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Chapter 01

Carla, 58, woke to the slow thrusting of her thirty-eight-year-old son’s cock in her pussy. In that nether world between being asleep and wakefulness, she matched his deep, slow thrusts, reveling in the full feeling and the squishy sounds of her pussy.

“Good morning, baby!”

Noah cupped her soft teardrop-shaped breast, squeezing it. She hissed and drove her hips back, burying his cock deeper in her honey hole. He leaned forward, burying his face in her long grey braid.

“Good morning, momma!”

“I love it when I wake up with your cock in me!”

Noah’s butt cheeks clenched as he slammed his tool deep in his mother’s cunt. They always had good sex enhanced by their love and trust for each other.

“Baby, you make your mommy feel so good! I don’t know what I would do without you!”

The giggle turned to a moan as he pounded her honey hole.

“I’m not going anywhere, momma! You’re the best piece of ass ever!”

The sound of slapping flesh resounded in their bedroom as their pace increased.

“Is that all your mother is to you,” she moaned, the sensations of her son’s dick in her suffusing her body. “A piece of ass?”

Carla clawed at the sheet. Her son was so deep in her; it felt like he was in her belly. The sensations of his cock in her pussy were so intense it was almost a religious experience.

“You’re my mommy slut and MY piece of ass! SAY IT, MOMMA!”

Noah roughly squeezed her breast, causing her to moan at the pain/pleasure it caused.

“Mmm! Yes! I’m my baby’s mommy slut and his piece of ass! Now fuck your mommy slut, darling! Fuck her hard!”

Noah rolled his mother on her belly without taking his cock out. He grabbed her thick hips and pulled her to her knees. Her 34G jugs swayed back and forth as he pounded her. The squishy sounds of her pussy grew louder, her moans more guttural.

Carla’s head dropped between her shoulders, and bubbles of saliva formed at the corners of her mouth. Her belly pooch trembled with the intensity of her desire.

“Sweet Jesus, you feel so good in me!”

“You like your son’s cock, momma?”

“I love my son’s cock! I love how you feel in me!”

Her plump butt bounced and recoiled with his pumping like waves on a chocolate ocean.

“Aww, fuck! Baby, mommy’s going to cum! Cum with me! Fill your momma up!”

Carla was addicted to these moments, the moments when they came together. The moments when Noah’s thick semen traveled up the same birth canal he exited 38 years ago.

Carla clawed at the sheet as they frantically thrust against each other. Their rhythm was that of long-time lovers intimately acquainted with each other’s bodies.

“I’m cumming too, momma! I’m cumming!”

“I can feel you, darling! I can feel you! Fill your momma’s pussy up! Make it overflow with your juice!”

Noah slammed hard into his mother, driving his cock deep, his balls slapping against her ass. The long deep strokes were now short and hard. The staccato sound of flesh slapping flesh echoed through the bedroom. Their animalistic groans filled the confines of the small bedroom with its chintz curtains.

He groaned as her pussy clamped down on his tool, driving them to their orgasm. They bucked and ground against each other in their passion.

Carla collapsed on her belly, exhausted, carrying Noah with her. The intensity of her orgasm affected her vision, causing the room to blur.

It was always like this. Carla’s deceased husband was a good lover, but she never experienced the emotional intensity, the ethereal connection she felt when she and her son fucked.

Long ago, they overcame the taboo of incest. Now it added to their love for each other. It was a natural extension of the strong bond between a mother and son.

Carla savored the bond that began in her womb. That bond intensified with the intimacy of birth when her son first filled her pussy. So it was only natural that such closeness would lead to a sexual relationship.

They came down slow, the frantic thrusting becoming a slow, languid pumping. They lay there, enjoying the afterglow. Noah kneaded his mother’s breast as they lay there with his softening cock in her.

Chapter 02

Noah left town two years earlier after divorcing his high school sweetheart, Brittany. He came home a year later to help his mother bury his father.

He never left. Financially it made sense. Child support drained his finances. Insurance paid off the mortgage on the family home, and Carla received a small income from an annuity. Combining their resources made sense.

His father was a massive man. His personality and size dominated the room. It was incongruous that such a force of nature could die in a tragic automobile accident.

Her husband’s tragic death left Carla an emotional wreck. She was a natural submissive used to her husband controlling her life. She missed his domination, his strong hand guiding their lives.

She gradually transferred her submissiveness to her son. Initially, it was deferring to him on yalova escort decisions about the arrangements for her husband’s burial. He even took her shopping for her widow’s weeds for the funeral.

Initially, it was awkward with her in her underwear trying on different frocks with her son in the dressing room. It was a duty her husband performed. Now it was Noah having her pirouette, modeling different frocks. It was Noah she dressed and undressed for.

Carla accepted her son’s dominance. He became the anchor that kept her from drifting into self-doubt and self-pity. He pulled her back from the brink with love, affection, and a firm hand. Yet, she desperately clung to him, deferring all decisions to her son.

Their affair began one night before the funeral when Noah woke to sobs coming from her bedroom. He strode across the hall to his mother’s room.

“Momma, are you okay,” he asked, tapping on her bedroom door.

“Yes! Yes, I’m fine!” Carla stuffed her fist in her mouth, trying to stifle her wailing.

“Are you decent? Can I come in?”

“Please, baby, just go back to bed. I’ll be fine!”

A sob got caught in her throat. She sniffled, trying to stop crying.

“Momma, You’re crying! I’m coming in!”

Noah pushed open the door and walked into his mother’s room. Carla lay under a sheet in a fetal position, her body shaking as she tried to stifle her sobs.

“Go back to bed, Noah! I’ll be fine!”

Carla sat up in bed and tried to force a smile. The sheet dropped to her waist. The vee neck of her silk nightgown sagged, revealing her massive cleavage.

Noah was ashamed when he caught himself staring at his mother’s chest, imagining his face buried in her cleavage. He shook his head to clear it of lustful thoughts. Like most boys, his mother was his teenage sexual fantasy. She was the perfect woman who all other women must compare.

He sat on the side of his mother’s bed and pulled her into his arms. Carla succumbed to her despair, falling against Noah’s chest, sobbing uncontrollably, her pillowy breasts pressed into his chest. The sheet fell away, exposing her bare behind where her gown had ridden up.

Noah endured the awkward moment when his mother’s behind was exposed. First, he prayed his cock, covered only by his boxers, would behave. Then, overcoming his momentary awkwardness, he embraced his mother wrapping his arms around her and hugging her to him.

“I’ll be here for you, momma!”

He stroked her back, feeling uncomfortable when his hands touched the bare skin above her ass.

“Oh, God! I’m so scared, Noah! What am I going to do? Your father was my life.”

Carla inhaled her son’s male aroma, his scent bringing back pleasant memories of her husband cuddling her just like this. She was embarrassed when his maleness caused her to feel warm and moist between her legs.

His large hands on her back reminded her of his father. He used to stroke her back, just like Noah was doing. The difference was his father continued down and caressed her ass.

Noah’s loving pats on her back were reminiscent of the spankings her husband gave her. She shuddered, recalling their D/s play.

Her deceased husband would have her dress in a schoolgirl’s costume. He played a lecher who made her do all kinds of sexual things. Her husband had her drop her panties and lay across his knee. Then, he would spank her for her imagined transgressions.

She could not wear panties when they went out, whether grocery shopping, to the mall, or attending church. The full skirts were Carla’s idea. She took a wicked pleasure in letting the wind blow her skirts open, exposing her pussy to strangers.

They often talked about bringing a third into their marriage bed. The idea intrigued her. Her husband’s cock was the only one she ever had. How would it feel with another man’s cock in her? How would her husband react to watching her take a strange cock? It was one of many fantasies they wanted to explore. Then a drunk ended their dreams.

“You smell like your father,” Carla smiled through her tears, stroking her son’s hairy chest.

“Is that a good thing,” Noah laughed, patting his mother’s ass cheeks?

“A very good thing,” Carla laughed as she sat up in bed.

Her son’s hands on her behind drew her out of her reverie. Noah’s touch was so reminiscent of her deceased spouse that she considered the unthinkable. Noah had taken over the aspects of her life that his father controlled. Could he…would he join her in their marriage bed? She pulled the sheet up, covering herself, ashamed at her thoughts.

Noah abruptly stood, covering his hard cock with a strategically placed hand. The intimacy he and his mother were sharing aroused and frightened him.

“Okay,” Nervousness caused him to speak louder than he intended. He lowered his voice. “I’m going back to bed!”

And maybe take care of this hard-on, he thought. He smiled inwardly as he considered and rejected stealing his mother’s used panties from the hamper like he used to do.

Carla took her yalova escort bayan son’s free hand in hers. She didn’t want him to leave. Life without a man in her life was frightening. Noah was all she had left.

“Do you remember being afraid of thunderstorms or monsters under your bed? Back then, I would cuddle with you until you went back to sleep.”

Noah nervously shuffled his feet. “That was a long time ago, Momma!”

“Would you do that for me now? Would you cuddle with me until I went to sleep?”

“Momma, I don’t know…!”

“Please, baby! Just until I go to sleep. This bed feels so cold and empty without your father.”

Despite having misgivings, Noah reluctantly agreed. He crawled under the sheet and lay on his back, staring at the ceiling.

Carla lay on her side, facing Noah. “Please, baby,” she sniffled, “Hold me! I’m so scared!”

The tingle and moistness in her honey hole were more pronounced with her son lying next to her. She ached to take his cock in her mouth as her husband had her do before they went to sleep. However, she controlled her impulse, not wanting to outrage her son.

Noah embraced his mother, pulling her to him. Her head rested on his chest with her arm across his waist and her leg between his. While comforting to Carla, their embrace was more intimate than Noah intended.

Carla wiggled, snuggling closer. She pulled his arm over her, resting his hand on her hip.

“Good night, baby!”

“Good night, momma!”

During the night, their positions changed. Noah woke to find his mother spooned to him. Her gown was around her waist, and his cock was buried between the cheeks of her ass. One hand cupped her breasts.

Embarrassed, Noah tried to turn away, but Carla grabbed his arm and held him in place.

“No, don’t move!”

“But, momma…”

“SHHH! Go back to sleep!”

Carla wriggled her ass, settling her son’s cock comfortably between her ass cheeks. This intimacy was the beginning of their affair.

Chapter 03

Noah never went back to his bed. Instead, they slept spooned every night. Carla grew accustomed to her son’s thick pole pressed between her ass cheeks, his hand cupping her breast while they slept. Initially, they were like an old married couple. There was no sex, just the intimacy of close body contact.

Like an old married couple, they shared intimate hugs and kisses. Kissing on the lips each morning became part of their daily ritual. In addition, Noah grew comfortable patting her rear as a show of affection.

There was no explosion of passion, no sudden realization of their sexual need. Instead, the mother and son grew comfortable in the bedroom together while dressing and undressing.

They spent their evenings cuddling on the sofa, watching old movies, laughing at the ridiculous plots. Then, one cool night, they were under a blanket. An old romantic film was on television.

Carla’s mid-thigh flannel nightgown had ridden up around her hips. Noah lay behind her, his hard cock pressing against the slit in his boxers; his hand familiarly cupped her breast.

Carla made the first move to take their relationship to the next level. She had thought about it a lot since the funeral. Her husband would want her to be happy, to move on with her life. She had welcomed her son into her marriage bed.

They were a couple in all ways except one. Now it was time to consummate their relationship.

Carla shifted slightly on the couch, raising one thigh, so Noah’s cock slipped from between her ass cheeks to against her cunt.

“Are you sure, momma?”

“Yes! Yes, I’m sure! I want your cock in me!”

Noah arched his back, and his cock slipped into the canal he emerged from years before. It was exquisite, sliding into his mother’s tight wet pussy. He took it slow, savoring the moment as his length gradually filled her, and his girth stretched her.

“You okay, momma?”

“YESSS! It feels strange to have another man’s cock in me, especially my son’s! But it is a good feeling, like it belongs there!”

Carla rotated her hips, driving Noah’s cock deeper into her.

“Mmm! You feel amazing.”

He pumped slowly and evenly, fighting to keep from cumming too soon in his excitement.

Carla reached back and caressed her son’s face. A riot of conflicting emotions washed over her. They ranged from maternal love to the exquisite sensations of his cock in her pussy, to guilt at their burgeoning illicit relationship.

She quickly suppressed the guilty feelings, reveling in the sensations of the man she loved the most doing what lovers do. From that night forward, they never stopped fucking. For Carla, at 58, it was a rebirth of her sexual life.

Their pillow talk was the fantasies Carla and her husband discussed. Noah was sexually adventurous and embraced his mother’s fantasies. They discussed how to bring them to fruition.

He shocked her when he told her about the three-way relationship he, Brittany, and his best friend Tommy shared.

She shared that she and his escort yalova father fantasized about adding a third to their marriage bed.

Six months into their relationship, they began roleplaying various sexual situations. This night, Carla wore the school uniform with mary janes, knee-high socks, the mid-thigh plaid skirt, and a white blouse with the peter pan collar. They roleplayed the lecher school teacher with Noah spanking her bare bottom for imagined indiscretions.

“I need to wash the dinner dishes,” Carla gasped.

She was lying across his lap, the skirt around her waist and him alternating spanking her and finger fucking her. Their roleplay brought her to many orgasms, and they were looking forward to a long sweaty night of sex.

“Woman, how can you think of dishes at a time like this?”

He smacked her ass, then leaned down and kissed it.

“If we keep going like this, they will sit in the sink all night…again! Lord, I love it when you do that!”

She was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher when he embraced her from behind.

“Oh, baby!” Carla moaned softly.

Noah opened the blouse and cupped her breasts. He ground his cock into her as she leaned on the sink.

“I love you, momma!”

Craig pushed the skirt onto her back. Then, for a moment, he ground his cock into the plump brown pillows of her ass.

Noah pulled his cock from his boxers and rubbed it over his mother’s ass. Carla’s breathing quickened as her son took her as she liked being taken, being made to submit to her lover’s wants.

The open patio door added an element of the risk of being seen, heightening their arousal

Carla wanted what he wanted. They were more lovers now than mother and son. She gripped the counter, aching for what she knew was next…the sensations of her son’s cock filling her.

The sound of a clay pot shattering on the patio startled them. Carla panicked and tried to stand up. She wanted to run from the kitchen and find someplace to hide. Someone was in the trees watching them!

“Easy, momma, easy!”

Noah eased his cock into his mother’s pussy. He glanced out the glass door onto the patio. He thought he saw movement in the trees. The person watching could only be Estelle, their neighbor.

“We’ve talked about someone watching us make love. Whoever is out there is our audience.”

“Oh, baby! I don’t know! It’s so scary…OHHHHH! “

Carla shrank away, then thrust back as Noah entered her with a single deep, powerful stroke.

“Look out the door, momma! Can you see anyone,” Noah asked, drawing his mother deeper into their shared fantasy?

Noah gripped his mother’s hips, pulling her to him as he pumped forward.

Terrified, Carla obediently looked out the door. Discovery would be humiliation and maybe jail. Yet, she was more aroused than she had ever been in her 58 years at the same time. Her pussy creamed, and her juices were flowing down her thighs.

She peered into the darkness, praying no one was there and simultaneously wanting someone to be there. Her hands had a death grip on the edges of the counter. Her plump hips drove back.

Several weeks ago, Noah introduced her to sex in public. Several times a week, they walked along the beach. The sea breeze created dunes among the cattails. They made love amid the cattails only partially hidden by sand dunes.

Initially, Carla was terrified of being seen. Noah coaxed her into trying nude beaches. Over time she came to relish being naked at the nearby nude beach. Her son’s unconditional love made her comfortable with her body.

“Do you think you can reach the switch for the light?”

While thrusting hard into his mother’s pussy, Noah was surprised and confused. Finally, however, he reached over to her and turned on the light above the sink.


“Yes! I want them to get a good look if someone is watching!”

“You slut,” Noah said, smacking her ass!”

“OHHH! Do it again! I am a slut! I’m my son’s slut, and I want everyone to know it.”

They often fantasized about adding a third to their lovemaking. Reluctant at first, Carla warmed to the idea. Having violated the incest taboo, she became open to other sexual adventures. It was a dream they thought would never be realized. In their small town, it raised enough eyebrows that a 38-year-old son lived with his 58-year-old mother.

Chapter 04

The following day, the phone chimed while Noah and Carla were making love.

“Don’t answer it! They’ll go away, whoever it is!”

Carla groaned and reached for her cell phone. The caller ID said it was her lifelong friend and neighbor, Estelle Levin. She accepted the call while pressing her bubble butt back, keeping her son’s cock in her.


“Carla! Did I wake you up?”

She moaned as Noah rose to his knees and elbows over her. His back undulated as he pumped his cock slowly in and out of her cunt.

“NO! No, Estelle! I was just laying here in bed!” Getting my morning fuck, she thought.

Estelle Levin and Carla were lifelong friends. They met 40 years ago in high school. They both married early and raised their families. Carla was married 33 years before Harry died in an automobile accident. Estelle’s husband died several years back.

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