May 30

Shimmer of Pearl

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Wrists tied to the bedposts, he sits propped up against the headboard. His brow shines with tiny beads of sweat, his chest rises and falls a little more than usual. His eyes are fixed on the woman before him, naked as he is, their bodies exposed for each other to admire. But she is not tied. At the foot of the bed she smiles at him, winding and weaving as if she were dancing just for him — and she is. Her breasts move and shift with her motions and she spreads her legs, revealing smooth creamy inner thighs that open and lead to a patch of dark hair. Among the black curls he sees the glistening moistness of her arousal.

She smiles her wicked smile and teasingly touches her toes to his leg, making his cock twitch. “Are you all right,” she asks and he can only swallow and nod, eyes on her body. The dark patch hides the mysterious place he wants to see, the place he wishes she would let him touch and taste now. He pulls on the restraints, but she knows how to tie him in knots. He is trapped and at her mercy.

She lays her hand over her pussy, blocking his view and he looks up into her eyes. Yes, he recognises the lust flickering in them, her pupils widened and dark. Her cheeks are flushed and rosy, her lips full and red as she licks them. He loves her lips, the ones she licks so lasciviously and the others she covers with her fingers that should be replaced with his own. He wants to touch them and feel their softness. He wants to lick her, offer her his kisses wherever she wants them. Taste her mouth and her secret place, there where her dark skin blends into a moist pinkness.

Spreading her fingers, she allows him to see the lighter skin. It is so inviting and wet. His gaze wanders to her engorged clit and she pushes down the hood so the pink tip shows clearly. She circles her middle finger at her opening, looking at him with misty eyes. She dips her fingertip into herself and moans, biting her lower lip. When it is wet, she slides her finger back up to her clit, teasing it with her juices.

“Please, let me touch you,” he pleads, but she just smiles. He knows it is useless and that she will only free him when she wants to and no sooner. She gets on her knees and crawls towards him. He struggles to get free, but her knots are fast. Carefully avoiding any other part of his body, she bends her head down above his throbbing shaft and licks it, long and sensuously. Only when she stops does she let him feel the rest of her body on his. “Kiss me,” he says weakly and to his surprise she does. Her breasts touch his chest when she raises herself up to face him and he watches her lovely lips, lightly parted, coming towards his.

They moan in pleasure, muffled by the kiss, and she rubs herself against his skin. His hands clench and open again. How he wishes he could touch her and explore her body at leisure, but it is not to be. Thinking of her soft wet pussy, he can almost taste her, that taste that reminds him of the sea.

In their kiss, he does not see her reach for something on the bedside table. Nor does he hear the small clicking sounds. She presses her hand to his bare chest, something cool entwined in her fingers. When he breaks the kiss and looks down, güvenilir bahis he sees the pearl necklace he gave her as a present. The hard pearls feel good on his skin, especially with her warm hand holding them there, rubbing tenderly. He leans forward for another kiss, but she pulls away again.

Sliding to the end of the bed once more, she sits back and spreads her wonderful thighs. He suppresses a moan, but she can see his cock twitch at the sight. Winding the ends of the necklace around her fingers, she holds it taut and flicks her tongue at the pearls, looking him in the eye. She is enjoying the teasing and he is suffering willingly. Her hands cup her breasts, the pearly shimmer contrasting with the brown skin of her luscious nipples, the tanned flesh. She dangles the end between her breasts, sliding the necklace through the valley between the mounds. When she presses them together, he can only see the ends of the necklace, and she slowly pulls it through.

“You have something I’d like to have right here,” she says in a low sexy drawl. “Something hot, not as cool as these pearls.” The end of the necklace escapes her breasts and she brings it into her mouth with her agile tongue. She sees him mouth words none can hear, his eyes on her lips. With the pearls dangling from these same lips, she crawls towards him on all fours again, dragging them over the bed. They touch his inner thigh and he moans when they come in contact with his balls. She drags the white beads across his belly. Once more, their faces are close. She lets the pearls fall from her lips so she can kiss him and the necklace gets caught on his erect cock, making him utter a sound of surprise and pleasure.

She kisses him hard and his head hits the wall almost painfully. Her teeth tug on his lower lip and she pulls away from him. Kneeling up straight, she drags the necklace over her belly, turning her back to him. The pearls roll over her buttocks, his eyes following their every move, every bit of soft skin they caress, running along the crack, but before he can enjoy the view any more, she is seated at the foot of the bed, pearls being dragged up between her closed thighs. With a long-drawn sigh, she opens her legs to his eyes, white pearls on black hair and glistening lips.

“Mmm, it feels so good when they roll over my clit,” she moans and his eyes stay fixed on where the pearls bump her sensitive nub. She pushes her pussy lips to the side, revealing the pinkness. She presses the end of the necklace just inside herself and he lets out a shuddering breath. “That is so sexy,” he whispers, unable to look away from those fingers that push more and more pearls inside. Then she holds herself open, wanting him to see the pearls pop out one by one as she tugs on the string.

“I think I could use some help here.” Her eyes watch him lustfully and he wants to get to her, touch her and hold her legs open so he can see her naked pussy up close. He wants to wind the pearls round his fingers and push them softly inside her, feeling the welcoming wetness and smelling her arousal. He would make her moan with pleasure and make sure the pearls press against her favourite spot, massaging it slowly türkçe bahis but with increasing pressure. He wants to do all this and more. He strains forward, the ropes taut and quivering, holding him back.

Seeing his lust, she returns to him, coming close to him and pressing her breasts to his face. He opens his mouth to suck a nipple and flick it with his tongue to feel its rigidity. When she offers him her other breast, he circles its nipple, leaving a wet trace where his tongue has been. She faces him, her hands in his hair, and thrusts her tongue into his mouth, moaning with desire. “I want you,” she whispers before kissing him again. His lips are demanding, sucking and kissing every part of her that he can reach, ravenous. She loves the sounds he makes, and most of all she loves that she is the one who is making him want her so much. His moans in her ear make her shiver with delight and her pussy becomes even wetter.

Letting him taste her skin, she reaches down for his hardness and strokes it to enjoy his excitement for a moment. She feels him trembling under her touch. “I want you,” she says again and he nips her throat. At last, this brings a small cry from her. “Let me have you,” he says between gentle bites on her shoulder, but she does not respond. Instead, she winds the pearls around his shaft, beginning just under its tip. Her hand wraps around it and the necklace massages him tightly as she slowly strokes him with it. A muffled moan against her shoulder and he closes his eyes tightly, trying not to cum yet. His cockhead is bloated and dark, so beautiful against the whiteness of the pearls.

She pulls his head back, “I will make you feel really good now.” She brushes his cockhead along her slit, her feet on either side of him. His tip lodges at the familiar indentation, that opening he likes so much. It is so inviting, wet and ready for him to slide in. Her hand is still holding him, keeping the pearls in place. When he feels her pussy opening to the pressure of his tip, he protests, but she places a finger to his lips. His cockhead slips into her, and when the ridge passes her tightest muscle, it makes her cry out at the sensation. He watches her face, flushed and radiant. His teeth sink into her neck and she wraps an arm around his shoulders to steady herself. Her pussy is pushed open further as his cock and the pearls make their way into her heat.

She is careful, taking her time to sink onto him and savouring the sensation of being stretched. The hard pearls squeeze around him and against her walls. His thighs tremble and she can feel it when she finally touches them, having taken him in all the way. She sits on his lap, his cock buried within her and she wraps both arms around him, resting her head on his shoulder, her lips on the side of his neck. He hears her moans and laboured breathing just as she can hear his. It is a long time before she begins to move again.

Reaching for his wrists, she frees him now and he holds her in a tight, loving embrace. He pulls her head back by her long hair and she sinks back until she lies between his legs, her pelvis high and pussy impaled on his cock. Knowing how much she likes it, he presses his palm güvenilir bahis siteleri flat against her abdomen, knowing she can feel him even more inside her now. He wraps his fingers around the base of his cock and catches the end of the necklace so he can stroke into her in a gentle rhythm. Her hips gyrate. He watches her, his eyes wandering from her pussy over her outstretched body to her face and back. Her eyes are closed, head turned to one side, fingers at her lips. He loves to hear her moaning, knowing he is pleasing her.

Her clit is a little hardened, engorged as she nears her climax. He can tell by the way her motions become less co-ordinated, less smooth. He flicks her clit with his thumb, separating her folds and rubbing the engorged nub that gives her so much pleasure. Her belly tightens and she strains up, arching her back, her breasts shaking. He teases her clit firmly and fast, sliding easily in her wetness. His cock moves within her lovely tightness and responds to her clenching walls. As her orgasm comes over her, her body rises and falls more and more, tremors coursing through her, a boiling heat spreading from the depths of her pussy outward and into her legs, up through her belly, travelling up her spine, making her nipples tingle with a rush of blood. He takes hold of her hips and pulls her onto him tightly, both arms wrapped around them.

She screams in release and he groans at her new tightness. He grabs the end of the necklace and gently pulls on it, watching more and more of it appear wet from her orgasming body. The sensation makes her writhe even more so that he has to hold her in place with his free hand. Dropping the pearls beside them, he leans forward, covering her trembling tummy with kisses. Then, he pulls her up and she is limp in his arms, exhausted. He rocks her and his cock twitches inside her wet silkiness. Keeping her close, her pussy tight against his groin, he enjoys the feeling of her body in his arms. She is still moaning and breathing hard. She feels dizzy, hot and spent.

Suddenly, he is perfectly still, his arms tight around her back and hips, and his cock swells a little more. He erupts in her, his eyes open wide in surprise at the intensity. She feels a stream fill her, hitting the back of her cunny, and she shudders with pleasure. Her lips brush his jaw as he cums and gasps, releasing jet after jet of his seed into her welcoming body.

With a long-drawn moan he comes down from his orgasm and leans against the headboard, cuddling her warm, limp form. Soft whimpers issue from her lips when he caresses her. He knows he has finally quenched her desire to tease. He has given her everything she could have asked for and his softened cock rests just inside her so he can feel her pulsing pussy a little longer.

Burying his face in her fragrant hair, he whispers how much he loves her. She squeezes his cock in response and moans, her fingers circling at the small of his back. He slides under the duvet with her, not letting her go even for a second. The warmth surrounds them, bringing welcome sleep to the lovers, letting them dream of more lovemaking and explorations of the body. Before sleep takes him, he looks at her relaxed face, the little furrow on her forehead all but gone, eyes closed and moving under the lids. Her lips are moist and he can’t resist kissing them one last time.

Together, they sleep, entangled and wonderfully spent.

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