May 29

She Get the Contract !

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Hey All, This nice episode happened to me a last week and I thought I should share it with all my Literotica friends. Here is what happened:

I run a family run business. Ours is a manufacturing company and we make spares for motor vehicles and we are the only unique company in India. As the business had been growing multi-fold we had started to sub-contract a few of our jobs to other manufacturing units. Being unique may manufactures have been approaching us to take up the sub-contract works but being quality and price conscious we choose our associates very great care.

Let me tell you a little about myself.
I am an MBA in Business Management from a reputed university and also have PG in Computers. I am 32, 5.11 in height, fair, stocky & muscular. I am very clean and healthy and spend at least 30 minutes exercising in my own gym at home.
My hobbies include listening to old Hindi songs & Western Music. I also play cricket and shuttle and also have interest in watching Tennis and Football. I also have interest in reading management books and business magazines whenever time permits. I love to travel and have traveled to US, Europe and Malaysia. I like partying and of course I do take alcohol occasionally but I do not smoke.

Being handsome, sexy and rich I have developed some erotic interests include collecting erotic and porn magazines, writing erotic stories (if time permits) and of course SEX. I really enjoy SEX and I like to tryout various things with my girl. I like variety in life so I am not married and have a few nice, sexy girlfriends. A typical girl for me should be good looking, sexy with a decent figure, medium or huge tits, hairless skin, nicely cleaned pussy and ass (clean shaven Pussy is something l take pleasure in Sucking) and of course the girls needs to be Modern and innovative. A girl with a good Make-up and long nails makes me go crazy.

When it comes to SEX, I love to get my Cock & Balls sucked. I like lip kissing (I am really good at that) and I like to get dominated. I also like to suck and eat my girl’s body, drink the juices and FUCK her till she is fully satisfied. I am also crazy about Anal Fucking.

Coming back to business, there has been one Mr. Agarwal from Delhi who has been trying to get our sub-contracting works. As he had meet me a few times and come all the way from Delhi to Bangalore I had asked my engineers to give a him a order for developing a prototype to test the quality. After a few days my engineers had came back to me and informed me that they had received the prototype and the quality was good but was costly. They also told me that they tried to negotiate but Mr. Agarwal and adamant on the costing. So I asked me engineers to send a letter to Mr. Agarwal stating that his product quality was good but we could not sign the contract as the costing was not working out.

After a few days I got a call from Mr. Agarwal and we discussed but again we got stuck on the costing. Mr.Agarwal told me that he wanted to meet me in person to discuss this issue and I decided to meet him in Delhi on 12/8/2002 as I was in Delhi for a few meetings. I usually stay in Oberoi and Mr. Agarwal came to the hotel to meet me. The discussions went on we were Mr. Agarwal came down on the costing a bit but not my satisfaction and we decided to continue the discussions the next day as I had to leave for other meetings.

On 13th morning I got a call from Mr. Agarwal. “Mr. Kishan would be nice if we could meet for dinner tonight, I would send you my car by around 7.30 PM” he said and I agreed.

By 7.15 PM I was ready. I was in my jeans and a figure hugging t-shirt. By 7.20 I got a call from the hotel’s front desk informing me that I had a visitor. As I came out of the lift I started to search for the driver in the lobby when a sweet voice of a lady made me turn around.

“Mr. Kishan” she called and I turned around. “Hi, I am Mrs. Agarwal. Sorry Mr. Agarwal could not make it as he had to urgently leave to Lucknow due to his father’s ill health, so I thought I will come and meet you instead” she said. I did not know what to say as I was not expecting this and above all this Mrs. Agarwal was a real beauty.

“Oh…its ok, I am leaving tomorrow afternoon to Bangalore and maybe I will Mr. Agarwal next time. Thanks for coming all the way to inform me Mrs. Agarwal, its really nice of you” I said.

“Mr. Kishan, I am also a part of my husband’s company and being an engineer I understand the whole subject and also I help my husband in tough negotiations. I know all about the negotiations that are going on with you and your company. Just because he is not there I can’t let go an opportunity of association with you, so please I request you to come over to my place were we could finalize the deal…Please Mr. Kishan” she pleaded.

“Well…ok Mrs. Agarwal, if you insist…” I said.

“Mr. Kishan you could call me Priya, let not be very formal…ok” she said and I nodded.

The hotel’s valet canlı bahis parking got the car to the main door. It was a Ford Ikon and we boarded the car. She herself was driving the car so both of us got in the front.

As we drove we chatted about their company and she told me that in the last 1½ years their business had come down and they were desperate to associate with us to revive the company.

“Kishan both of us are ready for anything. We have to revive the company and we do not have a choice” she said

“Well then Priya, if you are so desperate I can give you the order but then you need to accept my rates” I said

“Well yeah…we are desperate but that does not mean that we will come down on rates as we now the prevailing price in the market and above all our quality is fantastic and if we accept your rates we will incur losses” she said

“Ok…lets discuss this” I said

“Well Kishan, actually there is nothing to discuss…I please request you to approve our rates. This will really help us to revive…and I am ready to do anything to get this” she said and gave a smile. I smiled back and was really impressed by her. I did not take and slowly started to concentrate on her then the business.

Priya was a very pretty lady. She must have been around 5.4 (looked taller as she was wearing heels), very fair, slim, modern, sexy with a nice decent figure (maybe she measured 38-26-36) and above all she know how to dress for the occasion. Her hair was brown, straight and shoulder length and her skin was hairless and glowing.

She was in a sari, which was black, a little bit transparent and in a white sleeveless blouse and I could see the top of her breasts popping out due the transparency in the sari. Also, her nice, round, navel was visible, as she had tied her sari below the waist.

In brief Priya was gorgeous with a striking personality oozing with sexiness and this made my COCK to grow Hard in my pants.

We soon reached the bungalow. It was really beautiful with a beautiful garden and a small pond. She opened the door herself indicating to me that there was no one. As I entered she said “Welcome Kishan, please feel at home” indicating me to enter the drawing room. I just relaxed on the sofa and she sat right across me. “You have a beautiful house Priya” I said and she said “Thanks”. She excused herself and went inside and within a couple a few minutes she appeared pushing a trolley around and I got up help her to put the trolley in place. The trolley was full of scotch, rum and vodka with some nice, costly crystals.

“Well Kishan, this is all for you. You can choose what you want but I am making the drink for you” she said. I chose my usual Black Dog scotch and she made two drinks and we said cheers and settled on the sofa sipping.

“Well Priya, how long have you been married? I asked

“mmm…I think its 12 years now” she said “How about you?” she asked and I smiled, “Well, I am not married yet and I am 32” I said. This surprised her. “I can’t believe it. A guy like you, not married is not acceptable” she screeched. I kept smiling and she was nodding her head and I decided to tell her my weakness.

“Well Priya… I want to tell you something personal and I don’t what you to feel bad or feel that I am demanding something from you…ok…you need to promise that you will keep it to yourself” I said. “I promise Kishan…I promise” she said. I am sure she thought that I had some medical problem.

“Priya…I am a Sex Maniac…I love to have sex with variety of girls and ladies. The same lady is boring and this will never be liked by a wife so I decided not to marry” I said and she looked stunned at me. She did not know what to say for a few seconds. “Well…Priya, I am sorry if that had made you feel a bit awkward, but you know each human has his own way of doing things” I said.

“Ohhh…yeah, you are right” she said and just emptied her glass in one gulp. “Hey…go slow” I said and she smiled back…”Yeah…Yeah…” she said as she made another drink.

“Well…coming back to our business, I still think that your costing is high…” and before I completed my sentence, she interrupted, “Well, what if the costing includes Priya!!!!!!!” she said and this stunned me.

She got up from her seat and walked towards me. I could hear my heart beat as this sexy creature approached me. She slowly bent and put the glass son the table and straight away sat on my lap and put her arms round my neck. I opened my mouth to say something but the silenced me by coving my mouth with her palm. “shhhhhhhh…just allow me to take care of you. You are my guest and I am your host” she murmured into my ears and the same time the pallu of her sari fell across exposing half of her round, huge, ripe, juicy, tight, breasts. She slowly bent towards me and put her, moist, soft, hot lips on mine and pushed her hot, tongue into my mouth. I responded inserting my tongue into her mouth.

My hands were holding her by her waist and her right hand bahis siteleri was running over my thighs and soon her hands started to fondle my erect COCK.

“mmmm…” she said as she bit my lips “Its nice and hard like a rock” and slowly she unbuckled and unzipped my pants and put her hands on my cock which was still inside my undies. She started to massage my cock and soon my COCK responded to her soft touch by oozing out large amounts of Pre-CUM wetting my undies.

“Hey, lift you ass and let me pull out you pants and undies and suck and drink your juices. I do not want the juices to be wasted and particularly I like the taste of a guy’s pre-cum…fast lift you ass” she commanded and I obeyed. She pulled my pants and undies and settled between my legs.

My 7½ COCK was RED, MOIST, HARD and HOT “mmmm…it nice, hot, so Big and so juicy…mmmm I love such COCKS” she said and stroked my cock and more Pre-CUM flowed out wetting her fingers which she licked like a small baby.

She slowly started to kiss and lick my CUM filled balls. I had kept my balls nice and clean without hair and she liked it, “Kishan, your balls are real big and is full of HOT CUM…its really nice…” she said and licked it more. Meanwhile my COCK was throwing out more pre-cum wetting her fingers and hands.

Slowly she started to Mouth-Fuck me. Her tongue ran allover my COCK and her saliva dripped from her mouth wetting my cock even more and making more slippery. Her hands stroked my COCK as my CUM began to collect to shoot up. I did not want to cum so fast so I slowly caught her by her hair and pulled her towards me. She now started to lick and bite my nipples as her hands still stroked my COCK. After some time she put her sticky lips on mine and kissed and bit my lips. I could taste my juices in her mouth. My COCK still stood majestically erect, as now it was my turn to eat her up.

Both of us were now on out feet. My hands were squeezing her curvy waist as I kissed and licked her face and neck. She was still fully dressed except that her pallu had fallen off. I did not want her to undress so slowly I out her on the sofa and lifted her sari till her waist.

“Hey…want me to undo my sari? She asked “No…leave it on…I love it like this…” I said and she smiled and relaxed on the sofa.

She had a pair of sexy, curvy, hairless, white legs, which was nice and soft. A cream colored, transparent lacy panty, which was wet with her juices, covered her Pussy and her pink Cunt-Lips were visible through the wetness.

“mmmm…its so delicious, so juicy…” I said as I bent and started to kiss and suck her toes and legs. Her moans increased as my tongue touched her thighs. Her thighs were soft and smooth as I bit them and slowly moved towards my destination.

As I moved closer to her Pussy I could feel heat being emitted by her Hot Pussy. Her panty was now soaked with her juices and was wetting her thighs, sari and the sofa. Without touching her Pussy or removing her panties I started to kiss her around them. Occasionally I brushed her pussy with my hand or lips and this was too much for her to take. She started to stroke her pussy with her fingers as I started to lick the juices on her thighs.

“mmmm…Kishan…please…suck me…please…” she pleaded. It was nice to see a lady use her fingers to play with her Pussy…and I slowly started to lick her pussy juice coated fingers. Her juices tasted like Honey and were really sticky. I now slowly pulled her panty and touched her pussy with my fingers and she literally sprang from the sofa with a loud moan, “aaaahhhhh… ooohhhhhhhh…..my god…its so nice….so nice…” she cried

I now slowly started to tongue her pussy. Her moaning increased now she was screaming with lust. I bit her pussy lips and tongue-fucked her for nearly 10 minutes as soon she gave out a loud cry and pressed my face to her pussy using her hands. She blasted out large loads of her cum wetting my face, her thighs, her sari and sofa. I tried to catch every drop of her nectar but unfortunately it was too much for me to catch. She just collapsed and closed her eyes. I licked the juices slowly and came up to her. Her eyes were closed but she was aware I was next to her.

I kissed her lips and she responded. “mmmm…my juices are quite tasty…this is the first time I am tasting it…” she said as she licked my tongue and bit my lips. We kissed for some time and in the meantime I slowly disrobed her sari unbuttoned her blouse and unclasped her bra and took it of her. She was now fully naked. My hands squeezed and fondled her huge tits and pinched her erect nipples and she cried out in pain. I pulled my self from the lips and took her erect nipple in my mouth and bit them and she moaned and cried.

“Wow…look at those pink nipples, they so long and erect..” I said as I sucked harder and her moans increased. As I bit her nipples and licked and sucked her breasts, my hands were playing with her wet dripping pussy. Soon I moved my fingers a little below her bahis şirketleri pussy touching her tight Bum-hole. “Aaaahhhhhhhh…….oooooohhhhhhhhhh” she yelled her hands also joined my hands to work on her pussy and bum-hole. She was subbing her pussy vigorously as my hands played with her bum-hole.

Slowly I moved downwards and started to concentrate on her navel. She had a deep, round belly button, which was really sexy. I licked her belly-button, “I am going to fill this with my CUM” I said and she nodded, “Yeah…do it ….FUCK ME…” she said. By now even my COCK was dripping and my pre-cum was falling allover sofa and on Priya and it was high time I put into her Hot Oven.

I withdrew fully from her and stood up. “Open your legs” I said and put my hands under her soft bums and lifted her and before she could react I inserted my long, thick cum filled COCK into her Pussy, “aaaaahhhhhhhhh…” she moaned as my COCK went right through her and I started to ram real hard. More pre-cum was flowed and I could hear the splashing noise.

“Harder…Fuck me Harder and Deeepppper…” she moaned as really rammed her in full force and within minutes she cried and screamed in ecstasy as she had a multi orgasm and nearly lost consciousness but my COCK was still HARD and RED and Ready.

I put her back on the sofa, “Hey, turn around” I said and she tried to get up but her legs were shivering and she was loosing balance but I helped her to stand. Her right palm rested on the frame of the sofa as I lifted her left leg and put it on my shoulder and drove my Hard COCK into her pussy. “oooooohhhhhhhhhhh…..” she cried as my COCK started to ram her pussy again.

I could see out mingled juices flowing along her thighs and legs. She was now closing her eyes and moaning loudly as my 7½ COCK was digging into her. Very soon I reached my orgasm and I know any moment my Cum would burst out, so I let go of her and she fell off me on the sofa. She know I was about to blast, “Cum you bastard Cum…Spray…Spray…”she yelled and soon I Came…all over her…shooting loads of my Thick, Hot, Sticky liquid onto her coving her face and breasts. She tried to catch some of them but it was so much that she nearly choked herself. It was like a Sperm Rain…drenching her fully. In was so tired I just collapsed next to her. She slowly came between my legs and licked me clean and vanished into the house.

It should have been nearly 30 minutes when she showed herself. She was in a transparent night-gown “Hi…how are you feeling” she asked and I smiled and got up receiving her in my arms, “Great…I had never CUM co much in my life. It was one of the best FUCKS I had…thanks” I said as my lips met hers. She soon withdrew, “Well Kishan…before we start…can you take care of this” she said and put some papers into my hand. My hands were still wet and my own CUM was still sticking to thighs and COCK and my body was sticky with both our juices, but I did not have a choice so I grabbed the papers and she also offered me a pen. She wanted me to sign an approve the costing and pricing as I browsed through the papers she sat across be and was squeezing her tits and nipples in one hand and was fingering her pussy in the other hand and making erotic gestures at me. My COCK soon sprang back to life and started to grow.

“Hey…make it fast…this guy is UP already…fast” she said as I signed all the sheets approving them. She was happy and thanked me and hugged me. “Well Kishan, go clean up…and then lets have more fun” she said and guided me to the bathroom.

I took a quick shower and came out and got dressed. I saw her on the gigantic bed fingering her pussy, “Hey…make it fast…I want you” she said.

“Well you got want you want, right” I asked and she replied instantaneously, “Yeah…and you are getting what you want” she said and we laughed and kissed each other. “I want to FUCK you ASS” I said, “Yeah??? Who is stopping you?” she asked as we kissed and sucked each other. Her hands were fondling my COCK, which was growing BIG and HARD and slowly she touched my Asshole. It was nice feeling to have a soft finger touching my asshole, “mmmm….can I lick it” she asked and I nodded. I got out of the bed and stood up and bent enough exposing my asshole. She kissed my bums and slowly started to lick my asshole. It was a strange but excellent feeling to have a girl suck and lick my asshole. As she licked she slowly started to insert her finger in to my asshole. It was hurting a bit as she had long nails but also felt great. She knew this and she spat more saliva to avoid friction and this was good and soon she had put her full left hand index finger into me and started to ass-fuck me. It was a great feeling to have such a soft finger in my ass and this had made my COCK go HARD and MAD and was dripping wetting the carpet. The feeling was so great that I started to beat my COCK with my hand and she was busy licking and ass-fucking me and this went on for nearly 20 minutes as I lost control and my CUM rushed out of my COCK falling all over the bed and on my hands. She with drew her finger from my ass and took my COCK into her mouth and drank ad licked me dry. I just collapsed on the bed as she kept licking my CUM and Balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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