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she loves my sex

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she loves my sextiffany was one hell of a site that night, it was our first time in a hotel room. i spent a little extra money on a king suite. we both looked forward to this for months. her boyfriend was a real asshole. my girlfriend at the time was sexy as hell but she just couldn’t please me. this was the first time i cheated on her but it wasn’t the last. i had known tiffany for a few years, but when she had admitted to a mutual friend that she gets wet thinking about me- i was all over it. i pick her up at a coffee shop about a mile from her apartment. when i showed up she was wearing these slutty looking pants, the kind that show off every curve of her ass. “i have been waiting too long i soaked my panties just thinking about tonight” she wispered in my ear after getting into the car. she wasted no time at all, she unbuttoned my pants beylikdüzü escort and started to jerk me off. she slid a little closer to me in the car and kissed my neck while working my cock with her left hand an playing with my balls with the other. the ride to the hotel was about 15 minutes long and we wasted no part of it.when we stopped at a red light she took off those pants, removed her wet panties and threw them at me. my cock surged with pleasure when i smelled her musk. when she saw the sudden burst of energy fill my engorged cock, she dropped her head and started sucking. she worked it like a champ. as her hands glided over my shaft and her mouth sucked on the head, i got closer and closer to blowing my load. just as i pulled into the parking lot i can feel my balls empty into her wet mouth. after swallowing the whole load with out avcılar escort spilling a drop, she put her pants on wrapped my still semi hard cock with her thong. after zipping up my pants with her wet thong on my still wet cock, we walked into the lobby of this very nice hotel. it took the k** behind the counter about 4 seconds to realize why we were there. we both came from less than ten miles away and had no luggage{i didnt plan on either of us wearing clothes}. so with my hand on tiffs ass and about 6ounces of my man goo in her stomach, we smiled politely to the young hard-on behind the counter while he did the paperwork. when i got the electronic room key in my hand my cock started to get hard again. we rushed arm and arm to the elevator, while we took the 5 story ride tiff stroked me through my jeans. i neglected to tell her there was a camera esenyurt escort on the elevator i dont think she would have cared. once in the room she stripped off all her clothes and started to fill the jacuzzi. while it filled i sat on the bed naked and watched her crawl to my waiting cock. hard as a rock, she teased it by lightly licking the base and shaft just barely touching the head. she fingered herself while she teased me. just as the jacuzzi finished filling i grabbed her so that her legs were wrapped around me and carried her to the warm water. i sat her on the rim of the tub and got on my knees, spread her legs and started eating her sweet pussy. i worked my tongue up an down, in little circles and then after i had a good enough taste, i lowered her sexy ass into the jacuzzi. i sat her on my fully erect cock and as a slid it in for the first time we both moaned. she rode harder and harder as i slammed my cock inside her tight pussy. we both came at the same time i can feel my cum splash inside her, she moans and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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