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Sharing My Wife Again

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This encounter happened in July 2014, around two years after a spontaneous gangbang in Bristol that began Shelley’s journey to becoming a true slut-wife. Since that gangbang, I’d also shared her with some of my friends, so Shelley was gaining more and more confidence sexually, and although we never really went deliberately looking for sexual experiences with other people, she certainly didn’t shy away from them anymore. So, this story took place at a wedding when Shelley was twenty-seven, and I was thirty-six. There was something very sexually charged about weddings. People would always have loads to drink, women would dress up in sexy outfits, and men would look for any chance to get their end away with a horny bridesmaid. So the following encounter came as no real surprise when it happened, but did turn out to be probably the most extreme thing we’ve ever done…Shelley and I had been invited to a wedding; in fact, Shelley was actually one of the bridesmaids (remember what I just said about bridesmaids). It was one of her oldest friends who was finally getting hitched, and the wedding was being held at a big old country hotel in Surrey. It was a really nice place, and the wedding was great. Shelley looked stunning; at twenty-seven I thought she looked better than ever, and she’d gone to great lengths to look good for the day, following a strict diet for weeks, and having her legs waxed as the dresses were quite short. For the first time ever, she’d also had her pussy completely waxed as well, so she was totally hairless from the waist down. She wouldn’t let me see her pussy until the wedding night, so naturally I was very eager to get her upstairs at the end of that day. Having her hair and makeup professionally done really finished her off, and she looked gorgeous. I noticed it, and other men did too. By this point, we were actually engaged ourselves, and had our own wedding planned for the following year.For the dinner reception, we were sat at a table with two other couples – Tim and Julia, who were about the same age as me, and Dave and Rebecca, who were in their late forties. Dave was actually the bride’s uncle, the younger brother of her mother, although Shelley had never met them before. Also on the table were two younger guys, Ewan and Jamie, who were work colleagues of the groom. They were both in their mid-twenties, and apparently they both had new girlfriends, who unfortunately hadn’t quite made it to the guest list in time, so they were there on their own. They were quite laddish, and were eyeing up various women throughout the day, probably hoping to still have a bit of fun while they were away – even without their girlfriends.The evening rolled on, and once the disco got going, lots of people were up on the dancefloor, many of them pissed by that point. Tim and Julia disappeared quite early, making their excuses to leave and head up to their room (obviously feeling too horny to stay downstairs). Rebecca started to complain that she had a headache and said how it had been getting worse all day. It got to about 10 o’clock and she decided to go and lie down. It was a genuine headache, and she told Dave to stay on if he wanted to for a bit longer as it was still quite early.After she’d gone, Dave said, “Looks like I won’t be getting any tonight.”Shelley looked at him and said, “Well, you never know, the night is young yet,” giving him a wink.“Oh yeah, is that a proposition then?” he asked, and she just laughed.“Hang on for a while, mate, she’ll fuck anyone,” I said, jokingly.Shelley gave me a playful little smack and said, “Oi,” then got up and headed for the dancefloor again. I could see Dave watching her as she walked off, so I pressed the subject a bit further.“Seriously,” I said, “if you want some action tonight, Shelley will probably be up for it, she’s always up for anything,” which seemed pretty much true by then. He looked a bit shocked that I was practically offering my girlfriend to him on a plate, but after the way he’d been looking at her throughout the day, I knew he was really tempted.“Isn’t she one of my niece’s best friends?” he asked.“Yeah, but she doesn’t need to know!” I joked. I asked him if he often played away and he said no. I didn’t know if that meant ‘no, never’ or just ‘no, not very often,’ but he seemed quite interested in hearing more about Shelley, so the conversation went on. He was a bit reluctant to just take me up on the offer, however, fully aware that his wife was still in the same building, but I could tell he was fighting a bit of a moral battle – and possibly starting to lose it. He asked if I often shared my girlfriend with other men.“Yeah, kaçak iddaa we’ve really got into that recently, sleeping around and stuff, but we only ever do it when it involves each other, so she’d never cheat on me behind my back… that I know of!” I added.He asked what sort of things we did, and I told him the story about how it all started with our minibreak in Bristol, and how those three guys had completely used her to fulfil their sexual needs, refusing to give in until she succumbed to their will.While we were talking, I noticed Shelley dancing with some other bloke I hadn’t seen before. They seemed to be getting quite cosy but I let her get on with it, and pointed out to Dave what a flirt she was with men.“You see what I mean?” I said, “She’ll probably be wanting to drag that guy back to our room with us later.” I assured Dave that if he wanted to join us, nothing would ever be said about it to his wife, and the look of temptation on his face was clear to see.Jamie and Ewan came back to the table with some more drinks, asking where everyone else had gone. We told them Tim and Julia had probably gone off to shag, and Dave was feeling down that he wasn’t going to get any that night.“But apparently he might let me have my way with Shelley,” Dave said, gesturing to me. The two young guys immediately seemed interested.“Really?” asked Ewan, “What, a bit of a goer is she?” I said that she could be sometimes, and we all watched her dancing with the bloke across the room.“She’s a very sexy lady, mate,” said Jamie, “I didn’t like to say earlier, but I’d definitely give her one.”“Me too,” added Ewan.“Yeah, and I think you’ve convinced me as well,” said Dave.Jesus! I had three men here all wanting to fuck my girlfriend – ‘Was this an opportunity too good to miss?’ I thought.“Just give me a minute, guys,” I said, my mind racing with thoughts and ideas as I left the table and went off to find Shelley. By then, she’d left the dancefloor and had gone to the loo, so I went out of the main room and waited around outside the toilets, probably looking very suspicious. After a couple of minutes, Shelley came back out. Luckily, she was on her own, as I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her around a corner into a recess.“Hey, lover,” she said cheekily, “what’s up?”I grabbed her tight and snogged her, exploring her body with my hands. “You’re what’s up,” I said, “you sexy little tart, I can’t wait to get my hands on you properly, and neither can the rest of the guys at our table.”She looked me dirtily in the eye. “What are you suggesting, what have you signed me up for now?” she asked.“Oh, I think you know,” I said.“What, you want me to take you all?” she asked, as I kissed her neck passionately, groping her tits.“Yeah, I do, it’s been too long since anything like this has happened, and I want to see my horny little fiancée get fucked again.”My hand ran up her silky leg and under her dress, slipping down inside her knickers till it made contact with her juicy, hairless pussy. She gasped as I slid a couple of fingers inside her.“Oh god, not here,” she panted, “but I am feeling sooo fucking horny… and I’ll take their big hard cocks if you want me to – all of them?”I moved up and whispered in her ear. “And more, I want to watch you take at least five tonight,” I said.“What the fuck…?” she gasped.“Yeah, that’s right, I want you to have a proper gangbang again tonight, and I want to see those guys all over you,” I insisted.“Oh fuck yeah, I’ll do that,” she gasped as I fingered her wet cunt. “You sure you don’t mind sharing your future wife’s pussy with other men?” she said, before we snogged again.“Fuck no, and I want you to do it even more when we’re married,” I replied.“Yeah OK, I’ll do that for you, I’ll be your proper little slut-wife and you can watch me get fucked – I want to get fucked up good and proper tonight, I wanna take all those big hard dicks inside me, oh god, I feel so fucking horny thinking about it!” she groaned, as I took my fingers out of her.“Then you’ll just have to wait until we take things any further, won’t you?” I said.“Oh my god, you bastard, teasing me like that,” she gasped.“The sooner you pull another bloke, the sooner we can see all this through and you can get fucked senseless, so get pulling, sexy,” I teased, squeezing her arse and giving it a little smack.“OK, I’m going to satisfy all our needs, come on,” she said, taking my hand and leading me back to our table. Shelley was quite drunk now from all the booze she’d downed during the day, so her inhibitions had gone out the window, but she still giggled and blushed playfully as we got back to the table, finding the kaçak bahis three guys all still sat there.“Alright you two, we wondered where you’d got to,” Ewan said.“We thought you couldn’t wait any longer for some action,” added Jamie. Shelley and I sat back down, with Dave on the other side of her.“Now guys, would we just leave you to it, knowing how much you’re all gagging for it?” I joked, causing some laughter. “I know how much you all fancy a piece of Shelley,” I said, causing her to do a mock ‘oh my god I can’t believe you just said that!’ look, as she played up to the situation.Then she looked around at each of them and said, “Are you boys feeling a bit horny then? And needing some action?” Dave, Ewan and Jamie looked at each other and nodded back at her. “Hang on a minute,” Shelley said, “what about your wife, and your girlfriends?”Jamie quickly responded with, “Well, what they don’t know can’t hurt, can it?”I told her how disappointed Dave was feeling that his wife had gone to bed and he really needed a shag.“Well, don’t look at me, there’s nothing I can do about it,” Shelley said coyly.“But that’s not true, is it?” I said with a smirk.“Have you been offering me out again?” she joked, “Pimping me out?”I grabbed her face. “How much are you gagging for it right now?” I said, “Just look at these three guys, you could have all of them right now if you want.”Shelley looked around and counted each of us with her finger and said, “Four? I’m expected to have all four of you?”“If you’ll have us,” said Ewan.“How would you want me then, lads, one at a time or all at once?” she teased.Dave moved in closer to her. “However you want us, babe,” he said, as he stroked her arm.“Hang on, you’re the uncle of one of my best friends!” she said.“So – what’s wrong with an older man?” he asked.Shelley ‘thought about it’ for a few seconds, then decided to tease them even further, the naughty little tart. “Well, I don’t think it’s right, do you?” she said, acting as if she really wasn’t sure about it.“It feels right to us,” Jamie said.“I bet it does, you randy bugger!” Shelley replied. She looked at me again, her gorgeous blue eyes looking deep into mine. I simply nodded, and she turned back to them. “Look, you lot, if I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it properly, so if I’m having a full-on gangbang, four men just won’t do.” Then she got up and went off to the dancefloor to find the guy she’d been dancing with earlier. She was such a little tease! She wanted to have men falling at her feet, and wanted to get them to the point of absolute desperation, so they were begging her to take them, even though she’d probably secretly been hoping something like this would happen all along (and so was I, to be honest). She started slow dancing with the bloke, and I could see her saying things in his ear, then after a few minutes she brought him back to the table.“Hey guys, this is Chris,” she said, introducing him to us. Chris was quite a good-looking guy who I guessed was probably mid-thirties. He was one of the additional guests that had turned up for the evening reception (by that point there were probably about three hundred people there, so it had become a big party) I think he wondered why she’d brought him to us, but she sat him down and said, “This is my boyfriend, and these are some other guys who want to fuck me.”He looked around at us, a bit unsure how to take this. Shelley went on, “I know you want to fuck me too, so do you fancy joining us?” Chris looked a bit awkward, but you could tell he wanted her badly.“Really?” he said, “I was kind of hoping to have you for myself, but yeah, I’m up for it.” (OK, I’ve cut this conversation down a bit, but basically he didn’t take much persuasion!) I could see how this was all starting to shape up quite nicely, and my dick was beginning to itch at the thought of what was going to happen. Dave put his hand on her leg, and feeling her smooth, soft skin, started edging further up her thigh.“What do you think you’re doing, you dirty perv?” Shelley laughed.“You are a very sexy little girl, and I’m feeling very randy, and I can’t wait to have your sexy legs wrapped around me while I fuck you,” he said, stroking up and down her leg (clearly his moral compass had left the building).“I’ll gladly spread my legs for you, as long as your dick’s nice and hard when you stick it between them,” she said.“It is right now,” he insisted, prompting her to place her hand over his crotch.“Oh yeah, so it is,” she cheekily smirked.Dave pulled her face towards him and looked her straight in the eye. “You’re a naughty little tart, aren’t you, and I don’t care that you’re my niece’s illegal bahis friend, I’m going to have you, you sexy thing,” he said.“But not yet, you’ll have to wait till we get to the room,” she replied.Then Jamie leant in. “You are gonna get fucked good and proper tonight, sweetheart,” he said.“Then you’d better work yourself up for it,” Shelley giggled, then stood up. She told us all to stay there while she went and got herself another drink at the bar – and maybe another man. Chris had mentioned some guy he was talking to earlier from the groom’s rugby club, who seemed very determined to get his end away with someone that night, so Chris pointed Shelley in his direction. We all watched her walk off again, and by now, all five of us were basically gagging for it.“Fucking hell, mate, where do you get a girl like that?” asked Dave, “She’s an absolute dream!”I laughed. “You haven’t had her yet,” I said.“No, but I’m going to,” he said.As she went to the bar, we got talking a bit more to Chris. He told us that he’d recently split up with his long-term girlfriend so he was there alone, and looking to get it on with somebody if the opportunity came up. He said to me that he didn’t realise Shelley was with someone, and I asked him why he didn’t think to ask her.“To be honest, mate, I’m just so keen to get laid, I didn’t care.” We all laughed, and knew that he was going to enjoy her tonight. We could see Shelley over at the bar, talking to the bloke that Chris had pointed out. He seemed to be getting quite touchy-feely with her already, and also seemed quite pissed as well. I guessed she probably didn’t have to work very hard on him to build up his interest, if he really was as hungry for action as Chris had said. She looked over at us, and nodded to me to follow her as she went out of the room with him towards the lobby.“She’s calling us, shall we go?” I said, and the other guys were eager to move on to the next level. All five of us got up from the table and knew it was time to get down to business. We went out to the lounge area outside the reception room, and Shelley was sat down at a small table with the new guy. He was really trying it on with her, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her towards him to kiss her neck. As the five of us approached them, the guy looked a bit worried for a moment.“I’ve got five other men here who all want to fuck me tonight, so how about we make it a nice even number and I’ll let all six of you fuck me?” she said to him.‘Nothing like cutting to the chase, Shelley,’ I thought. Jesus! She was wasting no more time at all.The guy obviously had no clue who we were, and almost backed away from the situation, but he was so pissed he didn’t really know what was going on, and just said, “Fuck yeah, you’re gorgeous, darling, I’ll join in.”Shelley stood up and inspected us all. “Right then, lads, let’s have you randy fuckers,” and went over to the lifts. We eagerly followed her, and all bundled in the lift together as we headed up to our room.Suddenly, six pairs of hands were all over her like a rash, fighting to get a piece of her. I just grabbed her face and snogged her, while others were stroking her arms and trying to push up her dress, stroking her legs and squeezing her tits and arse at the same time. Ewan pulled her towards him and snogged her next, forcing his tongue down her throat.She could have easily been fucked there and then, but she stopped us before it got too carried away and said, “Hang on, lads, at least wait till we get to the fucking room!”Chris ran his hands down her body and said, “But you’re just so fucking hot.”The new guy introduced himself as Mick, who was probably about forty, and very, very up for it, trying to pull her tits out of the top of her dress. She slapped his hand and said, “Wait, Mr Horny.”The lift doors opened and we clambered down the corridor towards our room, as the guys smacked Shelley’s arse and continually commented on her looks, saying she was very fit and sexy, and I was really lucky to have such a hot girlfriend who would give herself to other men.“When you two get married, you’ll have a proper little slut-wife!” joked Jamie.Suddenly Ewan grabbed Shelley and slammed her against the wall, pressing her face against it.“How about we fuck you right here?” he said in her ear, as he pushed her dress up over her hips and smacked her arse hard, pressing himself against her so she could feel his big erection through his trousers, causing her to gasp. He laughed as he stepped back, holding his crotch. God, he was going to give it to her ten to the dozen, I thought. He was about the same age as Shelley, maybe even a couple of years younger, so he was still full of the horny excitement of a puppy, desperate to get his end away. We got to the door and I fumbled with the key card for a moment, shaking slightly with excitement.

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