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Seeking My Cyber-Son

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(All characters in this story are at least 21 years old. This story involves father-son incest role play, so please don’t read it if this is a trigger for you.)

If you’re looking for a love story, this is not the story for you. This story has nothing to do with love. It has everything to do with cocksucking and mancunt-fucking. It’s a story that has no payoff except sex.

But it didn’t start off that way. It started off as an attempt to make love “in person” with a guy I had been talking to, flirting with, sexing, and loving online for several years. This is how it went down…

I first met Davy online almost ten years ago. I was an active professional fully invested in my job, and he was a recent college graduate ready to start his career. We clicked immediately, and our conversation had quickly morphed from the casual to the philosophical to the emotional to the sexual. After only a year or two had passed, it was pretty much a “given” that — whenever our paths crossed online — we would quickly fall into the deliciously lurid embrace of an intense online fuck. Between us, there were no holes barred (literally or figuratively). We sucked, we fucked, we pissed, we cucked each other, and we did it all bareback. In particular, we loved to imagine ourselves as father and son, an incestuous couple who couldn’t keep our hands, mouths, and dicks off of or out of each other. It was so intense that at times it felt like the computer screen was going to explode into fire, or evaporate like steam. I often imagined that at any moment I could stand up from my chair, rigid dick pointing the way, and step through the thin membrane of the computer screen into the imagined world that we were creating together within it. I would go to sleep at night in the “real world,” imagining that I was wrapped around his body, dreaming that I was inserting my cock into his pussy as we laid together, humping inside him and seeding his gut all night long as we lay in our bed(s). Our “sleep bodies” united in our imagined world, while our “real bodies” lay thousands of miles and a wide ocean of water apart — me in Akron (Ohio), him in Thessaloniki (Greece).

And then came the business trip that took me to Greece. I couldn’t believe it when my boss told me that I was to spend almost two full weeks in Hellas. Had the time finally come when I would meet my “son” face-to-face? After all the years of talking and yearning and fantasizing, was it finally time for us to hold each other’s bodies in the “real world?” My heart started beating faster at the thought.

But enormous difficulties quickly arose. I was being sent to Athens, not Thessaloniki, and the two cities were over three hundred miles apart. More than that, my schedule was to be filled with meetings and errands and commitments — and the “free time” I could look forward to was limited at best. I decided not to tell Davy I was going to be in Greece at all. If I built up his hopes, then couldn’t meet him, I knew he’d be crushed. Far better to keep my travel a secret and just take pleasure from being closer to him, breathing the air of his country.

Time flew by, and by mid-May I was on a plane to Athens. Once there, I was put up in a hotel in the downtown area, right beside Syntagma Square. The very first night of my stay, jet lag hit me hard and I couldn’t fall asleep — so at about 2 a.m., I took the hotel elevator down from my 8th floor hotel room, walked out the front door, and crossed the street over to the main public square at the heart of Athens. I was astounded at how alive it was at this hour. There were people sleeping on benches (or the ground), walking around, sitting alone or in clusters, feeding or ignoring the feral cats that were ducking in and out of the shadows. Some were smoking, some were talking, and many were displaying their bodies in hopes of a hook-up. So many prostitutes — especially male whores — who were hoping to sell their mouths or dicks or asses to one more tourist before the lucrative nighttime hours passed by.

Was I tempted, you ask? Oh hell yes, I was tempted. Sorely so. They did, after all, remind me of the pictures I had seen of my “son.” His dark hair. His lithe body. His Hellenic cheekbones and long hands. They had the look of sex-hunger in their eyes, and it was obvious they were willing to share themselves with me if I would just make it worth their while. I could have had one. I could have had two or more, together or separately. I almost did. But I reminded myself that it was just the first night, that I had two more weeks to walk the streets — and, if fickle Fate somehow allowed it — there just might be a doorway, currently hidden from my sight, that could spring open to reveal my own son-love on the other side.

I only got about 3 hours of sleep that first night before the ringing phone yanked me from my rest, telling me that I had half an hour to get up, clean up, dress up, and get downstairs to meet the business associate who’d been delegated to be bahis şirketleri my escort while I was in Greece. A quick shower, an even quicker shave, and I was in the lobby shaking hands with Gus, my primary “contact” for the next two weeks.

At first impression, Gus was a nice enough guy. About 45 years old, running slightly to fat, but still dark-eyed, dark-haired, and sporting a dour look on his face that a small joke or sudden comment could easily convert into a radiant grin. He smoothly navigated the streets to our meeting, parked the car with flair, and walked me up to the Board Room for our introductory consultation.

It became immediately clear that I was going to be busy from dusk-till-dawn during my stay. They’d been piling up questions and tasks relative to my firm for months, and as soon as I walked in the door they started to dump them all on me. The first day was intense, and it didn’t let up the rest of the week. By the time I got back to the hotel each night, I was far too tired to wander over to Syntagma and look for a bedmate. Besides, as tired as I was, it would have been a lousy fuck anyway.

The first week went by in a frustrating blur. Everywhere I went, there were male faces and bodies that made me yearn all the more for my cyber-son. I saw a reflection of him in every Greek stud I encountered — a steady string of Davy-reminders all day long every day. Every man I helped in the office, every guy I jostled against in the street, every desk clerk who handed me my key, every male I stood a few inches away from in an elevator, made me think about him. What his skin would feel like. What it would be like to take him my arms. How tightly his ass would hold me inside him when I finally got to fuck him. Alone at night in my hotel room, I would lie face-down on the mattress and pound against the pliant bed, my dick trying to dig a hole through the sheets and let me get to him. His shadow was everywhere. His body was — not.

And then came the news that changed everything. One day as he was driving me in to the office, Gus told me that his company had a branch office they wanted me to visit, if time allowed. If we could get things straightened away enough at the Athens site, then they wanted me to consult on and give the once-over to a couple of projects at their sister site. It was in Thessaloniki.

For the next four days, I worked harder and faster than I’d ever worked before in my life. I was determined to complete all the work Athens was demanding. I was intent on opening that door of opportunity that would get me to Thessaloniki and let me hold my “son.” And my efforts paid off. On Tuesday, the decision was made that Gus and I would make a quick run out to the Thessaloniki office. I’d have one night and parts of two days there before a rushed return to Athens to catch my plane back to the States.

I knew that I needed to be as rested as possible for the trip, but I still tossed and turned in bed for hours, imagining that I could feel Davy’s body under me, imagining that my cock was inside him and that I could hear his moaning. But mostly, imagining that my lips were pressed to his, that my tongue was in his mouth, that our bodies were folded around each other. Somewhere around 2 a.m., I grabbed the biggest pillow on my bed and wrapped my body around it. Finally, after ten minutes of humping the receptive cushion, I stained the pillowcase with my seed and fell asleep.

The next morning, I was dressed and ready to go when Gus showed up in the lobby fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. He laughed when he saw me, saying, “Guess you couldn’t wait to get up to Thessaloniki, eh? You’re the most eager guy I’ve ever seen! Have you got a woman waiting for you up there or something?”

I gave him a wry grin in return. I was leaving in two days, I liked this guy, and I figured it wasn’t going to make any difference at this point if he knew the whole story. “Yeah, Gus, you guessed my secret! I do have somebody waiting for me, and I can’t wait to be with them. The only thing is, you got the gender wrong.”

Gus’ face froze for a second as he stared into my eyes. Then, his face broke open in a beaming smile. “Well what do you know? My new American friend and I have even more in common than I knew! My friend, if I’d known you were into men, you and I could have been having a whole lot more fun this past week and a half!”

I was floored. Gus had done absolutely nothing up till then to even suggest that we were inclined in the same direction. Still, what he said immediately gave me a better insight into why we had found it so comfortable to spend time together, and I already felt even more at ease with him. My mind quickly applied a new mental lens to the man standing in front of me, rapidly recalculating my reaction to him as I began to view him as a potential bed-mate rather than merely a business colleague. The curves of his body looked even more appealing than they had before, and my eyes drank in the bulge in his bahis firmaları crotch more deliberately and directly. I smiled at him. “Sorry, Gus! Guess that teaches me to open the closet door a whole lot faster when I travel! It’s a pity for sure. My bed’s been awfully lonely this whole time. Sure could have used a buddy to bunk down with. Would have saved you a lot of driving too!”

Gus reached out with his big paw and grabbed my shoulder. “Well, better late than never,” he said. “Maybe we’ll still find some time to play before you head home. Meanwhile, let’s get you up to Thessaloniki and into the bed of this man you’ve got waiting!”

Once we were in the car and it was certain that nothing was going to stop this trip from happening, I pulled out my cell phone and tried to call Davy. No answer. Wanting him to have as much warning of my impending arrival as possible, I typed out a text to send him: “Hi, moro. I know this is going to be an enormous shock, but… I’m in Greece this very minute! More specifically, I’m in a car that’s speeding its way to Thessaloniki. Can you meet me tonight? I’m here for a business meeting, but I’ll be free around 6 p.m., and the whole night is ours if you want it. Sorry for the short notice, but it wasn’t certain until now. Can’t wait to hear back from you, son!”

I read my text aloud to Gus, and he leered at me. “Oh my friend,” he said, “so it is a son you have in Thessaloniki! I have a son myself. They are very pleasant things to have, eh?” He ran his tongue slowly around his lips as I laughed and nodded in agreement.

Unfortunately, he said that cell phone reception in the area was very poor, so I shouldn’t count on getting a response while we were on the road. Nodding my understanding, I focused on the here-and-now as the trip from Athens to Thessaloniki flew by. Now that we knew we shared an interest in the male cock, Gus and I had a great time telling each other stories about men we’d crushed on, drooled over, fucked over, and screwed with. Mile by mile as the conversation unfolded, I had the pleasure of watching Gus’ cock inflate and deflate in his pants. Every so often I’d reach over and give him a little squeeze and leave my hand in his lap for a while. And I’m glad to say that he frequently returned the favor.

But we didn’t go any further than that. I was saving myself for my “son,” looking forward with excited anticipation to the moment when I would finally see his face and taste his lips (and hips). Flirting with Gus was a fantastic way to pass the time, and I enjoyed every inch of the journey, but it was nothing more than a tantalizing appetizer for the full meal I anticipated eating within the next few hours. My main course was going to be a young man who I was convinced “belonged to me” (and who I had given my love to in return). It wasn’t going to be long now. And I could hardly wait. Every second, the anticipation ramped higher.

As we arrived in the outermost outskirts of Thessaloniki, I checked my phone for about the dozenth time. Finally, there was a text from Davy waiting for me. I eagerly clicked on it as Gus negotiated the streets, but my heart hit a wall when I read what he’d written.

“Daddy,” it said, “I can believe you’re here. I don’t have the words to say how shocked I am. And — you’re going to hate to hear this — and I hate so much saying it — but I won’t be in Thessaloniki tonight. Please don’t be mad at me. My parents and my sister and I are leaving this afternoon for the countryside. I wish I could get out of it, but I just absolutely can’t. It’s just not possible. If I could do anything, I would — but I just can’t. Please forgive me. I’m so sorry. Please understand. I can’t meet you.”

It felt like the phone was exploding in my hand. I couldn’t believe it. After years of talking, years of fucking, years of loving, he was saying… no?? What the hell was going on??

I tried to process it. While one side of my brain was reeling, the other side came together and started talking sense to me. It said, “You’re not being fair to him. In fact, you’re being completely unfair. How long have you known you were coming to Greece? How long have you been in Athens? How much more advance warning could you have given him? If he’s busy, if he has a family commitment he can’t break, whose fault is that? Do you really think he doesn’t WANT to meet you? And even if that’s true, even if he DOESN’T want to meet you, whose fault is that? He’s a generation younger. Are you really that attractive? Are you really that desirable?” And then the worst question of all. “Did you really think this was ever anything more than a fantasy?”

I jammed the phone back into my pocket and slumped in my seat. Gus had been watching me out of the corner of his eye, and of course immediately knew that something had gone very wrong. “What’s the matter, my friend? Is there a change of plan?”

“Yeah, Gus, I’m afraid there is. My son can’t meet me tonight after all. He’s not going to be in town. kaçak bahis siteleri He’s got some kind of family commitment that he can’t get out of, and so… well, that’s that! The end of the fantasy, I guess. I don’t blame him, but…. well, I can’t say I’m not disappointed.” And then, after a long pause, I said, “Okay. More than disappointed. I was really looking forward to meeting him. Holding him. Knowing that he’s actually… well, real¸ you know?”

Keeping his eyes on the difficult streets he was navigating, Gus reached across the seat and gently caressed my thigh. “I am so sorry, buddy. I truly am.” I turned my head to stare out of the side window as Gus continued. “I know only what you have told me, but I know that you feel love for this young man. I am sure he loves you back in his own way, even if it doesn’t feel like that right now. Remember he is young. Remember you have not heard the whole story yet.”

I continued to stare out of the side window, shielding my face from Gus as unexpected tears formed in my eyes. The buildings were a blur as we passed them by, and the sun was beating down on us as we rushed forward.

“Let us see what happens before the day is over,” said Gus. “And I promise you this: with or without your son in your bed, you will not sleep alone tonight! Gus will make sure of that!”

In spite of myself, I snorted a sudden laugh and answered, “Oh, well that’s good to know! And what’s your prescription, doctor? Just where is this bedmate going to come from? Do you know something I don’t know?”

The pressure of Gus’ hand on my thigh increased as his hand slid closer to my retreated cock. “Oh yes, my friend, I know many things that you do not know! I know a lot about Thessaloniki and what it has to offer — and I promise you, the load that you have been collecting for your Davy will be given to another instead before this day ends! But for now, let us remember that we have a day of work ahead of us — and salaries to earn!”

Gus’ reminder that this was, after all, a business trip came none too soon. I grabbed the folder of information Athens’ had equipped me with to prepare for this trip and started to skim through it as Gus’ route took us closer and closer to the office we were headed for. I needed to earn my money. And focusing on the job rather than on the disappointment of Davy’s absence was also the best way to pull my emotions and my mind back together. Gradually I read more slowly and thought more carefully as we drove the final few miles.

Well before our scheduled late-morning meeting, we were driving up to the corporate office. We were welcomed by the men we’d come to meet, and I immediately found myself immersed in one consultation after another, being asked to provide opinions, advice, and (most of all) answers. I can’t say that I was functioning at the top of my game, but their demands on me proved to be a great distraction and the perfect way to push Davy to the back of my mind. They clearly appreciated my ideas, found my input to be meaningful, and it ultimately proved to be a genuinely productive day.

Which didn’t end until sometime around 7:OO p.m. It could have run still longer, but I reminded them that’d I’d be “on site” the next morning for about three hours more, and that we’d have time then to continue ironing out the details they were concerned about. Finally, aided by Gus’ intervention, I said my good-byes for the day and headed out of the building.

As we walked down the stairs side-by-side, I noticed a huge grin beginning to spread across Gus’ face. “You did exceptionally well today,” he said. “They liked you. They will say very good things about you to Athens. And who knows? Maybe they will ask you to come back some day?”

My eyes darted quickly to his face, recognizing that he was definitely planting the seed of a future trip in my mind. And who knows? Maybe he was right. Maybe there would be a day in the future when I would return to Thessaloniki. Maybe…

“But that is for later,” said Gus. “And this is now. This is today! You and I, we need to have a little fun now. And I, my friend, I have a plan.”

“And what would that be, oh wise and studly guide? What plans have you hatched for our entertainment tonight, eh?”

“Something very simple that I think will please you. I propose that we go have dinner, and then get to know the city a little. You have never been here before, and there is much to show you. In particular, the glories of the Greek phallus!” I couldn’t help but smile as he winked broadly, and placed his hand on my shoulder.

Gus drove us to our hotel, where we quickly checked in, took our bags up to our room, and changed from our business clothes to more casual attire. Within just a few minutes of arriving, we were back out on the street and walking the few blocks to a nearby taverna. We ate a light meal — some bread, some gyros, a single bottle of retsina, and we were ready to pay the bill.

“And now, my friend, we relax and get to know another side of the city. Come, I propose that we walk a little to work off that food. There is a small park nearby that I think you will find particularly interesting. It is a lovely place for men to visit after dark.”

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