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Sexting with my snapchat friend

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Adriana Chechik

Sexting with my snapchat friendHere is some fun from my sexting girl on Snapchat. Shes a little kink and I wake up to 1-2 tit pics and thong pics when I am lucky!I run my hand up your body. Just gently grazing your amazing looking tits under the warmth covers of the bed. As the back of my hand grazes your breast, it feels your nipple get progressively larger and harder. At the same time you feel something start to grow next to your ass and you moan slightly. My hand reaches your chin. I gently slide the hand on your face. Twist your face up towards me and our lips connect. More than last time. I feel you push your ass into me and your legs move ever so slightly up and down as if you enjoy my tongue about to play with yours. My hand under you reaches up and gently I play with your arm and ever so teasingly and suggestively it grazes your side boob up and down. As our tongues play you push more and more into my body and I pull you closer and closer as my hand holding your chin moves into your hair and plays with it in a little circlesI’d love for us to spoon like I said. But I take it further. I pull you over ontop of me. Your entire body on me. Your hips and sexy panties (I just have a hunch you wear lace lingerie type shit) rocks on top of a growing bulge. My hands explore all of your naked skin on your legs and up on your hips. Grabbing and shaking teasingly. My mouth is on yours as our tongues play. My hand slides up your spine tingling your senses and driving your bare tits onto my skin. It feels great and my bulge grows wanting you more. I open my eyes and your looking at me smiling. Your hands on my chest and neck. I look back and smile too. Then pull all of your body onto mine. I give a small ass slap. Pull over the covers and start……I was thinking more of your soft silky legs intertwined with mine while I feel your ass in some sexy lace lingerie type panties with the little flowers and bow in the front pushes into my hips and grinds in little circles. Teasing my growing cock while my hand gently swirls circles on your stomach and then teasingly grazes the bottom of your massive tits. Then I work my way up and I lick my finger, stick it under the blankets and it swirls circles on your nipple. You moan and grab my hand on your nipple, as if to ask. Give me more. I kiss your neck and whisper, “if you want more, prove it”….Getting back to it then….I kiss your inner thighs and run one hand on your inner thigh. Then you lay on your back. One of your hand runs through my hair and the other is fondling your nipple. Making it harder and my cock bigger. My mouth moves up to your naked pussy. It’s already wet when my mouth gets to it. I feel your juices on my lips and without hesitation I push both your legs out and up. Your pussy opens up and my tongue swirls up and down your pussy as you moan. bursa escort I taste you and you are amazing. My cock oozes some precumHere’s how I would wake you up. Slip under the covers while you sleeping and lick your pussy with my tongue in between your tight lips. Make your legs squirm and you wake up to me swirling circles on your tiny clit and your juices drowning my face in it. Then once up and you realize what is happening I would stick my tip of the cock in and welcome you to the morning. Then pull out and swirl my tongue back on your clit. Then stand on the bed and have my throbbing cock by your face. I’d tell you grab it. Your turn. You swirl my head of my cock in your mouth with your tongue licking all over it while you stroke my shaft. Meanwhile I bend down and lick your hard nipple while my one hand jiggles your massive tits in one and finger fucks your pussy getting it ready for my cock. I’d pull back and then pull you on your side. I’d enter you standing up and see your ass jiggle as your tight dripping wet pussy expanded to let my thick cock and all of its 9″ shaft into your tiny and tight body. You moan and moan, saying stuff like “fuck me and give it to me”. My cock throbs seeing you enjoy it inside you that I have to slap your ass and pull out. You know I’m close so you get on your knees and start playing with your tits. Give me your got jizz you say. Give me it on my big tits.Mmmm let’s have fun at the doctor while we wait for him to come and check you out. Meanwhile. I’ll give you a thorough checking out. Hop Up on the cold inspection table and then slide my hands up your precious legs. Spreading them slowly until I get to your sexy lace panties and, wait, it’s a thong with little bows to flirt with me and my cock. I kiss it then slide it over and inspect you with my mouth. First my lips kiss your lips. Then my tongue slides in between and works its way up to your clit. Mmmmm taste good to me. You start close your legs as you try and hide me but it doesn’t work. I force my face in more and one finger probes insides your dripping wet pissy. Some of its my saliva and some is your excited juices. I finger fuck you gently with one finger. In and out. I feel your lips open and close for it and swallow it whole. All while my tongue is continuously swirling around that clit. I switch it up and put two fingers in and go slower and deeper and flick my tongue on your clit. At this point you are dripping wet. I pull back and look at you laying back. Your hands are playing with your tits and begging me not to stop. Your nipple pierces through your bralette and through your shirt. I pull my zipper down and stand there with my cock exposed and flying out of the zipper. You look at me and before you can say “fuck me”. My cock head is in just the tip and teasing your tight pussySo my tip bursa escort bayan of my cock is In your pussy. Your lips spread out as I thrust more and more. You put your legs in the air and I caress your silky smooth legs as I thrust in and out slowly. Making your juices squirt. I look down at your tight vagina trying to take all of me and I see you’ve creamed on me. I pull out. Spit on your pussy for more lubrication and hit it again. This Time I hold one leg straight in the air and on my shoulder and your other leg hangs to the side. I pull you in and watch you this time. I see your tits bounce with every thrust and I see you struggling not to moan and let out scream of ecstasy. We hear foot steps getting closer to the door. I pull out and put my cock away. You fix your thong and put it back and sit up. You had drool running down your chin and into your cleavage that you wipe off. The door opens and the doctor walks inWhile the doctor it there and talking to you. You see me with small glimpses of me licking my lips. Winking at you. Rubbing the bulge in my pants. Once the doctor leaves for one second. Without controlling myself I stand up and walk over. Life your skirt up and swirl a finger on your clit. To my surprise you are still soaking wet and I can’t help but lick you and taste you more. We hear people coming back and I sit back down and wipe my mouth off on your skirt firstDoctor comes back and we are done. He closes the door and says he will walk us out. On the way out I hold the door open and smack your ass in the skirt. The skirt suppresses the sound and you moan. Mmmm you like that baby? We get to the car. I push you over the hood when no one is watching and grind my hips on your ass. I can’t wait to give you more of this when we get backBack to our car. I open the car door for you to hop on in. You get in the car and before I can turn to close the door you touch the bulge in my pants. You rub it and tease me. Then unzip the zipper. Stick your hand in. And grab my throbbing cock. You put it in your mouth and start swirling your tongue around my cock and pushing it into your sexy lips more and more. I look around and there is no one. Then you pull out your massive tits and just seeing them out makes me squirt a little in your mouth. Then you swallow and moan. I see you rub your tits and and pull your perky nipples. You pull out and jerk my shaft and say cum baby. Your cock is so big I want your cum. And with your eyes looking at me and you biting your lip I explode shooting hot cum on your chin. Cheeks. And your tits. You smile. Lick it up. And suck me clean. Then you put my cock back in my pants and say let’s go back to your placeUmmm also thank. And also you are a freak. A kinky sexy freak and we should definetly fuck and I mean have hot passionate hour long sex session where escort bursa I make you squirt and cum all over my cock and my face while I fuck and lick you up and down. Pulling your hair. Slapping your ass. Seeing your tits flop and me giving you hickeys all over passionate sex.How I want to wake you up: you laying in bed and we obvi were snuggling but I eat you out. First spread your legs and swirl my tongue between your tight pussy lips. Make them wet. But keep letting you sleep. Then swirl on the clit and push my finger just slightly. Next. Take your vibrator and use that while off to fuck you gently in and out while my tongue is still swirling on your clit. Mmmmmm I moan as I feel your juices starting to ooze out and your legs start to squirm. I hear you start talking in your sleep. “Right there baby. Mmmmmm”.I turn on your vibrator. Place it right above your clit. Spread your pussy lips. And it vibrates. My tongue is on your clit and you feel the wetness and warmth of my tongue. My saliva running all over your tight and tiny clit, and the vibrations all mix into one harmonic cycle of pleasure. You wake up. Eyes wide open. Tits fully erect and excited. You grab my head and instinctlty push me into the clit more saying “god I am about to cum don’t stop”. I pull away to tease you. Then lick from your asshole up to the bottom of your pussy. Run my tongue through your lips all while the vibrator is on your clit. You spread your legs as if to ask for “fuck me already”. But I don’t. I grab your toned ass and pick it up. I tease you and then my tongue licks your clean asshole and you for the first time feel what it’s like to have kinky pleasure down there. You instantly squirt and soak my hair with it. Your legs quiver and you cannot stop shaking after what I just made you doI look up at your pretty face. Your black hair all messed up from sleeping. Your eyes wide and dilated. Your mouth and your soft sweet lips open from the pleasure.I smile. You smile. And then you look and say “give me it. Give me your cock. I want your cum. I want it now.”You pull me ontop of you and I see that your nipples are perky and excited obvi. You tease me and suck on one and twist the other nipple, you talk dirty to me and try to make my growing cock drip some cum onto your stomach. Telling me “mmmm baby. You like my big tits? You wanna suck on your baby’s big titties. My pussy is so wet thinking about your massive cock going in it. I’m so honest baby. Please give me it all. Give me your cock. I want you to cum all over me”. Then you push my throbbing and aching cock between your tits. Spit. Grab my ass and start forcing me to fuck your busty chestYou spit again and it feels like it slides so naturally you push the titties together more and smile. You open your mouth and push me forward. Everytime I’m by your chin I push more and suck the head of my dick. You swirl your tongue around it and it makes a “pop” sound when you let it pull out. I can feel your tits squeezing on my shaft and feel your tits rubbing against my balls making me wanna cum so soon

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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