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Secret Passion

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Even in the large suite there was no peace, the captain and Marissa were arguing again. Tyaja whispered to Ayanna “what is going between those two?” Tyaja replied “Maybe the tension of being on the lam is getting to them. Suddenly the door blasted open and that bounty hunter that was pursuing them stepped through the remainder of the door. The captain charged and caught the bounty hunter by surprise spearing him to the floor, as they struggled Marissa pulled out her knife and held it to the bounty hunter’s neck. Marissa “let him go” she demanded as the bounty hunter released his grip. And the captain hit him in the head with the end of his weapon knocking him out cold. Jake looked at Marissa and the others “We’d better get out of here, special services will be here soon”. The sirens could be heard approaching as they took off and disappeared into the clouds. Clearing the clouds the pursuit planes appeared and once again Marissa and Jake were arguing “what are you waiting for?!” shouted Marissa, as Jake just gave her a look as the plane tossed about and then disappeared. Marissa awakens and she feels in very cloudy state, she pulls herself up and finds that she in a room that appears to have been decorated by Victoria’s Secret. Gazing around the room through her haze and she is on a very large bed, in a maroon shaded room with soft lights, plush carpeting and walls covered in velvet. Stepping off the bed she’s a little shaken but she finds the bathroom. Washing her face, her brown hair is a mess, as she’s started by the reflection of the redhead in the mirror. She speaks softly “Oh good, you’re awake now. I wasn’t sure if this dose you got was too much. My name is Christy” Marissa replied “where am I?” Christy spoke in a soft feminine tone “You are on Eros, we sensed the violence and had to help you and the captain. We are only here to help you. She took Marissa by the arm and led her back over to the bed offering her a drink. Christy said “here, this will help you relax.” Marissa is a little apprehensive, takes the drink and sip as she feels a calmness pour over her as it warms throughout her body.Christy very close to Marissa starts stroking Marissa’s soft brown hair, massaging down her back. Marissa as this feels pleasurable to her, she thinks about how good her touch feels. Christy wraps her arms around Marissa’s waist and pulls her toward her pressing her body against Marissa’s, as she motions for a soft kiss. Marissa doesn’t resist although she cannot believe this is happening. But something about it feels so right and its been so long since she felt this way. Letting herself go, she wraps her arms around Christy as Christy pulls her closer pressing her bosom against Marissa’s while caressing her long brown locks. Locked in their embrace of passion as their hands explore over one another’s body, a few more young beautiful ladies enter the room quietly, a bosomy blonde Ashley and a dark brunette Kimberly carrying a small tray with various bottles.Meanwhile, Christy and Marissa are locked in their passionate embrace, touching, feeling and caressing each other. Ashley opens one of the bottles and a soft-effeminate scent emanates throughout the room. Marissa breathes in this scent as her lips are locked with Christy’s as their tongue are slowly exploring, the scent turns her on. Marissa could not believe this was happening but it was feeling so good to be kissing Christy as she started şişli escort to let herself go. Kimberly slips behind Ashley and is caressing Ashley’s voluptuous body and she pulls up on the satin camisole that Ashley is wearing exposing her full bosom; reaching down and sliding her hands over the front of Kimberly’s breasts as she eases down her lace panties. Now fully nude they surround Marissa and Christy, gently Christy feels Marissa caressing her shoulders, full breasts and grips the zipper of Marissa’s black jumpsuit slowly pulling down the zipper to her waist. Marissa could feel the warm air against her bare flesh as Ashley and Kimberly press their nude bodies up against Marissa as two pairs of hands slide her leather jumpsuit down exposing her bare shoulders as they pull it down to her waist. This was feeling unbelievably good to her as they were undressing her. Christy with her arms still around Marissa unclasped her bra and sliding her hands around Marissa’s back sliding her bra straps down over her shoulder exposing those full perky breasts. The warm air softly blows over her bare flesh causing her nipples to stiffen from the excitement as Marissa sucks in her breath. With Kimberly in front and Ashley behind her, the two pairs of hands softly slide the rest of Marissa’s jumpsuit down over her toned tushy past her legs and helping her step out of it.Turning to Christy, Ashley slide her tender hands over Christy’s bare shoulders, back and sliding off her satin lingerie. Christy taking Marissa by the hand and guides her over to the bathroom where Kimberly is waiting with a warm bubble bath. Kimberly taking Marissa but the hand she slips her hand down Marissa’s back guiding it down the back of Marissa’s panties and over her trimmed pussy, gently caressing and massaging her hot swelling pussy lips and clit. A quiet moan escapes Marissa’s lips as Kimmy slides her panties off, she guides her to the tub and climb in with her as soaps bubbles all over Marissa’s tight toned body. Making sure she doesn’t miss a spot as her hands massaging as she washes the young woman. Marissa’s is lost in the intense feelings she is experiencing as the anticipation of what is next excites her as the warm water rinse cascades over her body. Kimmy running her hands over Marissa is admiring her marvelous body and the thought of having her was just making her mouth water as she was feeling excitement build in her. Gently she guides Marissa out of the tub and back into the soft glow of the room as the three pairs of hands are drying her off touching every each of her bare body.Christy takes Marissa by the hand guides her to the over-sized bed, pressing her body against Marissa’s as her moist lips lick and suck her neck, over her shoulder down kissing her full perky breasts.  Slipping her wet tongue over Marissa’s stiffening nipples wrapping her soft moist lips around them and begins to gently suck as Kimmy and Ashley slide their wet tongues over Marissa’s bare flesh. The sensations were so intense for her; Marissa was finding it difficult to keep her eyes open as Christy’s tongue returned to her neck as her breathing was slowly becoming heavier. As the pleasurable feelings were beginning to overwhelm her as multiple hands, lips, tongues, caressing, kissing, and licking all over her nude body. A quiet moan escapes her lips as her eyes close giving herself to the intense feelings as Christy’s suction around şişli escort bayan her nipples increased with her moist tongue flicking the tip. Kimmy behind Marissa as her hands glided over her nude body while she kissed and nibbled at Marissa’s ear, slowly she slipped her wet tongue deep in Marissa’s ear and she whispered. “You like this baby”. Another soft moan escapes Marissa’s soft lips as Kimmy smiles to herself. Ashley on her knees in front Marissa presses her face in Marissa’s closed thighs, extending her wet tongue between teasing the Y and her love spot.  Sitting her on the bed the three girls eased her on her back on the over-sized bed guiding her head to the soft pillow.  She is in amazement as she could not believe how giving and loving these girls are towards her. Her breathing increasingly deeper as her excitement and arousal are building within her.  She fights to try to keep her eyes open as Ashley’s moist wet lips and tongue are sliding up her inner thighs. Gently with her soft hands Ashley parts them, exposing her tight hot wet pussy to the cool air; quietly she sucks in her tongue and breath. Ashley’s moist wet licking is teasing ever so close to her hot tight wet pussy the anticipation is getting so intense.Kimberly at the same time is sliding her moist wet lips on Marissa’s full perky breasts as Christy guides her soft hands over Marissa’s bare flesh caressing, teasing touching as she slowly teases her lips with Marissa’s slowly exploring the outer edge of Marissa’s lips. Christy’s tongue moves to Marissa’s neck, teasing and sucking as she licks the outer edge of Marissa’s ear. This sends a wave of excitement through Marissa’s body down between her thighs as Christy whispers to her “ooo does that excite you baby?” Meanwhile, Ashley is slowly guiding her moist wet tongue over Marissa’s hot wet pussy lips as her eyes flutter closed from the pleasure as moans of ecstasy escape her parted lips. “Mmm oooo mmm”. Gently and slowly her teasing becomes licking and sucking of Marissa’s tight hot wet pussy lips as her pussy becomes wetter and wetter from her excitement. Her moans of ecstasy increasing as she becomes lost in the sensations from her body and the pleasure her pussy is receiving. Kimmy’s sucking and licking of Marissa’s nipples becomes deeper and more teasing as her hands caress and knead the young woman’s full perky breasts. Kimberly just loves this young woman’s breasts and the pleasure that she is receiving from them as she slides one hand between her own thighs rubbing her own pussy’s wetness. Ashley slides her tongue teasingly over Marissa’s tight hot wet pussy as Kimmy and Christy both focus on Marissa’s full breasts, nipples, neck and ear as Ashley plunges her tongue deep into Marissa’s tight hot wet pussy. She takes slow long strokes just teasing at Marissa’s already highly sensitive swollen clit. To Marissa this was unbelievably so good and she was just getting further lost into this experience, never before has anyone shown this kind of love to her.Slowly Ashley slides her naked voluptuous body up and on top of Marissa’s as she focuses her kissing and licking on Marissa’s full perky breasts, neck and ear. As Christy moves down between Marissa’s already open thighs, carefully she licks at Marissa’s wet swollen pussy lips. Carefully she spreads the young woman’s swollen labia and lightly traces the insides with the tip of her tongue. Then she squeezes mecidiyeköy escort her swollen labia together and plunges her tongue deep inside her tight hot wet pussy. Marissa tosses her head as her moans of ecstasy fill the room while Christy’s moist wet licking of her tight hot wet pussy intensifies. As Ashley’s kissing licking focus on her neck and slipping a moist tongue in Marissa’s ear. Marissa lost in this pleasure cannot believe that this is happening to her, that she could feel such excitement from a woman. As Ashley with her voluptuous body slipping and sliding over Marissa’s nudity, locks her soft lips with Marissa’s in a passionate kiss with exploring tongues as Christy’s tongue gently slides between Marissa’s swollen wet pussy lipsMeanwhile as Ashley moves off Marissa while she kisses and licks Marissa’s neck and ear. Kimberly takes one of the bottles from the tray and opens it as another effeminate sweet scent arises. This scent fills Marissa’s senses as she is aroused even more as Christy’s licking turns to sucking of her hot wet pussy. Kimmy pours the liquid in her hands and guides it over Marissa’s nudity, slowly caressing, touching paying special attention to Marissa’s full perky breasts. Caressing the oil on her already stiffened nipples and it warms with each touch. Marissa closes her eyes “oo oh yes, that feels oh”.  Kim slips her moist lips over Marissa’s full perky breasts and locks them over her stiff nipples as Christy’s tongue is buried between Marissa’s thighs in her tight hot wet pussy. Ashley licking Marissa’s neck and ear whispers in Marissa’s ear “you like this baby doesn’t this feel great?” Marissa short of breath “I never oh oo felt like this oo”. Ashley slides her tongue over Marissa’s breasts gently clamping on her already stiff nipples as Christy moves and focuses on her neck and ear. As Kim opens another bottle of a creamy substance, and guides her hands with the cream over Marissa’s thighs and follows with her tongue. Slowly Kimberly locks her lips on Marissa’s pussy’s lips and the suction begins of Marissa’s tight hot wet pussy as Kimberly’s tongue flickers in an out. Marissa surprise by this action could not believe what has been happening and did not want it to end. She could not think of anything else but what these girls were doing and it was so fantastic.Ashley enjoying this moment at watching Marissa in pleasure and ecstasy took some of the cream that Kimberly had and squeezed the bottle over Marissa’s bare flesh. The crème felt cool to Marissa’s hot bare flesh, as two pairs of hands guided the crème into Marissa’s nudity. Ashley and Christy continue the licking and sucking on Marissa’s body and fully perky breasts and body as a long ecstatic moan escapes Marissa’s lips. Marissa “oh yes, oh yes that’s so good”.While Kimmy was focused on her licking of Marissa’s tight hot pussy, Christy becomes overwhelmed by Marissa’s moans and the sensuality of the room that she pushes Ashley down on the other side of the over-sized bed. She pressed her body on top of Ashley as she locks her lips with Ashley. Ashley could not resist Christy’s advance and her kisses became more passionate as tongues explored. Christy slowly licking Ashley’s neck and moving down to her fulsome breasts, kissing and licking every each of Ashley full-sized breasts as she wrapped her lips around Ashley’s already stiff nipples. Carefully she nibbled on each nipple as Ashley let out a sigh; slowly sliding her tongue between Ashley’s bosoms she slowly buried her tongue in Ashley’s hot snatch, as Ashley’s moans join Marissa’s. After a while Christy turns while between Ashley’s thighs and lock into a 69 position.

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