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Sharon Ch. 5

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After the fun evening Sally and Sharon had showing George the fun in the pool it was a no-holds-barred progress to the following.

On a Friday evening about two weeks after the pool fun, Sharon and I were out to a movie and before entering the theater we saw Sally and George walking through the mall that contained the theater. We stopped and talked with them a while about just general stuff. We told Sally and George that we were going to the movies and invited them to join us. They refused and said they were doing some shopping and would be home when we arrived after the movie was over. Well, Sharon and I watched the comedy movie which was not to good.

About three quarters of the way through the movie Sharon leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Let’s leave now a little early, maybe we will get home early enough to catch Sally and George having fun.” With that, we left the movie and talked about Sally and George as we drove.

Sharon told me of the fun in the pool with George and Sally and said it was fun showing George how to relax about the act of having sex. Sharon also touched on how Sally enjoyed sex very much now since the first time with the two of us. We both hoped George was still at home with Sally and we were hoping to get some foursome action going if the two were there. Sharon unzipped my pants as I continued to drive and started to slowly give me a blow job. Needless to say we continued to discuss the foursome and the action Sharon was giving my cock, got me ready to shoot a load off really quickly.

Well, Sharon just brought me to the edge and would stop and talk about the fun she wanted to enjoy with Sally and George. We arrived home before I came and Sharon commented that I should save my cum and enjoy my hard on with Sally and George. As we pulled up we saw George’s car in the drive and we knew we were in luck for some fun. The only light on in amatör porno the house was in Sally’s bed room. That indicated they both were in the bedroom and we were correct. We were quite entering the house and we went to my bed room. Sally’s bedroom was directly over mine and we listened for a while and we could hear the bed moving and a faint groan from Sally. We were in luck Sharon really got horny listening to them screw and wanted to go and join them.

I told her to wait until they were finished to let George enjoy Sally alone so as to get them both relaxed. We were, all four of us, young enough to recover from a sex session and enjoy again quickly and I was banking on the recover to accommodate us to get George and Sally going again. We continued to listen and while we did took off our clothes and laid on my bed getting horny with each other as we played with each other and listened. Well, about one half hour of this and the bed started to move faster and Sally moaned louder and we heard George say “here it comes, here it comes.”

Little sister and George were in the middle of there orgasm and finishing off the splash down. Then the water went on in the upstairs bath and we heard some one coming down the stairs. Then a brief knock on my bedroom door and in walked Sally, totally nude. She asked how long you guys been home.

Sharon responded “about half an hour.”

Sally laughed, “then you guys know what we were doing in my bed room?”

Sharon responded, “We heard the entire thing.”

Sally laughed again. She said George is very good about enjoying himself with sex and that he really liked the pool fun and kept recalling it to her when they were intimate. Sharon asked Sally to bring him down and we could enjoy some fun tonight. Hearing Sharon make such an invitation Sally looked at me and saw my hard on sticking straight up and said “how anal porno about it big brother”? I said “sounds great to me”. With that she turned around and quickly went up stairs after George.

In about 2 minutes both of them were standing at my bedroom door and they were both still nude. Sharon and I were doing some heavy petting with me eating Sharon’s pussy and getting her pussy moistened with my saliva to prepare it for the fun coming. I look up and Sally came over to me and kissed me and said Sharon you sure taste good. Sally could taste Sharon’s pussy on my lips. Then Sally jumped on the bed and started to play with my cock. She started to suck it slowly and the feeling was great. George was still standing in the door way watching.

Sharon said, “George are you going to stand there all night or enjoy us some?” At that Sharon reach out and grabbed George by the cock and pulled him gently toward the bed. Once he got close enough to the bed Sharon started to suck him. The foursome started. George was hard in about 30 seconds with a full purple pumping hard on. Sharon sucked George briefly just enough to get him stirred up and then laid back on the bed on her back and told George to mount her that she was so excited by the previous happenings and needed to feel some cock in her.

With that Sally and I watched George crawl onto the bed between Sharon’s opened legs and insert his cock in her pussy. It was primed and wet from my licking it. His cock went in very easily and he started to slide in and out and looked over at me and Sally to see what we were doing. Sally was excited again and wanted to fuck and I could tell. She flopped on her back alongside Sharon and grabbed me and pulled me on top of her.

Needless to say my cock was at the entrance of her pussy and I could feel the slick cum George left at her opening and my cock started to slide into anal breakers porno her. Sally totally unfolded her body and opened it to my advance. I was softly inside of her cum enriched pussy just being very still and she wrapped her body around me and held me very tightly. Her legs around my middle locked and her arms around my chest.

She looked at me and said, “Thanks for being such a great big brother.” Sharon was watching me and Sally and enjoying George and she was very frisky. She wanted to play a swing game: “Who Cums First.”

The way she explained it was the guys spend 3 minutes inside each lady and the guys try to hold from cumming as best they can. The girls try to cum and get the guy that is mounted in them to shoot off. Then every three minutes a swap occurred. Well we started with George and me switching and it was great.

Sally went to work on George and Sharon went to work on me. Every three minutes we switched. It was great to feel the differences in the two women. Sharon was experienced and her feel was different that Sally. Sally was soft and groping and being about 5 years younger than Sharon, Sally was youthfully tight. Sharon was targeted and had more muscles in tune to attack a man’s cock.

This process went on for about three full swaps and during the exchange on the fourth I started to cum in transit. My cum shot on Sally’s leg as I pulled out of her and it shot onto Sharon pubic hairs as I entered her. Sharon whispered in my ear, Ah are you done so soon, poor baby.

Needless to say I finished off my pumping inside Sharon and could feel my cock start to go soft. The next swap transferred me to Sally and George to Sharon. You could almost see Sharon sizzle when George entered her. She was very aggressive with George on the cycle. She started to meet his thrusts with her hips and really got into it. She came with a very loud moan and continued to cum for about 4 times.

It finally ended with George screwing Sally again as Sharon and I felt them both as they coupled, enhancing the sensations for them. Sally and George and Sharon and myself will enjoy this again and I will keep you posted.

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