Nis 03

She Came with an Alias

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Jenna was a junior attending the local University. Two years younger, I was a freshman at the local Junior College. Back then, I hadn’t even seen my sister naked, not since she had boobs anyway. But, sisters grow up. Mine grew boobs, long legs and a really cute butt. Her hair is red, her eyes are hazel, and she still has a killer smile. So sure, you bet I’d launched a few loads in to the sheets well fantasizing about my sexy older sister. Not that I thought she was a virgin, far from it; still, it sure never occurred to me that she harbored a wild-side. But, she did; so, I get to tell you this story.

There were four of us, me and three guys I hadn’t known before we found ourselves teamed-up for a group project in a Renaissance History class. We had gotten together three or four times, had gotten along, and worked well together. One afternoon I invited them to my place for a swim, a few cold brews, and who knew, maybe even a bit of work. These guys didn’t even know I had a sister, and they sure weren’t expecting to meet one. And, as far as they’ve ever known they didn’t…I hope!

Bill was swimming lazy laps. Brian, Jose, and I were sitting in the shade, probably shooting the shit about nothing in particular. The folks were at work, and I just naturally assumed Jenna had classes. She didn’t, not that afternoon anyway. So, arriving home to discover three cars, two unrecognized parked in the driveway, she was curious. Her curiosity spiked when she heard the noisy poolside commotion. She has never managed to explain just why she used the side gate that led around to the patio. Whatever, four guys were, and no doubt are still glad she did.

Jose spotted her, calling out “Hey, we’ve got company.”

I looked, spotted Jenna and got ready to introduce my sister. Before I could she said “Hi Robert didn’t see your sister’s car. Huh, guess she isn’t home?”

Whatever she was up to, I was clueless. I didn’t know what to say. Jose did, quickly stepping in to suggest “Jesus Robert, come on guy, introduce us to the gorgeous lady.”

Jenna introduced herself, waving as she explained “Like hi guys. I’m Jackie a friend of Robert’s sister.”

I was mentally scratching my head when Brian piped up, introducing himself before prodding me. “Don’t just sit there dude, how about offering the lady a beer?” He didn’t give me a chance to ask. And, he didn’t even wait for her to answer, just pulled a can of Bud from the cooler, popped it open and handed it to the girl pretending not to be my sister.

From the pool Bill introduced himself. My sister waved, while doing an acceptable job of chug-a-lugging her beer. Then, after adding to the collection of empties, she turned to answer Bill’s question. “Gosh, I’d love a nice cool dip…but, no bathing suit.”

Managing to actually sound like he meant it Jose soothed “Well Hell, if you want to skinny-dip, I’m sure no one will sneak a peek.”

“As if,” my understandably skeptical sister scoffed. Then, she was grinning, actually chuckling as she said “Sure, skinny-dipping could be fun.” She hesitated, and I was thinking, oh no, she wouldn’t, when she did. And, no doubt blowing four male minds, she said “Well, except I sure wouldn’t want to be the only one naked.”

My mind was stuck, maybe stuck permanently on, what the fuck? Anyway, things got really quiet. And, I was shaking my head when Bill clambered up out of the pool, swim suit dangling from a hand. “Your turn,” he called, which left me wondering just what he was expecting.

Bill was short, squat, and looked like he spent a lot of time in the gym. He was also tan nearly everywhere. He was also hairy everywhere. He had a hard-on, and apparently wasn’t at all embarrassed.

The girl they knew as Jackie stared, slowly running the tip of her tongue back and forth across her upper lip. And then, not only did she pull her tee shirt up and off, but after a calculated pause she reached around and unhooked her bra. It joined the tee shirt on a patio chair. Now, I’d never seen them bare, but it was worth the wait. They were tan as the rest of her slim body, firm, no jiggle, and big. They were booby perfection right down to startlingly erect nipples the delicious color of milk chocolate. And, I couldn’t stop myself from letting loose with an embarrassingly loud “Wow, Awesome fucking tits.”

My sister ignored me, her attention on Jose, his trunks having just hit the deck. And why not; after all, the skinny Latino was sporting wood. Anyway, no one had anything to say. But, Brian who I’m pretty sure never took his eyes off my sister’s tits walked over and grabbed a beer from the cooler. Jose cut loose with a loud wolf whistle. I turned, in time to see my sister step out of her skirt. She stood there looking hotter than Hell, wearing nothing but a lacy black thong.

“Come on Brian,” she called, teasing the front of her tiny thong down as she added a whispered “Yeah, let’s see what you’ve got.”

What Brian had was a hard cock, one about the same standard amatör porno size as Jose’s, just one several shades lighter in color. My sister decided it was time to squeal a shrill “Oh God-oh God-oh God.” That was right before she spun around, her grin aimed at me. She motioned for me to stand, and didn’t need to say anything. Jose was already ordering “Come on man, lose those freaking trunks already.”

Honestly, I wasn’t worried about getting naked in front of my sister; and, I guess that by then I really wasn’t all that worried about her getting naked in front of my buddies. And really, I wasn’t worried, just seriously curious about what would happen after my crazy sister got naked. But, it was my move.

Not at all sure she did, but hoping my ballsy sister knew what she was doing, I got up. Only, she didn’t wait for me. Still, she didn’t rush it, but I’m sure there were three guys besides me holding their breath as she eased her skimpy black thong down. She kicked it aside. And then, she stood their grinning as she spread her legs, like maybe we hadn’t already noticed she was shaved bare. She turned slowly, grinning as she shamelessly scoped-out a trio of hard cocks.

A raucous chorus of whistles and catcalls failed to make that daring sister of mine blush. I did; but, only after Jose murmured “Fuck dude, I wanna stand the bitch on her freaking head.” I agreed with Jose, and supposed the monster hard-on tenting my trunks said it loud and clear.

Jenna, pretending to be Jackie pointed at me and declared “Jenna says she doesn’t know; but, well I’ve wondered. So, guess it’s time I found out.” And with that she strolled over, cool as all get out, dropped in to a crouch and yanked my trunks down. Freaked-out or not, my cock stood nearly straight up, so hard bullets would have bounced off it. I thought for sure my sister was about to swoop in and swallow it. I didn’t actually decide to do it; but, I took a step back. My sister giggled, stood up and quickly swung around behind me. “Ooh, could Robert be shy,” she teased. I could feel her nipples, hot and hard where they pressed against my back. One hand rested on my hip, the other one seeming to flame as she closed it around my cock. Then, her tongue was tickling my ear, her hand a slowly moving piston as she whispered “I’m going to fuck your friends…and, I’m going to fuck you too.”

The guys couldn’t have heard, or so I told myself. But then, they were right there spaced out in a neat semi-circle. And it didn’t matter anyway, not after they heard Jackie announced “Hey, I know; how about we move this party inside, where, yeah where we can get more comfortable?” And, I almost lost it, when she added a snickery “Gosh, I might even let Jose stand me on my head.”

Jenna led the way, and we followed her saucily swinging ass in to the family room. Brian and Jose lugged along the cooler. Cold Buds were passed out, and a joint was passed around. And then, realizing someone would have to make the first move, I almost panicked. Jenna’s in charge so let her do it, I told myself.

It felt a little awkward, but Jenna made the rounds, stopping to kiss and be groped by the guys, even by me when it was my turn. But, that move did break the ice. Anyway my sister spun away from me, caught Jose’s hand and dragged him over to the sofa. First off, she had him stretch out on his back. Then, as she stretched out on top of him, slipping easily in to the classical sixty-nine position, she explained. “I’m not about to stand on my head, no way. But, this should be almost the same thing…well kind of.”

Whatever Jose thought he went right for it, going all in. His fingers held Jenna’s pussy spread open, his tongue hungrily tunneling, fucking my oohing sister with more than just its whipping tip. She fondled his balls with one hand, energetically jacking him off with the other. That hand was still pistoning away when she began to swirl her tongue around his dick’s head. And then, it was in her mouth, and Jose was demanding “Yeah do it!” And, whatever his “It” had meant, her lips did a slow downward slide. And then, her head began to bob, slow at first, then faster and faster. She stopped, her lips clamped around the base of Jose’s cock. Stalled, she contentedly sucked on six or seven inches of out of sight cock.

Jose put his tongue to work, targeting Jenna’s clit. He took her quickly, his tongue easily sending her orgasmic. She came, still gamely, if somewhat erratically pumping her fist up and down his slippery dick. She took Jose, holding a push-up as he franticly bucked, actually fucking her mouth with a rapid-fire flurry of lunging upward thrusts. My sister had taken her’s almost silently, not so her horny Latino lover. He yelped a startled “Yes, now!” So, maybe he was already spewing cum in to my sister’s mouth. Whatever, his cock was stuck deep in her mouth, which sure didn’t stop him from trying to buck. It was pitiful. Like maybe he was afraid she’d stop before she’d sucked every last drop of cum out anal porno of him, He just kept screaming “Don’t stop!”

Looking hungry for more, Jenna licked the last dribble of cum off the glistening head of Jose’s dick. And, I watched her do it, aware I was hard as I’d ever been. So, maybe a little bit concerned, I wondered, could I look down in to my sister’s eyes as I shot a big hot load of cum in to her mouth? Well, as she settled to her knees in front of me, I figured I was about to find out.

My sister answered my silly question in less time than it had taken me to think it up in the first place. She didn’t say anything, just leaned in and ran a sidewise flicking tongue down the underside of my cock, the question forgotten as she sucked my balls in to her mouth. I groaned, needing desperately for her to grab my cock. She didn’t, not with her hands anyway. They remained welded to my hips, even when her lips began running round trips up and down, turning my dick in to a glistening length of slippery red hot cock. And then, those hands were squeezing those perfect tits of her’s together, turning my cock in to the filling in a booby sandwich. “Fuck them,” she ordered, definitely breathing harder as she teased “Yeah, you know you want too.” She was right; I did. So, I did. That’s why, instead of getting to look down in to my sister’s eyes as I filled her mouth with cum, I got to watch myself cover her gorgeous tits with the stuff.

Brian had my sister backed up against the back of the sofa, practically bent over backwards as he ravished her freshly rinsed and towel dried tits with his mouth. Only, while he licked, sucked, and nibbled her responsibly erect nipples, his hand was busy between my “Yes” chanting sisters spread thighs. When his probing fingers showed they glistened, obviously wet with her slippery juices. Jenna reached, found his cock, closed a fist around it and began madly pumping. Seemingly oblivious, he went right on fingering her, actually fucking her with a pair of wildly churning fingers. Then, he had a handful of red hair, Jenna’s head pulled back as he kissed her. So, when he began to seriously finger-fuck her, taking her hard with a trio of wildly pistoning fingers her “Yes…hard” was a muffled, but still distinct plea.

Not that I thought it was quite what she had in mind, but it really did look like Jenna might just yank Brian’s dick right off. Anyway, he stopped kissing her, still holding tight to a fistful of red hair as he continued to slowly twist a plunging trio of fingers in and out of her pussy. She let go of his cock, and latched on to his shoulders. And then, sounding like she meant it, my utterly breathless sister screamed “Fuck me-just fuck me!”

“Not yet,” was Brian’s incomprehensible reply. At least he had the good sense to turn a pussy drenched finger loose on her clit. I should have stuck around for the climatic ending; but, I had several cans of Bud to dispose of. Still, as I banged the toilet seat up, I heard my very vocal sister going orgasmic. I hadn’t even finished draining the lizard when I heard the greedy piggy take seconds.

My post-orgasmic sister was still bent over the sofa when I walked back in to the family room. Only, she was bent forward over it and getting fucked from behind by Brian. She kept screaming “Fuck me,” even though it didn’t look like she had to worry about his stopping. If anything, he was fucking my sister even harder when he pushed a finger in to her anus. She gasped, and Brian went right on running his finger in and out of her ass. No one was betting, but I figured my sister was about to get her ass fucked. Well, it was what he had in mind.

Brian yanked his very wet dick out of my sister; and then, he twisted his finger out of her ass. And really it was too bad; but for a while there, disappointment reigned supreme. Poor Brian had it all nicely lined-up, the head of his cock already beginning to swell Jenna’s anus open, when disaster struck. Most likely no one thought it was part of the plan, when with an “Oh fuck,” an ocean of cum erupted to splash across my sister’s ass. Of course it was Jose who, I’m sure meant to be helpful, gleefully suggested “Gosh Brian, you’re only supposed to do that, you know, after you’ve actually fucked her.”

Bill, being a perfect gentleman handed Jenna the towel she used to wipe Brian’s cum off her ass. He even waited while she chug-a-lugged another Bud. Break over, Bill was eyeing my sister in a way that maybe should have made her just a teensy-weensy bit nervous. But no; utterly unintimidated, she walked right up to him, threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. Well, I thought, that’s certainly one way to wipe the smirk off the guy’s face. But then, with her arms still draped around his neck, she leans back, and sounding utterly fearless, my ballsy sister asked “Well, what’s it going to be stud?”

Bill, whose hands were still firmly attached to my grinning sister’s ass reeled her in. And then, without having bothered to anal breakers porno actually answer her question, he lifted her right up and off her feet. Her hands dropped to his shoulders and her legs scissored around his waist. And, that’s when I noticed just how thick Bill’s cock was. It was the shortest one in the room; but then, it was thicker, maybe even twice as thick. There was a moment there when I didn’t think it was going to fit. But, Jenna did a bit more squirming, Bill did a bit more tugging, and voila, the fat head of his dick disappeared. Taking charge, bill’s strong hands yanked my squealing sister down as he pounded an attention commanding thrust up in to her. She took it with a barely audible “Oh fuck!”

Bill hesitated; I figured waiting for Jenna’s reaction. Anyway, he still held fast to her ass, but let her do all the work. So, with a slow rocking motion she levered herself up, growling from deep in her throat as she re-impaled herself. She got to be pretty good at it, if speed and a handful of grunted oohs are anything to go by. And then, right before he backed Jenna up against the wall, he drawled a teasing “Hey, she likes it, Jackie likes it!” Good, I thought. Fuck my sister, just as long as you keep calling her Jackie.

It’s just my opinion, but my sister was lucky not to get her ass pounded right through the wall. Not only could Bill pound out a monumentally wicked fuck; for a while there, it didn’t look like he would ever stop power-slamming utterly savage thrusts up in to my loud and apparently insatiable sister. It was a good show, and I sort of liked watching a berserk out of control fucking machine try to fuck her brains out. But, for a while there it looked like she just might get them bashed out, you know, on accident. Neither happened; instead, I watched one wickedly delivered up against the wall fuck send my once again “Yes” squalling sister orgasmic.

Jenna stopped screaming encouragement, which I figured meant she was done cumming. Apparently so did Bill, anyway he stopped making like a jack hammer. Then, sort of proving she did indeed know how to live dangerously, my indiscrete sister asked “What, so that’s it?”

“Hey, he didn’t cum,” Jose whispered, like maybe we hadn’t noticed.

I had been thinking the same thing, but only shrugged. Brian had moved closer and hissed “Yeah, so now what?”

The answer to Brian’s questioning “What” probably shouldn’t have been such a surprise. But then, back then we were still sort of young and dumb. Bill, who was turning out to be some sort of macho stud strolled back over to the sofa carrying my still cock impaled sister. He lifted her up and off, sat her down on her feet and with a casual shove spun her around. Then, he cracked a ringing swat off her ass that left her once again sprawled over the back of that much used sofa. Jenna shifted, spread her legs wide, and only then blatted a loud raspberry.

Bill stepped up; his hands resting on Jenna’s ass as he almost roughly nudged her legs even further apart. Then, like maybe he wanted a better look see, he pushed her ass cheeks up and apart. Well, if that had been what he wanted he got it. And, my twice fucked sister’s pussy looked like a twice fucked pussy. But then, I didn’t think pussy was what Bill had his eyes on. It was sort of obvious, and I figured we all knew what he meant when he practically snarled “Well…yes or no?”

Jenna’s snappy “Oh you beast” might have worried me if she hadn’t been giggling when she said it. But then, my sister had stopped giggling, in fact was sounding rather sure of herself as she purred out a thoroughly mischievous sounding “You want it-take it!”

One big hand was all Bill needed to keep my sister’s ass spread open, which left him with one free hand. And, no one said a word when he pushed a pair of stubby fingers in to her vagina. Growling and sounding kind of fierce, he worked those fingers in and out, twirling and twisting as he probed. And, with a yelped “Yeah baby,” he ripped them out, his grin big as he pushed them in to her exposed asshole. Then, with Jenna panting out oohs, he gave us a preview of things to come.

Bill spun his fingers out of my sister’s ass, and then spit in to his cupped palm. He smeared it over the suddenly very big looking head of his dick, leaned in, and pushed it right up against her anal opening. He pushed, pushed some more, and then pushed even harder. It took a bit of rotation, and a couple of hard jabs; but her anus just blossomed open and seemed to almost suck that big head in. It was one incredible sight. But then, so was the pedal to the metal way he took my enthusiastically whooping sister’s ass.

Effortlessly, Bill continued to reenter my sister’s ass, never missing as he slammed thrust after savage thrust deep. And, I never did ask Jenna how she knew, but she did, at least I think she did. Whatever, she was still stringing together do it’s, when Bill leaned back, straining to push even deeper, grunting and lunging rhythmically and no doubt already pumping gushers of cum deep in to her.

Bill pulled out, looking understandably smug as he cracked another walloping swat off my yelping sister’s ass. And, maybe that’s why she didn’t pitch a bitch when he asked “Hey now, anyone else want some?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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