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Sexy Accounts:A Nephew’s Lust; Part 2 – Discovery

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From the view of a Nephew.It was getting on for a year since I was left humiliated for the second time.It had taken me nine months to get over it all, or so I thought. I’d been lucky in meeting a nice girl and finding out that there was nothing wrong with me. I was enjoying sex and wasn’t thinking about fucking Auntie Ellie.Now I was almost broken again. *** “You’re going and there are no excuses,” my Mum moaned down the phone to me.“Yes, ok… sure. Will be round by 7 pm to walk with you, Dad and Sophie. I will just sign the card,” I moaned down the line, before putting the phone down.“What’s wrong, Zack?” Lucy said.I hadn’t long moved into my flat and she was helping me with the food shopping. We had been together two months and Lucy was my first girlfriend.“Family party. I don’t want to go to. Haven’t got time for them anymore. Some of them are idiots,” I continued to moan.She must have seen that I was upset by it all.“When?” she asked.“Tomorrow.”“I could have gone but I’m working that evening,” she kindly said. “All families have idiots… my one does. Just ignore them and spend time with the ones you like,” she said.That all made sense. But two members of my family were not quite idiots, but sexual deviants. I wouldn’t expose any girlfriend to them, let alone my first, who I had only been with for two months.There was no way I would take her. It was going to be awkward enough as it was.“You’re so good… come here. There’s only one person I would want to spend the night with,” I said.I kissed her passionately. Before I knew it, I was hard and she had jumped on me, with her legs around me.Lucy was petite. Maybe five-foot-two I was smaller than average, five-foot-eight, but I felt tall around Lucy.We kissed, as I took her over to the bed. She was all wrapped around me.We were both young, only nineteen years old and inexperienced at the time.Lucy was flexible and almost weightless. She had long blonde hair and an angelic face. There was a bit of a deviant in there. I had started to see it come through after only two months.She whipped my bahis siteleri top off as soon as we landed on my bed. Pulled my trousers down and started giving me a blow job. She loved giving them. They were a little rough sometimes but they were good.I squirted my spunk in her mouth shortly after and she swallowed it all. She loved it.I started to finger her. Putting my hands down her jeans. Soon she was wet and wanting it.“Fuck me quickly before we have to go out for dinner.”I took my hand out and put a condom on. I always hated condoms. By the time it was on, Lucy was naked and when I approached her, she spread her legs wide. I looked at her small, tight, completely shaven pussy.“Quickly then,” She laughed.I carefully put my cock in her.  I was a little nervous being inexperienced and started to fuck her missionary style. Her pussy felt good and was soaking wet. The power of youthful sex.Her perky boobs hardly moved as I fucked her and had two large laser pointers for nipples, poking about an inch out from her boobs. Her areolas were disproportionally big to her boobs and scattered across them were several small little bumps.When I slowed down from fucking her on top, I nibbled on them and sucked them. I didn’t mess around and squirted my semen in my condom, just before I felt the gush of her climax.Twice in under an hour, I had climaxed. I was nineteen years old. *** “Who the fuck do these pants belong to?” She screamed in the morning.It was only the second time she had slept over. I was restless in the night thinking about today and was completely taken back by this screaming.I was just waking up.“What Lucy… what is wrong?”“You are cheating scumbag,” She shouted.I had just opened my eyes and looked across at her. She was already dressed and had made breakfast. I had slept in, as I didn’t sleep well.She looked nice too. Skinny black jeans and a vest, which showed off her perky boobs. Braless, too.In her hands were the French knickers I had stolen from Auntie Ellie a few years ago. I had no idea what to say. I hadn’t been in my flat canlı bahis siteleri long. I hadn’t even looked at them since the humiliation.She looked at the label.“Fantasie… kinky make, Zack,” She shouted.“Is she better than me then…hey…” She continued.She messed about with them and expanded them out in front of her. They did look big as she held them out. Each of her delicate small hands holding one corner of the frilly edges. She was only a size 6 or an 8, they were double the size of hers.“A fucking size 14… well they clearly weren’t for me… Is she a curvy girl, this bitch? Big boobs as well… You like fucking her big fat arse..You’re disgusting,” She screamed, with tears in her eyes.Lucy threw them at my face and stormed out.I didn’t follow her.What could I say?“Well, they are my auntie’s pants, Lucy. I’m obsessed with her, I want to fuck that curvy mature body and devour her big mummy boobs and fuck her round rump arse.”I couldn’t say or do anything.It was like they were humiliating me again. This time without even knowing it.I picked them up from my duvet and smelled them and felt their silky, sexy material. Despite being upset, I had an instant hard-on. I hadn’t touched them in a year.Lucy was my first proper relationship, although now it looked like it was over. Seeing her touch them, holding them in front of her; it made me realise she was just a girl in comparison. Those big pants belonged to a real woman: an experienced one, a woman who knew what she was doing, a sex goddess.I took them down under the duvet and started to rub my cock with them. A little quicker, as I thought of Auntie Ellie in them. Then how she rode Uncle Geoff, with that arse wobbling around. Her big boobs, so juicy. That pretty, attractive face. Lucy was just a mere girl.I soiled them with my semen.I hadn’t done that for a year. ***  When they let us in. They were nice to me.Auntie Ellie welcomed me in and kissed me on my cheek. I blushed and could see Uncle Geoff grin.I felt my cock start to harden.I grabbed Sophie by the arm, and I looked for Jessica, canlı bahis Dan, and Craig; I almost ran towards them.The party was like what normally happened at these events. The cousins were in the front room and adults in the lounge; although we were all adults now.I was happy with that arrangement. I didn’t want to be around them.I was anxious about going to the toilet and being close to their bedroom. I didn’t trust myself in not going in there. I spent the first three hours refusing any drinks, playing on their console, and chatting. *** “Snacks ready and game of cards for us all,” Auntie Julia came in and said.She was always so nice and pleasant. More like my dad than her other sibling, Uncle Geoff. The oldest of the siblings, she must have been fifty-three or fifty-four years old. Older than Uncle Chris and she had, my cousin, Craig, a little later in life.Harsh as it sounds, she looked it too. Uncle Geoff teased her, saying she was on HRT in her thirties, much to the annoyance of Uncle Chris.She looked like she worked in a library, always seemed to dress very conservatively. She didn’t have a womanly body. Tallish for a woman, about five-foot-eight, but straight, like an ironing board. Nothing to play with there.She always went on about being a great mum, staying off work and breastfeeding. Well, Craig must have been starving. They were A cups, maybe B cups. Unlike Auntie Ellie, her’s were Ds or DDs now, they were bigger than when I last saw her.Auntie Julia was jealous of them. Blamed being a mum for ruining her boobs, whilst Auntie Ellie didn’t breast feed. I thought Jessica and Dan missed out on an absolute feast of luscious milk feeding on them. I would have complained not getting milk from those fleshy milk producers.I did feel sorry for Uncle Chris, as nice as she was. You didn’t get the impression Auntie Julia was fun to be with.He must have listened to uncle Geoff’s boasts of his sex and looked at Auntie Ellie. She was over ten years younger than his wife. She had a real woman’s body. Big boobs he seemed to always stare at. It must have drove him wild with envy.Thankfully, Auntie Ellie and Uncle Geoff were not in the kitchen. I spoke to Uncle Chris and my parents and got some food.I took a deep breath and headed into the lounge to play cards.

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