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Self-Isolating With Mom Ch. 01

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Big Cock


The following is a work of fiction. The resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


“Do you miss Jimmy?”

“Of course I miss Jimmy.”

“I bet you really miss sucking his cock.”


Sonya looked at her two kids, once again totally exasperated by their behavior. They’d been at each other a lot more often than usual, but this time her son had gone too far. “Seth, go to your room…NOW!”

“Mom, she’s just such a self-righteous bit—”


Seth got up from the table, shoving his chair noisily across the tile floor. “Fuck that. I’m going over to Lizzy’s.”

“No, you’re not! You’re not to see your girlfriend until this is over. We’ve talked about this so many times now.” Sonya looked at both of her teenagers. “I know you’re both frustrated by this whole thing, we all are, but you know we have to self-isolate during this pandemic.” She paused, seeing the irritation on both of her children’s faces. “I don’t want to have to go through this again, with either of you.” She gave Dani a withering gaze as well. “If you want to be treated like adults, then start acting like adults.”

“Fuck this…” Seth muttered as he stormed out of the kitchen.

“And watch your language, young man,” Sonya called after him as he disappeared down the hallway.

“Mom, you’ve got to do something about him,” Dani said. “He’s such a jerk.”

Sonya shook her head, feeling totally at a loss, like she felt most of the time these days. “I know, I know, but you have to go easy on your brother. We’re all having a hard time with this. We’ve talked about this, sweetheart. You know it’s going to be a tough go for all of us.” Sonya felt her heart break as a single tear slipped out of the corner of Dani’s eye and ran down her cheek, quickly followed by another.

“Mom, this isn’t fair. Why can’t things be like they used to be? I hate this, I just hate it.” Without waiting for any kind of reply from her mother, Dani gathered up her lunch dishes, stuffed them into the dishwasher, and strode out of the room. She slammed her bedroom door, putting an end to a conversation that had been happening far too often lately.

“This isn’t fair…” Those same thoughts had gone through Sonya’s head a million times in the last few weeks, and she knew things weren’t going to end soon. The pandemic and ensuing stay-at-home protocols had hit everybody quickly. In the first week she’d allowed her oldest, Seth, to see his girlfriend, Lizzy, while Dani had been able to spend time with Jimmy, her boyfriend for the last number of months. But as they quickly got flooded with more information about the risks involved and how best to self-isolate, she cut Lizzy and Jimmy out of the equation after that first week. Their parents were in total agreement, even though all the teenagers complained to no end, stating time after time the typical teenager mantra, “It’s not fair! It’s not fair!”

This pandemic isn’t fair to anyone, Sonya thought to herself, again for the umpteenth time. But her heart really went out to her two kids. Seth was 19, and having his second go round at his senior year of high school. He’d been unsure of what he wanted to take at university, so he’d chosen to do a ‘victory lap’, taking some additional courses and trying to bring up his marks in calculus and English. After much consideration, he’d set his mind on engineering, and the marks from his previous year just hadn’t been good enough.

Sonya was glad he’d made the decision to do the extra year. She knew her son, and she knew he hadn’t been mature enough to go off to school just yet. This past year had seen him thrive and become responsible in both his studies, and his general demeanor, making her proud of the young man he was turning into. He was also filling out physically as well. He’d already reached a height of an inch over six feet, but this past year had seen his chest and shoulders broaden and fill out attractively to match his height. The extra hours he’d spent lifting weights with his friends at the school gym hadn’t hurt either. To Sonya, she could see that her boy was definitely turning into a man, in more ways than one.

Being just a year younger at 18, Dani was in her senior year as well. Good grades had never been a problem for Dani. She was a whiz when it came to computers and technology, but she’d surprised her mother by saying she wanted to pursue a career in criminology after finishing high school. She said she was even entertaining the idea of becoming a private investigator, which made her brother laugh, while Sonya had been hard-pressed to keep a straight face herself. But full props to her daughter, who always achieved whatever she set her mind on. Dani’s grades were outstanding, and it looked like she was even primed to receive a soccer scholarship from the local university, but with the pandemic, all sports had been shut down, and Sonya wondered forlornly if that potential scholarship money was now only a pipe dream.

Soccer kept her daughter in great shape, her thighs firm and muscular. The problem for Dani though was that for any twitter porno sport, her sizable breasts always created a problem. Sonya had to get the girl specially-made sports bras just to keep those babies compressed enough to be under control when she played, but not painful. Any of the ones sold in the stores were just too small. Her daughter was currently wearing a 32DD bra, but Sonya knew her daughter would be out of that soon.

Sonya understood the girl’s predicament—her daughter had inherited that hefty set of fun bags from her. At 44 years of age, Sonya herself now wore a 34F, having left the ‘Double-D’ zone herself years ago, just when she was about Dani’s age. All around, Dani was just a younger version of her mother. Both had honey-blonde hair, were about 5′-4″ tall, and stoutly-built, with plenty of curves where they counted. They weren’t scrawny things by any means, but had just the right amount of meat on their bones, with maybe a little too much in the boob and bum area. Sonya knew that extra bit of padding was definitely not a problem as far as men and boys were concerned. Sonya had seen the way men looked at her daughter, and she’d seen the way boys looked at her. She could see from the looks in their eyes and flushed faces that there was a lot of salivating going on as those males eyed up her and her daughter’s lush curvy bodies, and she was willing to bet there were a lot of cocks that got yanked good and hard when those guys got home.

As she finished cleaning up the lunch dishes, Sonya thought about Seth’s comment to his sister. He usually kept a civil tongue in his head and it was rare when either one of them swore around her. It was an obvious sign of the level of frustration they were feeling. Both of them were on edge, all the time, and she didn’t know what to do about it.

Sonya knew the main reason for that frustration; both of her kids had been having sex for a while now. She could easily tell from their behavior when they’d come home from a Friday night date, or when they’d had their respective girlfriends or boyfriends over to watch some TV. She’d been that age once herself, and she knew how kids that age took advantage of any opportunity to have sex when they could.

Geez, when she was 18, Sonya had sucked off so many guys from her high school that she’d lost count by the time she got through most of the football team until all that was left were the reserves relegated to playing on the special teams. But those boys were so sweet and appreciative, she sucked all of them off too. The players felt that having her suck them off helped to relieve any tension they were feeling, allowing them to play to the best of their abilities. Then word got around to the coaches, who were quick to make use of her oral talents as well. With Sonya officially on the roster as the team’s “student trainer”, the team played with a relaxed care-free attitude that had then mowing down every team in their division. It worked so well that they actually won the state championship in her senior year. Sonya had accompanied the team on championship weekend, swallowing a load from each of the guys on the bus on the way to the state capitol, including a thick creamy mouthful from the bus driver. She’d ended up spending nearly the whole weekend in her hotel room on her knees, swallowing so many loads she barely needed to eat.

At least Dani was much more selective than her. She was sure Dani had been true blue to Jimmy, a trait she knew her daughter hadn’t inherited from her. But the one thing both kids seemed to have in common with her these days was that level of frustration they were all feeling. Sonya knew that, for all of them, it was from that lack of sex.

Sonya herself was almost crawling out of her skin, she needed cock so bad. She’d had no trouble keeping that ongoing craving of hers satisfied until this pandemic hit. She’d been employed as an administrative assistant to a successful financial analyst for the last two years. She’d been happy to land the job after her husband had left her for a younger model, literally a younger fashion model and, to top it all off, a male model to boot. Sonya knew deep down that it was coming, that her husband had been hiding that part of his life for years. She felt good that he had finally come out of the closet and come clean about it, even if it was hard on the kids at first. But they’d come around, and both of them were happy that their father and mother got along.

Yes, Sonya’s job with the small financial office had been perfect. She could tell her boss had taken a shine to her during the interview, and she knew it had something to do with the tight-fitting business suit she’d worn. The skirt portion of the navy suit ended high on her full thighs, and her sky-high black pumps made her toned legs look great. The body-hugging sleeveless white turtleneck she wore beneath the suit jacket helped too. The clingy fabric showed off those tremendous tits of hers as the stretchy material molded itself to her considerable attributes. She’d barely shaken her boss’s hand when they first met before his eyes dropped to her chest, and continued to stray in that direction for much of her interview. He called the next day to offer her the job, telling her that the xhamster porno salary for the job had just been re-evaluated, with the dollar figure presented to her substantially higher than had been advertised. She accepted the offer immediately.

In less than a week, she’d seduced her boss. He was married, but that kind of thing didn’t bother Sonya. At this point in her life, she wasn’t looking for a life partner. Her husband had just left her for another man, and raising her kids was her priority. But, she wanted cock, and lots of it. And her boss eagerly provided her with just what she needed, no questions asked. They quickly got into a routine that satisfied both of them. Sonya would suck him off first thing in the morning, quenching her daily thirst for cum, and then he’d usually fuck her somewhere in the middle of the day. They’d end the day with her sucking another load out of him, giving her the protein appetizer she needed before going home to join her kids for dinner every day.

But then the pandemic had hit and, like all other businesses that weren’t considered essential services, they’d been forced to close up shop, lockdown, and work from home. Sonya was still doing that, but she was badly missing the daily dose of cock she’d been used to for two years now. She was missing it bad. Her boss was at home with his wife and kids, so there was no chance on getting any cock there. She’d gone back to an old friend, pulling “The Annihilator” out of the bottom drawer of her dresser and putting it to use daily over the past number of weeks. She’d gone through one set of batteries on her vibrator in just the last week alone. She had a case on order from Amazon, having no idea how long this lockdown was going to last and wanting to make sure she didn’t run out of juice again.

With those thoughts running through her head and that tingly itch way up between her legs nagging at her, she strode out into the backyard and stood next to the pool. She wanted some fresh air, needed to clear her head. Dressed in a white denim miniskirt and a tight-fitting pink tank top, Sonya turned her pretty face up to the sun and let the warming rays calm her. She tipped her head further back, causing her huge tits to thrust upwards, sunlight finding the upper swells of her huge tits like a magnet. She basked in the comforting glow as the rays warmed her body, making her believe that this nightmare was going to end, that they all weren’t going to die tomorrow. Mother Nature was letting them know she was still the boss, but the comfort of the brilliant sunlight shining down on her lush body let Sonya know that things were going to be all right in the end. They all just had to be patient a little while longer. She took a few deep breaths to calm herself, feeling her breasts swell up as she filled her lungs, the blessed warmth of the sun feeling exquisite on her skin.

“What the heck was that?” she thought to herself as she quickly dropped her head down and pivoted her eyes towards the far corner of the house. She’d heard a noise from that direction, where the walkway ran along the side of the house from the back patio to the driveway, where a gate kept the yard secure and private. That gate was part of a high board-on-board fence between their house and the neighbour’s. The sound she’d heard seemed to be like some kind of moan or grunt, but it had definitely sounded more like a human than some kind of animal. And it definitely sounded like it came from that area right next to her house, not from the other side of the fence in the Henderson’s backyard.

With her curiosity piqued, Sonya quietly made her way towards the corner of the house, staying close to the brick wall as she padded quietly across the flagstone walkway. As she got closer to the corner, she heard another low groaning sound coming from around the corner. And there was no mistaking it, it was definitely a human sound. Now wondering if someone was lying beside her house injured, maybe some kind of strung-out junkie or homeless person, Sonya got close to the wall, and then tentatively peered around the corner.

“What the fuck?” she thought to herself as she took in the bizarre spectacle before her. Partway down the wall at the side of the house was Lizzy, her son’s girlfriend, standing on a plastic step-stool. It was the same step-stool that Seth had asked her about over a week ago. He’d said he needed to change a lightbulb at the top of his closet, and needed the step-stool to reach. She’d retrieved it for him from the garage and, she just realized now, the little bastard hadn’t put it back.

As Sonya looked at Lizzy standing on that stool, it didn’t take her long to figure out why he hadn’t brought it back. Dressed in what looked like running gear, latex shorts and a tight t-shirt, Lizzy was standing on the little stool facing the house. The stool brought her face to the perfect height where her son’s bedroom window was. Lizzy’s long blonde hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail and, currently, that ponytail was flipping rhythmically from side to side. The reason for that was because her head was bobbing back and forth on Sonya’s son’s cock, which was projecting through the partially-opened window!

Lizzy was sucking off her son, right there in broad xnnx porno daylight. Like she knew from past experience, teenagers will find a way to have sex, no matter the circumstances. And here was evidence of that right before her eyes. Ignoring the risks that scientists had warned of, Seth and Lizzy had conspired to do this, to stop ‘social distancing’ and set aside everything they knew they shouldn’t. Their sex drive had just been too strong, and was not to be denied.

Sonya was just about to stride around the corner and give the girl a piece of her mind, and give her son a blast too. But as she was about to step forward, Lizzy drew back off the cock that had been fucking her face.

“Oh my God, Seth, I love your cock so much. It’s so fucking big and tastes so good.”

The girl had spoken quietly, but Sonya was able to make out every word. From the side, she could see that Lizzy’s face was flushed with excitement, her youthful skin glistening with a fine sheen of perspiration.

It was then that Sonya got a good look at her son’s cock—and what a cock it was! The window was only open about a foot, and showed his body from the top of his thighs to his midsection, the rest of him hidden from view. She’d not seen his cock since he was a little boy, but it was obvious he was far from being “little” any longer. She had seen and sucked off a lot of cocks in her time, but Sonya had never seen one as big as his. The veiny slab of muscle seemed to project through the window opening like a thrusting spear, a long arrow-straight lance as thick as her forearm. He’d been circumcised as a baby, and the head of that huge baby-maker was magnificent. It was as big as an apple, and nearly the same color, the enormous crimson crown engorged with her son’s hot teenage blood. It was glistening lewdly with Lizzy’s spit, with a shiny pearl of precum drooling from the wet red eye at the tip. Sonya gazed in awe at the thick rope-like coronal ridge that separated the giant flared head from the steely shaft, her mind swirling as she thought about how that broad ridge would feel tearing deep into her needy mature cunt, and wondering how a tiny thing like Lizzy had been able to take it, to take a cock so fucking huge.

Sonya shook herself, trying to get those thoughts out of her head. Had she really thought about getting her hands on her own son’s cock, had she actually thought what it would feel like to fuck him?

“Get your mouth back on it,” Sonya heard her son say, his voice coming through the partially opened window. The girl leaned closer to the window, her hands gripping the brick sill, her mouth open wide. Sonya watched as her son plugged his dripping prick right back into his girlfriend’s eagerly-waiting mouth. He started flexing his hips, levering that enormous cock back and forth between the girl’s sucking lips.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” Sonya heard her son speak again. “Suck it, suck it good and I’ll give you a nice big mouthful of medicine.”

Sonya knew she should step forward and confront the two of them, putting a stop to this. But she found herself rooted to where she was standing, unable to move, or to look away from the lewd spectacle happening right before her eyes. She noticed her own heart was beating rapidly, her body flushed with arousal. Her own mouth was salivating as she watched the young girl slide her pouty lips back and forth over her son’s turgid member. She could see that Lizzy was using a lot of spit, just like she herself always did. Sonya had always done that, her love of sucking cock taking over every time she got a chance to take one into her mouth. Huge wads of saliva just seemed to appear as she enthusiastically went about her favorite hobby. She knew the boys and men she’d sucked off loved it nice and slobbery like that. Not only did they say that it felt fantastic, but they said it also showed how much she loved what she was doing, and how eager she was to get their cum. Sonya couldn’t deny that they were right about that.

Sonya could see that Lizzy was showing that same level of enthusiasm that she always had as she sucked Seth’s horse-like cock. The girl’s head was bobbing rhythmically back and forth, tendrils of silvery goo dangling from the underside of her son’s cock and dropping to the ground. Lizzy was giving off soft moans of pleasure as she sucked, her lips pursed well-forward as she worshipped that magnificent cock. But Sonya could see that Lizzy was only able to take about five inches of that monstrous prick into her mouth, which she could see was barely half of the incredible length. Sonya shivered as she thought about how long that huge cock might actually be, and the lurid thought of actually throwing a tape measure on that beauty ran through her head. She knew that she was quite an accomplished sword swallower, but she knew she’d never had one that big in her throat before. She found herself gazing at Lizzy with envy, wondering if she’d be able to take all of that gorgeous stallion-like cock deep into her mouth, of swallowing the whole throbbing prick until that enormous flared knob was right down her throat. As she looked at Lizzy’s mouth only getting partway down that thrusting veiny shaft, she felt her pussy give a twinge of excitement at the thought of having her own mouth on that perfect cock, of sucking on it for hours on end. She couldn’t help herself as she reached down and slid her hand up under her short skirt. She slid her fingertips beneath the leg opening of her panties, finding her mound already dripping wet with her flowing juices.

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