Oca 13

Shifting Gears Ch. 12-13

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Giant Toy

Chapter 12 – Extension

The next three months flew by like the snap of one’s fingers. Owen was in Denver every other week for two days at a time, and they dropped all pretense and he just stayed with Mike and Grace, actually with Grace, although Mike watched them fuck and sometimes participated.

I was in Denver every other week for a week at a time. I also stayed with Mike and Grace with no problems about making love with either or both of them at the same time.

Grace had never engaged in sapphic play other than to have her nose right there when Mike was fucking their old friend who had moved away. If I got my nose ‘in there’, plus I was licking and sucking.

Much as Sheri and Maryann had taught me, I taught Grace about tribbing, eating pussy, using a strap-on, and dildo play. Grace and I would have so many orgasms together I began to think that somebody was always screaming in their house.

During the work day, I was at Mike’s company. Things in his I.T. department were worse off than we knew when we started. Mike was a people person, but hadn’t paid much attention to the technology architecture or the compatibility of different equipment.

I interviewed the top three tiers of managers in the company over two weeks, ran a few workshops over the next few weeks, and came out of that with several things: a marketing strategy white paper, an I.T. strategy for the coming five years, an implementation plan and accompanying budget, and a complete design for the website and the attendant bells and whistles.

I sat with Mike each morning that I was in Denver. With one of the PowerPoint slides from the I.T. plan in front of us, we’d talk about how to start implementation. By agreement, that was to be Mike’s primary focus for the day. The right things started to take shape and move ahead.

After meeting with Mike, I’d go to the office I’d been assigned and start working on the website. I was able to get a long-distance boost from Kevin. I got him working as a ‘sub’ for me. I was paying better than his regular job, so he’d take some personal time to work for me. He’d gin-up some graphics to my specs, and ship them to me over the Internet. He’d also edit and comment on my work. I’d integrate his work into what I was doing.

I kind of cringed near the end of the month when I totalled up the number of billable hours to invoice to Mike’s department. He knew I was using a sub, but didn’t care. My first invoice was just under $74,000 — for one month! Mike just glanced as the page, wrote ‘Approved’ and initialed it, and gave it to his secretary to get paid. After that I didn’t worry. In one month, I’d grossed what I’d been making annually at Knightsbridge.

One evening when Owen wasn’t in town, Mike, Grace, and I went to a restaurant-bar-club combination for dinner and maybe a dance. Grace and I put on our ‘sex-on-a-stick’ dresses and our CFM shoes.

I’d been teasing Mike all day about things sexual. He was worked up and just shy of panting to get into my pantyless crotch. Grace was always worked up. Mike started to romance me over dinner, and then as we moved into the lounge area to dance. Grace became more of tag-a-long, but didn’t seem concerned.

That problem quickly remedied itself when a handsome guy around thirty came and asked Grace to dance. The numbers were fast, so after visual check with Mike, she was up dancing, with Mike and I right behind the couple. We danced together a few times, and Mike got very handsy with my body.

When a slow number came on, I melted into Mike’s arms not even thinking about Grace. As we slowly turned swaying to the music, I saw Grace. She was in a lip lock with the guy who’d asked her to dance, and he had his two hands on her bare ass.

I asked Mike, “You all right with Grace and that guy. We could swap if you’re upset?” We turned more so he could see his wife. We danced that way for a few minutes, so he had the viewpoint. We were dancing close enough that I could feel his hard-on develop and sustain. Mikey liked it.

After another slow number, the fast numbers started again. Mike and I went back to the table to sip our drinks. I felt proud that I’d actually ordered an appletini. Grace had followed suit.

Grace and handsome mystery man danced the fast number, and then he came back to the table with her. Grace flounced down in the place she’d been sitting before and introduced Chad to us. Chad seemed nice and proved to be a good conversationalist, at least at small talk.

Chad obviously thought that Mike and I were the couple and that Grace was tagging along with us. He asked whether we minded whether he occupied her time while we were at the club. We could see Grace nodding that we should give Chad a shot at her. We did.

We ordered another round including Chad, and then danced some more. I suggested to Mike that he really put the make on me and that when we were back at the table that he states in front of the others that he wanted to take me home for some escort sincan escort romantic fun. He liked that idea.

We plotted and rehearsed a little more figuring out how to get Grace and Chad to join us rather than leave them to their own devices. I explained to him that I’d take care of that with Grace. Back at the table I eyeballed Grace and said, “Ladies’ room.” Off we went.

I explained the plan to head home and to bring Chad, and how we’d orchestrate that. The assumption was that he would want to try to score with Grace. She liked that idea, and was already horny about doing something naughty with him.

Back at the table, I nodded and winked at Mike. He finished his drink, and then suggested to me that we head to his home for some naughty fun.

I told him, “Grace has to come home with us. Chad could follow along or she could go with him and follow us.”

Mike nodded, “Chad, you interested in continuing the evening in a more intimate setting — emphasis on the word ‘intimate’?”

Chad was eager, but tried to act cool about it.

Ten minutes later, Mike and I were in the car with Grace and Chad in the car behind us. We got to Mike and Grace’s house, and I got out to ‘welcome them’ to the house.

I knew enough of the house from the many visits so that I could set the lights to a dim level in the living room and have Mike put on some sexy slow jazz music on his stereo. Thank you, Alexa.

Mike and I got some drinks. Grace tried to look uncertain about what was where, as in, “Where’s the powder room?”

After drinks were served, Mike and I started to dance really close again. This time, he hiked up the back of my already short skirt, and my gorgeous rear end was on full display to the other couple. I obviously didn’t object. I was too busy humping Mike’s leg with my pussy.

Grace nicely replicated what we were doing with Chad. He again had two hands full of ass cheeks as they danced and made out.

I had Mike start to paw at my breasts, and soon the top of my dress was down around my waist and my boobs were on display. Chad obviously liked my blatant advertising. Mike and I pretty much ignored Grace and Chad, and that gave him an opportunity to apparently push her boundary for some tit play. He also liked sucking on breasts and nipples. Grace really warmed up to the foreplay.

Mike stripped my clothes away, and I started to work on his. Chad assessed this, and then went to work more diligently on Grace. They were both naked only a minute behind us.

I knelt in front of Mike and started one of my trademark blowjobs that included deep throating his cock. Chad was almost jealous, but Grace navigated him next to Mike and then started the same activity. I was sure Chad was going to jack into her mouth at any moment but he held off.

I took the overstuffed chair and Mike went down on me, licking and lapping in all the right places. I wanted Grace and Chad to have the sofa. It was more conducive to fucking, and I knew that from first-hand experience.

Mike had become especially skilled at cunnilingus. I think he was good to start with, but I taught him some of the things that Sheri had taught me to pass on to my partners, and I had done this with Mike. He used mouth, lips, tongue, teeth, and fingers in very creative and pleasurable ways.

Chad watched the other man in the room, and then arranged Grace on the sofa for similar treatment. I hoped Grace was tolerant because Chad needed some coaching from a woman on what brought her greater pleasure. At that point, however, I think Grace would accept just about anything. I felt sure she had one goal in mind, and we were all rapidly heading in that direction.

I whispered to Mike that we should set the pace, and he nodded in agreement. We were naked and had been through almost all of the foreplay we could think of short of poetry and singing to each other.

Mike drew back, rose over me, and plunged his cock about three inches into my pussy. The rest went in on his second stroke. I was very wet and well lubricated. I was very horny.

I moaned, “Oh, God, fuck me. You feel so good.”

Less than sixty seconds later, we heard the similar words from Grace and then she started to elaborate with some dirty talk. “Oh, Chad, fuck me. You feel so good inside me. You cock is splitting me wide open and that’s really good. I bet you can see how open my pussy is for you. I want every inch you can give me and as often as you can get it going in and out of me. Can you see my boobs shake and how erect my nipples are? You are stimulating all of me in every way.”

Chad had Grace in the missionary position on the sofa, and was working up to some serious fucking with Grace.

Grace went on in a different direction. She told him, “I’ve never gone out with a guy that came on to me in a bar, but you were so persuasive and so handsome. I just felt a vibe with you that is hard to describe, but it has led to your hardness inside me only a few hours later. I hope elvankent escortlar you appreciate what you’ve done to me and how turned on you made me.”

Chad allowed as how he’d never gone ‘home’ with someone he just happened to dance with. He agreed that there was a lot of chemistry that he could feel with her from the second their eyes met. He was glad she felt the same way.

I rearranged myself and Mike so that he could see Grace better and watch her fucking Chad. I got in the reverse cowgirl and he could look past me at the sofa.

Grace also changed so that she was ‘woman on top’ riding Chad’s large cock, but she said that she wanted to kiss him and changed again, this time to the spoon position. We had a superb front-row seat as his cock pistoned into Grace’s slippery love canal.

Mike couldn’t hold off and filled me with cum. I made a big deal about how good it felt and how much he’d shot into me and how welcome it was. That was also too much for Chad and he detonated inside Grace the same time she had one of her climaxes.

Mike was well schooled by me, and after withdrawing his cock, he went down on me. I extolled the virtues of that act to Grace and Chad, and encouraged Chad to take it as a challenge to do the same to Grace and give her a further orgasm. I was teasing, but Chad did just as I suggested. Perhaps he wasn’t as much of a male stereotype as I thought.

Neither man got too far with us. Grace wanted some loving, and so the two of us moved, kissed with our breasts pushed together and then got down on the plush rug in front of the sofa. We were quickly in a sixty-nine and moaning as we each worked to give the other an orgasm. The surplus fluids that were still evident didn’t concern us except to suck them down.

Both men watched us with appraising eyes. Mike had no compunction to stroke his cock back to hardness as he watched. I winked at him several times, so he knew I was up to some mischief. Chad eventually overcame any embarrassment and also started to stroke. Grace and I were tribbing by then, grinding our cunts together so we got some clitoral stimulation.

I whispered a few things to Grace and she nodded in agreement. A few seconds later, we separated.

I went to Chad and took over stroking his cock as I explained the situation to him. “We are now going to swap partners for a while, so you and I are going to fuck while Grace and Mike fuck. Is that all right with you?”

Chad couldn’t agree fast enough.

Since he was hard, and we were both worked up, I just mounted him as he sat there, and we started to fuck in the cowgirl position. We also started to make out and I determined that Chad was an expert in talented kissing. That fact and his equally talented fingers that were working on my tits and my clit earned him high grades despite my novice background in this activity.

Both Mike and Chad lasted a long time, probably because Grace and I had milked them nearly dry in our first round of sex. When Mike came, he had locked eyes with me as his cock pumped into his wife. I thought I saw the glimmer of what Sheri had explained was called cuckold tendencies.

Sheri had told me that most men really get off watching their wife or lover fucking another man. Some even like to be teased about what they’re not getting, that is, the sex they see their woman engaged in.

I teased Mike. “Mike, Chad’s cock is so satisfying as it pumps in my hot little love box. You were just in that same place, but now he is and this is a delight. I bet you even liked watching Grace getting fucked by this hot hunk of manhood. His cock shot off in her, too, and any second he’s going to blast a huge load of cum into me.”

Mike moaned, and I could tell by his movements that he’d started to ejaculate inside Grace. She looked very happy, and had triggered her own orgasm.

My words apparently also triggered Chad. I started to feel the blasts of his expulsion of ‘jizz’ into my core along with his deep thrusts. He was very satisfying, and I worked up a small orgasm myself. I was getting better at cumming when my partner did. Sheri had coached me in how to do that.

After we’d calmed and kissed more, I said to Chad, “You know what to do.”

I grinned at him and he grinned back. He surprised me though. After we separated, he knelt on the rug, but he turned and moved to where Mike had just separated from Grace. He went right to work on Grace’s slit, adding fingers to extract Mike’s semen from inside her for him to suck up.

Mike came over to me with a grin and I pointed at my pussy. He went down on me.

About two minutes later, Chad showed up beside us. He leaned over and we started to kiss. He injected what he’d pulled from Grace into my mouth. I thought this act highly unusual, but I liked his lewd sense of creativity. We went back and forth for a minute.

Mike had watched what had happened, and did the same thing with his wife. After that, the four of us just sat there.

None of us had finished etimesgut kaliteli escortlar our drink from earlier, so we each started to sip. I broke into what might have been an embarrassing lull and tried to keep it light but interesting.

“Chad, you don’t happen to have a female friend that would like to engage the way we all just did, do you? The reason I ask is that I have a boyfriend that would normally be here, but he had to be away for a week or so. If you did, that’d make three couples, and I can tell you that’s just the right number for a really fun and sexual evening of swapping around.”

Chad was quick on the uptake. “I thought you and Mike were an event?”

Mike stated, “Grace and I are married. Brie kind of works for me part of the time. She’s from out of town.”

Grace nodded, “We have a liberal viewpoint about life as well as an open marriage.”

Chad turned to me, “And you have a boyfriend?”

“One of many. I still play the field for now. Mike and I hit it off, and then Grace and I found it was also fun to be friendly. Owen, my friend, also works part time for Mike. We just get along, like we just did, in a very nice way.”

Chad thought for a while, taking in the small ruse we’d played on him. He finally said, “I do have a girlfriend that might like this kind of thing. I guess I need to have a really frank talk with her.”

“Please do. We like you and would welcome your friend, especially when Owen is here.”

He asked, “When will your friend Owen be here again?”

I grinned, “Tomorrow.” I added, “Even if your friend isn’t interested you could come back. Grace and I would really enjoy having an extra male in our midst.”

Before the end of the night when Chad left, there had been a trading of names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers.

Shortly after Chad’s car drove away, I took a picture of Mike and Grace cuddling together naked on the sofa. No critical parts showed but you could tell they were nude. The also took a similar photo of me wrapped around a pillow but smiling at the camera.

We texted the two photos to Chad. ‘You need to show your girlfriend what nice people we are. Please come back and bring your friend. XOXOX.’

Chapter 13 — Sixsome

Owen did arrive the next day and we picked him up at the new Denver airport about eleven a.m. He’d left the east coast early. On the drive back to the city, we told him about the ‘fun’ we’d had the evening before and gave a solid description of Chad and what we knew about him.

Owen and Grace were together in the backseat of the car and they started to make out after a lag in our greeting discussion and revelations about the prior evening. I think we’d inspired his libido.

Grace had worn four items of clothing to the airport: two shoes, a skirt, and a frilly bandeau to cover her generous breasts. The bandeau was snug and provided some lift, and on the upper side of the material almost didn’t cover her areolas or nipples. We could see her erect nipples through the material in any case.

As Mike drove down the Interstate, Owen removed Grace’s bandeau and spent some significant time sucking and loving her breasts. The windows were tinted enough that other drivers probably couldn’t see what was going on in the backseat of the car.

Grace’s short skirt got pushed up, and soon Owen had his head buried in Grace’s snatch. She had a leg up over the back of the seat and the other extended behind the passenger seat where I was. I had a good view of his cunnilingus. I knew he was talented and felt sympathy pangs as he ate out my friend — my client’s wife!

Owen added fingers and started to apply them rapidly to Grace’s pussy along with his tongue on her clitoris. He earned a hat trick of orgasms before Mike hit the city limits.

Grace offered to do Owen, but he begged off as she started to re-dress. He told us, “I was with Brie’s friend Sheri last night and her friend Maryann. I’m in recharge mode for the day.” He kissed Grace. “That doesn’t mean I didn’t want to excite and please another dear friend and lover.”

Grace cuddled into Owen’s body the rest of the trip to their house.

Instead of fucking all afternoon and evening, as we were prone to do on a Sunday, Mike drove all of us down to the Colorado Springs. We went to a place called Red Rocks, an outdoor amphitheater, and then did a quick visit to the U.S. Air Force Academy.

While we were walking around the Academy seeing some of the public displays, I got a text from Chad. ‘My friend Candy is very interested in meeting you and I want to see you all again and meet Owen. How about we meet for dinner at the TGIF’s in Columbine at 6:00 p.m.?’

I checked with the others and quickly accepted the invitation. We made it back to the restaurant just as Chad and Candy were walking into the place. Our reunion greeting was in front of the place. Grace and I ‘performed’ in our greeting of Chad; it was so over the top that everyone laughed, and that was the intent. Of course, Owen and Candy were introduced to everyone.

Candy was trim, athletic, and obviously booby, matching my own size and shape. She was nicely dressed in Bermuda shorts, a pull-over top, and flip-flops. Owen was similarly dressed as the rest of us, favoring blue jeans.

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