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Subject: Secret Desire 35 Secret Desire 35 As always, please be of legal age (18) to ready this sexually explicit material. To enjoy it more, might I suggest you read it naked, with a fresh glass of piss next to you. Just like I write it! The uber pulled up to the pier and Ky and I fell into the back. It had to be after 2 in the morning and we were too drunk on beer and piss to drive home, and Ky said he’d send Paulo to pick up the car later today. It was great to meet a lot of Ky’s friends and hang out with them. We made plans to surf tomorrow afternoon, so I planned on taking Dylan up on his offer of surfing lessons in the morning. The ride home was long, it seemed a lot longer than the ride there, but I didn’t have to piss so bad on the way there. My legs were shaking as I tried to hold my bladder, but it wasn’t helping. I had to piss and piss bad. I knew Ky was feeling the same pressure, as his left leg was bouncing up and down on the floorboard. I couldn’t hold it anymore, and we still had at least 10 minutes before we got to Ky’s house. I was going to do it, I had to do it, so why not make it fun. I grabbed Ky’s hand and put it on my crotch and did the same to him. It felt so good to let go, and suddenly Ky looked at me as the front of my board shorts began to darken and he started to feel the warmth of my piss on the palm of his hand. I was breathing a sigh of relief when I abruptly felt the warm wetness spread on my hand. Ky had a look of relief as his shorts became increasingly wetter with his piss as mine were. The torrents of piss were pooling between our legs on the faux leather seat of the car, as our cocks continued to spray our hot piss inside our board shorts. We stripped off our shorts as soon as the driver pulled away after leaving us at the front door of Ky’s parents’ mansion. We laughed about the wet mess we left in the uber, but luckily it would be easy to clean up. “Look at you there loverman!” I said looking at Ky’s hard cock standing up for all to see. “I love pissing my pants!” he laughed “Hey, what happened to your cage?” Ky asked me, looking over at my soft, free hanging cock. “Well, it’s about time you noticed. I stole your key on the plane and took it off in the lav. I felt weird wearing it around your family.” I said honestly. Ky went to open the door, but at the same time Paulo opened it and stood there naked to greet us. Ky stumbled and fell into him, as Paulo grabbed him, putting both arms around him as his hard cock smashed up against Paulo’s groin. “You boys are going to need some help upstairs.” Paulo said putting his arm around Ky’s shoulders Suddenly Ky got very drunk, as the beer and the jet lag caught up with him. So, I got on the other side of Ky we walked him upstairs. ‘Paulo has the nicest cock!” Ky said as he reached down and started playing with Paulo’s soft dick. “Thank you, Ky, you have a very nice cock too, especially when it’s hard.” Paulo said, looking down at Ky’s dick that was still standing tall. “My boyfriend loves to get fucked by big cocks Paulo, and I know yours is really fucking big.” Ky stammered as we climbed the stairs. “I’m sure your dick will do just fine.” Paulo said as I could see his cock starting to react Ky’s hand caressing his junk and our conversation. “Ahhhh Alex just wait until you get his cock in erdemli escort your mouth, oh he tastes so good.” Ky said looking down at Paulo’s almost completely hard cock now. We finally got to our room, which was completely cleaned up, bed made, and everything put away. “Let’s put him on the bed.” I said to Paulo and when we went to let him go, he fell onto the bed dragging Paulo with him. I watched as their mouths met and they fell into a very heavy kiss. Paulo’s cock was stick up from his lap as he sat awkwardly on the bed; it was huge, thick, and was just asking to be sucked. I got down on my knees and put my mouth around the head of his cock. It almost hurt I had to open my mouth so wide, but soon I was savoring the flavor of Paulo’s uncut cock. There was no way I could get the hole shaft in my mouth, I sucked it in as far as I could, and still I had less than have his cock in my mouth, he had to be 10 plus inches hard. I struggled but without any luck as Ky and Paulo made out on the bed. “You gonna fuck my boyfriend?” I heard Ky ask as I was rolling the knob of his cock around in my mouth. “You want to watch me fuck him don’t you, you want to see him squirm as I push my fat cock up his ass. You horny bastard, of course I’m going to fuck your boyfriend, and you can sit over there and watch.” Paulo said as he pointed to the wingback chair over by the fireplace. I looked up, hearing their conversation, and smiled. “See I told you he wanted you to fuck him” Ky said as he got off the bed. I stood up, and Paulo grabbed my hard dick and pulled me over to him as he sat up on the side of the bed. His mouth was on my cock immediately and he had me balls deep in one swallow. He sucked my dick as his fingers began exploring my ass. After three fingers were deep inside me, I began to feel the need to piss again. I didn’t know this guy, but he and Ky were close and I’m sure they had fucked and fooled around, so I let a little piss slip out, and he moaned and put his other hand under my balls and squeezed them. Suddenly my cock was spraying piss inside his mouth, and he was gulping it down as fast as I could piss it into his mouth. Oh, fuck another finger was pushing into my ass as Paulo sucked out the piss from my cock. I looked over at Ky, he was sitting in his chair, stroking his towering cock, watching everything we were doing. He looked up at me, smiled and then looked back down at Paulo sucking my cock, fingering my ass, and playing with my balls. “Fuck him already!” Ky said. Suddenly Paulo’s hands were under my arms, and he lifted me up. We were face to face, our lips met, and we kiss. His tongue was deep in my mouth, and we played I felt the hugeness of his hard cock pressing against my stomach. “Yea, I need you to fuck me.” I said, wanting his cock so bad. He threw me on the bed, on my back. He got between my legs, and pulled them up, opening me up for his assault. I watched as he spit into the palm of his hand, and then watched as he stroked his huge cock with his natural lube. My ass was loose due to his fingering of my hole, but when he pushed the head of his enormous cock into my ass, I was sure we were done. It was never going to fit! “OH FUCK!” I screamed “HOLLY SHIT FUCK, FUCK, OHHHHHHHHH” He shoved his cock into me with such tarsus escort force his head popped into my asshole, and I almost passed out. I took a deep breath and began to hyperventilate, he didn’t move. His cock stayed just inside me, as I gasped for air. “Oohhkaaayyy, yea okkkayyy……fuck, oh kay!” I whimpered. “Boy, you’re going to take this fat Brazilian cock deep inside your ass so you bet get ready.” He said as he pushed himself deeper into me. “Nice cock, don’t you think Alex. I know you can take it.” Ky said as he continued to watch us. I reached up and grabbed my knees and pulled them down and spread them wide. Opening myself up for whatever he was going to give me. “Okay go ahead and fuck me with that huge uncut dick of yours.” I said and held my breath. “Yea FUCK HIM ALREADY!” Ky yelled at Paulo “OH, MY FUCKING ASS, FUCK, FUCK, OH SHIT, STOP OH FUCK!” I screamed as Paulo shoved his fat cock deep into my ass immediately causing me to get lightheaded, as if I was going to faint. My head was spinning I was in so much pain. “Yea fuck him hard.” I heard Ky say as I was getting my asshole destroyed. Paulo was relentless! He fucked me so hard, he almost pushed me off the bed. He turned me over and pulled my ass up in the air with one jerk. My ass was on fire, as I planted my face into the pillow and screamed with each thrust of his hips until his balls swung low and began to bang against mine, and then I gasped as he almost fully pulled his cock out of my ass, but just before he popped out, I’d scream as his hips plowed his full weight into me again. “Yea he loves your cock.” I heard Ky say and looked over to see him standing right next to us watching Paulo’s fat cock pummel my ass. It wasn’t a minute or two later that Paulo started to jerk and thrust harder, and I knew he was going to cum soon. The warmth jettisoned inside me, as his thrust became erratic until he bottomed out inside me, as his orgasm took control. “Oh, fuck dude, yea take that cum up your ass!’ He said as he laid into my ass, letting his cock dump a huge load deep inside me. “Dude that was so fucking hot, watching you breed my boyfriend.” Ky said as he started to pat the back of my head. “I’m not done.” Paulo said as he slowly started to fuck me again. But this time he was gentle and kind, slowly fucking me, letting me enjoy the thick girth of his uncut, Brazilian cock as Ky just stood there and watched him fuck me again. He was a great fuck, and I was really getting off on him, and my cock was responding to his tenderness. So, I pushed myself up, now on my hands and knees as his enormous cock slip in and out of my ass. My cock was hard now, and I could feel the pre-cum dripping from the tip as he rocked me back and forth and I cooed with extasy as he stretched out my ass even more. Ky came in for a kiss, we got really passionate as our tongues wrapped around each other. I could see Ky was as hard as I was, and I offered him my mouth, which he took advantage of right away. So, with a cock in my mouth, and one in my ass, I rocked back and forth, as my right hand stroked my own hard cock as our threesome grew closer to blowing our loads. Ky was the first to unload, and I moaned in delight as my mouth filled with his warm, sweet spunk. I swallowed every last drop akdeniz escort and sucked him until he had to pull out of my mouth as he began to shiver and gasp. That’s about the time, Paulo started to grunt and groan, and once gain he bottomed out in my ass, dumping another huge load of his hot cum deep inside me. I couldn’t stop it any long, as my balls jerked, and my cock spewed ropes of cum all over the bed. Jets of hot sticky cum streaked the sheets below me as my cock continued to shoot as I felt Paulo’s cock continue to pump his seed deep inside my ass. “Oh, my fucking asshole, that was so hot!” I said as Paulo pulled his cock from my ass, making me feel empty inside. “Yea, that was fucking awesome, dude you are one amazing fuck!” Paulo said as I staired at the cock that was just filling my asshole in disbelieve. “Fuck me, look at that thing!!!!” I said looking at Paulo’s hanging cock, it was fucking huge, and it was inside my ass. ‘I don’t think I’ll be able to walk for days.’ I thought as I collapsed on the bed on top of my still hot cum shots. I heard Paulo and Ky kiss goodnight, as I laid on the bed exhausted. Ky came over and laid next to me and kissed me on my cheek. I looked over at him, and we kissed again. “You okay?” He asked. “Yea, I think so. I can’t feel anything around my ass though.” I said and we both laughed. “I’m tired, let’s go to sleep.” “I need to piss first” he said as he started to get up, but I pulled him back down. “69” I suggested. He kissed me again and then turned around and took my cock in his mouth, as I did the same with his soft cock once it was in front of me. We both drank until the other was done, and then Ky crawled back up and I fell asleep in his arms. I woke up to the bed shaking. I opened my eyes and immediately shut them as the bright sun light hurt, both my eyes and my head. Oh god what did we do last night???? But as I was waking up, the moaning became louder, and the shaking became more noticeable. I opened my eyes again, and Ky lying next to me, but he was moving back and forth, so I looked down and saw his legs raised high and someone behind him, fucking him! I quickly fully opened my eyes, sat up and immediately heard the grunting, moaning, and the slapping of skin as I saw this guy, that looked exactly like Ky fucking him. “What the fuck??” I said looking at this guy, and then down at Ky. “Oh….ahh…ahh…Dj, meet….ahh….ohhh yea……my boyfriend ahhhhhhh….Alex. Oh, fuck yeaaaaa.” He tried to introduce me as he was getting fucked hard. “Who, what’s…. wait a minute.” I said really confused. “Dude, I’m his brother DJ.” The guy said, not missing a beat as he kept up the rhythm of the motion of his hips. “Sorry, but I haven’t fucked him since this summer, and I really missed him.” “You’re his brother, you look just like him.” I said stupidly knowing that they were triplets. “You’re not supposed to be home until Friday.” “Yea, hold on…..ahhhh oh fuck ….ahhhhh oh yea, yea, ohhhhh fuck yea.” DJ said as his cock was emptying his load deep in his brother ass. Just as I saw cum flying across Ky’s chest as he rapidly stroked his own hard cock with his tightly closed fist, moaning as he came. get a lot of insperation from my readers, so if you like my story, let me know, tell me of your piss play at ail If you would like to read other storys I’ve posted on Nifty, look for the under the Author’s tag under Michael Dee Remember Nifty is a free service which relies on donations. If you enjoy the stories you read here, please donate however much you can. Just click here to help support Nifty. fty/

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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