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Sexy Secretary

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Sexy SecretaryYou enter the office, you walk towards the desk, my eyes are drawn to your bouncing bosom, your purple blouse is sheer and I can see your black lacy push up bra, your dark nipples are clearly visible through the mesh cups. You lean forward, your glorious bosom framed by the low cut ruffle neckline. Is there something I can do for you, you ask, I find it extremely difficult to look you in the eye as you push your bust forward accentuating your cleavage. As I tear my gaze away from your heavenly curves it is transfixed on your ruby red lips which you suggestively moisten with your tongue. I can hardly speak, I gulp and croak out “some dictation perhaps”. You walk around the desk, you short satin skirt barely covers your stocking tops, as you sit on the edge of the desk I get a tantalising glimpse of your lace tops, bare thighs and lacy panties. As you cross your legs a taut suspender and clip are clearly in view straining to hold up your lace top black sheer stocking. I stare upward, open mouthed, as you fellate your pencil I can see you gazing at the obvious bulge in my trousers. You lean forward and rub my erection through my trousers, your cleavage barely inches from my face, I pull you forward and bury my face in your breasts, your perfume is overwhelming, I kiss your bosom above your blouse, faster and more intense I lick and kiss your naked skin as I hear and feel my zip being pulled down, your hand is inside my briefs tugging at my stiff erect cock. You slide off the güvenilir bahis desk and kneel between my open legs, you kiss the very end of my glans, I watch as your tongue flicks around my shaft and then you take me deep in your throat, I close my eyes and moan, my dilemma to keep my eyes closed and fully sense your gorgeous mouth or to watch you sucking me, I open my eyes and can see rings of your lipstick around my shaft, I stroke your lovely long blonde hair as you kiss and lick my cock, you kiss my balls, I squirm, it is a little ticklish but I love it, again I am in your mouth, I pull your head against me, my cock is deep in your throat, you are gagging, you pull away, your mouth connected to my cock by strings of your saliva. You look up at me and smile, you have hardly finished saying what a naughty boy I am as I pull you mouth onto me again this time I fuck your mouth, you moan, palpate my balls gently stroking and squeezing. I takes all of my self control to stop and pull away, if i don’t I will surely cum in your mouth.I pick you up under the arms spin you around and push you face down across the desk, I lift up your short tight skirt to your waist, I kneel behind you and kiss your inner thighs as I switch between legs my nose nudges the gusset of your damp panties, I roughly pull your panties to the side, your buttocks are fully in view together with your anus and dripping cunt. I trace the shape of your quivering cunt lips with my tongue before stabbing deep inside you and türkçe bahis fucking you with my tongue. You taste wonderful, my face is soaked with your juices, my finger finds your clit, as I rub and squeeze your erect clit I continue to fuck you with my tongue. My tongue is replaced by one finger, then two and then three, my tongue probes your anus, my fingers flick and rub deep inside, your body stiffens you push against me and I share your orgasm as your thighs shudder against my cheeks, my face is soaked I continue with fingers and tongue and feel you orgasm again. As you recover it is as if you have super human strength, you push against me, I roll back onto the floor, you order me to stand, you look so extremely sexy, your hair dishevelled and lipstick smeared across your beautiful face. I stand, my erection proudly before me, again you kneel in front of me, my glans is shiny as precum is oozing from my cock and you lap it up, again you fuck me with your mouth, I look down and gaze on your lips enveloping my cock and your glorious cleavage below. You pull down my trousers and briefs as I enjoy watching your bulging cheeks as you take me in both sides of your mouth, again I will cum if you don’t stop. I pull you up and push you back onto the desk, your legs dangle over the edge, I rub your swollen cunt lips with the tip of my cock up and down the slippy sensation is glorious only surpassed by the feeling of penetration, I slowly push inside you up to the hilt and slowly withdraw, I güvenilir bahis siteleri repeatedly push in and out as you moan, your bosom is wobbling and swaying with each thrust, your breasts are constrained and pushed up towards your neck, I can stand it no longer, I want to suck your nipples, as I rip your blouse open the thin material tears and buttons pop everywhere, I continue to fuck you and gaze on your heaving wobbling bosom, I roughly pull your bra straps from your shoulders and pull the cups from your breasts, you unconfined breasts sway and wobble even more. I take each one in turn in my hands squeezing your nipple upward and sucking and licking, I sense your already hard nipples stiffen further between my lips. My hands are now on your hips as I ram hard and deep into your cunt. Your face is contorted in ecstasy, your eyes are closed, I sense you stiffen, you orgasm and squirt over my penetrated cock, as I continue to fuck you the pleasure is accentuated by to slurping noise and feel of your soaking cunt. I can last no longer, I can’t hold back, we push against each other maximising penetration as my spunk explodes inside you. We stay coupled for a while and then my cock slips out of you, I look down, the desk top is soaked and spunk is dribbling from your puffy swollen lips. I watch as your massage it into your thighs. We stand, we kiss, tongues deep in each others mouths. I look down at your exposed breasts, I apologise for tearing your blouse, I promise to buy a replacement, you agree with the condition that it will soon again be ripped off.You take me by the hand and lead me from the room, I shuffle behind you, my trousers still around my ankles, we struggle to the bedroom and ………………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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