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She Gets Off on Being Really Bad

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Please note, this is a true story. However, I’ve changed the names, ages, places and occupations to protect the other person’s privacy. I have no shame so enjoy, LOL.

She Gets Off On Being Really Bad

Sinful roleplaying, I may burn in hell.

I met Vivian during my time managing a company at the airport. She was a about 3 years older at 27, 5’4, long dark hair with a 34B chest. We had an instant spark. Our eyes caught each other checking each other out at the same time. It was hard trying to talk to her and not being so obvious I was trying to hit on her. We worked for competing companies and there was always someone around.

After weeks of exchanging smiles from afar. Early one morning, we bumped into each other on a different floor and with no one around. I walked up to her and said hello. It was amazing the level of connection we had despite being so different. I know I had to go into work but I also didn’t want to stop talking to her. We exchanged info and met up for dinner that same night.

While at dinner our chemistry was connecting on a whole next level. Both of us were swooning over each other. We didn’t pay attention to anyone around us. It felt like we were alone in a crowded restaurant. The whole scene was so exhilarating. On one hand I didn’t want this to end and on another I wanted to see if we clicked in bed as well. Everything was pointing at the start of a great relationship and maybe even fucking tonight.

As we left, I decided what the hell. I moved in and kissed her with a smooth passionate embrace. I didn’t want to come on too strong as my kissing during loving making has been described as more a dynamic passion. I toned down the level so to speak and it worked. We stood there kissing in the parking garage for what felt like an eternity. Nights like these you never want to end.

Unfortunately, escort izmir she said she had to cover a partial shift for someone tonight. I didn’t feel rejected. Since our company was also a 24-hour operation I understood. We had different work and day off hours so it was challenging finding time together. But not long after we were able to get together and fuck. We really fucked. It turns out we are very compatible in bed.

After a few weeks, we were getting hot and heavy. We have to be careful not to show it at work for a variety of reasons. So we acted very coy. But damn this woman had a spell over me. Not even 3 weeks in and we both said I love you. It was what falling in love should be. Finding and clicking with someone to a point you get that feeling and being comfortable enough to share it.

At the 3.5 weeks in and her getting to know me more. She felt comfortable enough to tell me she wanted to try roleplaying. From what she said it was not easy for her as she claims she is the more timid type in public. I can see that but she wasn’t timid in bed. She had a strong sex drive but from what she said, she hasn’t met someone to tap into the full potential of her sex drive. Well get ready lady as I loved taping into a woman’s sex drive to explore the bounds and depths. Being there for a woman’s awakening in this manner is memorable experience.

When she shared her roleplaying idea with me, my mouth dropped. It was taboo as hell and I wasn’t one to judge but it did catch me by surprise. “I want to pretend I’m married to someone else like a preacher who at the moment was giving a sermon on adultery and being faithful. And you fuck me in our marital bed, upstairs in the church while they are all downstairs.” she said. Well I’ll either be damned for life or go to hell for this one. Would I agree to something this escort izmir over the top. Well considering the wild stuff I’ve done with some other women. Yes!

So here we are in the bed. Well actually with her legs in the air and waist at the edge of the bed. I am standing there pounding my cock inside of her pussy with her screaming. “Yes, yes, yes fuck me, fuck my cheating pussy. You make my married pussy so happy. Yes, yes Taylor, harder, harder. Ruin my pussy the way my husband can’t. Oh my god Taylor, your fucking me so aggressively. Don’t stop that’s it. Give it to me! Give it to me!. Now. Now. I’m cumming…..Yes, yes, yes.”

She pulls me down to her and starts kissing me with hunger on her lips and fire in her soul. I’m still thrusting into her at the same time. She wraps her legs around me and I lift her up. I’m now seated at the edge of the bed with her sitting on my cock and our lips still locked. I was upright in a seated position. I believe it’s called the “Face-Off” position. It’s my second favorite position where you only move your hips and don’t move the upper part of your body. With bodies so close you can be in total control of the angle and depth of penetration.

Our sexual encounters have been great but this one was something else. It was naughtier and so sinful but sizzling hot as well. This position for me is not only very sexual but very loving as well. Though the irony of making love while roleplaying adultery was not lost on me. We had moved from fucking her adulterous self to now an adulterous love making.

Our lips were locked for what seemed an eternity. Our bodies moving at a steady pace. Our moans were felt in the kisses. Our hands roamed each other’s bodies. We were living and feeling the definition of ecstasy. You couldn’t ask for a more intimate merging of two bodies.

After the long connecting of our lips. She moved her mouth to my ear and sinfully unleashed a torrid blend of words, “My husband is telling people not to commit adultery but his own wife is having a young cock defile her eager pussy. And soon the young stud will empty his seed into me. Does my young stud want to empty his seed into my wanting pussy? Does my young stud want to own my pussy and make it his? Does my young stud enjoy fucking the preacher’s wife while he is downstairs and can walk in on us any moment?”

Astonished by her words, all I could mutter was a lustful, “Yes!”

Our hips began grinding into each other faster. Our heart rate had begun skyrocketing up again like we were sprinting hard to a finish line that would give both of us an amazing reward. She had her arms around my head. I wet my fore and middle fingers in my mouth. I slid my ring and pinky finger slowly down her back. Giving her a different yet sensual sensation. I went all the way down to her rear and between her cheeks. I slip in one finger and she gasps.

“Oh my god, Taylor, you mother fucker, oh my oh my.” As she got used to my finger, I started fucking her rear entrance and to my delight she was loving it.I was the first to enter the back door in any way and she was shocked how good it felt. The combination of having both her holes being pleasured and the entirety of our sexual encounter was coming to a rapturous conclusion.

“Taylor, you like fucking my married asshole with your finger? Well, I love how you’ve defiled me so fully in my marital bed with my husband downstairs. Oh yes, oh yes, cum with me Taylor cum in my married pussy. I’ll make my husband clean my pussy after you cum inside me.” Once she said that we both screamed and erupted in unison. Her newly added devilish words put our building eruption over the top. And the screams didn’t stop. We were in such an exhilarated state our bodies just stayed there holding each other in that position. Like we had been lovers for decades.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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