Nis 03

Sexiplicity Ch. 01

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I was having the dream again, it was the third time this week and I didn’t know how to stop it. Believe me I tried. Each time the dream ended with me cumming on or in someone I don’t care to tell anyone about. I suddenly woke up as I was climaxing in the dream with my cock, rock hard and oozing, but no semen had left my body thankfully. Probably because I had masturbated in the shower to try and control the dream. It hadn’t worked.

I threw the covers off myself. I was sleeping naked like normal and stared down at my erect cock which was much too large for the rest of my skinny body. It was pulsing and throbbing in the morning light coming through the attic window. I hate my cock. It’s hard to hide and manage, especially when it was erect, which happened at inopportune times at home and at school. I was covered in sweat from my head to my toes. Uncovered, I now got a chill from the cool morning air. The dream came back to my head as my cock throbbed over my body, as I lay in my bed trying to comprehend what was wrong with me.

“There’s got to be something wrong with me! I shouldn’t be dreaming about fucking them. Especially not them,” I said quietly out loud.

Staring at my cock, I resenting it as it throbbed away, hovering well over my bellybutton and dripping down onto my abs. I’m still a virgin, no thanks to my big cock.

As I lay there, waiting for my dick to calm down, I heard a noise outside. Getting out of bed, I walked naked to the attic window high above the house I shared with my mother and older sister. Looking out the window, I saw down below, Tiffany, my sister sneaking back into the house before my mother was awake. She snuck out most nights but I have no idea where she went or what she did. She was three years older than me, tall, very athletic with small breasts and red hair. She seemed to always be wearing workout clothes. I guess it made sense since she worked at the gym in town as a personal trainer. Her body showed it. She was in great shape and even I noticed how well defined her ass was as she climbed through the window. My stupid cock lurched on its own as I watched my sister’s backside disappear.

“Stupid cock!” I said, smacking it with my hand. “What the fuck is wrong with me!” I said a bit too loud.

My phone alarm suddenly went off, making me jump. I had set it to wake up for school. Moving from the window, I quickly turned it off and sighed heavily. I hated school. Even more than my cock. It wasn’t because of the homework or learning, no, I did that just fine and excelled at it. It was because of the people. I hated most of my classmates. They were not nice to me, actually bully me really if you want to call it what it was. I guess I was an easy target, it’s easy to pick on the skinny, tall kid, the nerd or geek they sometimes called me.

The worst one though was Cobi. Big basketball jock, Cobi. He was even taller than me and not skinny, a big hulking jerk. Not only did he bully me, he pretty much bullied everyone. “I’m black, large and in charge,” he would always say in the locker room as he showered with the other students, minus me. I was too embarrassed to shower after gym class because of my skinny body and large penis. Cobi wasn’t ashamed. He seemed to gloat about how big he was, making fun of the ‘white boys’ with small cocks as he swung his massive one around the showers. I couldn’t stand him.

Reluctantly, I slowly started to dress for school, I really didn’t want to go. By the time I was dressed, my cock had decided to finally start shrinking enough to hide it under my untucked shirt. Leaving my little attic room, I headed downstairs for breakfast. Walking in the kitchen, my mother, Clara, was standing in front of the stove, cooking eggs as the toaster worked on toast.

I stared at her backside for a split second, a flash from the dream filled my head. I felt my cock twinge, almost starting to regrow, before I tore my eyes off my mother. She was a bit chubby, but her ass was firm, with dark hair, large breasts and she wore glasses. She worked as a secretary, having to return to work when my dad died when I was ten. My mother is the only one who treats me with kindness, she’s very motherly and very feminine. I know I shouldn’t think about her that way but I’m pretty sure I’m not normal.

She turned around when she heard me come into the kitchen. “Good morning… how’s my special boy today?” Mom, asked.

“Okay… food smells good.”

“I’ll have it ready for you in a second, sweetie.”

I sat down at the table, she already had set, and poured myself a glass of orange juice just as the toast popped up. Mom placed the golden brown bread on a plate, added some eggs and brought it over to me. As she leaned over to put the plate down, I got an unexpected view down her blouse. She was already dressed for work. Her large breasts made my eyes widen and I stared a little too long, making Mom notice and turn away from the table.

“I saw Becca the other day. She came by to see you,” Mom said.

“I fake taxi porno know, she told me at school,” I replied, taking a bite of my eggs.

“She seems to really like you, Peter… how come you haven’t asked her to the movies or something?”

“I don’t know,” I mumbled, taking a bite of toast.

“I’m sure she would say yes if you asked. You’re so shy, Peter… always have been… you need to take a chance, have fun, especially since you just turned eighteen… it’s your senior year you should date. Start with Becca.”

“I don’t know, Mom… I get so nervous and don’t know what to say.”

“Just be yourself. I know she likes you, just ask her.”

“Well, okay, maybe… I got to get to school,” I said, gobbling the rest of my food so I could leave before my mother bugged me about dating anymore.


When I stepped out onto the porch to head to school, I saw my neighbor, Danny leaving as well. Danny was an odd kid to me. From the back, as Danny walked, I swore he was a girl, he even talked and dressed like one and was very feminine. He told me he was mostly German with blonde hair, glasses and almost as shy as I was. Danny’s mother worked at the school, she cleaned after the kids left and Danny was embarrassed of that fact, hoping people wouldn’t find out she was his mother. I was the only one that knew.

We said hi to each other and then walked in silence to school. When we neared the steps to the main door, both he and I saw Becca waiting there. We both smiled at her.

She was a submissive girl, kind of chubby with black hair, large full breasts and a rather large behind. She was dominated by her mother even at eighteen. Becca’s mother told her how to dress, how to do her hair, who she could talk to and what she could do after school. But the most reprehensible thing, in Becca’s opinion, was her mother wouldn’t let her shave her pubic hair. She was the only girl she knew of in school that had uncontrollable growth down below, a fact she hated and the rest of the girls made fun of her for. Becca thought that something so private would be left to her own judgement, but even this her mother had taken from her.

We walked up the steps to meet her. Becca seemed to be watching only me the entire way and said hi to me first.

“Hi, Peter, have any plans for the weekend?” she asked.

“Not really,” I replied. “You?”

“I don’t know yet, I was hoping…”

“I’m going to the aquarium!” Danny suddenly blurted, cutting Becca off.

“Oh, that’s nice, Danny,” Becca said politely, not able to finish telling me what she was hoping.

Before she got another chance the first bell rang and we all had to get to class.


After lunch, I was heading to another class when I walked by the girl’s locker room and found Danny standing outside the door, looking nervous. I stopped, making sure it was Danny because he looked like a girl again and I wasn’t 100% sure.

“Danny? What are you doing,” I asked.

“Nothing, just waiting.”

“For what?”

“Nothing, just go,” Danny said, fidgeting with his shirt.

I could hear some commotion going on behind the door. Some girl was screaming and yelling. Danny started looking really nervous and I tried to go past him to listen better or even go in and find out what was going on. Danny got in my way trying to stop me and I was shocked. Then I heard the girl scream again and could have sworn it sounded like Becca. I don’t know what came over me but I went outside my normal self, shoved Danny out of the way and stormed into the girl’s locker room to find a sight I couldn’t believe.

Becca was half naked running around trying to get her bra from the basketball team. Cobi was the ringleader. The girls were all laughing with the boys and making fun of Becca as she tried to hide her large breasts and retrieve her bra. There was so much to hide, it was virtually impossible for her. Her large breasts spilled out behind her one arm, revealing her hard nipples and tight areolas as she jumped up and down as a tall basketball player held her bra just out of reach.

I flew into a rage and charged the guy, yelling at him and swinging my fist at the same time. As the kid turned to face me, my fist made contact with his jaw hard, knocking the kid right out and onto the floor. I grabbed the bra, gave it to Becca and turned to face the other four boys. They all outweighed me by who knows how much.

“Get his punk ass!” Cobi yelled.

Before they could reach me, I turned and ran out the door and down the hall. The basketball team took up chase and ran after me out the front door of the school. I ran down the steps and looked back at my pursuers, just as I stepped off the curb into the street.

I never saw Mrs. Howell in her Mercedes coming down the road. She slammed on her brakes but it wasn’t enough, hitting me. My body was carried onto the hood and into the windshield. Bouncing off, I crumpled to the asphalt unconscious.


I family stroke porno guess while I was unconscious, Mrs. Howell got out of her car in a panic. Her large breasts jiggled every which way as she scurried around the car in her high heels. Mrs. Howell was the wife of Mr. Howell the richest man in town, hell he practically owned it all. Her curly hair bounced up and down as much as her breasts. She was moving faster than she had in years because it’s not proper for a lady to run. By the time she reached me, several others had gathered around, all looking down at the unconscious boy.

“Is he alive? Did I kill him?” Mrs. Howell asked.

“Someone call 911!” a teacher yelled.

Several phones came out.

“I think he’s breathing,” another person said.

The basketball players hung back, not wanting to be accused of anything but they stayed to watch. About a minute later, Becca came running out of the school, now dressed and rushed into the street to see me.


First thing I remembered was my head hurt and the voices didn’t make any sense at first. When I opened my eyes, I looked up into a sea of faces all staring down at me. Man my head really hurt but I tried to sit up anyway.

“I think he’s okay!” I heard Mrs. Howell say.

I knew her voice because my mother works for Mr. Howell as one of his many secretaries. I looked at her and she seemed very relieved I was alive. I realized finally what had happened. She must have hit me with her car. Then the laughter started.

“Look! He pissed himself!” I heard a kid say.

Several girls giggled and I looked down at my wet pants. Sure enough, my bladder had emptied when I got hit by the car. Becca told them all to shut up and came to my side, holding my hand and asking if I was okay.

“My head kinda hurts?” I replied.

I had some other minor bumps and bruises. The principle made me stay on the ground until the ambulance showed up. They checked me out and said I seemed to be okay but they wanted to take me to the hospital to have my head checked further.


My mother met me at the hospital as did Tiffany. The doctor told them that they were going to do a scan of my head just in case but he thought I was fine. After the scan was clean, they let me go home with Mom and my sister. My head still hurt, my vision wasn’t the best yet and I felt a little odd.

“You sure you’re okay, honey,” my mother asked.

“I’m fine… I think I’ll just go up to my room and rest a bit.”

“Not every day you get hit by a car, brother,” Tiffany said. “Good idea to take it easy.”

I looked at her and didn’t see my sister really, but instead I saw someone I didn’t recognize and she was extremely hot, making my stupid cock lurch in my pants. I shook my head, cursing quietly and it was my sister again.

“I need to lie down,” I said, heading to my room.

When I got up to my room, I went to my mirror and looked at my head and face. Suddenly it wasn’t my face in the mirror and the new person spoke, “Oh boy… I’m gonna fuck these bitches so hard!”

I gawked, shook my head and my face was back in the mirror. It didn’t last long, the new person was back and talking again, “Start with the young one… fuck her tight ass first!”

I was freaking out, trying to push past this new person in my head I didn’t recognize in the mirror, a new personality that had come forth after the head trauma, the person in my dreams, the person I tried to keep from being each night. But this wasn’t a dream and now I couldn’t wake up and stop him. I was well aware of what this new Peter was doing and saying but I couldn’t stop him.

“Yes, that’s it, I’ll take this big cock of mine and fuck the young one first!” new Peter said, looking down.

My cock was in my hand. I was stroking it, but it wasn’t really me. It was hard and throbbing in a matter of seconds and I couldn’t do anything about it.

“Then I’ll have me some older woman, what an ass on that one and the breasts… good hell, I’ll get lost in those. But first the young one with her smaller breasts, tight body and wow what an ass. She might rip my dick off she’ll be so tight.”

I heard the voice, felt my cock being stroked and was in total panic mode.

“Tiffany! Hey, sis… can you come to my room for a second,” the new Peter yelled.

I tried with all my might to push through to the outside, to stop new Peter from doing something to my sister… just like in the dreams… I had to stop him… I had to.

“What is it Peter,” Tiffany said from the door a half minute later.

The new Peter smiled in the mirror, it was an evil smile, a telling smile, a smile for only one person, the real me, a smile saying “You can’t stop me, Peter.”

New Peter turned my body around with my huge cock in our hand toward Tiffany. Tiffany’s eyes widened with shock, her mouth fell open and before she could scream, new Peter had moved us across the room right for her.

Chapter female agent porno 1

I was helpless as new Peter covered Tiffany’s mouth before she could scream, kicking the door closed behind her. He locked it without looking and stared into Tiffany’s eyes.

“I’m going to let go now, but you better not scream,” he said, I heard everything.

She nodded and he took his hand off her mouth and took a step back, returning to stroking his cock in front of Tiffany my sister that didn’t look like my sister but that hot redhead I saw downstairs for a split second.

“What’s going on, Peter… what are you doing,” she said, trying not to look down at our huge cock.

“What’s it look like, sis… I’m stroking my big cock… do you like it?” he asked.

I was beating on the inside of my head, trying to break the grip new Peter had on my mind. It was futile I couldn’t stop him and just had to watch.

“Umm… well, Peter, sure… it’s a nice penis but why are you doing that?” she asked.

“Because, it has to be hard if I’m going to fuck you with it, silly,” he said. I screamed at him to stop.

“Excuse me?” Tiffany blurted.

“You know you want it… just think how good it will feel!” New Peter said. “It’s huge!”

I saw the look on my sisters face… did I really just see that? The look of wonder and desire to find out. No way… it couldn’t have been. Not my sister! Then a thought crossed my mind. Where does she go when she sneaks out of the house at night… what does she do and who is she with?

“Peter! That’s beside the point, you’re my brother!”

“So. No one will know… come on. Look at this thing, just begging to be sucked and fucked,” new Peter said, wiggling it at her. I felt everything.

“Stop it Peter! I’m going to tell Mom.”

“No you won’t, because you want to… you want to suck it… you want to fuck it… I can see it all over your face and body. Look at your tits, sis… the nipples are as hard as a rock in your sports bra.”

I saw it too. My sister’s nipples were hard… her face flushed… what was going on? What kind of woman was she?

Tiffany instinctively folded her arms over her breasts and fidgeted before us. She hadn’t looked away from our cock. It looked as if she had never seen anything so big before in her life and the way new Peter was acting and the things he was saying, I’m sure she was thinking we were a totally different person. She stood there with her nipples hard, I’m sure she could feel them pressing on her bra, probably sending twinges of pleasure to her sex, which was possibly also getting wet as she watched her own brother stroke and play with his amazing cock. She seemed drawn to it, fighting the urge to reach out and touch it. Our cock was like an open challenge to her.

Her hesitation told us everything we needed to know. New Peter smiled, I screamed inside our own head as a prisoner. I watched in horror, as my own hand reached for my sisters. New Peter took hold of Tiffany’s hand, pulling her toward us and placing her hand on our hard, oozing cock. She didn’t pull back, she didn’t resist. He had her.

I felt it all… I felt my sister’s hand encircle my wide shaft, her small hand not able to touch thumb to finger, our cock was so wide. I screamed in disgust as she moved her hand up the long shaft and back down again. The pleasure was intense, the repulsion equal. “What was she doing!?” I screamed in our head.

“That’s it, sis… that’s nice… feels good,” new Peter said.

“Wow, you are enormous, Peter… I never knew you were so endowed,” Tiffany said, stroking us up and down a little faster.

“Glad you found out,” he sneered.

She was moving the loose skin on our shaft up and down with an expert hand. I realized she was very experienced in touching a man’s cock and knew why she was sneaking out at night. It felt better than when I touched myself. I couldn’t stop the pleasure coursing through my virgin penis. This was the first time a woman had touched my cock sexually. Her hand felt so good, even the fact that it was my sister soon left my head as I basked in the pleasure she was producing.

I stared down as Tiffany stroked our cock. It didn’t look like my sister but I knew it was. I was oozing down our shaft and the pre-cum soon met her hand in the middle.

“You’re leaking a lot, better clean that up,” Tiffany said, falling to her knees.

I tried to move, tried to stop her but I was frozen and trapped. She pulled our cock down to her mouth and opened, slipping our purple head onto her tongue. I screamed in pleasure as the new Peter moaned with victory. Tiffany sucked our head before licking our shaft clean of the pre-cum. I had never felt anything like it before.

“You taste good, brother,” she said quickly before sucking us back into her mouth.

Her hand moved to the base of our wide cock and began to stroke as she sucked. She used her tongue all around our head and V shaped glands. Neither of us had ever had a blowjob before so both of us were overcome with the sensation of Tiffany’s talent. It felt incredible, so stimulating I knew we were not going to last. Two minutes didn’t pass before we exploded into her mouth without warning. The pleasure was better than any time I’ve masturbated before.

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