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Shanti’s Sexual Exploits Ch. 06

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Finally, he lifted the swell slut called Shanti and made her raise the hands to fold them behind her head – and release the housecoat, it fell on the floor leaving Riaz to stare into her arm pits oozing sweat and grime already deposited, but of course well waxed and shaven. ” Want to lick them – ” Shanti was discreet and direct, which hit Riaz purely on his lustful arousal and he lost little time in releasing her hair and taking hold of her waist while the other hand held her right breast – his mouth descended on the left arm pit and he started the game.

Riaz could not believe the soft perfection of her skin.

She stirred slightly at his touch, softly murmured, “Oh, Riaz!” and stayed obligingly straight.

Her body was the most beautiful thing he had ever touched, warm and smooth and tender, and he reached over her and palmed her large breast and felt the brown black nipple respond immediately to the light pressure of his fingers.

His lips brushed over her shoulder, her back, and the fragrant round cushions of her buttocks.

She was divine, she smelled divine even with all the sweat and grime and slut written all over her countenance and body, pressing ahead, his face close to her bottom, Riaz gently pushed his fingers into the cleft of her buttocks, searching for the orifices he knew would bring him pleasure within a few moments and he found her anus, that tiny, puckered, hole with its brownish halo, and he held her ass cheeks apart so he could watch it twitch in innocent reaction as he blew his warm breath across it.

She had sprayed nice scent over it post her bath and across the anus and vagina – she would be still holding the fragrance, and just a fraction of an inch away he found the moist slit of her vagina between the furry, fat labia.

When he lifted her upper thigh, the moist, reddish lips of her cunt flowered open, and he could not refrain from running one of his thick, strong fingers directly through that opening and deeply into the warm, feminine channel beyond, feeling the tight, silky passage gripping him instinctively.

He shuttled his finger back and forth in her slippery cuntal grasp, and the juices flowed and began to soak the whole tender, hairy area. He found the red clitoris and worked it carefully, gently, while the sensitive bud of flesh puffed up and emerged from its hooded sheath, and he found her automatically lifting her leg to give him easier access to that sensitive area.

Tiny moans began issuing from her throat and she uttered his name once again. Riaz laughed to himself that his would be the cock that was fucking her sweet, young pussy and man, what a husband to have – whose wife he was going to romp home with now, his plans were clear, after this fuck Shanti will be the packed house box office product for all his contacts and that will begin with his immediate boss, Roger Fernandes.

He began to stroke his big penis, which throbbed with a rhythmic beat, a huge brown burger growing from his loins and before Radha’s stupefied eyes the head flared like the hood of an angry cobra ready to strike, the hole which in the end was blooming and oozing clearer, viscous liquid.

He lifted her in his hands and carried her upstairs to the Bedroom. Turning around – he winked at Radha – who quickly got up from the couch and followed them.

He laid her on the sprawling bed across so that he could get easy access to the lust of his life – the pussy and the anus.

She looked into the mirror and saw the monster of pleasure standing tall and excited under her mouth, and she cried out, “No!” before he shoved her head down, filling her mouth full with the wonder of his hard pulsating flesh.

But, it was too new, too fast, and she lifted her head, eased the head of his cock from her mouth, and he understood and moved her back alongside him. He kissed her mouth, then her breasts, then moving down her body, her stomach, and spread her legs, kissed and bit her thighs until she thought she would be consumed by the flames of her own burning self.

He slowly but surely spread her cuntal lips with his fingers and probed the soft hair-lined pinkness of her vagina with his tongue. He moved the clitoris back, then forward and then shoved his tongue into her, causing her to buck upwards, grinding the wetness of her naked loins towards his face. He stopped, abruptly, and crawled up on top of her.

He quickly reached for the honey bottle in his shirt pocket which he carried with him for a special occasion, and that was to start now.

He applied a few drops of the honey on the tip of penis and rubbed it all over the head and the phallus and took it near her face and ran it over her upper lip and nose and asked her deep inhale the cock’s circumcised fragrance.

Shanti was intoxicated and right after that – he started to add more of the honey on the prick and turned around to Radha, “Get the Champagne bottle in the bag down below, quick, double up” he commanded.

After she had sucked his cock and escort kartal balls thoroughly and enjoyed the thrill of knowing the two parts of the instrument of pleasure for her pussy relatively well – she was now made to take the pleasure liquid – the champagne – which Riaz slowly but surely poured over the cock and offered it to the damsel.

The lovely creature – fair but wheatish with a figure of a divine apsara was beholden with lust on this downpour of sexual assault of a different style and she looked into his red hot eyes and smiled at him, held both the hands up and stretched them either way and fell on the bed once again, “You were to suck these 2 cavities, am waiting for you to do it sooner before I have another orgasm” she stunned him with her expression and statement.

Riaz had not found a woman speaking like this till date and this was pure lust and abandonment of fear and shame actually making her talk, which made his cock tighter and rigid up and down. He once again held her hair and beckoned Radha to crawl near to the edge and asked the woman to start pouring the champagne drop by drop into the left armpit and his mouth went to the crevice.

The act lasted 10 minutes and he cleared off the two armpits completely and was lost in the reverie of the exotic lust and erotic delight he experienced and also imparted to the slut.

He could clear see the impact it delivered by just this act and she was so willing. She left him to do the way he wanted with both the armpits. “You need to ensure you also shave – and not just wax, I want to feel some coarse ness. This is too smooth.

I need to have some friction” and started to jab his tongue back and slowly but surely rolled the tongue down and descended on to the boobs.

He laved the honey on both the mammary lavishly and sucked the nipples with all gusto and ravenous he was, but more than being vicariously a beast, he was a stylist when it came to satisfy a woman which Shanti had come to terms with while witnessing the reaming he was giving Radha earlier during the day.

As he sucked the boobs – he also did another erotically unique thing by lifting the bottle and pouring the liquid straight down her gullet, the scene was a masterpiece and had Radha kneel just below the gush to catch a few drops if they had to fall away from the targeted orifice.

The day was going to be long and Shanti had completely forgotten about her husband in all this – and just when the heat was on and things were peaking, the door bell rang. “It must be Sridhar, my husband. I need to tell him something, he will be very upset” Shanti looked confused and worried.

“Radha, there is nothing to hide, wear the housecoat, and go down, tell him clearly that I am inside and he can quietly have his lunch and go back to Work.

Help him with what all he needs.” Riaz made his remark and that was too much of a punch for one day – which the poor husband was any way not going to digest.

But that was the communication. Shanti was in the bedroom and the husband had to know that and also go through the ignominy of taking lunch when she was satisfying the boss in his own bedroom.

Radha did what she was told to do; Anand had his Lunch and quietly left the place. When he came out, the neighbors were all staring at him but nobody had the guts to ask him anything, they all knew what was going on in his house, Shanti his wife was getting reamed by Riaz.

He took her hand in his and guided it to his throbbing prick. Shanti felt the hardness that her hand could never completely encompass, and

another thrill went through her, surging from her hand to her breasts to her contracting vaginal walls, wave after wave of it, rippling salaciously against her insides.

She tried to move onto him, wanted to guide the pulsating hardness into her vagina, but he wouldn’t permit it.

He moved her head away from his, then toward his chest. She nibbled at his nipples, which were so very strange, so different from her own? prominent ones, so much so that they almost weren’t there, then he moved her head down his stomach, and taking a handful of hair, lifted her head and gently levered her mouth to the head of his prick.

She was half wild with desire and lust now and clawed into his back, bit his lips, sucked his tongue then pleaded, “Please, Riaz, Now!”

“Now what?” he asked, breathing hotly into the hollow of her neck.

“Do it to me,” she begged, grinding her hips in lewd invitation beneath him.

“Do what to you?” he teased, delighting in her agony.

“Take me, Riaz, please darling.” She implored, clasping his buttocks in her hands and trying to pull him into her.

“That’s not what you mean, Shanti. Say what you mean,” he whispered moving gently and pressing his hardened penis into her stomach.

“Please! Please, Riaz!”

“Say it, baby, just say it and its yours,” he repeated, still pressing his hardened cock into her stomach, the secreting seminal fluid rubbing wetly into maltepe escort her flesh. “Ask me to fuck you.”

“Oh, yes, please, Riaz. Do it … please!” she moaned under him, moving, wanting him inside her more than she could ever have believed that she would want anything.

“Then ask me. Ask me to fuck you,” he teased again, bearing down and flexing his hardness into her stomach.

“Fuc … do it … ah … fuck … fuck me, please, darling,” she moaned rising to meet his every movement.

“Keep saying it, baby,” Riaz demanded, raising his hips slightly and moving down so that he was pressed tight between her open legs.

Shanti groaned as she felt the huge head of his prick touch her soft eager cunt lips and tried to spread her thighs wider to suck it in to her but he cruelly pulled back. “Say it, Shanti, beg me, baby.”

“Fuck me! Please! Fuck … ahh …!” She felt the pulsating head sliding wetly into her cunt, barely, and again she tried to move up, to swallow it all the way in her but again he drew back, letting her have only what he wished her to have. She couldn’t stand it. She had to have him in her, all the way, all at once!

“FUCK ME!” she screamed, clawing at his back. She was awarded with more of him, but not enough. “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK ME!” she pleaded until all of him was there, wedged into her, all of her filled and the bigness of the head of his prick pushed deep up in her burning belly.

She ground against him and came almost immediately, in sudden jolting explosions, her orgiastic secretions flowing out against him, bursting around the large pistoning head of his prick.

“Oooooh, Mmmmm, Aaaaaaah, darling, I’m … I’m cumming, God, I’m cummmmming,” she groaned out her orgasm and then relaxed, exhaustion replacing the bursting dam inside her.

Her new lover stilled his thrust and waited until he could feel the contracting walls of her cunt slowly throb to a halt and then began to move again, out, then slowly in, the sensations of his hard prick against the walls of her vagina slowly exciting her again, until suddenly she was responding once more, with him, her fingers dug into his buttocks, slamming him into her with all her might and slapping into the flesh of his stomach with her own.

She felt a change within him as she labored beneath him, a growing and quickened throbbing of his deep implanted prick and then her own feeling surged within herself.

Riaz took her legs in his arms and bent her knees back over her shoulders and her attention was arrested by their obscene reflection in the mirror.

She gasped at the dark brown flanges, the hair-lined tightness of the soft protective folds of flesh around her cunt, drawing back with each out stroke and being pushed in again as Riaz thrust forward into her with the hammer-like rhythm he had begun.

She moved under him, wanting all of it deep within her, and gasped when he shoved further into her; she had thought that there was no greater depth of her than he had already reached. She watched his piston cock, sinking wet and glistening, deep into the tight, clasping lips of her pussy as often as she could, and clutched and screamed and cried under his power, and felt him impale her solidly, and he raised his head slightly and shoved into her and started short quick strokes that brought her to another climax along with him and he shrieked and she moaned and then he rested on top of her, his cock still embedded within her, hard as ever, filling her, the hot juices spewed from it oozing out warmly and thickly against the walls of her vagina, squeezing over each ridge of her.

She rubbed his back and fingered his hair and studied his muscular buttocks with her legs locked around them in the mirror.

She had never felt so good in her life, she told herself, so she closed her eyes and enjoyed to the fullest her every adulterous sensation, her belly filled with the warm wet sperm of his satisfaction.

She opened her eyes again and looked at him as he started to withdraw from her. He smiled into her face, then his prick slipped moistly out of her cunt with a wet, sucking sound and he raised himself slightly and placed it on her stomach and then lay on top of it, on top of her, and moved his hands under her head and kissed her gently, lazily, and rested his head alongside hers.

Riaz’s smooth body glistened with sweat. His chest was wide and deep, his dark torso hard and hairless.

He closed his eyes and groaned loudly, his hips grinding down hard as though he intended to drive his entire being into the beautiful flesh of the woman who lay gasping beneath him.

Shanti’s stunningly beautiful face was turned to one side, her lovely eyes closed and her lips parted in passion. Her breasts were swollen and hard, her nipples erect.

The lust-heat was overpowering. Her body flamed with lust. The soft, well-sprung bed on which they lay bounced and bucked with her lover’s heavy, insistent rhythm. Riaz’s penis was big, about nine-and-a-half pendik escort bayan inches long, over two inches around with a bulging, gorged cock-head and heavy balls.

They swung at her cunt-lips and buttocks and thighs as he moved faster and faster, gasping and grunting like a rutting dog. His penis glistened with their juices.

His cock distended her cunt-lips wide open, and raked her inflamed clitoris as it rasped and squelched into her cunt again and again.

He skewered her deeply, running his cock-sword into her cunt-sheath repeatedly with a wicked roll of his taut hips.

She moaned and gasped, her body jerking and snapping back and forth on the bed, her breasts jiggling with his thrusts.

She squeezed them and moaned thickly.

“OHHHHh uhhhh OHHHHHH uhhhh OHHHHHHH uhhh OH ma uhhhh ahhhhh uhhhhh yes-uhh-yes-uhhh-AHHHHH-uhhh-ohma-uhhh-yes-yes-yes-yes-Yes!” Shanti cried rapturously, her body heaving and writhing and lurching.

Sweat streamed off her body. Strands of hair clung damply to the nape of her neck. Her legs were spread wide, her knees bent and her feet high against his strong back.

Her hips pumped and heaved faster and faster under him as he stroked furiously in and out of her body, ram-fucking her without care, thundering in and out of her flesh with his huge battering ram. She dug her fingers fiercely into his thick arms and shoulders, her long neck arched.

Tendons popped in her neck. Her face was hot and flushed, stunningly lovely. Her lover’s penis appeared and disappeared from and into her cunt.

His buttocks rose and fell, pumping faster andfaster and with a loud cry, Shanti orgasmed. “OHHHHHHHHHH uhhh OHHH uhhh OH OH OH OH uhhh AHHHHHHH uhhhh yes uhhhhh AHHHHHHHHHH!” she cried her body tensing and arching, her cunt biting down fiercely on his cock as she rocked and shuddered in violent ecstasy.

AAAARRHHHHHH uhhhhh AHHHHHHH uhhh yes uhhhh yes uhh yes! Yes Ohhh take it … take it! C’mon, whore, take! Unhh UHHhh yes,” Riaz gasped.

He bit his lower lip in tension and flung his head back, his face contorted in a rictus of lust.

He rammed into her cunt again and again and again, jerking his hips savagely from side to side,thrusting into her from all angles. Each thrust made her cry out and drove the breath from her with a whooshing gasp and made her back camber steeply, her cunt slamming up to his groin. Once, twice, three, four, five times he plunged into her cunt.

At last, he slammed furiously into her and held still, moaning loudly.

Shanti gasped and felt his cock throb inside her, searing hot.

It jerked and quivered and she moaned when she felt the heat of his gunk spewing out. She moaned softly as the thick, white-hot shots of jizz sizzled sharply into her slit.

Spent, Riaz sank onto her, and kissed her gently, his tongue slipping into her mouth. She held his sweating body, tenderly caressing his head and his powerful back, her fingertips contouring his fine physique. Her breasts pressed hot against his chest.

His cock began to shrink inside her and slowly, he slipped out of her cunt and rolled over onto his back beside her. She wondered if he had the stamina to fuck her over again. She felt good. It was great sex, satisfying hard and demanding.

Her body still tingled, and there was the deliciously sticky crawl of his spunk on her thighs, streaks of it on her breasts and her lips from the time when he had fucked her mouth and breasts.

She turned to him, rising on an elbow. Riaz thought she was one of the loveliest creatures he had ever seen. He cupped the side of her face.

She kissed his palm tenderly, and then bent to kiss him on the mouth with gentle longing. Her tongue slipped into his mouth. His hand slid down her lovely long neck to the superb swell of her breast and cupped the warm flesh. Her nipples were still stiff. He smiled to himself.

He would enjoy fucking her again.

“C’mon,” he murmured. “Suck my cock some, bitch.”

Shanti giggled in pleasure, her eyes shining. She bent her head and lasciviously licked and sucked his nipples. He sighed in pleasure. Slowly, her tongue trickled down his hard body, swirled through his navel and dipped lower to nuzzle his crotch. He spread his legs wide and pulled her head into his groin. She licked and sucked his heavy balls delicately and then slowly took his cock in her mouth again.

Riaz murmured his pleasure and closed his eyes in surrender. She was an incredibly sexy piece of ass and randy as bitch in heat.With one hand on her head, he pulled it forward to his loins, his other hand still kneading her hard breast. Holding his cock, she parted her lips and slipped her tongue out and swirled it gently round his cock-head, savoring the musky tang of his cock-meat. His breath hissed between his teeth and his belly sucked in sharply.

He bent his head, watching her, transfixed by the sight of her pointed, pink tongue flickering like a serpent’s on his cock-head. Her tongue moved with increasing rapidity and he felt the heat build in his loins.

At last, she opened her mouth wide and slipped her lips around his cock-head. Riaz gasped, his head snapping back. Her mouth was incredible, hot and wet, her tongue electrifying.

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