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Semester Break With Mom III

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Semester Break With Mom IIILate working at our second farm today made me late for lunch…I drove the tractor home as we will need it there. I pulled in the driveway as Dad was leaving and he told me to take the rest of the day off. Mom had been instructed to have a late lunch plate for me…I cleaned up and went into the house. A place was set for me at Dad’s usual spot, OK with me as I could watch Mom at the range (no microwaves in the late ’60’s). She stirred some mashed potatoes in a pan so I watched her fleshy upper arms shake with the movement as did those shapely wide hips. That reminded me of the youthful days when we all wished our Moms were bathing beauties…but alas as we got older though we, me, got curious as to how Mom looked under those loose clothes she wore, turns out she was no bathing beauty, but was beautiful in her own right. First, I peeked through the door as she put on her stockings, then got brave enough to ask to “help” and was surprised when the agreed. That was when I instantly became nutso for big, soft fleshy thighs like hers…not even being aware at the more erotic delights that resided just a few inches up at the legs’ juncture! I went from youthful curiosity to adolescent discovery to post puberty involvement. In my case it was that day in field doing stoop labor directly across from Mom and she had no bra! Turns out she did it on purpose so I would inquire and later she let me touch…that was about 4 yrs. ago and started the path to were we are today…now back to today. In the last few days my thoughts about her became more prurient as the two of us became more comfortable with our intimacy. The old home-made dress was well worn so it delineated her every curve…no more hiding that body in loose clothing like she did in the past. A show happened when she bent over to pull a plate of warmed up roast out of the oven, I saw the fabric of the old dress delve deeply into her luscious butt cleavage, making me aware she had no panties on. She dished up the potatoes on the warm plate and place it in front of me while rubbing my shoulders with her other hand. I thanked her an proceeded to eat while she put away dishes into a cupboard behind me. She made sure her behind touched me with her every move. I finished my lunch and she took away my plate smiling while she asked if wanted a slice of pie for dessert. “Sure,” I said. It was placed in front of me and she took it away when I finished. Then to my surprise she stood in front of me, dress unbuttoned, nothing on underneath and stated, “I need dessert next!” “Sounds good to me,” I replied güvenilir bahis as I rushed off to brush my teeth. “I will be waiting for you,’ she said.I entered her bedroom and closed the door behind me…the shades were drawn but enough light came through that I could see well…she had put a sheet over the bed and was standing beside it still with the unbuttoned dress on. I moved close and put my arms around her waist drawing her into a kiss which she broke off to tell me, “I want you to lick it before you stick it this afternoon.” “Sure thing,” I replied remembering we hadn’t done that for some time, ” I was hoping you would ask again.” “Well, you can ask too, don’t be bashful,” she said. My hands moved to her shoulders to push the dress sleeves off them, in an instant she was naked before me. “Now you had better take you clothes off too,” she ordered. My work clothes were left in a pile next to her old dress. “You already have a hard-on, son,” she noted. I answered, “difficult not to when you serve me lunch with an open dress!” “I’m thrilled you enjoy this over half-century old body,” she replied. She then climbed onto her bed and lay on her side facing away from me…I paused to admire the long beautiful curve from her waist, over her hip down the wideness of her thighs, finally meeting her knees…I also got to view her deeply cleavaged butt crack dividing a most enticing behind. Her mentioning her body made me think as I moved around the bed that what turned me on so much about her is her willingness to expose herself to me when she never as much as had worn shorts during my life that I know of…it to me is almost special privilege to see cellulite, spider veins and such. I climbed onto the other side of her bed and lay close to her and we kissed and let our hands roam each other’s body. Fondling her breast made the nipple hard so I just had to put my mouth on it…”You like those nipples more now than when I fed you with them,” she said. I answered, “I know a lot more now!” I returned to kissing her face and mouth while my hand moved down her torso…and found her inviting mound and a little further the thick, well bordered hair that so beautifully screened her pussy. I fiddled in that patch of hair a bit causing her to chuckle a bit about stalling the business at hand, but my middle finger found her furrow and began to work its way in. I would never tire of the moment my fingers would find her inner lips and move them side to side to facilitate more penetration into the pink paradise. She began to as always, to hum and moan quietly as I explored türkçe bahis her and stroked in and out to encourage her juices to flow. “Don’t play too long, I need you down there soon,” she breathlessly said. I extracted my finger and moved my body down across hers to commence my ordered duty. Almost on que, she drew her legs up to provide me easy access …my face was now right on her lips, my nose buried n that straw colored bush and inhaled the scents of her nether region…my tongue began to work the depths of her most erotic asset which caused her to express herself more loudly and encourage me to find her clit, which I promptly did…that of course made her squeal with delight and to make her sweet nectar flow with alacrity. Here was I, giving pleasure to the very place I had caused pain two decades earlier! Her hands were now around my head forcing me ever deeper with my tongue. “I sure don’t want you to stop, but you know what I want right now!” Of course in knew, she wanted to sample her own moisture off of my lips and chin, but I had a surprise this time, I cupped my tongue and was able to get some pussy dew into my mouth!I worked my way back up to her on the pillow where she awaited me with open arms and then she rose off the pillow to meet my lips and kiss away, I gave her an open mouth kiss that unloaded the bounty I had transferred. She was stunned for a second and then exclaimed, “I have dreamed of that happening and it finally came true!” She savored the moment as did I when I mentioned I still had an erection to service. “Oh, I know, give me a moment as I want to turn over so you can do me dog fashion, please,” she pleaded. “Ok,” I agreed. This was something new for me and I hoped I was up to the task. I was then presented with a new view of her beautiful form…those wide hips dominated my attention as I moved closer. Her legs spread slightly and my goal was presented as i had never seen until now…I inserted my rod where I thought it needed to be and it was almost sucked in as she moved back to meet it. I began to stroke holding on to her waist while admiring the two fine halved of her ass end…when my groin met the back of her legs a wave of adipose tissue beneath her alabaster hued skin move up to her waist and was soon followed by another and another. My, what a show I was seeing. She rocked back and forth too increasing the force of my strokes, I was so turned on! Then out of the corner of my eye I noticed our reflection in her big dresser mirror near the bed…now it seemed I was watching a movie while it was happening. I saw her breasts güvenilir bahis siteleri stretched to their limits bouncing and gyrating, also her un-toned belly muscles made quite a show too. I had to shut my eyes so I wouldn’t finish too soon…after several more strokes and listening to her I opened them again..what did I see? I saw for the first time her tiny sphincter muscle stared right at me…I took a chance and made my thumbs trace circles around it in tender exploration…”No, No, No please no, no, no,” she exclaimed loudly, “not yet, not yet, please oh please!” I stopped on command wondering if I had either crossed a line or perhaps brought up memories left alone. I sure didn’t want to endanger or cause an end to our secret deal. I left her anus alone and kept stroking…as she moved backward toward me it seemed her grip on my tool grew tighter that sensation along with the view in the mirror proved too much for my mind and my balls took charge releasing a torrent of MY fluid now into her pussy! We ceased our movement and I just let my dick push its remaining spurts on its own. My eyes feasted n the view of the rippled flesh of the backs of those thighs…no, she was no swimsuit model, but Mom was put together in a way I could only admire…the luscious body of a mature hard working farm wife…and Mother! My legs were growing weak so I extracted my softening tool slowly and heard for the first time the muffled tones of a “pussy fart,” a fine exclamation point to the event.We joined each other side by side and kissed and I could see in her eyes the glint of satisfaction as she hugged my tightly. “Oh, I almost forgot,” she said as he reach to the night stand for a small wash cloth, “I better put this down there so I won’t leak.” I offered to do the deed, taking the cloth from her…I centered my middle finger on it and gently inserted the cloth into her wet, warm pussy. “Oh, thank you, I don’t need to make a mess,” she then added, “I have found a pretty good lover.” “I have too,” I agreed. We cuddled and kissed for a moment, pulling the sheet over us to take a short post-coital snooze. The thoughts in my mind were of my good fortune to have such a willing, teaching partner…it’s almost as if I was being repaid for the joy she had in raising a late in life c***d…maybe she had planned this since my obvious early interest in her body, or she wanted to re-live lost passion…whatever I had pulled back the fabric to reveal her beautiful body and the two of us had pulled back the fabric on a relationship that society says to keep covered. We have taken and sampled the “forbidden fruits” and look forward to more…To track the life of this young farm boy into manhood, check out “Keyhole Adventures” “Saturday Morning Solution” and “Friday Afternoon Delight” A little fact and a lot of fantasy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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