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Sex in the Office

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There was lots of room for what I had in mind as I entered her office. Her desk was facing me as I walked in and she was standing in front of it. She looked pissed and I really didn’t give a fuck. I wanted to get a fuck. I walked to her without stopping myself from leaning into her and pushed her ass against the desk until she was practically sitting on it. She made a sound of protest and then wrapped her hands around my neck pulling me deeper into a kiss that told her everything I intended to do.

I could feel her body go a little limp as I slid my tongue passed hers and caressed the inside of her mouth with my thick tongue. Pleasure rippled through my body as I felt the flutters in my belly and the shiver down my spine. I kissed her deeply, exploring every inch of her mouth, her plump lips and caressing every part of her that I could reach.

I slid my hands from around her back to caress her breast and hips and she lifted her legs up and circled my butt with her calves. Moaning I broke away from the kiss to get on my knees as I lifted her further onto her desk. I pushed her skirt back and began to stroke her clit with my tongue as she caressed my bonus veren siteler head and released a wetness I quickly licked up. I didn’t think twice about the fact that she didn’t have any panties on. I didn’t think about anything except her soft flesh in my mouth. I created a scoop with my tongue and placed it as deep as I could in her pussy and her moans increased. I twisted and twirled my tongue within her wetness and felt tingles as she pulled at my hair. Trying to get me to stay in one place.

The place that was sending her over an orgasmic edge and was causing her to dig into my shoulders with her nails. I reached up with one hand to take hold of her nipple and softly pinched it as I squeezed her ass cheek with my other hand.

My tongue still deep in her pussy. When I felt the flood of her orgasm seep down my chin I slid my tongue out of her hole and licked her clit until she almost squirmed off the desk. I stood and undid my pants as she watched me leaning on her elbows anticipating the pleasure she knew was coming. She stroked her pussy as she watched me.

I held her gaze as I placed a condom on my dick and slowly stepped bedava bahis within her open legs entering her slowly almost losing control when I felt her tightness. She wrapped her legs around my hips and the depth of her felt like falling into heaven. I stroked long and slow holding her hips I lifted her from the desk so that I was standing with her on my dick riding me and moaning and grinding, the sensations of her pulsating pussy causing my skin to tingle and my toes to curl under the pants that rested on them.

I envisioned the muscles flexing with each squeeze, each pump caused her to grip me tighter, trying to get me closer. I took it to mean she needed me deeper and lifted her up and down on my dick as we stood near the desk, her riding me to finish and me doing everything I could not to orgasm at the moment.

She was coming hard as I pumped and I managed to keep our balance as her wetness flowed around my dick and puddled in my hairs. I placed her back on the desk and stepped out of her, turning her so that she was bent over the desk, I entered her from the back. The sight so arousing that I had to take in a deep breathe as deneme bonus I stood behind her. Reaching around, I held her swinging breast as I pumped and rode her ass checks slapping them and caressing the cheeks as I pumped in and out until I could no longer hold back and released deep into her pussy as she screamed out loud and I grunted, the sound muffled in her neck.

The orgasm we shared was probably heard in the hallway, but neither of us cared. i stepped back, flopping out of the wetness our cum had become. As I stepped back, she slid to her knees and tongue my flaccid dick into her mouth. My entire body was excited as I felt the blood return to my penis and my erection filled her mouth as she created a vacuum that I could feel in my toes. My moans were audible now and I am sure they could be heard, but she continued to suck and lick my dick and I raised on my toes as an orgasm crept over my body and shook me to my core.

I lost my footing as I was trying to gather myself. It is not the first time that I experienced an orgasm in which I didn’t release sperm, but the release of the orgasm was all consuming. The wave of pleasure that washed over me was stunning and I had to collect myself as I watched her stand and pull her skirt down. We looked at each other smiling as I pulled up my pants, I stepped into her embraced and kissed, slowly as if our tongues were tired. We caught our breath in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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