May 27

Sex in Paradise

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She walked out of her villa and down over the sand to the water’s edge. She couldn’t believe she was here, on holidays, in such an idyllic tropical island paradise. The main body of the resort was a 15 minute drive away by golf cart so her villa was secluded and private, as is the stretch of beach outside her door.

For a few minutes she stood and soaked up the unbroken stretch of jewel coloured water that lapped warm over her feet before turning and walking down the beach. She had won this holiday, she’d always been lucky in winning small prizes, and even one bigger one once. But nothing like this luxurious 2 week stay at an exclusive resort, with enough spending money that she knew she’d have plenty of it left over when she went home.

The sun was dropping lower in the sky as the afternoon wore on. There was still several hours of daylight left though, so she let her mind drift with the soft breeze that skimmed off the water and helped to cool the heat of the day. Beautiful, crystal clear ocean to her left and thick rain forest to her right. The raucous call of birds squabbling filled the air and her gaze rose up to spot them through the foliage. Their bright plumage vivid against the shadowy world under the trees as they flitted about.

She saw a trail leading inland and without thought she allowed her feet to follow the path. It was cooler in the shadows but the air seemed more humid the further she moved into it. After she’d been walking along the path for several minutes she heard water up ahead. Which was good because she was getting hot as the path had wound uphill, and now curved and headed down again. Five more minutes and she rounded a bend to find a large waterhole with a cascade tumbling into it.

Another postcard perfect scene, one she couldn’t wait to jump into. She stripped her caftan off as she kicked her sandals to the side and walked to the edge. The water was clear and it was hard to tell its depth so she jumped in instead of diving as she wanted to. Cold water closed over her head as her feet hit the bottom and when she rose it was to find the water came to shoulder height but as she moved away from the edge it got deeper. Turning she struck out for the cascade and the water bubbling beneath it. Such a novel thing to swim under it or to sit on a rock just below the water line or to dive down and güvenilir bahis skim across the sandy bottom.

She lost track of time as she enjoyed the wonderful sense of freedom that came with the solitude and the music of tumbling water and squawking birds as she played and floated with her eyes closed against the brightness of the sky. Until she noticed that the sun had slipped lower and she had a hike to get back to the beach before it got dark. Knowing she’d be back here tomorrow she happily flipped onto her belly and swam to where she’d left her things.

She heaved herself up onto the bank and stopped short. She wasn’t alone. A man was sitting near her things watching her, a very large man. She suddenly felt very naked, even though she was wearing a bikini. She shuddered and tried to hide it as he rose to his feet and his presence became very commanding. Her skin pebbled with goosebumps, her nipples beaded tight and her clit spasmed in a primal reaction to him.

All he wore were board shorts that hung low on his hips and left little to her imagination, especially the bulge behind the Velcro closure. Standing he seemed even larger, at least 6’4″ with a large, powerful frame. Dark hair framed a face that was a tad too rugged to be called handsome. Nonetheless he was compelling as his green eyes stayed riveted to her. She swallowed nervously and her feet obeyed the silent crook of his fingers automatically.

When she was close enough his hands snaked out and drew her to him as he lowered his head and kissed her. A shock ran through her setting up a tingling buzz from head to foot. His lips moved over hers and his tongue licked along the seam of her lips seeking entrance. With a groan she surrendered and tangled her tongue with his then sucking on his tongue as it plundered deep. Heat flashed through her as his hands found her breasts and plucked her nipples. Her clit and pussy contracted and released a wash of hot fluid.

He groaned in turn when her hips jerked forward and she ground her belly onto his cock. His hands moved over her body as hers did on him, never breaking the kiss they explored each others bodies.

The heat between them was building into an inferno when his hands came back up and tugged on the ties of her top letting it fall to the ground and his fingers again found her beaded and straining türkçe bahis nipples. Her fingers were pulling at the string of his shorts then tugging the Velcro apart.

He cursed when her hand slipped inside and closed over him, slid down then pulled up. He caught her wrists and pulled them behind her back and anchored them there with one hand, making her whimper in need. His other hand pulled at the tie on her hip, it came undone then fluttered to the ground joining her top, when he have them a flick.

Holding her firmly by the wrists he kicked her feet apart then his mouth left hers and moved down her neck. Licking and nipping as he trailed a path to her nipple, he flicked and sucked it as his fingers delved into her hot, wet folds. Finding her already saturated he pushed a finger in deep as he rubbed her clit with a thumb. She jerked again, harder as she started to plead to be filled. The need to feel his hot, hard cock sliding into her, stretching her was overwhelming in its intensity, her body’s response to him extreme.

He stepped away from her, swapping his hold on her wrists for a hold on her hair. He pushed his shorts down a bit then reached in and pulled his cock and balls out as he shoved her to her knees. Her mouth watered to taste him but he pushed her head down to his balls and told her to suck them.

Eagerly she licked one side and sucked it into her mouth, rolling the ball over her tongue then sucking on it again. Her hand reached up and played with the other one before swapping sides. Sucking hard to bring the second ball down from where it had tucked up tight to his body.

His hand in her hair jerked her up to his weeping cock and she swiped her tongue along the slit. Moaning as his taste burst over her tongue then sucked him in. Playing her tongue along his length, one hand going to his balls to cup and roll them.

The fingers of the other hand found the seam that runs from his balls to his rear and rubbed along it. Feathered light taps around the hole before pushing the tip of her finger inside. She was rewarded with a sharp jerk down her throat as he growled and a spurt of precum filled her mouth.

Squirming with mounting need she tried to rub her clit between her thighs in desperate need of friction but he shoved her knees apart. One hand left his balls to delve down but he jerked güvenilir bahis siteleri her head back as he told her not to touch herself. And with her head at the new angle he started to fuck her mouth, going deeper with each thrust until his balls were slapping her chin. Now she used her hands to steady herself on his thighs as he rode her throat.

Without warning he pulled out and pushed her forward onto her hands. He came over her from behind and lowered her face to her hands. Retaining his hold on her hair with one hand he spread her pussy with the other and notched the head of his cock to her opening as she strained to push back onto him.

He gave her arse a hard slap, which only served to fan the flames inside her, before gripping her hip and pushing in as hard and far as he could.

She gave a strangled scream at the sudden invasion but she was desperate and begging to be fucked, the ball of heated need clawing at her. Instead he moved slowly, found a spot deep inside her and danced his cock head back and forth over it. The pressure inside her was building to unbearable levels and still he rode that one spot. Driving her on without giving her enough to push her over.

Cream spilled out and ran down their legs as her pussy spasmed time and time again without actually coming. The wet sucking noises sounding loud in the clearing around the waterhole. The muscles of her vagina clamping down tightly on him and she pleaded and begged to be allowed to cum.

He kept driving her higher and tighter until she felt him swell and he lost control. He began fucking into her harder and harder as he became almost too big for her but then he hit the right spot, with the right pressure and she screamed as she erupted around him. He buried himself deep and tight into her then rubbed in short, sharp jerks until he climaxed with her. Until they collapsed in a panting, sweating heap.

Gently he pushed her hair off her face and asked, “Are you alright?”

She smiled and rubbed her nose to his then kissed him. “Couldn’t be better, Master. You’re here early.”

“Yes, and I brought a surprise with me. He’s waiting back at the villa seeing we weren’t sure where you were.” He replied.

Her smile grew even wider. “He made it!”

His smile matched hers as he answered, “Yes, he made it”. A wicked gleam springing to light in his eyes as he thought of the night, and days, to come.

Standing he drew her to her feet and tossed her into the water before jumping in himself. He helped her to rinse off then they got dressed and went to find their lover.

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