine when opportunities from his anonymous life were not readily available. The video content was encrypted and only he could unlock the files. This was to protect all concerned from prying eyes.

David instantly began to sport an erection as he started to view one of his latest adventures. The action was simply mind blowing! David took out some of his specially formulated lube and began to glide his hand rhythmically up and down his cock. He tried to stay in sync with the beat of the sensuous music that had been dubbed to match movements on the video. His headphones made it so the music and erotic sounds on the video were also kept private.

David was so engrossed in the action and passionate audio on his headphones that he didn’t hear the knocking on his door.

Heather just finished with her morning shower. She put on her robe and headed for her bedroom to get dressed. izmit sınırsız escort Halfway down the hall, she heard unmistakable moans. It seemed to be coming from David’s room. So, she went to see if there was anything wrong with him. Heather knocked several times, but her brother did not answer. She tried the door knob and discovered that it was unlocked.

Heather opened the door a tiny crack to peak in and check on David. His bed was on the opposite side of the large guest room. She was startled to see in the distance her brother’s naked body with legs slightly opened and his huge erect cock jutting above his balls. He was stroking it while apparently viewing something on his phone and listening to an audio track on a headset.

Heather could hardly contain both her excitement of finally getting to see a real cock and the shock that it was her brother’s.

She wasn’t able to view it up close, but that didn’t matter to her right now. It was beautiful, sexy and very hard! Her pussy was getting wet and beginning to drip juices down her inner thighs. David was moaning as he picked up speed on his stroking. She intently stared at his thing of beauty. David suddenly let out a long guttural grunt while at the same time his cock began spouting white jiz all over his chest.

Heather couldn’t see his abdomen or chest from where she was, but she could only imagine the pools of her brother’s cream that must now be all over him there. Her head was swimming in the thought of what it would be like to see, taste and smell his spooge.

Heather quickly came to her senses and gently closed the door before she could be discovered peaking in on her brother. She could hardly believe what she had just witnessed. Her pussy was now drenched and all tingly. She scampered off to her bedroom to scratch her big itch.

David showered, dressed and headed downstairs to the kitchen to see what was going on with the twins for breakfast. Alex was sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal. Heather made some eggs and toast. She was just about to dig in when she looked up to see David come in the kitchen.

“Good morning sleepy head!” she said as a tease to indicate that he was the last one to make an appearance.

“Good morning you two early birds!” David retorted.

“We got up early because on Mondays and Wednesdays we have half day summer swim practice at school “Alex remarked.

“Would you like to cum and be watched, I mean come and watch?” Heather coyly misspoke her question as a private joke to herself. Alluding to what she had witnessed earlier this morning. That risqué scene was indelibly recorded on an endless playback loop in her mind. She suspected that her panties were going to be damp all day.

“I’d love to!” David responded. “What time does it start?”

“We have to be there in 30 minutes” answered Alex. “Since it takes 15 minutes to get there, you got that amount of time to eat Bro! And, by the way, would you mind being our ride? One of our teammates usually picks us up, but I can text him to cancel.”

“Hey, if I’m gonna be there anyway, it would be convenient for all if we traveled together.” David responded.

They arrived at the community swimming pool just in time for the twins to change into their swimming suits.

David took a seat in the bleachers near the entrance from the locker rooms. Several of the girl swim team members began to trickle out and head to the pool. Their official swim attire had significantly changed since he was in high school. The girls swim suits had a skin tight fit with a super high hip hem line that left a very narrow “V” shape to just cover their pussies on the front and half of their ass cheeks to the rear. His trained eye could detect little camel toes that were subtly on display for most of the girls. It was obvious to David that extreme grooming was essential for them to keep their pubic hair (if any) from being public hair!

Heather made her appearance, and she was a sight to behold. David struggled to keep his outward reaction in check. Inwardly, his eyes were focused on every sexy curve of her nubile body. Especially the skimpy sexy “V” that left little to the imagination. She was not the cute little girl of a year ago. Heather was now a beautiful young lady with much to be admired, including her perky B-cup titties. David’s sex radar gun was beginning to get pointy and he was glad he was sitting down.

The men’s team came out as a united group. Again, their swim attire had been upgraded to a slim speedo look. It was easy to spot those young men who were well endowed. David was satisfied that if the twins were comfortable with this line of swimwear then they were likely going to be comfortable in their own skin, sans clothing!

Alex and Heather seemed to be very competent in running their teams through the various swimming strokes. David was impressed with how well they took charge of the workout session. The girls were in top form In their performance, and in their appearance. David was glad he decided to come and watch. This eye candy was a great way to start his day.

Since their parents were leaving for a two week business trip early Wednesday morning, David thought that he might try reaching out to the contact person Aiden gave him. David was interested in seeing if this person was running a full service location. If so, then he would inquire what might be available, schedule wise, for the introduction of two newbies with an initiation session.

(Hope you enjoyed this story – To be continued if interest is expressed for it)

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