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Seducing Mom , Dad Ch. 04: Dad’s Next

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Carol walked out of the steamy bathroom into the bedroom, where she was confronted by her husband, John, sleeping in their disheveled bed. It was a stark reminder of what happened there last night. And on the back patio. Carol was asleep when her husband staggered home last night. Thankfully, he was probably too drunk to notice anything was amiss.

After throwing on black tights and a tunic over a sports bra, Carol went downstairs where she found her glasses and panties. She stared at the lounger, remembering what happened there. It was where she fucked her son. It started with a massage and turned into Davey taking her. It was so good they kept it going upstairs. She barely remembered Davey leaving for his own bed when they were done. What the hell did I do? she thought.

It was hard to think. Her head pounded. Carol had never felt hungover like that. She felt like she couldn’t drink enough water, too. It was probably a guilt hangover, she realized.

How did I do that to him? What the hell was I thinking? Davey—Dave—is my son! We committed incest. And adultery! Not only did I cheat on John, but I did it with our son! I’m sick! I let him come inside me! Twice! Oh my god!

Carol was suddenly nauseous, but when she rushed to the bathroom she didn’t throw up. She just sat there panting, filthy images flashing through her head. The guilt was overwhelming, but that didn’t change what she felt. Carol was disgusted with herself, but she couldn’t deny that the incestuous sex she had with her son was some of the best sex she’d ever had. Like Top 5. Maybe Top 3. Davey’s hands on her were incredible. She shivered just thinking about how perfect her son’s cock felt inside her. She had to wonder, was the sex so much better because it was her son? Did incest make it better? Carol had to wonder if there was something deeply, deeply wrong with her.

Carol grabbed her keys and fled with her hair still wet. She had to get out of there before anyone else was up. She couldn’t face her son or her husband.

Upstairs, Davey was slowly stirring. A warm body was pressed to his side and a tight hand was wrapped around his cock. In a dreamy haze, he thought he was still in bed with his mother, and he smiled. He whispered her name and reached for her.

“Close, baby brother, but wrong family member,” Mandy whispered, kissing his cheek.

“Mandy,” Davey groaned. He wanted to push his sister away, but honestly, her hand felt too good.

“Don’t be disappointed. Mommy isn’t young like us. She probably needs a break after that pounding you gave her last night. Mom’s probably not walking right this morning.”

“Mandy, don’t.”

“I’m proud of you. I mean it. You gave it to her good.” She kissed his cheek again. “I’m a little jealous, if I’m honest.”


“You do have a nice cock, Davey.”

“You can’t even call me Dave now?”

“Mom didn’t when you were fucking her.”

Mandy kissed her brother. It was a slow, sensual kiss, the product of the growing affection between them. Neither would admit it, but it was becoming more than a game for them. They still had their individual designs on their parents, but their attachment to each other was growing. Mandy caressed Davey’s face, while he pulled her closer by her panty-clad ass.

“Mmm, that’s nice, little bro,” Mandy said, leaning back.

Davey beheld his sister’s hot body. She only wore the panties and a tank top. Her nipples were prominent through the thin material, and Davey thumbed one. Mandy gasped and smiled. He pinched a little harder and she moaned. He’d figured out his sister like it rough. That was okay with Davey. He liked punishing his slutty sister.

“So was it everything you thought it would be?” Mandy asked.

“You really want to talk about this?”

“Of course. Tell me, baby bro.”

“It was fucking awesome, Mandy. I still can’t believe it happened.”

“But it did.”

“Yeah it did. And Mom really went for it. Like, I didn’t really have to push her to do it. She wanted it.”

“Mom let her inner slut come out. I can’t blame her. You’re hot, baby bro. I get why she couldn’t help herself.”

Davey ignored her. “It was like that when I fantasized it, but I didn’t think Mom would be like that, that she’d be like…”

“Like me? You can say it, Davey. I’m proud to be a slut, and I think you are proud to have a slutty sister.”

“I don’t know if proud is the right word, but yeah, I like you just the way you are, Mandy.” Davey roughly played with both her nipples, as if to make his point. She closed her eyes and gasped.

“Davey…” she moaned.

He pinched harder and said, “Dave.”

“Yes, sir. Dave.”

“Good. Rub my dick.”

“Yes, sir.”

Mandy loved the growing, assertive side of her brother. It was fun seducing him, but it was more fun seeing him become a man. She hoped their father was just as dominant, and well hung, she thought, rubbing his cock. She slowly jacked his shaft, using the precum leaking from the head to lube her hand.

“You’re sex izle gonna keep fucking her, aren’t you?” she asked.

“If she let’s me, yeah. I can’t get enough of her. I think she wants it too.”

“You know, it might take more convincing the second time. She’ll want it now that she had a taste, but she’s going to fight it. You know how she is. Mom still thinks it’s wrong.”

“I can convince her.”

“I know you can, Davey—I mean, Dave. Mom’s gonna want more of that dick. I can’t believe she let you blow your load in her.”

“I don’t think I could have stopped.”

“I get it, but still. I don’t think Mom’s on any kind of birth control.”

“I came in her again upstairs.”

“Damn, look at you!”

Davey shifted his hand to his sister’s cunt. Her panties were soaked when he pulled them aside. His fingers easily pushed into her shaved pussy. She moaned and squeezed his fingers. Damn, her pussy was tight. He barely had two fingers inside her. It was a tighter than their mother’s, but Mandy wasn’t in her 40s with three kids. Besides, Davey thought his mother was perfect. He wanted to feel Mandy’s tight pussy on his cock. It would be hard to hold out.

“You’d let me come inside you, wouldn’t you, Mandy?”

Her eyes sparkled with evil intent. “Maybe, if I let you fuck me.”

Davey rubbed her clit and she swooned. “I know you want it, Mandy. Just like Mom does.”

“But I’m saving myself for Daddy. Have your fun with Mom for now. When the plan is finished you can fuck me. That will be your reward.”

“I don’t wanna wait,” Davey whined.

“Then go find Mom and fuck her again.”

“What’s the plan anyway?” he asked, annoyed. “How are you going to get Dad’s dick? Are you going to drug him too?”

“Nah, I’m just going to straight up seduce him. I just don’t know how yet. I think it’ll be easier now that you’re fucking Mom.”

“Why’s that?”

“‘Cause I bet she’ll stop fucking Dad. You know, guilt or something. Maybe she’s afraid he’ll feel a difference. I’m sure that big dick of yours opened her up.”

“You say the nicest things.”

“That’s what big sisters are for.”

“No, you’re for sucking my dick, and if you’re not going to fuck me, I need some relief.”

Mandy hungrily eyed her brother’s cock. “Your wish is my command, Dave.” She dove on his prick, thinking how sweet it would be when it was her father’s cock in her mouth.


Mandy showered after blowing her brother and got herself off as the water pounded down on her. She swore she could still taste their mother’s cunt on his cock and it made her wild. She loved what a depraved family they were becoming. Davey got the job done on his end—with a little assist from Mandy—so now it was on her to seduce their father. She was more confident than Davey. Mandy was sure she could get the job done without slipping the old man Molly. She might need to get him drunk, but she knew she could get their dad in bed. Mandy had a tight body and firm tits. What man in his mid-40s wouldn’t want to fuck her?

She changed into her tiniest pair of cut-offs and an old white tank top that was about a size too small. It had a built-in bra, but the top was old the material was semi-translucent, leaving the dark outlines of her nipples plain. She didn’t have to look far to find their father. He was at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and his phone in hand. The old man looked rough. He’d been out drinking with his friends the night before, which gave Mandy and her brother the window to seduce their mother. If only Dad knew how the family was playing while he was out! Even hungover, Mandy still found her father sexy. She was ready to hop right into his lap.

Dad was a tall man, over six-and-a-half feet tall, and he’d been an athlete in college. But that was over 25 years ago, and he’d put on some bulk over the years. He was heavy, but still incredibly strong, which Mandy found super-sexy. He shaved his head, a concession to losing his hair, but he pulled it off. She really loved his piercing blue eyes. Mandy wanted to see those eyes staring into hers while she fucked him. Looking at her father, she didn’t see much of her brother there, but she found both men sexy.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said brightly, bouncing through the kitchen.

“Hey, honey,” he replied, not looking up from his phone.

“Did you have fun with the boys last night?” She was extra cheerful, hoping it would get his attention, but his eyes stayed down.

“Can you keep it down, please?”

“I guess you did have fun. A little too much.”

“What did you guys do?”

“It was just me and Davey and Mom, so we hung out together.”

“Just like the old days, huh?”

Not quite, Mandy thought, smiling. “It’s a little different now that we’re all adults. We had a different kind of fun. It was great.”

He finally looked up and Mandy felt him staring at her body for a moment longer than appropriate before he forced his eyes to her face. She turned up the wattage on her smile, sexmex porno hoping it looked innocent. It was part of the plan. His face was unreadable. He sipped his coffee and said, “You guys will always be kids to us.”

“I guess. But I don’t want you to see me as a little girl.” In her head, she added, Mom knows Davey’s a man now. And I can see you know I’m all grown up.

“You’ll always be my girl. You and Emmy.”

Mandy kept her eyes on his and saw how his eyes kept flicking down to her tits. Having her dad look at her like that was such a turn on that her nipples stiffened, giving her father something more to stare at. She appreciated his willpower, but she knew it was a temptation. She turned and reached up into the cabinet for a coffee cup, sure her father was now staring at her ass.

“Do you know where everyone else is?” he asked, his voice strange. “Your mother was gone when I woke up.”

“She probably hit the gym. You know how Mom is. She can’t get enough of it.”

“Yeah, there is that Saturday morning yoga class she attends sometimes. She likes the stress break.”

“Davey is still in bed, I think. Emmy stayed at a friend’s house. I’m sure she’ll be home soon.”

Mandy poured herself a coffee but didn’t sit at the table with her father. Instead, she stood very close, her tits right at his eye level. She almost laughed seeing him trying to look everywhere else. She rubbed her dad’s shaved head and laughed when he jumped. “Hope you don’t have too much to do today. You’re looking pretty rough, Daddy.”

“I’ll be fine, Mandy. You should get dressed and get on with your day.”

“Oh, I’m dressed. But you’re right, I should get a move on. I’ve got things to do.”

Mandy bent down and kissed his head and gave him a hug, mashing her tits into him. He shook and weakly put his arm around her. “See ya, Daddy,” she said, leaving her flustered father in the kitchen. She was pleased with his reaction. He was usually pretty stoic, but she’d never pushed it that hard. Mandy usually just paraded around in front of him and let him watch. She didn’t throw it in his face. His reaction boosted her confidence. She was sure he could pull this off and bed her father.

John took a deep breath and lightly slapped his cheek once his daughter left the kitchen. He had to get his head on straight. He couldn’t help his eldest daughter running around dressed like a slut, but he had to control his reaction to it. The problem was, it was so damned hard. Literally.

He was only a man, so of course he noticed it when Mandy walked around the house without much on. She’d been doing it for a couple years now, wearing tiny tops and skirts, skipping the bra, showing a ton of skin in any way she could. John thought they raised her better and mentioned it to his wife, but Carol just said she was a typical girl and that’s how girls dress now. Carol didn’t say she approved, but she wasn’t going to do anything about it. John couldn’t say anything to Mandy directly about it, because that would be an admission that he’d noticed. Fathers weren’t supposed to noticed such things, but if was difficult when you had a daughter built like Mandy.

Mandy looked a little bit like her mother in the face, but was taller, with long shapely legs. Carol was a blonde, Mandy was a brunette. John hated to admit it, but his daughter had a bubble butt that begged to be shown off in Daisy Duke shorts. Her tits were even bigger than her mother’s, and they looked so damned nice. John did everything he could to avoid looking at her, but when Mandy came around dressed like she was this morning it was impossible. He almost thought she was teasing him on purpose, but that was insane. He adjusted the thick hard-on in his pants, thinking Carol was really going to get it tonight.


Davey kept busy with his PS4 all day, but it didn’t keep his mind off his new reality. He kept thinking, How did I get here? He knew how he got there—it all started with his crazy, slutty sister—but it still didn’t seem real. Not only was he fooling around with his sister, but now he was fucking his mother. And god, did he love fucking his mother! She was an animal in bed! He hoped she would be as wild when she wasn’t drugged up on Molly. He thought she would be. He couldn’t wait until he got another shot at her.

He heard her come home late in the afternoon, but everyone else was home. It was unusual for the house to be full. The family members were usually all headed off in their own directions. Davey put down the video games and headed downstairs. His mom was in the kitchen putting groceries away. His sister Emmy helped.

Davey couldn’t help but look at his younger sister sexually now, too. They were about a year apart, and she’d just turned 18. Emmy was prettier than Mandy, even though she looked more like their dad. She wasn’t quite as curvy as his other sister, but still had that nice round ass all the women of the family had. Was Emmy as freaky as the other women in the family? Davey thought maybe he should sikiş izle find out sometime. His sister Mandy had created a monster.

“Let me help you guys,” Davey said, grabbing a couple cans from the kitchen island. His mother nearly jumped through the ceiling.

“Since when do you help with things in the kitchen?” Emmy asked sarcastically. Davey loved his little sister, but they didn’t always get along. He thought of her as a little suck up.

“Hey, I like to help,” he protested.

“Really, you don’t have to. You can go back to whatever you were doing,” Mom said, keeping her back to him.

Davey squeezed in beside his mother to place the cans in the cupboard above her head. When they touched, she stiffened. She tried to pull away, but he kept pressing against her.

“Can I have a little room, Davey?” she said.

“Yeah, it’s a big kitchen. You don’t need to crowd Mom,” Emmy said.

“Jeez, sorry,” he said, thinking, Mom didn’t mind being so close last night.

Carol spun away from her son. The moment he touched her, cold sweat ran down her back. She was glad Emmy was in the room to make sure everyone behaved. It was horrible that she was afraid to be alone with her son now. That she was just as afraid of what she might do as she was of him made it worse. But even with Emmy there, she didn’t want to be in the kitchen with Davey. She wasn’t ready to face him yet. She had no idea what to say. She snatched up a case of water bottles and carried it down to the basement. Of course, there was more than one case of water and a moment later she heard Davey thumping down the stairs behind her.

“I got the other case for you, Mom,” he said, following her to the corner of the basement they used for storage.

Most of the basement was finished as a game room, but a corner was walled off for storage and laundry. It was tight quarters there and when Carol turned from dropping the water, Davey was right there.

“Excuse me,” she said, trying to squeeze past him. Mercifully, the case of water he carried was between them.

“Are you trying to avoid me, Mom?”

“Davey, please…”

He dropped his case and she tried to get past him, but Davey caught her by the arm and he pulled her back against him. Carol’s heart pounded and she stared up at her handsome son’s face. She’d always thought he was a handsome boy, of course, but now she couldn’t help seeing him as a man. She hated herself for it.

“Davey, please,” she repeated. “Please let me go.”

“I think you can finally remember to call me Dave after last night.”


“Last night was incredible, Mom. I’ve never felt anything like it.”

“Dave, you know we shouldn’t have.”

“Why not? We both wanted it.”

“I’m your mother, David.”

“And I’m your son and I still want you, Carol. I’ve wanted you for so long. You have no idea. And I think you want it to, Mommy.”

Could he feel her heart pounding in her chest? Their bodies were crushed together. Davey had one hand on her back, the other on the swell of her ass. It felt good to be in his strong arms. Carol tried not to think about that.

“We were drunk, Dave. We didn’t know what we were doing. It was wrong. You have to know that.”

“We’re both sober now, and I want to fuck you so badly. It’s all I can think about, Mom.”

“It’s so wrong…”

“No one needs to know.”

“Mandy…oh god, your sister was there.”

Davey chuckled and felt bad when he saw his mother’s confused face. “Mandy is the last person you need to worry about. Believe me.”

“Davey, you have to let me go.” She trembled in his arms. A hard lump pressed into her stomach. He only wore loose basketball shorts. Oh god, she thought.

“Tell me you don’t want it to. Make me believe it and I’ll let you go.”

“Davey, I don’t…”

“You’re a terrible liar, Mom. That’s how I knew when I got a bike for Christmas that year.”

Davey crushed his lips to hers and Carol only hesitated for a moment before opening to him. She went limp in his arms, trying to convince herself that if she was passive it wasn’t as bad. But Carol’s body betrayed her because he was exactly right. She did want it. Except for when she cleared her mind at yoga, Carol had been fixated on her son all day. She couldn’t have been that drunk the night before, because she remembered everything in vivid detail—how amazing his hands felt on her, how exciting his kiss was, and how fantastic his cock felt inside her. John was a good lover, but sex with her son brought something out in her that she didn’t even know was there. Fucking her son was next-level. It went against everything she believed, but now that she’d had him, Carol couldn’t help craving her son. Maybe if she avoided him she could behave herself, but in his arms, she was helpless. She sighed and jousted her tongue at his.

He knew it! Davey knew he mother could not fuck him like they did the night before and then just walk away from it. At 19, he thought he had all the answers. He pushed her back against the concrete wall and squeezed her ass hard. He grinded his hard cock against her and felt her grind back. He felt his mother’s passion in their kiss. He felt how much she wanted to screw him. Yeah, she wanted it!

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