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Sex in the Library

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Big Tits

Sex in the LibraryThe teenage girl who worked in my local library was red hot! She had long shapely legs and blonde hair down to her waist, and a lovely cleavage to boot. I had fantasised about her many a night as I lay on my bed, jacking myself off at the thought of her.I didn’t think that I had any chance in savouring her delights as she sat behind the desk wearing her black secretary type glasses and short red skirt. Plucking up the courage, I asked if she had a book about “Sexual positions for the more adventurous.” Without even looking up from what she was doing, she said if I gave her minute, she would go and see what she could find for me. “Come with me” She said, giving me a knowing type wink and getting up from her seat. I followed her to the very back of the vast library watching with fascination her ass cheeks moved about like two ferrets fighting in a sack. “I think that what you are really after can had in here” She said with a smile showing off her dazzling set of perfect white teeth. Unlocking a side door which led into a broom cupboard sized room she beckoned me in and locked it behind us as she said, “You want me to give you a blow job don’t you? After recovering from shock, I managed to be as diplomatic as I could and said “It would be very rude of me to turn the idea down if such a service were offered“I thought so” She smiled widely once again. Moving up real close to me she stuck her tongue down my throat whilst at the same time undoing the belt on my jeans, and then unzipped me. Pulling my trousers down around my ankles, she let out a small cry of excitement as she gazed at my underwear which resembled more of an erected izmir escort bayan tent on it’s side as my cock desperately strained to be released from it’s restraints.Sinking to her knees, she very gently eased my underwear down over my buttocks, which in turn released my boner, which shot up into the air like is was attached to a spring, and hit her under the chin, making her react with surprise. Sliding back my foreskin she slowly went down on me, engulfing my cock a millimetre at at time until my balls were resting on her chin, deep throating me. By this stage we were both moaning with pleasure. She sucked and circled her tongue around under my helmet. As you can imagine, I could only take as small amount of this intense enjoyment before squirting my load down her throat, splashing her tonsils with my cum. I had to hold on to her shoulders to be able to keep my balance, such was the intensity of my release.Standing up quickly she stood up and said, “I must get back now before I am missed, hurry up and get dressed, come back at about the same tomorrow, and be prepared to give me a good shagging” She said giving me a warm sperm covered grin as we both exited the very tiny room.As you can imagine, with those words buzzing around my head and hardly believing my luck, I mentally imagined what I would do to her the next day. Making sure that I was not a minute late,, I visited the library once again. There she was on the computer. On seeing me she said,”The book that you were after has just arrived this morning sir, and I haven’t had time to process it yet, so please come with me”. Leaving her male friend in charge at the desk, izmir escort bayan we made our way to the little cramped room once again, she unlocked and then re-locked it behind us then turned to me and said “It will have to be a quicky today I’m afraid” “That’s fine with me” I replied. With eyes full of lust, she gestured me to undress completely. When we were both naked, she laid down on the floor, legs slightly parted and started to play with her damp pussy, circling her clit with her saliva moistened index finger. Quickly” she said, give me a good fucking before someone comes along and discovers us. Needing no more encouragement, I laid down on top of her and slid myself into her well juiced pussy. She gently sighed and threw her head back with her eyes closed. “Now fuck me; fuck me hard without mercy!” She pleaded. I lay down on top of her; her ample breasts squashed into my chest as I lined my cock up to dock with her sopping wet fanny. My cock slid into her very easily as she was so wet. I pulled my cock back out to the entrance of her pussy so that just the head of my dick was inside her, then I slammed it back into her until my balls bounced off her bum. She moaned and groaned as she thrashed about beneath me, her fingernails dug into my back as she thrust her perspiring body up to meet the pounding that I was giving her, pulling me into her. She soon came violently, letting out a blood curdling scream. Her body convulsed and twitched about uncontrollably beneath me as I hung on, riding the waves of her extremely intense orgasm. Before we vacated the room she looked at me in a very sexy way and said “Be here the same time tomorrow if you fancy giving me anal”….Wow!As we entered back into the main library, I started to worry that someone had heard her cry out, but we were very lucky indeed, as it appeared that no one had heard us, or if they had, ignored it.So; there I was at the same time, same place, same room, the very next day, undressing with her for some back door exploration. She had already lubed herself up to make it easier for me to penetrate her big wobbly bottom entrance. I gently eased myself into her, making her gasp as the head of it passed her sphincter. I watched with fascination as my shaft gradually disappeared into her backside, until I was up to the hilt. “Give me a moment to get used to your invasion please” She begged gasping. After a short while, I slid it slowly out of her, only to slide it back and gradually established a gentle fucking rhythm, as she held on to a cupboard for support. We were just settling down to a fucking, when the door swung open. She had on this occasion forgot to lock the door. Standing there was the male librarian. “Caught you at it” He grinned, as he quickly undid his flies and yanked himself out. “You had better suck on this young lady while you get ass fucked unless you want me to report your brazen behaviour”. What choice did she have? So there she was down on all fours getting the spit roasting of her life;…..the lucky girl. It didn’t take long for him to cum in her mouth. “Now swallow all of my jizz you sexy bitch and then lick me clean” He said, panting for breath, as I continued to slam myself into her tight little bum hole. Then it was my turn. I could feel the man sap rising within me as he watched on. With one final thrust, I held on to her bum cheeks for support, and then exploded my load deep inside her ass.And who said that visiting your local library was boring?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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