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Sex Studio Secrets #21: Anne-2

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Sex Studio Secrets #21: Anne-2Anne is awesomely attractive, a silent slender sensual sexy sweet tender tiny tit tasty teen to meNow as my captive, she realises her situation and suddenly shows me the other side of her characterNew into sexual slavery she shows no resistance, as she is intelligent enough to know it won’t helpEvery inch a woman she intuitively knows co-operation is her only hope for a way out of the situationPeter plays puns on her in Dutch, as she proudly told how a bad writer he is, so she needs a lesson:Anne je bent mijn gevangen Anne, mijn gevangene, afgekort tot ‘Gevang-Anne’. Ik laat je niet los!You are my prisoner now Anne. For short, my Prison-Anne. I will not let you go! Your insults cost!Suddenly Anne looks shy and timide as she realises she is trapped, Peter will have his way with her!So do you really think your would-be lover ‘thick-neck’ would be better in bed, than I can write here?Or were you ironic? As a politician whose words mean the opposite: He writes worse, than I make love?My maiden, whatever your bad intentions, you will suffer severely for your insults of a former friend Every former friend gets a receipt of my account, no VAT added konak escort only some extra irony hidden in sarcasmBeing a bad girl, you need to learn some lessons of love and respect for your Master Professor Peter!I like my teens to be completely clean for me, both at the outside and the inside. I will shower youLovely to see the now pale blonde beauty sweetly strip for me, her hands hide her lil’ tits and bushLet me have a proper look at you! Fold your hands behind the back of your neck for a good view of youShe shows signs of obedience and of arousal as her hard nipples betray her excitement for me is risingFirst of all it is important that all your holes are open and clean for me, so brush your teeth pleaseOpen orifices between your legs I will take care of myself! – I take the head off from my sexy showerRight spread them wide for me! I enter the hose in her first hole to wash away any squirts out of it Very carefully I probe first with a finger how flexible her sphincter is before I enter the hose thereErotic feeling, an enema, isn’t it? Some sexy talented teens can come from that! You also will learn!Rubbing her hill helps her to enjoy konak escort bayan this fresh form of physical pleasure around her puffy pretty pussyYou seem eager to learn love lessons, horny hottie! Show me your good will and come for me on my orderBad girls can be good at times, as Anne indeed has a sexy shaking orgasm! I hold her tight, tremblingAs you are all clean Anne, you shall show me your private parts properly for an intimate inspection! Dutefully she follows my instruction to spread wide with her legs at each side of mine and bends overBy both hands she spreads her ass cheeks for a good view and next she masturbates for me looking at meExquisite erotic sight which makes me long to take her here and now, but only after proper preparationHost you along my legs, face down at my feet! Start to kiss them, while I will give you first spanks!Anne’s pale skin soon turns pink as I can use both hands in this pretty position to colour her bottomVery clearly I can see how her sexy slit gets wet, despite the pain and humiliation, or thanks to it?I know her hill can feel my manhood rising! Into the groove she gets, as she tries to ride her clit! escort konak Of course she can not help to come hard in this sexy situation as a slave of lust for Professor PeterUsually my sex slave shall make me orgasm Anne! Time to teach you a lesson in love and respect, love!Rip her rose in one mighty stroke entering all my eight inches till the brim, to fill her anal canal This is her very first time, she later tells me. As most teens she was always afraid of the anal painAwesome tight she is! I grab her hips with ass cheeks red by now to ride her hard into some disciplineShe is amazed how horny she gets by being taken almost against her will by this Tantra Professor PeterThe tasty teen is embarrassed by how hot, wet and bad she is. She never knew she is such a sexy slut!You seem to like my sexy surprises for you, isn’t it awesome Anne? Are you my anal slave, sweetheart?The tasty teen only can answer me with her moans, signaling another awesome orgasm coming up her loinsEvery eight inch a gentleman I let her come first, as her contractions from coming milk my member wellEasy meat to subdue she is! Big mouth gone and it takes me only one good anal canal fuck to slave her!Nice sign for future sexual adventures with this slender sensual sexy sweet tender tiny tit tasty teenFirst letters taken together form my motto of this sex storyANNE PAYS SOME BILLS FOR VERY BAD BEHAVIOUR TASTY TEENCopyright by Poet PETER – To be continued soon …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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