May 30

Shower for Two

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I walk in the front door and call your name. I don’t get an answer so I wander the house looking for you. I come by the bathroom and see steam lofting out the partially open door. I can hear the shower now and a barrage of naughty thoughts swirl in my head. My heart starts racing as I slowly push open the door.

I peer in and through the steam I can see your silhouette through the clear plastic curtain. The clean scent of your soap fills the room. Imagining my body pressed against you silky, soapy skin drives me wild. I kick off my boots and leave them out in the hall before slipping into the bathroom.

I move to a corner of the room where I can’t be seen by you. I pull off my t-shirt and slide off my belt. My belt hits the floor with a thud. You poke your head out and I cling myself to the wall stifling a laugh.

“Hello? Johnny are you here?” you call out.

I hide in the corner, silent waiting for you to get back to your shower. You close the curtain and mumble something I can’t make out. With a naughty grin on my face I slide my jeans off and push my clothes off against the wall. I step closer to the tub and open the curtain just enough to peek inside.

I see you, lather and water cascading down your body. You duck your head under the shower head and wet your hair. You turn to face me, but your eyes are closed. I’m hypnotized as I watch the güvenilir bahis lather flow over your breasts and down your gorgeous legs. My body tingles as the sight of you turns me on. You turn around again and bend over to get the shampoo bottle. I see my chance.

I step into the shower. You stand up, flipping your hair back. It slaps my face and chest as I wrap my arms around you and pull you close. You grab my arms and scream as you slip back towards me. You pull my arms down turn around shooting me a look of disapproval. I catch your gaze and laughingly question you.

“What’s wrong?” I ask as I chuckle.

“You’re so mean.” you whine with a smirk on your face.

I reach for your hand, “Come on, you know you like it.” I say as I wink at you.

You slap my chest and step closer. Your arms drape over my shoulders as I lean down for a kiss. My cock, already hard from spying on you, rubs against you. Your hand wanders down my body and takes a firm hold of me. I grunt as you squeeze and begin to stroke. You force us to turn around. Now I’m standing under the flowing water as you lower yourself to your knees.

You look up to me with a devious little grin on your face as you lick the tip of my cock. You stroke me slow and hard sending a tingle through that makes my legs buckle. My right hand flies up to hold the bar above the tub. You laugh your türkçe bahis evil little laugh at my expense, but I can’t help but grin as well.

“Uhn! Mmn… Baby you’re so bad. But god, you’re good at it!” I growl.

You laugh, “Hmm… Yeah, Johnny? You like it?”

“Yes… Humm.. Don’t stop.” I manage to grunt as you start twisting your hand as you stroke.

You lick the head of my cock as you start to stroke faster. It feels so good I almost can’t hold myself up. Your left hand slides up my stomach. My hand comes to meet yours and our fingers intertwine. You squeeze my hand tight as you tease the head of my cock. Your grip loosens and your guide my hand to head as you slide your mouth around and down my shaft. You take me in slowly, tickling every vein with your teasing tongue.

Your hands grab and squeeze my thighs as you take me in and out of your mouth. Your tongue laps at the underside of the shaft making my toes curl. My hand threads through your hair. I grab and gently tug your hair making you yelp with me in your mouth. The sudden rush of air on my cock makes me twitch.

My breathing gets faster as you start sucking harder. Your nails dig into my legs making me grunt through my clinched teeth. Your mouth takes me in again and I hold your head til you squeal. I release you and your head flies back. You look up and me and slap my leg.

“No! güvenilir bahis siteleri This is my time!” you shout, seeming to scold me for my actions.

“Haha. Yes ma’am!” I chuckle.

Your right hand grips me again. Your stroke seems determined to make me cum. Your tongue pokes out and flicks at my head making my entire body tingle. You start going faster. I close my eyes and drop my head. You jump up to your feet and press you lips to mine, never letting go of me. My eyes open wide, I’m surprised at the sudden taste of your lips on mine. Your left hand settles on my shoulder as my tongue teases yours.

You press your body against me and release my lips. As you stare in my eyes you bite you bottom lip and slide your body down mine. You squat down and continue stroking my cock.

“Mmm, come one Johnny. I want it! I want you to cum for me!” you demand.

Unable to say anything, lost in how good your hand feels jerking my shaft I start to breathe fast a shallow. The hand that was on my shoulder is now clawing at my chest. You stroke me faster ans my breaths turn to short growls as you bring me closer to edge. You push your soapy chest up against my cock. The soap allows you to go much faster, I almost can’t stand it.

“That’s it! I want it! Cum for me now!” you scream.

My entire body tenses. I grit my teeth and roar. My hip bucks and I lose my load all over your chest. You stand back up. Wrapping your arms around me as I regain my balance you kiss me again and again.

“Feel better Johnny?” you ask me.

“Haa. Baby, you have no idea.” I say, almost breathless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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