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Sex Education

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Sex EducationI’ve put this in the ‘celebrities’ category but it would have easily fit in a number of others.Entirely a work of fiction although the shows, characters and the interview referred to are all real.Our characters:AimeeGillianAs Aimee Lou Wood came off the phone with her agent, she just couldn’t believe it.The Audition had gone reasonably well but she never thought she would actually land the role. All she knew was that the show was a comedy drama for Netflix and that there was a likelihood of there being at least one big name attached.There was a production meeting in two days time where she would meet the rest of the cast and she couldn’t wait.When the day arrived, she was ushered into a large room where the cast were assembled, together with the production crew.The cast were generally younger and largely unknown actors like herself, but in pride of place next to the director was a face she knew all too well. At 24 the X Files hit its peak way before her time, but she easily recognised Gillian Anderson. Although she was now past 50, she had a beauty that radiated.The meeting went well. The programme would be called ‘Sex Education’ and would focus on the lives of a group of young adults and their first sexual experiences. Gillian Anderson would be playing a sex ther****t who happened to be one of their parents. Aimee was more than a little nerve wracked. This would be her first real role, in a show that would be likely to attract a large audience and to top it all off, she had much in common with the characters in that she wasn’t particularly experienced.She felt a tap on her shoulder, and turned. Gillian Anderson was smiling kindly at her, “a little daunting isn’t it”.Aimee responded with a nervous smile of her own. “Is it that obvious?”“Darling, you look like a bunny trapped in headlights.” Gillian responded not unkindly. “Peter is out of town for a few weeks and the c***dren are with their father so I’m alone for a few days. Why don’t you come across to my house tomorrow. We can talk through the scripts and I may be able to give you some pointers to help with your nerves”.Aimee was overcome with gratitude. She had heard plenty of stories about how bitchy and diva like some of the bigger names could be. She thanked Gillian profusely, took down the address and made her way home.That evening, Aimee did some research into the older actress, discovering details of her stage work as well as her screen acting, her awards, including her Emmy, BAFTA, Golden Globe and even OBE from the Queen. She also noted with a smile she had placed in the FHM 100 sexiest of all time.The next day found Aimee on the doorstep of an impressive looking house in the trendy Shoreditch area of London. Gillian invited her in and they sat in an elegantly furnished study.They spent hours talking through the script and exchanging ideas. Aimee was grateful for a great number of tips on how to deal with nerves and Gillian was equally impressed by Aimee’s attentiveness. As she grew in confidence, Aimee offered some insights into her character that Gillian found to be quite perceptive.They worked solidly for hours, until they both noticed the day was growing darker outside. They called it a day, and Gillian suggested they should perhaps have a glass of wine and unwind a little.As they drank their wine, the talk became more personal moving on to the topic of their private lives. Aimee answered Gillian’s questions comfortably, no, she was not in a relationship, yes she was single, no she had no c***dren, yes, she did sometimes wish she had some “intimate companionship”.Aimee recalled an interview she had read the day before. Gillian had answered questions regarding sexuality and had said that while she considered herself to be heterosexual, she was open to being porno hikaye in a same sex relationship.Aimee was curious about the interview and asked about it.“I’ve been married several times and I’m with Peter now, but there is just something about being with a woman, the soft sling, the different feel to the touch. Plenty of women feel like me, I’m sure, but not many will say so. It can harm your career.” Gillian answered honestly. “I could tell you some stories about what goes on in Hollywood that would have you looking at some actresses in a whole new light, but I’m far too discreet” she continued With a playful smile.Aimee was both taken aback and also more than a little aroused.Gillian continued “I remember my first real kiss from a woman. It was Jodie Foster. There’s no harm telling you now as she came out as gay a long time ago. But this was back in the early 90s during filming of the first series of the X Files. Silence of the Lambs had come out a couple of years earlier and she was huge at the time. She had been watching some of the filming and came to my trailer afterwards to wish me luck. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was writhing about in a chair with her lips pressed to my pussy.”Gillian leaned forward, palm on Aimee’s face, her thumb running gently across Aimee’s lips. “her lips were so soft on me, I got so wet” she said almost absentmindedly. Aimee felt completely at a loss as to what to do. She was becoming increasingly aroused by Gillian’s touch, her entire body rising in goosebumps. A quiet moan escaped her soft lips, her bosom heaving a little.Gillian leaned forward further, her thumb replaced by her lips as she tentatively kissed the young actress, her hand in her lustrous brown hair. Aimee was entranced, the warm touch on her lips, the softness, the faing taste of wine, the trace of Gillian’s perfume. It was intoxicating. Without even realising she was doing it, Aimee opened her lips and allowed her tongue to explore.Her motion was reciprocated, both actresses now caught up completely in the moment.The stood without speaking, making their way to the bedroom.They continued to kiss with ever increasing passion while also undressing each other, both wore blouses which could be opened and removed without breaking the kiss. Gillian removed Aimee’s Jeans while Aimee found the fastener for Gillian’s skirt. All she needed to do was unbuttoned it and it dropped to the floor, gravity helping her in her endeavours.Aimee lay her down and with increased confidence, running her tongue over her nipples, while moving her hand down her belly and into her knickers and delightedly feeling how wet she was. Aimee noted again how she smelled perfume- so different to how any man had smelled, and it made her so wet to take in her fragrance.Gillian began to moan as Aimee softly ran her fingers up and down the outside of her pussy and peeled down her knickers, giving full unhindered access, pulling them off urgently, leaving them abandoned around one ankle. Gillian was deliciously spreading her legs to let her play with her. She became so horny looking at her naked, gorgeous body glistening with a slight sheen of sweat, just willing Aimee to devour her.She began to tease the opening of her pussy with her fingers, her pussy was drenched with her juices. Aimee ran her tongue teasingly over each nipple, moving back and forward. She moaned softly, whispering how good it felt and not to stop, to continue.Aimee started to move down slowly kissing her belly while starting to move two fingers slowly in and out of her, feeling utter delight at the sounds of her response to those first few slow, deep thrusts, her fingers drenched with her wetness.She started to move a little more quickly, rotating her fingers from side to side and seks hikayeleri in and out, hearing the sound her pussy made. As her mouth reached the top of her mound, she suddenly pushed them in quickly, and pressed hard on Gillian’s g-spot, and slowly began to circle her clit with her tongue.She let out a long, hard moan. Aimee moved her fingers from back to front inside her while continuing to slide her tongue lightly over the clit.With her other hand, Aimee grabbed one of Gillian’s breasts while she continued to fuck her slowly with her fingers and tongue. She raised her hips from the bed to push against the invading fingers. Aimee felt so hot to feel her wetness, at this stage her whole hand was wet.Gillian’s face was flushed red, she was moaning and groaning with abandon and even though she was not touching Aimee at all, Aimee gushed wetness, she felt as if she was being fucked at the same time.She licked her faster while ensuring that she did not put too much pressure on her clit. She was moving her fingers around inside her soaking pussy, pushing her body against her fingers while grabbing her breast with her other hand.As Gillian started to say she was about to cum, Aimee continued to devour her pussy with her lips, tongue, whole mouth, losing control of her hand. Gillian was thrusting herself against it, moving her hips up and down, panting and grinding her teeth as she groaned and grunted, enjoying being fucked so deeply and sensually.Aimee felt Gillian’s vagina start to clench on her fingers like a vice. She was surprised how tightly her older cunt could grip them, and a new gush of juice squirted inside as she surrendered and came, panting and moaning, her nipples hard as bullets in her hand, thrusting hard and deep as she savoured every wave of her orgasm until she fell limply back, saying “oh fuck, oh my god”, over and over again.She slowly removed her fingers but continued to slowly run her tongue over Gillian’s drenched, hot pussy, moving to its opening and savouring the taste of her juices as she moaned lightly, still returning to earth after coming so hard.As Aimee withdrew from Gillian the older woman began to kiss her neck, lazily and sensually, which immediately produced a tingling sensation in her pussy. Sensing her arousal, she teasingly moved one hand around to the young actress’ firm breast and the other down her back and onto her bottom, moving into the middle, sliding one finger down between her buttocks until she reached the opening of her pussy, teasing its opening with two fingers while starting to move her thumb up again to circle her arse.She let out an impatient moan, urgently needing to be fucked. She was surprised at how much more aggressive Gillian was now compared to a little earlier- but she was very willing to let her take over.Her mouth moved up to Aimee’s ear and whispered “are you feeling horny, darling?” which brought a whimpering “yes, yes” in response. It was so unbelievably sexy to be completely in her hands, under her control.She pinched her nipple while starting to slowly finger her pussy and push her thumb into her tight young arse, languidly entering until she was all the way in. Aimee could feel her pussy dripping wet, and all she wanted was for her to fuck her pussy and arse hard, fast, relentlessly.Sensing her impatience, she naughtily laughed and whispered “is my girl impatient? Ooh, darling, I´m going to fuck you nice and slowly, you need to be a good girl and let me ride you MY way…”All of a sudden, she felt her hand move from her breast as she delivered a sharp slap to the buttocks.”Did you like that, darling?”, she drawled, while biting her earlobe. “You’ve got to behave now and let me fuck you as I dictate, or I´ll have to punish you.””Oh, that was so sexy”, she moaned, wanting erotik hikayeler her to spank her so much again. “Please, fuck me faster, I´m sooo horny for you”, she moaned. And then, a much harder slap was delivered onto her already smarting, red bare arse.All of a sudden, she barked “get on all fours, NOW”. Aimee obediently jumped up and quickly moved into position, opening her legs as much as possible to give as full access as possible to her needy pussy, swaying her sexy arse from side to side.She seemed to take forever before Aimee felt her soft breath as she bent over her and groaned “You’ve been such a naughty girl”,…and grabbing her belly with one hand, gave the bare arse one hard slap after the other. All the while Aimee moved it from side to side, begging for more, writhing with pleasure and pain.”Oh baby, I´m all yours, to do what you want with me. My legs are wide open for you to do whatever you want, my pussy is dripping wet for you”, she moaned.As her slaps continued, her hand moved away from Aimee’s belly and she plunged three fingers urgently and rudely into her tight young cunt and her thumb and forefinger into her arse and started to move her hand briskly in and out, fucking both arse and pussy with fervour, deep, raw, rough thrusts.The suddenness of it made Aimee take a minute to register the depth of the pleasure of being finally fucked as she had so madly desired, taking her outside of her body as she fell into a hypnotic trance of being deeply and so a****listically ridden by this hot naked horny mature woman, whose sole purpose at that moment was to make her cum hard.She was totally at her mercy and lapped up each thrust, moving her arse from side to side, to maximise the pleasure of her now rapid movements in and out. Her body was tense, her nipples rock hard and she was completely and totally surrendered to her, her sex slave, to be fucked as and how she pleased.She started to thrust her arse towards Gillian’s hand “oh yeah, fuck my hand, show me how fast and hard you like to be fucked”. Aimee moved faster and faster against her hand, feeling Gillian’s nails graze the end of her rectum, and her G-spot banged by her three fingers.She groaned and moaned, in ecstasy, not wanting the moment to end but feeling her orgasm rise in her battered pussy and a strong vibration in her arse as she began to climax. “Oh baby, I´m all yours, oh fuck me like this all day long”, she cried as her first wave of orgasm began to come and move through her body, her pussy feeling like it was hit by lightning, her arse loosening and contracting, wanting to savour the final thrusts.She felt propelled towards the stars, feeling Gillian’s breasts bounce on top of her back as she furiously finished the girl off, until she arched her back as she climaxed, grimacing and surrendering completely to the waves of orgasm that rippled through her body until she fell, limp, onto the bed. Gillian climbed over her, her arse in the air, hands cupping Aimee’s face and planted her soft lips on her, kissing her softly, sexily, her breasts dangling, their nipples teasingly grazing each other with a delicious friction.Aimee grabbed her arse cheeks with both hands and pulled her down on top of her. She intended on returning the pleasure she had just received but within minutes, the urge to sleep was stronger, and exhausted, fell asleep.They slept through the night entwined in each other. The bright sun breaking in between the curtains forced Gillian’s eyes to open but she felt refreshed. Aimee awoke, her pussy felt a bit raw but sated, at least for now.Their lips met, and they lay there kissing each other tenderly. As they looked into each other’s eyes they new that this was just the beginning.(In hindsight I wish I had written this in the first person perspective of one of the characters as referring to both as “she” gets a little tricky to follow while constant use of their names makes it a little forced. I hope it doesn’t ruin it too much. Thanks for reading)

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