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sharing my wife

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sharing my wifeThis is the first time I shared my wife with the only guy that has had her more than once. We got to know him through an adult web site, and after much talk we made arrangements to meet for dinner and drinks at a bar with good food in a city half way between our locations.Lori, my wife got up to use the ladies room leaving us for the first time to talk in person. I asked him what he thought, and he replied that she is very attractive. We talked about other things until she returned. After dinner we decided to play pool. What an idea that turned out to be, this gave Lori the opportunity to show off and flash her body. We were both getting turned on and she whispered to me that she wanted this to happen, meaning invite him back to our room. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but was pleased when I told him we would go to our room and see from there. I had already told him some ground rules before we ever even met such as rubber would sarıyer escort be worn, no anal, nothing rough, and I was in control. We went to the hotel and there was the love seat which Lori sat with me on and he sat in the chair. We were all very nervous, and had another drink. Suddenly Lori stood and said she was going to change into something more comfortable. I had no idea what that meant! The anticipation was killing me, and him. I have no idea what we talked about until the bathroom door opened, which seemed to take a long time. She came out in ear rings, necklace, heels and a lingerie top only. Nothing covering her pussy or ass! We were both shocked, he was afraid to show how excited he was, and she ran over to me like a little girl for protection. I said something like, well you look comfortable, she giggled nervously and was looking at us as if to say is no one gonna esenyurt escort make a move?I asked him if he wanted to taste my wife’s exposed pussy? He was down the pretty quick. I began running my hands all over her and kissing her. She was very ready for anything and wanted us to take over and use her body. She wanted to be the center of attention for two very horny men, and to have another mans cock as well. He is just a little smaller than me, and I know how to please her after so many years, but the element of excitement and passion that a new person brings is hard to match.he licked her till she came. We stood and took our clothes off and pressed into her front and back, she took our cocks and led us to the bedroom part of the room. Where did my little wife get to be so bold?She began sucking us both as we lay on the bed until I took her from behind. I began feeling very strange as though I might be sick at avrupa yakası escort the thought of him fucking my wife even though I knew that’s why we were there. I took my time knowing when my turn was through it would be his. She wanted to be skewered with me fucking her from behind while she sucked him. This left me looking at him with my mind swimming. Finally I came, I left her full of my cum, and he moved behind her rubber in place he entered her.She let out a sound that was between a gasp and a moan, she was really into this. I watched as he seemed to know only one speed really fast, he wanted her to cum and she did, later she said it was partly just from the experience of a new man. He was trying too hard, but she likes to have to G spot rubbed with cock and different speeds. I know she enjoyed herself fully though as the night went on. After hours of both of us fucking her, as I was not to be out done she got off the bed and went to the rest room she had the funniest just fucked hair from us. She said why can’t you guys leave my hair alone? She was so lost in passion she didn’t notice.Another time I will write about the first time I let him go without a rubber.Hope people will enjoy, I am not a great writer but this is real life and I get bored reading predictable porn “stories.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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