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Sex Slave StoryI arrived at the stables and gave my horse to the boy waiting and quickly went to my hiding place as I heard the jeep arriving. I heard Manfred directing my slave to a place just in front of where I was hiding with the instruction to stay there until I came for her. She moved to the rail surrounding the serving ring and looked around with a bored expression. I could here the Groom making preparations and leading the mare into the ring below. My horny little slave leaned forward suddenly aware that this was one of my plans. The groom tied the mare to a post in the middle and then brought Zeus my prize stallion into the ring.Zeus had already smelled the mare and his huge cock was already dripping precum as he was led to the mare. The mare was whinnying and edging her rump towards Zeus. As Zeus climbed on to the mare the Groom reached down and held her tail and eased Zeus’s mighty cock into the mare. My slave had been turned on by the sight below and her hand were already under her dress feverously working away at her pussy. I quietly left my hiding place and walked slowly behind. She was so engrossed in the scene below and the heat of her pussy she did not notice me lift up her dress behind her and my hand joined hers feeling her soaking wet pussy.She gasped as she realised I was there and allowed my fingers to take over- She was so wet and open that 4 fingers did fill her completely and she leant forward and opened her legs. ” I want all your fingers so I feel like that mare” she said. I obliged by tucking my thumb in and easing my hand into her – I rotated my hand and pushed as she pushed against me. “Yes , oohhhhh yesssssss ” she gasped as she felt my hand slide further into her. I could feel her hot pussy now around my wrist as I twisted , rotated and moved in and out as she watched Zeus impale the mare with his huge cock working like a piston.’OOOOOGOD I’mmmmmmmmmm cummingggggggggg” her breaths coming in short sharp bursts.As Zeus snorted and thrust deeply and filling the mare with cum my sex slave pushed hard against my hand and came….. shuddering…. with her legs so weak only my hand was holding her up. I eased my hand out of her hot soaking wet pussy and held her tight until her breathing slowed back to normal.We walked hand in hand across the yard into the house I was anxious to show my slave my “toy” room and to see if my latest toy had arrived. This toy was a special chair built to my specifications with an assortment of attachments specially located to give a women immense pleasure. I was not sure whether my sex slave would be able to stand it but I know she would have great fun trying to. I have heard that a similar chair made a woman cum 26 times in two hours . Hmmmm — I thought …. my sex slave should be able to do that standing on her head . “Ha Ha” I laughed out loud as I realised what I had thought some of my sex devices can move a person in that position, My sweet slave looked at me in surprise – ” No my dear I am not going mad” I said and guided her through the door into my favourite room.We stood there taking in the room – mirrors – Giant TV screen – a series of thin bedlike benches with straps and soft velvet tiedowns. Along one wall was a large display case with sections devoted to different types of vibrators and dildoes ,a couple that looked like they might adiosbet yeni giriş have moulded from Zeus when aroused. Soft velvet seats were everywhere and lots of big cushions and smaller specially shaped cushions. One device shaped like a horse saddle with a couple of interchangeable vibrating dildos.I looked at my sex slave and could already feel her sexual tension as she stared around. “Which would you like to try first ” I enquired pinching her nipple through the thin material of her dress. ” “What is that chair thing “she said pointing to my new arrival. “Hmm… .. that my dear is the ultimate orgasm giver and I think we better leave that one until tomorrow”. She pouted but knew better than to disobey my wishes. ” So my dear the room is yours ” I said and sat back in a chair and punched the remote and the screen came alive with a 6′ image of my slave multiplied by the mirror images and as she moved the camera kept pace with her and she realised that another audience was watching her and everything she did.”Mmmmmmm, so many different toys” she said – a mischievious look in her eyes “where to begin”?I was relaxed now and enjoying the view of my naked slave as she wandered around the room. She stopped at a display case and removed a device which was shaped liked two small golfballs. ” I guess that these are for insertion ” she said with a giggle.”Yes my dear they are Ben Wa balls ” I said knowing that she also knew what they were. She reached down and pushed the first ball deep in her pussy followed by the second one. I asked her to dance for me and my guests as I pressed the remote and the sound filled the room. My slave immediately started to dance to the beat of the music and by the look on her face I knew the ben wa balls were starting to vibrate in her pussy. Her hips moved faster in time to the music , a light sheen of perspiration glistened on her skin I could see that she was close to climaxing and turned the the music off abruptly.”STOP NOW” I ordered and she stopped frozen by the sound of my voice.”Please Master I was so close” she moaned . “Take out the balls, and don’t rub your pussy when doing it ” I said knowing her little tricks to try and disobey me. ” I have a surprise for you – a present!” I whispered as I caressed her ass .”Mmmmmm a present for me, you are so good to me Master” she murmured rubbing against my hand.I pressed a call button on the seats console and the door opened and Manfred and a shadowy figure stood there, his hand holding a lead which was attached to a collar just visible around the figures neck. The figure was dressed in a long deep blue velvet robe with an attached hood by the height and size it was obviously woman. As they both stepped into the light Manfed dropped the hood down and the figure’s hair surrounded a woman’s face partially obscured by a blindfold . Manfred brought her close to me and my slave who was smiling in anticipation at her “present”. ” May I play with it Master ” she said . “Of course my dear you have been such a good little slave for me, she is yours. I motioned to Manfred to hand the lead over to her and to leave us.”Renee – this is Shelley” I said “Shelley this Renee – you will be her plaything for a while and do as she says””Yes Master , I understand and thank you” shelley murmuured in a soft voice.Renee led Shelley adiosbet giriş around the room thrilled with her new “present” The two figures were multiplied many times by the mirrors on the walls and captured by the cameras on the big screen.Renne moved behind Shelley and slowly removed the robe and blindfold. As the robe slipped down Renee licked the bared skin – the wet trails gleaming in the lights. Shelley shivered – partially from the licks and kisses and also from thinking of what may happen to her.Renee whisperd ” You and me are here to entertain my Master and his guests – but we will have fun “Renee pulled on the and led Shelley to a bench near the centre of the room.The bench was 8′ long and had restraining straps placed at different places. Renee positioned Shelley with her arms stretched out above her head on the bench and fastened the straps around ankles – thighs upper arms and wrists.- kissing each spot before tightening.Renee moved to the side and pressed a small button and the bench began to split, stretching Shelleys arms and legs wide and lifting the bench to waist height.’Mmmmmm Shelley, my master does not like hair around the pussy and yours will have to go” she said. Shelley squirmed on the bench and she knew she was fully exposed and she could see herself on the big screen as the camera zoomed in on her pussy and she could see the wetness starting to show. Renee hunted around in the draw and returned with a set of hair trimmers – safety razor, hand towel some shaving foam with a bottle of massage oil.Soon the whirr of the trimmers filled the room and on the screen there was Shelley’s 6′ pussy bing trimmed. Shelley quivered as the vibrations of the trimmer started to excite her as Renee deliberately pushed it harder gainst her clit area. The restraints were getting a workout as Shelleys excitement built “Slave – DO NOT let her cum yet” I called out as I could see on the screen the increase in wetness from Shelleys pussy.”Sorry Master” Renee said ” I forgot about your guests”Having trimmed off all of the hair Renee kissed Shelley’s pussy just curling her tongue in and tasting the juices. Shelley squirmed and let out a moan as she tried to lift her hips to Renee’s mouth. Renee pulled away and gently applied the shaving foam to Shelleys pussy making sure to rub it well in and around and up to her asshole- slipping a finger in and out quickly.Quickly working with experienced ease Renee shaved the last remaining stubble from Shelley’ pussy and wiped it clean with the hand towel. Shelley looked up at the screen and had never felt so naked before – there was her newly shaved pussy her inner lips plainly visible filling the screen and her semi erect clit peeping out- Shelley gasped as she saw er pussy so displayed and a blush started at her face right down to her feet. This feeling was quickly replaced by the sudden feel of cool oil on her skin as Renee rubbed the perfumed oil in and around her pussy. “Mmmmm she moaned – That feels so good Renee” Her feelings were shocked out of the cosy glow by Renee slapping her pussy rapidly several times the sounds echoing around the room magnified by the sound system. “Ow… she muttered as she bit her lips to stop crynig out loud. Her pussy was tingling seconds after the last slap and a hotness started deep inside her. Renee leant over adiosbet güvenilirmi and opened up Shelley’s pussy pulling the lips wide and exposing the pink isides for the camera.Then squirting a large amount of oil directly into Shelleys pussy making it overflow and drip onto the hand towel on the floor- Two fingers were working their way up and around inside her pussy and Shelley started to feel that old warm feeling again. Two more fingers were now rubbing and probing inside her and her pussy was stretching easily as she became aroused. Renee rubbed her thumb hard against Shelley’s clit and Shelley moaned as her pussy was on fire. Pulling her hand out halfway Renee added her thumb to her fingers and pushed hard against Shelley’s pussy – feeling the oil and juices mixing and making her hand enter fully up to th wrist.”Oh God ” Shelley moaned and thrust her hips upwards trying to get more of Renee’s arm inside her.Renee rotated her hand inside the pussy, excited by the feeling the power she had over Shelley.Renee bent over and licked at Shelley’s exposed clit Long slow licks from her wrist deep inside Shelley up and around – sucking the clit into her hot mouth – Shelley’s breathing was coming in short loud gasps eerily magnified by the sound system.I was getting really turned on by te action and moved over to where the girls were – Oblivious to my presence Renee was enjoying herself and started as my hand went between her legs and felt her soaking wet pussy. She was still licking and sucking at Shelley’s pussy as I slipped my hard cock easily into her wet warm pussy. Renee opened her legs wider and pushed back against me as I thrust deeply into her. Shelley was close to cumming and I could feel Renee’s pussy starting to contract around my cock and I knew they both would be climaxing together. I pulled away from Renee and said “Don’t let her cum yet we have more to do”. Shelley started to protest and Renee let out a moan of protest but knew better than to disobey me and also that the ending would be much sweeter for the waiting.Shelley was breathing much easier now and I motioned Renee to drink some wine and let Shelley have some. Renee moved up to Shelley , took a big mouthful of wine and then kissed Shelley – letting the wine dribble from mouth to mouth.I moved to Shelleys head and moved a lever – the bench lowered and I pulled Renee to me and made her put her legs either side of Shelley’s head tilting the end of the bench so Shelley had easy access to Renee’s wet pussy. I indicated to Renee to lean all the way over and lick Shelley at the same time. Mmmm she murmurred as she tasted the juices soaking Shelley’s pussy. Shelleys tongue was working deep and fast on Renee’s pussy and I put my hand down and shelicked my fingers nice and wet. I inserted 2 fingers in Renee’s ass working them in and out in time to Shelley’s tongue. When lubricated and open enough I pushed the head of my cock against Renee’s ass and felt it slide in- Shelley’s tongue touched my balls briefly as I pushed all the way in.I could feel Renee’s ass contracting everytime Shelleys tongue touched her clit and she was grinding her puss hard down on Shelley. Shelleys body was twitching close to a climax as Renee’s expert tongue drove her wild. Renee was pushing hard against me and I was fucking her hard as I felt my own climax building. Shelley screamed – Renee screames as we all cum together – my cock exploding deep in Renees ass. I felt Renee shuddering and Shelleys straining hard against the restraints.We collapsed all together – I could hear distant applause – my audience had enjoyed the show.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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