May 30

Show , Tell Ch. 10

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I picked Don up the next day and we drove to the airport to get the girls. It was as if nothing had happened at all. They came out of the International terminal, where we greeted them with flowers, which I’d picked up, drove to a restaurant where we had dinner and the girls talked about all of the interesting things they’d seen and done. Once I’d dropped them off my wife told me what had really happened and what they’d really done.

It seemed to have been a fun week for them.

The following Monday, Suzy called and asked if I could stop at her house, “…, this afternoon,” to help her with something.

It involved moving a piece of furniture and, “My sister told me to call you after I asked her to help. She knew Don is in Connecticut again so….”

I asked when she wanted me there and it was, “…, whenever you get here.”

“Yes, I know…, I told her to call you,” my wife answered when I called her to say what I was doing, “make sure she doesn’t overdo it and try to do everything by herself.”

“That’s why I’m going,” I told her, “so she won’t try to do it all by herself.”

When I got to her house…, she’d done everything else, but move the piece of furniture, which was a small antique night stand. “Couldn’t this have waited for Don?” I asked.

“He wouldn’t have gotten to it until the weekend, if at all” she replied, “and I wanted it all done today,” as I set the bureau down next to the bed in the spare bedroom.

“Anything else I can help you with?” I asked, walking towards the stairs.

“No…, thanks,” as she joined me. We made it almost to the top of the stairs, when she suddenly asked, “Oh, could you…, do you have a minute?”


She walked into her bedroom and disappeared into her bathroom. “One second,” she called out.

I was standing in the open bedroom doorway when she walked out of the bathroom, maybe twenty feet away…, and she was naked.

Somehow…, it felt different. This time, looking at her walk around the bed, I knew nothing short of either of our spouses walking into the bedroom was going to stop us from doing what both of us had wanted since the first time we’d met.

And I was right.

She was undressing me before our lips met and she continued undressing me until I was as naked as she was. It was slow, lots of kissing by both of us and lots of touching. Her “still new” tits were fantastic, soft yet firm to the touch, no matter if touched by fingers, lips, tongue or my cock and there was a lot of that. Her hands were soft and her fingers long and those fingers and soft hands found lots of places to touch and fondle me. When I dropped to my knees and started to lick and suck on her tiny and tight vagina, her hands went to the back of my head and held me against her until her whole body was shaking, her cries causing me to double my efforts to please her, pushing her backwards onto the bed and throwing her legs over my shoulders so my tongue could get maximum penetration inside her pussy. When she became even more excited, I inserted two fingers into her slit and then another into her asshole, never having to lubricate any of my digits, her crotch soaked with her secretions and my güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri saliva. When my baby finger joined the ring finger inside her anus…, her entire body shuddered and I was hit in the face with a stream of fluid that came out of nowhere and went everywhere.

With her thighs wrapped around my head, her screams of ecstasy seemed somewhat muffled…, but I wouldn’t doubt someone in her neighborhood heard them.

When her body went limp, I crawled up next to her on the bed and we held each other until her breathing normalized and then we started all over again, her tongue licking her juices off my lips and face and then licking her way down my body until she was…, looking up at me… smiled and said, “And I promise not to throw up on you this time!” and then started to suck my cock. I wanted to fuck her…, I wanted to feel her ankles around my neck and look into her eyes…, but that would have to wait until, hopefully, another time because she swallowed my cock and wouldn’t let it go until I’d emptied my full load of cum down her throat.

Now curled up with her on the bed, she looked at me and said, “Thank you.”

“Thank me? Are you crazy…, thank you! Do you have any idea…?”

“No,” her smile perfect, “thank you for the flowers.”


“And, please…, don’t say anything else. It’s tough enough just seeing you. But now….”

She got out of bed, pulling me, reluctantly, with her into the bathroom. I was exhausted! Turning on the shower she dragged me inside and proceeded to wash me from head to toe. After she’d taken care of herself, she spent ten minutes drying me, blow drying my hair and getting me, as close as possible, back into the same condition I’d arrived in.

We stood in the foyer for a full minute, kissing and holding one another. “How do I stop wanting you?” she wondered out loud. “Don’t bother,” I answered, “let’s just let it happen.” Quiet… looking at me, she slowly shook her head… then, “I’m sorry, but I can’t just let it happen. I want to make it happen! I knew and now I know, that making love with you would be the best sex I’ve ever had… because it is so taboo. I can honestly tell you that I was right and that is the first time I’ve ever had an orgasm… any kind of orgasm, with a man. Oral sex is something I’ve only fantasized about, because Don… and not even Frankie, ever spent a second exciting me there.

God… how is that even possible?”

Two weeks later we rendezvoused at an out of the way motel, where we repeated our foreplay act, this time the script calling for only half of the action…, and with me getting my wish and fucking her with her ankles around my neck and me looking into her eyes as she moaned and cried into my mouth as we kissed and both climaxed.

A month after that, our concern about how this relationship would, “…, work out?” solved itself when Don made the decision to join a Florida Law Firm as a full partner. Suzy had no input into his decision and neither did his children.

A week before they made the move, I was helping Suzy pack the last of her personal stuff, my wife having left with an aching back and Don in Palm Beach setting up their rented home and his new office. We were just about done when Suzy, with no warning, walked into her bathroom, came out carrying a video camera, wearing the $14 babydoll and ordered me to, “…, lick me from head to toe, and make sure you spend a majority of your time here,” pointing at her crotch, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri “while you’re on your way down and then on the way back up!” This time, we didn’t, “make love,” or even pretend to, “care,” about the implications of what we were doing. I ravaged her and she returned the favor, nothing out of bounds, bumps and bruises attributable to, “…, moving a box or a piece of furniture.”

After she’d had me, “…, SLAP MY TITS…! SLAP MY CUNT…! HIT ME…, HIT ME HARDER…!” and I had and she’d had another orgasm as I stung her pussy with the back of my hand…, she wrapped her arms around me and asked, “Will you please fuck my ass?”

So I did.

But first I warmed her up by fucking her pussy… cowboy style. This was something else neither of her husbands had done to her, always preferring the “Missionary” position, more than likely their way of proving their dominance.

I preferred letting her make love to me… at her pace and at her leisure.

She understood and appreciated the courtesy… but she leaned forward, licked my face from chin to forehead and then quietly demanded… “Will you please stick your cock in my ass and stop fucking around!”

So I pushed her sideways, slapped her ass and when her breath caught in her throat… I proceeded to slap her everywhere… only stopping when I saw tears in her eyes.

Then I flipped her onto her stomach, pulled her with me until I was off the bed… and standing. I then lifted her by the hips, spit into my hand and rubbed the saliva on my dick. Spitting once more on her asshole, I shoved my cock into her… no hesitation… no slow and easy… no instructions and no mercy.

She slipped three fingers inside her pussy, her head resting on her right forearm as I drove her across the bed, continuously having to pull her back to me… until I couldn’t hold off any longer and I squirted deep inside her ass.

She washed me with a facecloth when we were done, not wanting to return me to her sister looking BETTER than I had when she’d left, and we stood in the bathroom holding each other.

“What was that all about?” I asked, still punch drunk from the fun and games.

Hugging me tighter, “Just so I’ll have something to remember you by,” her response, my brain suddenly registering the video camera!

“What are you going to do….”

“Don’t worry,” her face coming up and kissing me on the lips, “he doesn’t know I have the camera and I’ll make sure he never does. I’ll hide the tape so he’ll never find that either. I promise, no one but you and I will know it exists.”

I didn’t know how to feel about that…, but other than flushing it right then and there, what could I do?

But…, that’s not the reason I’d asked the question.

“Okay, but why did you want me to…”

“Why did I want you to have…, why did I want you to fuck my ass?”


“Because no one has ever fucked my ass and I wanted you to be the first.”

“You never wanted to do it before?” not quite understanding her motive.

“No, I never felt the need because I trained myself to get off just having regular sex. And to be honest, except for Frankie, (her first husband) and he touched my ass once…, by accident, no one has ever bothered to stimulate me there. You weren’t afraid to touch me there, finger me there, lick and stick your tongue in me there…, and I just wanted you to do all those things and then fuck me there.”

“And, the other stuff?”

“What…?” güvenilir bahis şirketleri then realizing.

“I don’t know…? Maybe because you’re always so gentle… more concerned that it’s good for me. I wanted to feel something else from you… something that I know you really are… and like everything else you’re ever done for me… I wasn’t disappointed.”

“But you were crying… that’s why I stopped.”

Now she hugged me again, this time fiercely clinging to me… not letting go until… “I wasn’t crying… you never really hurt me. I was tearing up because… I’ll never be alone with you again… and I wanted to remember how this has all… felt, both physically and emotionally… and now I can and I will.”

“Thank you,” giving her a kiss.

“No…, thank you because it felt really nice and you are the only one who’ll ever do any of that to me!”

They moved away and we see still them a few times a year. Away by herself, Suzy created a, “bubble,” in which to live, Don’s career taking him to court, not only in Florida, but in five other states, as far away as Colorado. Since they’d see his children only twice a year, she was on her own a lot of the time, so she stayed with her exercise regiment, eating healthy and doing some volunteer work at the local hospital. We still flirted, when no one was looking, and she’d still tease me about the, “picture,” from St. Maarten.

A year ago, we ended up sitting by ourselves in her sunroom, Don out picking up dinner and my wife taking a nap. I asked, “How are you doing?” and she answered honestly, “Lonely most of the time.” But, while he still, “…, throws a nutty now and then,” if someone compliments me or mentions our age difference,” she felt that he’d, at least, “…, grown to respect my intelligence,” because, “… he only calls me stupid, about 75% of the time!”

“He does his thing and I do mine,” is how she summed it up.

Hearing his car pull into the driveway, we got up to go back into the kitchen, when she grabbed my ass and whispered, “And in doing my own thing, I still masturbate, at least twice a week, to the video we made that day!”

In April, after “accidentally” finding out that Don was going to Denver for a trial, I had a friend call and “invite” me to play in a weekend golf tournament in Myrtle Beach. I told my wife and even asked, “Why don’t you find out what Suzy is doing and go down there for the weekend?”

“Not worth it unless I go for a week and I know Don will be there so…”

I flew to Florida without telling Suzy and then just rung the doorbell when I got to her house. The look on her face when she opened the door… was easily surpassed by the look on her face… four hours later when we checked into our waterfront room on Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys.

I didn’t come up for air until Saturday afternoon!

Everything about her was just as I’d left it, four years earlier. We make love on just about very square inch of the resort… except for the restaurant tables… and only that because they locked the restaurant doors at night!

When I stood in the door to her house, after bringing her home, she held me and said, “Thank you,” for the two hundredth time. I answered, “No need,” for the two hundredth time… and then she held up a finger and walked back into the house. I minute later she returned holding a small envelop. Giving her a questioning look, she smiled and said, “I was going to send it to you for your birthday… but since you’re here.”

Giving me a goodbye kiss, she added, “And don’t open it until you’re alone at home… really alone.”

“What…?” as I gave her a kiss.

“Alone!” with a stern look.

Now both of us are masturbating, at least twice a week, to the video we made on that day… four years earlier!

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