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Seduction on the Sun Deck Part 1

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Julia’s head pressed back into the plump, white pillow as her legs clamped closed, the muscles in her vagina pulsing around the hard plastic shaft buried inside her. Her eyes remained closed as the orgasm washed over her, her free hand teasing her stiff nipple. “Mom?” The voice coming from down the hallway outside her bedroom drifted through the euphoria and into her head. “Mom, I’m leaving now. I’ll see you later. Love you!”Julia’s breathing was still labored as she called out a reply, not really caring if it was heard, another wave of pleasure making her eyes flutter and a soft moan drift from her lips. She listened as her son’s footsteps grew fainter on the stairs, then there was a pause before she heard the front door slam. In the distance she heard a car engine start and she pictured Michael reversing off the drive and onto the quiet suburban street.Slowly Julia opened her eyes, blinking away the blur in her vision, the clean, crisp sheets crumpled around her as a result of her early morning climax. She slid the vibrator from inside her, her legs straightening onto the cool sheets. Across the room an open window let in a soft breeze, the sheer net curtains billowing gently into the room. As her fingers released her now softening nipple, she looked at the white vibrator in her fingers. There was no doubt that it had been a great purchase but it still didn’t go far enough to replace the real thing. She missed sex. She missed the feel of skin on skin, the weight of a man on top of her, pressing her into the bed as she gave herself over to him, wrapping her legs around thick thighs as a hard on filled her. Her nipples began to stiffen again as she pictured a faceless male, taking her, pulling her onto him as she rode him, moaning, grinding, fucking. Julia shook her head, and opened her eyes again. Reaching into the drawer next to her bed she took a wet wipe from the pack inside, carefully wiping over the plastic shaft before dropping it into the drawer and pushing it closed. Stepping off the bed, she padded across the room, stopping to look in the full length mirror. At forty years old she was still in good shape and very attractive, her appearance often garnering compliments from her friends and the occasional stranger, and although she never acted upon their advances she still liked the thought that both men and women alike found her attractive. Her skin was smooth and clear, her face showing very few lines or blemishes. Daily home workouts and two yoga classes a week kept her stomach flat and her butt firm and high. Her wavy, shoulder length blonde hair gave way to the curve of her firm breasts; the part of her which had, in her opinion, needed a little extra help in the form of cosmetic assistance. After having her son early at only twenty two and her husband leaving a few years later she had decided that perhaps her appearance could do with a little help, and so, at the age of thirty three she had opted for breast augmentation, and as a result her 34B breasts had increased to a firm D cup. At the time her friends had been very supportive of her decision, even looking after her son while she was in the hospital. At first the pain of the surgery had made her wonder if the procedure had been worth it, but once she had healed she loved her new look and it had given her a great excuse to go out and indulge her love of cute, sexy lingerie, escort beylikdüzü enjoying looking at herself in dressing room mirrors as she tried on new bras. She had even had a couple of compliments from the female sales assistants who had measured her and helped her find sizes. One sales girl had even stared a little too long at her breasts when she had walked into the changing room as Julia was changing. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” the young assistant had said, her cheeks flushing as she realized she was staring. “It’s just that you have really nice breasts. Not that I’m into breasts like that,” she continued, stuttering a little. “It’s just that they’re very nice.” Not wanting to put the young girl under any more pressure and actually feeling flattered that a girl 10 years younger than her was impressed with her body Julia cut her some slack. “Thank you,” she’d replied, plucking up the courage to give her breasts a little lift and push together for added effect. “I’m glad you like them, I’m very pleased with them too.” Even now, eight years on, her friends would make reference to the situation whenever she wore a low cut top or a push up bra. “Nice tits, Julia,” or, “Boobs are looking good today, girl.” Smiling at the though Julia ran her hand down over her flat stomach until she reached her pussy, brushing her hand over her bare mound and down to her lips. Even though she had no man to be smooth for, she still had regular laser and waxing treatments, the sight of her nude pussy and the softness of her skin beneath her fingers turning her on. Satisfied at what she saw in the mirror, or as satisfied as anyone could be from their own reflection, she stepped into her bathroom and turned on the shower. Julia pulled her SUV into a diagonal parking spaces on the wide street and, shutting off the engine, she got out into the sun. As the morning had moved on the temperature had increased and she was starting to regret putting on her skinny jeans and knee length boots, but the jeans made her ass look good and she liked that feeling. To add to her casual, busy single mom look she had worn a plain white t-shirt with a v-neck that showed off but didn’t display her cleavage. Owning an online travel company not only afforded Julia the income to own and maintain her large four bed house with it’s big backyard and swimming pool, but also gave her time to run errands and meet friends for coffee or lunch. But today she had no plans to spend time with anyone; once she had picked up her dry cleaning and had been to the post office her plan was to return home, slip into her favorite and smallest swim suit and spend some time in the garden. And if the level of arousal she was currently experiencing continued, she had no doubt that another date with her little plastic friend would occur, although, having the house to herself she would not be required to retire to her bedroom for her afternoon of indulgence. Putting on her aviator sunglasses, Julia stepped out from the cool of the air conditioned dry cleaners, her business suit in its protective sleeve draped over her arm. She looked at her watch, it was still only 10:30 am and she had finished her errands. Turning back in the direction of her car she heard her name being called. For a moment she was unable to see who was trying to get her attention but the fact the it was a male voice escort akbatı and they were calling her Ms. Wilkinson she knew it wasn’t one of her friends. Looking around she heard the voice again. “Ms. Wilkinson!”Looking around, Julia recognized Josh, her son’s best friend, waving at her from the other side of the street. She waved back. Julia liked Josh, as he and Michael had been friends since middle school and spent most of their weekends together. Which meant that Josh was usually at Julia’s house from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. She watched as Josh stepped into the street, waiting for a couple of cars to pass before jogging over to her. Josh was a good looking young man, tall and slim with nice shoulders and a strong jaw, but being her son’s friend she had never really seen him as anything other than a boy who was growing into a man. Josh had turned eighteen a couple of months after Michael and she had allowed them to have a few friends around for a joint birthday cook out. She had supplied the food and a few drinks and then made herself scarce for the evening, having a nice dinner and a few drinks with her friend Susanna. Susanna was beautiful and her husband was good looking and successful and although she felt no real jealousy, Julia did envy her friend and their sex life, a topic their conversation invariably turned around to whenever they got together. When she had returned home that evening she was a little tipsy which meant that she was less aware of Michael, Josh and their friends also being a little drunk. She was also very horny. So she had said her hellos to the boys and then excused herself, heading for her bedroom where she had teased herself to a quiet but powerful orgasm, the sound of the boy’s laughter drifting up from the decking below her window. Being a little drunk she had let her mind wander, wondering what Josh and the other boys would think if they knew their friend’s mom was naked, only a few feet away, fingering herself until she came, her body shuddering as she heard their laughs and muted conversation. Julia’s mind drifted back to the present as Josh reached the curb. “Hey, Ms. Wilkinson. How are you?” Josh knew full well that her name was Julia and even though she had never told him not to use her first name, he still chose to call her Ms. Wilkinson. “Hey, Joshua. I’m good, how are you?” Josh shrugged. “Yeah, I’m okay,” he replied. “But I’m bored. Michael still has one more class to finish up at school but I didn’t take that subject so I’m done for the summer.” Josh looked at Julia as she nodded, smiling. “Uh, but you already know that, what with you being Michael’s mom and all,” he said, feeling a little foolish. “Don’t worry,” Julia said, nodding. “Today is his last day and then you guys will have three months of fun.” She paused. “Wait, what about that cute little cheerleader you were dating?” She said, tilting her head, looking at Josh. “Why aren’t you having some fun with her?” “Uh, we’re not together anymore,” he replied, looking at the floor. “Oh, honey, I’m sorry ” Julia said, touching his arm. “What happened?” Josh paused for a moment, obviously a little embarrassed. “Well, she was a year younger than me and I felt like I was, y’know, ready, but she wasn’t in the same place.” He looked at Julia, “I don’t mean I did anything to upset her or piss her off. I was happy escort beylikdüzü to wait until she was ready but I was worried that she might, y’know, sleep with me when she wasn’t really ready and I didn’t want that. And because I’m going off to college in the fall we decided that we should break up so that she could spend the summer with her friends and maybe meet someone who won’t be moving across the state in a few months.” Julia reached out and touched Josh’s arm again. “Oh, honey,” she said, “that is really sweet. I’m so glad you dealt with the issue in such a mature way.” Josh nodded and shrugged again. “I guess, but I do kinda miss her. We still talk and text now and then but nothing else. Like I said, I think she was a little young for me, but I’m glad we’re still friends.” Julia smiled at his shyness and candor. “So what are you going to do for the rest of the day?” She asked. “Can I drop you somewhere?” “I don’t really have anything to do,” Josh replied. “My mom asked me to come into town to get some keys cut and I even left my car at home to string it out, but I’m done already so I might just walk home.” “Well I can drop you if you’d like,” Julia replied. “And Michael will be home around four o’clock so you know you’re welcome to come back over this evening.” “Thanks, Ms. Wilkinson,” Josh replied. “That would be great. Actually, I left my headphones at your house so could I pick them up on the way through. I can listen to my music this afternoon without my mom getting mad at me.” “Of course we can, honey,” Julia replied. “I’m parked just down the street.” “Thanks, Ms. Wilkinson,” Josh said, reaching out and taking her dry cleaning. As Julia drove they chatted about school and as she pulled into her neighborhood the conversation turned to Josh’s love life. “So earlier you said that you felt you were ready with the cheerleader. Does that mean you’re still a virgin?” She knew she shouldn’t really be talking about such things to her friend’s son, but he had seemed so shy she found herself wanting to know. Josh stared out the windshield, considering his response. “Yeah, I guess,” he replied eventually. Not wanting to add to his embarrassment, Julia just nodded but Josh seemed a little worried. “What’s wrong, Joshua? It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it’ll happen,” she said kindly. “No, I know,” Josh replied. “It’s just that….” “What?” Julia asked. “Well, I’m just worried that if I meet someone at college and I’m still a virgin, well, what if I lose her because I’m not very good at it?” Julia smiled in that way mom’s smile when they’ve had similar worries which now seem quite trivial. “Joshua, you’ll both be young and, hopefully, she won’t be much more experienced than you so you’ll learn together. Stop worrying.” “I guess,” he replied, not wanting to make eye contact with his best friend’s hot mom during a conversation about sex. “That’s what I want.” Pulling onto the driveway, Julia shut off the engine and they both got down from the car. She turned the key in her front door and stepped in from the warm early summer sun to the cool of the air conditioned house. Turning to Josh she asked, “Do you remember where you left your headphones?” “Yes, they were in the back yard on the table.” “Oh, those are yours?” Julia said, “I thought they were Michael’s so I just left them out there. Do you want to get them?” “Thanks, Ms. Wilkinson,” Josh replied, stepping past her and heading to the glass doors which lead from the kitchen to the back yard.” “Take your time, honey,” Julia said, “I’m going to take my dry cleaning upstairs then I’ll drop you home.” Reaching her room, Julia hung her suit it in the closet.

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