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Sex With Friends…3

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Big Dicks

Sex With Friends…3Brain whispered in my ear ‘bitch, you gonna take all this dick and more. And if you know what’s good for you, you better make me believe you love it’, for the first time I feared what Brain was saying.I thought that he was a friend and now I feared that he would some how damage me if I did not make him happy. I begged him ‘Brain, please take your time, don’t hurt me, you can get all you want, just, please be careful’.Brain snorted ‘bitch, you don’t know the half of what you gonna do tonight’. With that threat Brain rammed so hard into me that I could do nothing but raise my upper body from the floor. Just as quick, Brian slammed my head back to the floor and rammed furiously into my prostrate butt.All I could do was cry and whimper as Brain assaulted my butt like a wild man, Doug stood watching Brain for some time. Brain finally could hold back no longer and 1xbet yeni giriş flooded my butt with his baby making fluid.Slipping his hands under my chest, Brain twisted my nipples with his fingers and thumbs till I cried out in pain. Doug commanded Brain, ‘get your sorry ass up, you don’t know nothing about enjoying good boi pussy’.Brain slowly pulled his flaccid cock from my butt hole, air immediately filled the void left from his cock. Doug took me by the arms and lifted me up to a kneeling position, causing the air to exit, my anal cavity, and my anal sphincter muscle ring to vibrate as my anal canal contracted making a thunderous sound. Reaching down, Doug, took hold of my shirt tail and lifted both it and my t-shirt over my head.I lifted my arms allowing my covering to be removed, as soon as my head was free of my shirt, I was confronted with Doug’s steel 1xbet giriş hard cock waving in my face. Doug tossed my shirts over to the couch and said softly but sternly ‘suck my dick like it’s the last one you’ll get’.I looked up at him pleading with my eyes as Doug gripped my head and pulled me to his throbbing cock. As soon as his cock head touched my lips they parted and I slipped my tongue through them and cradled Doug’s rubbery rock hard cock head. Slowly I sucked his cock into my oral cavity and heard Doug moan so sensuously ‘MMMMMHHHHUHHHUHHHU yeah baby just like that’.Doug holding my head tightly pulled me away from his mid section, my lips and his cock head made a smacking sucking sound as they parted company. Doug took hold of my right bicep and lifted me from my kneeling position ‘come on bitch, we gonna get comfortable, Brain get some thing to drink 1xbet güvenilirmi and wait till I call you’.Doug led me to one of the bedrooms and sort of tossed me to the bed ‘on your back bitch, we gonna see just how good that pussy is if it’s treated right. Act like you got some sense and we both will enjoy it, act like a bitch and only one of us will enjoy it’.I scooted to the middle of the bed and laid on my back, Doug slowly mounted the bed and worked his way up between my legs. Gently parting my feet, Doug, lifted them up bending my legs at my knees.Doug kissed and licked my ankles, calves and thighs, working his way down to my limp cock. Doug than proceeded to kiss my cock and suck gently on my penile glans, moving down to my testicles, Doug, kissed/sucked both of them. Doug pressed my thighs back to the trunk of my body lifting my buttocks up from the mattress, Doug positioned his steel hard cock to my anal canal opening and slowly slid his cock head up and down my butt crack till his rigid cock found my anus.With a steady, firm and continuous push Doug entered my now well lubed anal cavity once again…TO BE CONTINUED…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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