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she was late

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she was lateShe was late, which was unusual but not worrying but there had been no text or call, we’d been seeing each other for a short while but nothing serious, yet. Suddenly the there was a knock at the door, it was her! As I opened the door for her I saw she was dressed in a dark blue wrap over dress, displaying a very bountifull creamy cleavage, tights (or perhaps stockings??) with dark heels, hair brushed back but loose and with full make up – “sorry sorry, I got held up at work then rushed to get ready as I know you hate lateness and I wanted to get over here so quickly” she said as we embraced, feeling her warmth softness pressing into me “I’ll make it up to you” she whispered and at that she gripped my hand and pushed it against her mound she then pushed me back slightly and reached down to my belt and began undoing it, wondering what she was planning I thought best to leave her to it, she undid the belt then button then pulled the zip down on my jeans, my cock rapidly began to harden. As she pulled my jeans down she crouched, her tongue flicked over her lips as she pulled my shorts over the semi stiff cock before her. I sat back against the stairs and she gripped my cock in her hand, the heat feeling delicious on me she knelt in front, her dress rucked up showing that it was stockings and what looked like some very lovely silk or satin knickers, she pulled the foreskin back slowly then wrapped her red lips around, her tongue flicking over the head as she slowly wanked with her hand, she removed her mouth and licked the full length before enveloping it again and bobbing her head up and tuzla escort down taking the length in while her hand moved in unison, her other hand cupping my heavy balls, this was good, very good indeed! I thought she might stop to save cumming for later but she kept going faster and harder, god this was good, “don’t spill a drop” I said through clenched teeth as she brought me closer, if this was the start, tonight was going to be a very enjoyable night. Suddenly I felt it rising, my ass tensed, my balls clenched then suddenly I was cumming, shooting wads of thick cum into her throat as she teased my cock sucking and licking and swallowing all together. Once I’d finished cumming and was sitting panting she cleaned me fully licking the full length of my cock making sure no cum was left and that it was clean as a whistle. “Is that a suitable apology?” she asked, I grinned “Its certainly a start, we’ll see later” and with that as she licked her lips, stood up and straightened her dress I stood and pulled my jeans and shorts up, “lets have a drink now ” I suggested and led her through to the lounge. We’d been sitting on the sofa, a glass of prosecco each, fire on, music on, chilling and chatting, she returned from the kitchen when I’d decided that she needed a little punishment for being late. “as a bad girl earlier, you need to atone! – lose the dress, then come over here” her face tensed slightly and a slight shudder went through her, whether in slight fear or anticipation who knows, but it was nice. She undid the tie on the side of the dress and unwrapped it like the best of Christmas presents. God tuzla escort bayan she looked amazing, creamy white skin, stocking clad legs, those silky knickers and bra holding what must have been E cups at least, I should check really for future reference on that! “come over here” and she walked over as I stood, I ran my hands over her, feeling her ass cheeks, the firmness of her nipples – she was excited – then running a hand down over the front of her knickers, was that a slight dark patch I see?? “sit” I pointed to the sofa, “take the bra and knickers off” which she did without question, “now play with yourself, I want to watch” she was always hesitant doing this alone but she began to stroke herself, over her arms and stomach then up over those gorgeous tits pinching her nipples and cupping them caressing them, squeezing them. Slowly her other hand started to snake down between her legs where, as she let her legs begin to open, revealed her shaven pussy, I’ve always loved shaven. Her hand runs over her mound and her first and middle finger either side of her slit, her palm just brushing her clit, I could see her breathe in as it did. She started to run a finger up between her lips then let it slide inside before pulling out and rubbing her clit then doing it again again and again what an erotic sight that was, she was getting close now. I had pulled my cock out of my jeans and started slowly wanking, looking straight at her so that when she next opened her eyes she’d see the effect she was having, she did, her eyes grew wide. I kicked my jeans and shorts off and moved close, pushing her legs escort tuzla wide, my tongue took over what her fingers were achieving, licking slowly, plunging inside, flicking her clit, her breathing was deep and quick but I didn’t want her to cum yet. I stopped, “time to repay your lateness, turn over and kneel” she did without question, I went a grabbed the crop from behind the door, she’d left it after going riding last time she was here, I played it slowly over her ass, striking firmly, her ass clenching as it did then moving to swipe across her nipples then caressing her ass and stroking slowly, striking again, she was moaning and groaning heavily now. I laid the crop down and reached for the prosecco bottle and slowly pushed it into her pussy “oh my god, whats that?” she moaned “god that’s good” as I fucked her with the bottle, slowly spanking her with my other hand as I fucked her, I reached under to stroke her clit bringing her closer then finally could resist no longer. The bottle cast aside I gripped my cock then plunged into her hard and fast, reaching to grip those magnificent tits, pulling her back against me then pushed her down and pounded my cock into her fast, hard and frantic, I had wanted to fuck her ass tonight but I was enjoying this too much to slow and pull out, it was just pure lust, both groaning, moaning, this wasn’t going to take long. I felt her shudder and that pushed me over the edge, slamming in as deep as I could go and holding in there as my cock pulsed cum filling her pussy, taking a last few strokes deep into her before pulling out, chest heaving, sweat slick over both of us, but amazingly she had was still able to think and immediately turned round to bend and take my cock in her mouth, tasting both of us and licking and sucking me clean, she was a very good girl indeed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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